UPDATE - The maps for this tournament have been announced as follows:

- Galang
- Phrantic
- Monsoon
- Fool's Run - (Download)
- Ruiner - (Download)

Server admins are GREATLY encouraged to add these maps to their servers.

The official IRC channel has been launched at #excello.Q4 on Quakenet. ESReality.com will be providing live coverage and demos of the event.

It is time for yet another great competition at the Excello headquarters. This time we will be organizing a Quake 4 invite cup. This will be the first of many cups you will be able to see organized by the Excello ones. As long as this is an invite competition, there were no registrations, but in the next ones we will open them in order to let more gamers compete at a high level. Our first cup has many known names in the Quake 4 international scene and it has Excello players competing in it too!

The tournament will be played on the 1st of May, and the brackets will be released very soon. For the time being you can check the 16 names that will participate in the first Excello Quake 4 invite cup:

Head to www.teamexcello.com for more updates about this competition.