Earlier on in the week it was rumoured that United Kingdom James "TooGoood" Harding, the current undisputed top British Quake 4 dueller, had switched to Fnatic from Diginitas after his tag on the Summer CPL signup list changed. Today it was confirmed that he has in fact joined Fnatic, at the same time Germany SteLam and Germany zyz have left citing they don't enjoy competitive Quake 4.

The current Fnatic Quake 4 line-up:
Netherlands Vo0
Sweden Ztrider
Sweden Purri
Germany neok
United Kingdom TooGoood

As a result of TooGoood's move ClubFnatic has interviewed him on his past, present and future.
"Yeah, but I'm really close with my old team mates still. I mean I will miss playing with them because we had a lot of fun but they understood why I moved teams and everyone have said they're happy for me, which just reinforced they're really good friends!"