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would you like sanctioned quake (21 comments)
Posted by supermario2k @ 09:33 CST, 22 February 2014 - iMsg
A website would be created to keep track of each belt and each competitors record in sanctioned games, it would happen once a week, have about 5-6 duels on the card the main event would have a belt on the line. It wouldn't require any one signing up just being in contact with the scheduler of cards and once you have a sanctioned duel your profile will be created by the admin.

World Champion - Determined only on Lan basically the last big lan champion
European Champion
United States Champion
South American Champion
Scandinavian Champion
Baltic Champion
Russian Champion
East USA
West USA
Central USA
Tag Team Europe
Tag Team USA

Belts would have no restrictions Cypher could win the Russian belt etc. A belt has a mandatory 1 time defense per month or it is vacated. Maybe if it isn't too hard id can put belts on peoples profiles in Quake Live. I would like the biggest belts to have a tournament to determine the initial champion and the smaller ones possibly by ELO still trying to think of a way to determine that.
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All things 2v2 (4 comments)
Posted by supermario2k @ 12:59 CST, 22 December 2013 - iMsg
I think 2v2 is about the only thing that can save the NA team based game community at this point outside of CA. CTF plays extremely well in 2v2 its very "tactical" position is paramount. The thing lacking is 2v2 CTF maps.

What makes a good 2v2 CTF map, examine the prototypical 2v2 CTF Map in q3ctf1, very simple symmetrical layout, this insures a 2nd chance at either regaining the flag or killing the enemy flag if you play correctly insuring one death isn't going to = a free cap.

Options for 2v2 CTF in QL are limited to

Dueling Keeps
Troubled Waters
Space CTF (lol space)




Fallout Bunker

Things that can be added

Fallout Bunker (dc version)
Space CTF (dc version)
BlastRadius (dc_map23)

Adding a CTF modification to previous maps these are maps that would take very little changes to turn into a CTF Map. (the map would remain the same it would just access a different file for the CTF game type so these maps would still remain as is in other game types)

Arena Gate
Hell's Gate
Proving Grounds

What set Seganet apart was it had the perfect 4 player set up and the perfect map pool for each gametype, for a long time Dreamcast was fueling PC quake 3 4v4 Clans. I think a committee of CTF/TDM players should try to get a decent map pool together for 4 slot servers that always remain standard and don't change from month to month. If id feels they could lose money off this at the very least make the 4 player set up a pro subscriber launch option but that any subscriber level can join.

I wish I knew how to post map pictures.
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Church of Rapha (19 comments)
Posted by supermario2k @ 17:43 CST, 7 November 2013 - iMsg
Values (but at what cost?)

You make your own luck
Always Wear cargo Shorts
Rage Control
Use your Stack
Own all Evil
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Fatal1ty <3 (26 comments)
Posted by supermario2k @ 11:09 CDT, 6 September 2013 - iMsg
Thank your for taking time to stream its very nice to see you play doesn't matter what game you are the best.
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Quake Olympics (57 comments)
Posted by supermario2k @ 10:02 CDT, 22 August 2013 - iMsg
Quake Olympics


Team United States of America


Team Canada


Team Sweden


Team Russia


Team Lithuania


Team Germany


Team France


Team Finland


Team United Kingdom


Team Portugal


Team Czech Republic


Team Belarus


Team Brazil


Team Austria


Team Australia


Team Netherlands


Team Ukraine


Team Italy


Team Slovenia


Team Denmark


Team Poland


Team Spain


Team Belgium


Team South Africa


Team Algeria


Team Tunisia




CS 5x5
CA 3x3
CTF 4x4
TDM 4x4
CTF 2x2
TDM 2x2
DOM 3x3


circle long jump
1000 unit strafe jump long jump
5000 unit dash
rl high jump
rl long jump
pg high climb
pg long climb
pg long jump
Location = Rhodes, Greece
Adding more countries after 125fps
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world cyber games (6 comments)
Posted by supermario2k @ 08:52 CDT, 15 August 2013 - iMsg
I was looking at the world cyber games website to see what stupid games they've added, I noticed sponsors (really its called partners) on the link.

The makers of 3 of the games in the competition are partners with wcg? I don't get it do they completely self fund prize money, which doesn't make sense either since sponsors should be throwing money at LoL. was id a partner with wcg when quake 3 was on the line up?
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CTF Legends (90 comments)
Posted by supermario2k @ 12:22 CDT, 14 August 2013 - iMsg

thefou -
knossos - master of trickery and double/triple quadruple back tracking stealing every item in enemy base.
id_ - just all around great player
link1n - same as above
cl0ck/yrim - they count as 1 because that is how they played like one combined force.
jordon - honestly don't remember if he was offense in matches but in pubs he played offense like he was pissed.

viju - no one was really better, his knowledge of one when to push and fall back was just perfect and his aim was unmatched.
stunt - he made it frustrating when he showed his accuracies mid game.
jones - complete understanding of the mid position like viju and the aim with it.
kgb - his execution and control of his teams are great he does more than just play mid he commands his team.
czm - his job is to kill any thing that crosses mid and he did

mik3d - very underrated player
ffsmasher - the brick wall of c9
c1pz - maybe the most underrated player in quake history. I guess he wasn't mahmood aliased.
zero4 - you tell the best dueler in the world to guard a flag he will, bonus on japanese castles CZM played in the box with him.
Carnage - ultra aim

I know the list is very lacking on euro players but its always been hard to follow the european CTF scene as an outsider, it gets no coverage at all. Probably missing a few obvious choices since it has been so long.

appleseed obvious one (added)
draven - dont know how i forgot him
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Beginner duel tournament/community (22 comments)
Posted by supermario2k @ 16:24 CDT, 9 August 2013 - iMsg
id should make duel servers for low tier that offers this map pool, and face it should offer this map pool in lower level duel tournaments.

-1200 elo / tier 3 and under map pool

Forgotten - needs haste removed in duel
Fatal Instinct - This map can really teach new players the importance of sound. (needs lots of item changes only 1 ya in its current state)
Hearth - needs YA added where sg shells are
Power Station -needs red put in place of regen spawn
Spillway - needs haste removed in duel
Arena Gate
Sacellum - needs lots of item adjustment

Fatal Instinct and Sacellum need a lot of item rework. I will look them over.

These are all extremely basic maps, they will teach new duelers the importance of sound and item control and positioning.

-1400 tier 3 and under map pool

This is where you are at the stage to take on more learning and take another step up the ladder with more in depth maps.

Battle Forged
House of Decay
Hidden Fortress - Good map for learning how to cut off your opponent.
Proving Grounds

This is more just guessing. I'm not really a mid level dueler any more, but these maps are more complex but not as complex as something like ztn or t7. When I was brand new to quake 3 I felt most at home on those maps I listed in the low tier map pool. In quake 3 I felt that advanced me to a higher level. You learn quickly why you are winning or losing on these maps. The middle I'm not as concerned with but the entire lower tier I think would be a great improvement to QL. Since most of them are default id maps I don't see why it would be a problem having these servers with their own maps outside of the regular standard rotation.

This will not promote quake or face it in the short terms but could help in the long term much like a minor league of dueling. The thing that kept me around Quake was always the idea of competing, it is fun to compete no matter what level you are. You get the lower level duel community comfortable on map pools more suited to them, then introduce the tournaments and they will have more comfort signing up. This map pool could also provoke some FFA players who are familiar with these maps to try out duel.
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