The time has come! After a long wait, the first version of Rocket Arena for Quake 4 has been released! This beta release is NOT compatible with the recently released Quake4 1.1 Beta Patch. What's included in this first release:

-Classic Rocket Arena and Clan Arena gameplay
-Support for multi-arena maps
-Enhanced menus with arena selection, team selection, arena voting and new settings menu.
-Force your enemies and teammates models to make them easier to spot.
-Set highly visible custom colors for both team and enemy models.
-Make custom scoreboards and HUDs to completely customize your gaming experience.
-Modified script interpreter for server settings scripts, and map settings.
-Performance tweaks, including the ability to turn off rocket and grenade trails and a new lighting mode.
-2 Custom beta maps, plus support for all standard Q4 DM and CTF maps

Download Mirrors: (24MB)
Official Torrent

Helpfull Links:
Bug Reporting
Quick Server Guide
Command List.
CVars List.
Map Specifications