We're pleased to announce that the finalist maps in the VIA and Doom3World Quake 4 Tourney map making competition are now available for download.

"With respect to our conclusions on the finalists it pays to bear in mind that most of the maps available in the final map packs have been revised with tweaks since they were submitted for judging and have been modified since we received the competition candidate versions. This is why there has been a delay in releasing the final mappack"

Top 3 VIA Finalist Maps (Levi Mirror)
- Monsoon
- Mash-Up Streets
- Evalia

Top 12 VIA Competition Maps (Levi Mirror)
- Monsoon by Lukin
- Mash-Up Streets by Method
- Evalia by Dade
- Kats Cradle by Kat
- Superiority Complex by Ruckus
- Rusted by StormShadow
- Systematic Lockdown by Phantazm11
- Times Up by Shank
- Obi-Wan's DM 01 by Obi-Wan
- New Memories by Requiem
- Rusted Oblivion by Quazilin
- Rusted Time by Bucket

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