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Big change for professional gamers (6 comments)
Posted by Warrant @ 19:45 CDT, 15 July 2013 - iMsg

Ins confirmed for coming to quake con where he will defect and live a happy American life
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The one true Quake Legend (12 comments)
Posted by Warrant @ 11:49 CST, 13 December 2012 - iMsg

1) Complete player, ZeRo4 never had glaring weakness in his game like a lot of top players in early quake. He had the movement,timing,aim the complete package.He also competed at the highest level in CTF and TDM.

2) Longevity, ZeRo4 was competing back in the earliest days of Quake 3 Arena Fat,Makaveli
and in the middle with players like cooller,czm and toward the end of quake 3 with the emergence of Cypher. He also maintained a high level of play into Quake Live and he probably could still
win at the highest level in Quake Live. While he never peaked as high as CZM did, I think the
amount of time he had in his reign surpasses CZM extremely high peak.

3)Lan presence, Very few lans ZeRo4 Attended he did not place very respectable. ZeRo4 was like
Mike Tyson in his prime everyone feared him before the game even started. This is ZeRo4 not
an average quake player all though he did lose that later in his career especially in Quake Live.

4)Prize Money, Due to most of his domination being in the peak of quake 3 where first places
brought 25k. He has won an incredible amount of money on just quake alone.

5)Triple Crown, He will be the only player ever that has won QuakeCon,World Cyber games and
CPL world championships.

6)QuakeCon, Arguably the biggest stage in quake
3 First place finishes in duel
2 Second place finishes in duel
1 First place CTF
2 Second place CTF

Combine all this into one of the games best personalities who wasn't afraid to talk trash
to his opponents and you have the one true quake legend.
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goodjob (23 comments)
Posted by Warrant @ 11:21 CST, 4 December 2012 - iMsg
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ESPN and ESPORTS (9 comments)
Posted by Warrant @ 17:13 CST, 1 December 2012 - iMsg
ESPN is finally taking notice of ESPORTS with the way ESPN has pushed things like darts,bowling and poker, I think this is a very good sign.
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Legit TDM Pro League (12 comments)
Posted by Warrant @ 13:59 CST, 25 November 2012 - iMsg
6-8 teams 50 dollars per franchise per season 300-400 dollar season prize
roster limits
each player will have a salary cap hit judged on his skill trades/buying players can take place.
existing teams like 102 for example will have first dibs on its players. New players will be
brought in on a season by season basis via draft teams can opt to not draft if they like their
current team.

Franchise Owners will have full say in how the prize money is divided up if they win the prize pot
Franchises can be owned by several people for example 5 people could donate 10 dollars toward owning
a Franchise for a season.

For a franchise owner looking to take the prize pot all to him self his players have the option
of demanding a trade but remember the owner is who put the money on the line he can divvy up the
money how ever he sees fit.

Obviously this is just a ground work idea a lot of tweaks need to be thought about about how player acquisitions could work so some one just doesn't offer their entire cap for noctis. Franchise prices will be adjustable of course based on how much interest people have in owning a Franchise But I want to keep franchises limited so it is some what prestigious to own a franchise. With the possibility of expansions later on.

sorry if its hard to read I wrote it out on notepad and it came out all weird.
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A quake spectator (25 comments)
Posted by Warrant @ 10:01 CDT, 2 November 2012 - iMsg
Who I am,
I go by the name supermario2k on twitch and own3d, I have been watching quake tournaments dating back to 2000, this includes TDM,DUEL,CTF. I've played q3 since dreamcast but have never been any thing special.

What I do,
I try to make the chats interesting and inform people of the history of quake at the professional level.

What I want to see,
The face it cups are great but they leave more to be desired quake is the ultimate team game some people forget that. Quake is of course lacking teams this brings me back to my roots as a dreamcast player in a smaller community (what did we do?) well it was forced on us in the form of 4 slot servers. I would love to see a nations 2v2 tdm online tournament done with good coverage group stages and double elimination brackets. Some possible things I'd like to see changed up to make this more interesting as a viewer are, 10 or 15 min time limit 20 is just asking too much of even the hardest core quake fans, new maps of course, more guest casters like mouse*,spart1e,av3k,czm,vo0 and others at adroits more zoot , ins,dis, vor, ddk, nvc ,2gd and fazz ,don't make it an exclusive coverage let multiple people cover it. One stream that the major casters of quake all have a say in = the best coverage possible.
Who knows maybe the final 4 teams could be sent to the 2gd studio.

I am nothing special I just want them to know if some one who has the power reads this is something, I as a quake viewer would like to see.

Yes moldova must be invited
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Assists in TDM (41 comments)
Posted by Warrant @ 10:12 CDT, 22 August 2012 - iMsg
Would any one mind seeing assists in TDM? I don't mean assists as in doing partial damage, I mean assists as in if you pass a weapon off every kill that person gets with the weapon gives you an assist. It might help pub games some what but, I think it would be nice to see assists in matches. It shows a different skill within the game being capable of getting away with weapons for your teammates.
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