The program we will use is Adobe Premier 6.0, and you can download it from the adobe page for free, just press <a href=>here</a>

Start Premiere and choose Multimedia Video for Windows
And we are ready to rock.

We need to import the AVI`s you have made.
Choose file, and browse your way to the folder where you saved the AVI`s we made. When you have the AVI in your Bin you can pull it over to Timeline.

Its possible to import the pics in, if you dident use pjBMP2AVI.
Go for Edit-> Preference-> General and Still image. Default Duration is changed to 1. Like you can see on the image below.


Now we will make a new bin. Name of bin should be: demoname-sceneX

Import by browsing to the folder you moved all the pictures from Half-Life folder to, and mark one picture, then you press CTRL and A, now you have choosen all the pictures in the folder. Now we will drag all the pictures over too the Timeline, and we will use the same method here, mark one image and press CTRL and A, then you drag them over to the timeline.


We want to movie to run smooth, and thatís why we can apply Transitions, Itís smart to check your transitions that they go right, this is done by checking the box "Show Actual Sources". We can see that the settings applied are correct.


Maybe one frag is cool, so we can run that one in slow motion, this is done by rigthclicking the clip, and selecting "speed"


Itís possible that you only want one part of the frag to go in slow motion, and the rest should go normal. What we do is that we split one clip into several clips. Like showed on the picture below. Use the Tool that is marked with Red.


Itís also possible that we donít want the whole clip(or Audio), and we want to cut some, use the tool in red as shown on the picture below



Now we can go over to audio. Maybe you want some music to go with those frags. Letís create a new bin.


Import some audio (you know the drill) and drag it over to the audio 1.

Now we got some music. The music track could be longer than the actual movie, so you could cut down the time. Just go to the end of the track and pull it to where you want it.

Fading: Fading is a nice thing, and now you will learn it.


Like you can see on the image above, you need to press the arrow behind "Audio 1" and this will reveal more buttons, press the red button and apply a new "waypoint". Image says it all. Drag the first red dot down.

Now we will export our little piece.

File-> Export timeline-> Movie(Or CTRL + M)

Choose "Settings"

Now Choose "Video"
Compressor:DivX 5.0.2 (download from
Press Advanced. and set encoding bitrate to 10000. Press "OK"

Frame size: 640 h 480 v (4:3 aspect)

Frame rate: 30

Choose "Audio"

and set the settings to what you see in the image below


Press "Ok"

Save to a folder.

Now we got a nice video, but audio must be mp3, not wav. But we will need a different program for that.
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