*UPDATE*: The DeltaCTF team would like to welcome Shawn "xfoo" Jansenn as the newest member of the team. As Creator of the maps 'Fool's Choice' and 'Fool's Run', xfoo is ready for the challenge of creating the next classic CTF map.

The DeltaCTF team is still currently looking for additional mappers to re-create favorite remakes of past CTF maps, as well as original works for the first release. Additionally, a 2D artist is also being sought after.

Interested parties should contact Lilie in IRC on ETG or QuakeNet, or email her at Lilie@DeltaCTF.com

Sunday marked the first day of online play testing for the DeltaCTF mod. Even though this is a very early product, these screenshots look very promising. As news of the mod testing was being discussed on IRC, mod team members were being hounded for screenshots. While these screenshots give you somewhat of a feel for the mod, many of the changes they have made are coded and not graphical. While graphical look is important, the success of the DeltaCTF mod will come from its feel and feature packed code.