If your site is going to offer coverage of the LOEW, let us know and we'll add you to this list:

Spain ArenaZero: http://www.arenazero.com

United States of America GotFrag: http://www.gotfrag.com

United Kingdom Schroet: http://www.schroet.com

Russia M19: http://www.m19.spb.ru

Switzerland gamersNET: http://www.gamersnet.com

Portugal Fraglider: http://fraglider.oninet.pt

France CS-Center: http://www.cs-center.net

Denmark Find 1: http://www.find1.dk/

Bulgaria C-Strike: http://c-strike.headoff.com

France Original Gamers: http://og.precise-service.de/

France Electronic-Sports: http://www.electronic-sports.com/

Russia Cyberfight: http://www.cyberfight.ru

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