I had a job interview today at a hi-tech company you all know, and I knew about it only yesterday, so I had very little time to prepare. I needed preparation because it was a while (years) since my last job interview, and I wasn't very good at it back then either.

So anyway, I searched the internet for tips, and I found a book called "Fearless Interviewing-How to Win the Job" by Marky Stein. It was really easy to read, so I went through most of it before I went to sleep, and I felt very prepared in the interview.

For most questions like "tell me about yourself" I had ready answers, and for stress questions like "tell me about a conflict you had with a coworker and how you solved it", the right answers just popped into my head.

I was careful with my body language, and smiled a lot, made the interviewer laugh a few times, and generaly kept the atmosphere friendly & business-like at the same time.

The bottom line is I passed stage 1, and next week I'll have another interview, but I got the impression that the 2nd interview will only be for settling on a salary and other terms.

So I'm (probably) in! :)