How does a modest and level-headed guy who games because he enjoys it feel in a clan driven by financial interest, where players who are no longer needed are kicked and whole squads are bought in their place?
I didnít have any problems with it yet since I (the SK.ut2k4 team) was successful up to now. SK's aim is it to be one of the top clans of the world so I can fully understand that we might get kicked when we canít show the necessary results. But I think that the SK.UT team has so much potential in its basis that I doubt we would get kicked as long as we keep on practising. There are just-for-fun clans and those who search the competition. You have to decide for yourself in which one you want to play.
The CPL World Tour will host a duelling game. If itís UT2004 would you seriously consider becoming a full time pro?
Definitely not. My apprenticeship as a physician will start in September which will take quite some time I guess. I would never play a game the whole day week after week because I think I would lose the fun then. Gaming is a very nice hobby but I canít think about it as a job, playing it all day with the pressure that you HAVE to be good otherwise you wouldnít get any money for it. I really prefer having a "normal" job and gaming as a hobby. It has always been a hobby for me and nonetheless I was quite successful. So full time pro, no. But playing the game, whatever it will be (UT2k4, Doom3), as a hobby as long as my apprenticeship doesnít suffer of it is fine :).
You had a certain dislike for some of UT2003ís features. What are your feelings towards UT2004?
UT2k4 is an improvement compared to UT2k3 in my opinion. The shieldgun is less, but still, random. The bio rifle isn't overpowered anymore. The increased weapon switch time doesnít allow those lg-shock kills which only took about 0.5 secs. I would have loved to see the shieldgun left out since it would be a more offensive gameplay then but you canít have everything I guess ;).The bad thing about UT2k4 is the lack of good 1on1 maps. There are plenty of playable 4on4 maps but when it comes to 1on1 only Rankin and Ironic are good ones in my opinion (Roughinery might be a good one, I just donít like it ;))
Are you bound to the UT series?
I would say I was definitely bound to UT1. I played UT2k3 because there was nothing better (and new) available. I enjoyed UT2k3 and UT2k4 most of the time I played it but you canít compare it to UT1. I was really addicted to UT1. Playing 10-15 maps DM-Deck16 or DM-Codex a day wasnít a rare thing to be honest ;). I kinda lack this addiction since I left UT1 behind. I still enjoy 1on1 but I can seriously hardly play 4 maps in a row. I just get bored then, maybe because of this shieldgun-runaway stuff, I donít know. I will keep on playing UT2k4 if I qualify for the WCG, in case I donít qualify I will give Doom3 a try or any other shooter game that might have a future.
Assuming that Doom 3 is very goodÖ In the summer you will have a choice: to focus on WCG and stay behind with Doom 3 or focus on Doom 3 and stay on par with the pros.
If I qualify for the WCG I will definitely stick to UT2k4 until that. I have done the same with UT1 at WCG2002 and I was able to compensate the lack of practise of UT2k3 very fast in that time. Playing against some guys that have been playing the game from the beginning for some time should do. It doesnít take too long to learn the maps and weapons if you put some effort in. The basic game hasnít changed since UT1 for me. It's still about timing the armors, taking weapons away and outsmarting/outaiming the opponent so you actually just have to adjust to the specific game.
After so many successes do you still find the motivation to win?
Aahhhm.. lemme think about it.... YES! ;D
You are known primarily as a dueller but you also play TDM with SK. What are your feelings concerning team play?
I have and probably will always prefer 1on1 over 4on4. 1on1 is just a bigger challenge in my opinion. The outcome only depends on you and you are the only one to blame when you lost. 4on4 is rather relaxing compared to a 1on1 game. During 4on4 you often can think about what you will have for dinner or something while waiting for health packs in some dark corner. The great thing in a 1on1 game is that you can mostly predict when you will meet your opponent like expecting him at 100a after not having seen him for a longer time. In 4on4 you actually canít predict anything because there are 4 opponents running around randomly spamming and walking some random way. A 1on1 game is much more controllable and needs more skills in my opinion. Nonetheless I enjoy 4on4 with my team because itís not that exhausting like 1on1 and a good change.
What do you expect of SKís appearance at CPL Summer?
Many top teams will be going to the CPL Summer so it's very hard to predict anything. The map pool consists of 9 maps I think which is really ridiculous. You canít practise all maps as long as you donít play 24/7. I do understand that a 4on4 map pool can be bigger than a 1on1 map pool but 9 maps is far over the limit. A map pool of 5 maps would have been fine. Considering this map pool and the number of teams attending I think a place in the top 8 in the worst case and a place in the top 3 in the best case is possible.
Are you planning to practise Roughinery before any upcoming event? What is so bad about the map?
The only event left for UT2k4 is very likely WCG2004, so if I qualify I will start to practise it I think. Losing it all the time during ESWC made me crazy hehe. Still it's kinda funny that I came 2nd at ESWC with even not knowing one of three maps 100%. Had pretty much gitz-luck again until the final. There I lost it ;). Returning to your question I donít know what is bad about the map. It even might be a good 1on1 and I just donít realize it. It's just a dislike like I had with DM-Turbine at UT1. DM-Turbine was a good 1on1 map but I didnít like it so much.
How can you explain the differences in the level of play you presented on different days of the tournament?
Good question there. I even donít know exactly myself. I was really overperforming in some matches *lol*. I havenít played much 1on1 before ESWC so I think after playing some games seriously in the first group stage the skills came back. My game on DM-DE-Ironic vs Varagh was insane. 50% lg and 48% pulsegun - if I remember correctly - is really some sick shit, couldnít believe it myself. The only thing that came back was the aim and maybe some strategy in game. My timing and map control during the whole tournament were rather bad.
Did you use centerview at ESWC?
I didnít. Centerview is set on "1" at the numpad by default. Since I donít use the numbers "1" - "3" on the numpad I havenít changed them. It wouldnít be of any use anyways since afaik centerview doesnít make headshots anymore when your opponent is on the same level.
Do you think Burnie is the best German player?
I donít think there is a best player unless he really dominates a game. Burnie definitely belongs to the best in Germany and even to the best in the world but considering him as the best when even half of the best German players werenít attending ESWC wouldnít fit. He got all my respect for ending 1st at ESWC and playing a great final even with this shitty light on the screens and freezing hands (caused by the open air stage;)) though. I would call him one of the best.
Who is the best player you have played against? [q]If you are relating to the ESWC then I would say Burnie or Lauke. Both did a good job making me sweat ;).
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