ESReality: Hi Adrian firstly I would like to thank you for participating in this interview, from all your fans we are very glad to have some interaction with the game developers! Thank you.

[b]SoGamed:[/b] Mixa asks: hi can we have a brief introduction please. What is his role on the game - how long has it been in development - what aspects have they seen from similar titles that they have the specifically focused on taking to the next level?

[PCF]Adrian: I am PainKiller's main designer, and I am also the project leader. PK has been in development for almost 3 years now. As for the "next level" thing, believe it or not, but we're trying to take EVERYTHING to the next level. Game play, visuals, sounds - everything.

ESReality: Paladia: After wading through the overview list, I was curious as to what part of the game that is truely innovative. What part do you think you have succeeded the most in making innovative and creative?

[PCF]Adrian: Ok, give me a sec, I have to think hard about this one ;)

ESReality: No problem
ESReality: I thought I would throw you in the deep end :D

[PCF]Adrian: I assume you all know the game, so I will skip the official propaganda and talk to you like you're hardcore. I guess you are, you know how to IRC <grin>. The truth is, what I think are the best 2 features of PK are NOT the features that are necessarily original. TBC when I type in TBC means there's more to come ;)

[PCF]Adrian: They are "fun factor" and "attention to detail". I could brag about weapon combos etc., but that's evolution, not revolution. I don't think we are breaking any new grounds. I can honestly say nothing is TRULY innovative, like addition of 3D in first Alone in the Dark... IF you insist, I'd say our physics is kind of innovative, because it's not just eye candy, it MATTERS A LOT to the game play.

ESReality: Ok Im going to ask you some questions in random order, I will try to keep them flowing smoothly so that they are similar but because of the nature of this interview it wont all follow on from each other.

ESReality: Drugs-Bunny: Will Painkiller feature any mods ala Capture The Flag, TeamFortress, Rocket Arena and Instagib? And as a follow on, what kind of mod support do PCF plan?

[PCF]Adrian: I'll probably get stoned for that, but we find CTF and Instagib kind of ...boring. We will have Midair mod, and probably RA as well, why not. I think our best "mod" would be Voosh - NOT our original idea, but something we find insanely addictive every 30 seconds everyone gets THE SAME weapon and sometimes a random powerup I guess adding CTF and such would be a piece of cake for mod makers.

ESReality: rage^_: How will the multiplayer work correspondent to game modes, lobby rooms etc, will it run a bnet style system like doom3 developers are hoping to have?

[PCF]Adrian: MP is a funny story. First, it was "just" supposed to be there. But turned out people really care and take a lot of interest in PainKiller's MP, so we're expanding MP wa-a-ay beyond our plans. With help of RXR and Highlander we're talking proxy support, TV, etc. etc. - something you normally get in mods years after the game's release.
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