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cats vs dogs (185 comments)
Posted by sophia @ 08:30 CDT, 8 October 2014 - iMsg
i just made 2 clans one is clan cats the other is clan dogs. the idea is to see which clan will get most members and then they will fight each other to see which animal is better.

post in here to which clan you will want to be added. ty
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post your cap of the day! (21 comments)
Posted by sophia @ 14:29 CDT, 22 March 2014 - iMsg
not sure if this thread already exist but hey all thread are good thread! besides the shit ones.

so make it good and post some of your best coloured cloth captures in here.

here is mine from yesterday:

quick, like a bunny!
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* N U K E D * (117 comments)
Posted by Nuked User @ 19:55 CST, 8 March 2014 - iMsg
* N U K E D *

dishonouring spinning wheelfist challeng (22 comments)
Posted by sophia @ 20:16 CST, 4 February 2014 - iMsg
i notice some players with dishonourable spinning wheelfist challenges and think they are bad. usually i try to honour all my challenges if i hear the enemy "meep meep meeeeep" at me to start the challenge i will do it back at them "meep meep meeeeep" to accept the ritual, and sometimes it is honourable wheelfist in my favour or their favour but other times they are dirty and cheat.

once cheated, no second chances, you ruined your reputation as wheelfist opponent so no more "meep meep meeeep", now you die like the rest of them. no second chances or crying meeps, you blew it.

most honourable wheelfister is from o.p. sparkly shine-rod max ammo 150 but player is born next to them no ammunition guns and the sparkley shine-rod says "meep meep meeeep" and the challenge begins.

it is bad sportsmanship to interfere with your weapon while a wheel challenge is taking place between two other player, but if you wish to join in the meep meeps then this is more fun for all.
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unable to vote on my own server? (4 comments)
Posted by sophia @ 11:45 CST, 22 January 2014 - iMsg
haven't changed any settings but today i can't vote for other map even on a spawned server, or call any vote at all. call vote box is still checked

is this a bug?
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jeff is unwell (240 comments)
Posted by sophia @ 22:46 CST, 10 January 2014 - iMsg
get well soon jeff

poor jeff
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ctf, which type of shuffle is prefer? (19 comments)
Posted by sophia @ 14:51 CST, 15 November 2013 - iMsg

i recently bought pro account to host games but am unsure which shuffle to use, skill based or random. it seems neither one is perfect sometimes you will get very uneven teams with random or sb... personally i think random is better because at least you can keep doing it until it looks about right, but some say random is bad... but what do people mainly prefer?

i want people to be happy in the games but hard to make everyone happy :)
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