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2F2P or Single payment! (76 comments)
Posted by chubz @ 01:51 CDT, 8 August 2016 - iMsg
As noted in this article, Tim is offering favorable mention to who ever comes up with a good way to monetize on QC :)

"This is the challenge," Willits says. "We want to get a whole bunch of people in, but we also don't want to make anyone upset about anything. So we need to kind of merge those two things together. So I've told all the journalists [that have asked about how the game will be sold] that if they come up with a great business plan, I will give them credit. I will say 'business plan designed by blank.'"

so make it a 'business plan designed by ESR.'!
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QC promotion (26 comments)
Posted by chubz @ 05:18 CDT, 21 June 2016 - iMsg
How would you go about promoting Quake Champions?

I've noticed that OW had weekly cups hosted by Gosu Gamers even during the closed beta which were streamed and casted. It had also around 5-8 relatively stable teams that were fighting for it.

In contrast even though D16 had not been developed with MP in mind it was pushed with MP heavy line as "open" beta and was announced as having 3 MP DLC's. Since then was not picked up anywhere (really not an issue anyways)

OW gained the hype with two lanes of promotion:
1. Standard/Creative - covering lore, videos, comics, in game details, press releases and official information being readily available
2. Competitive - having competitions ran way before even coming to open beta which were covered by news portals and official channels as well as community covered (not just by the host community)

Coming back to Quake could something similar be done? Maybe it would be possible to go for creative with something in line of getting out a montage of best frag moments across all quakes? Since lore is sparse it could be covered by reinventing the characters and re imagining the arena lore? Could active players from past quake games and communities be bothered running weekly cups maybe casting pickup games way before the release and do you think it would produce better game promotion?
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QuakeMania (20 comments)
Posted by chubz @ 11:54 CST, 11 December 2012 - iMsg
I've been digging and it seems only a few options lack for coverting shootmania to something better within quake:
Can anyone get as close to recreating shootmania with a custom server?

Weapon ammo infinite, reload times should be set to RL: 1000 and RG: 3000
Mode should be something like Attack and Defend
Rocket damage set to 100 and rail to 300
Armor and health should be 150/150 or maybe something like 300/0

roundlimit would be what 1 minute.

As i've gathered if someoptions would be unlocked by id then this would be possible fully except for having only 1 guys spawn for the attacking team.

Right now the limitations I've seen were connected to, not being able to set flagtouchtime to something like 5 seconds, not being able to ramp up RG reload time to 3000.
Maybe there are options hidden away in the server cfg or something.

Thoughts, ideas?
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EuroCup XXVI (87 comments)
Posted by chubz @ 13:44 CDT, 22 September 2012 - iMsg
From the 34 signed up clans I'm going to try and do a coherent guide to top clans contending for a spot in this season EuroCup XXVI.
Mind you the list of clans this season is rather small and a maybe almost half of clans signed up should well be above requirements we think there are for playing in EuroCup.
From 34 signed up clans 8 maybe getting a direct invite, and up to 8 clans will battle out to determine clans that will qualify for this season top most TDM Cup, as I've gathered so far.
We should start from the most obvious 5 choices for clans that would get a direct invite based on their skill teamplay and legacy.

With 5 places for direct invites filled I would turn to what teams do we see as confirming their skill by playing and being active. Sadly not many, expecting a direct invite having personal lives and no time some of these teams are lacking in active preparation for this season. Team i'm talking about are sitto, aCtion, Unknown and maybe even play lately. With almost no games logged and serious change to map pool this season we can expect some holes in map knowledge and teamplay from these teams. But I asure you it won't be long lasting, we are talking about some of the most experienced players around, who only need a few instances and games to adapt to new maps and tactics. Unlike deliberate murder which showcased a match and can be considered one of top clans by activity, most other clans are most likely waiting for invites and a week before EC to put in some game time and prepare for this season properly. This however does not apply for all teams I've considered for this season, nor does it mean that there won't be some upsets based on changes in map pool.

Let's focus now on the remaining 3 spots for direct invites and remaining 11 teams wanting for the spots. We will first cover teams we have from previous EC season which you'd expect to get a direct invite. With disbandment of top teams like 4Kings and nEu you'd expect more room for new teams. But we've got 4 old teams and 3 spots left. When we count in newer teams we get quite a conundrum.

Given the benefit of experience I have a feeling that between 4 clans listed, remaining 3 spots could be filled but it wouldn't be a satisfactory solution for the scene. There are 7 more clans here to consider and this is where things get complicated. Not a lot of practice by teams that I've mentioned above is contrasted by a lot of practice by newcomer teams as well as some lower tier teams on the rise. Also there is a lot more to consider about a clan than their Cb past exclusively. I consider important noticing other results and leagues as well as lineups playing those matches.
Next I will list clans with very talented palyers biting at 4 teams I meantioned before and grabbing at those 3 slots with very valid reasons I think.

Last 3 clans I'm going to cover in this column are: Team evolution, Gentlemen Club and planB. I find these clans what most clans we see now in EC were.

This column is nothing but a rant and a way to get out the knowledge I've gathered about clans and what I think of them based on sign ups for this years CB EC XXVI season. I might be horribly wrong about some teams, or I might be right on spot, There is so much more to be written about them, and I simply can't do it like I've done this in one breath.
I've set 5 teams I think should get direct invites for this EuroCup and that is almost as far as I'll go. It's mostly because when I consider the remaining 3 spots and face myself with choice of removing clans like l0wfly, Team Mamut, Team CZE, or Lemmings Effect as top contenders for those spots it's really hard to remain objective.
I would however say this will be an interesting season on all levels High-Mid-Low on the TOP TDM level.

My personal directs and qualifiers are:
1. Deliberate murder
2. Unknown
3. sitto
4. aCtion Ligan
5. play>>
6. Lemmings Effect
7. Team CZE
8. Team Mamut

** note that any of these clans could be replaced by planB team for any reason!

As for why, let's say it's mostly based on the skill and activity I've seen from these clans as well as previous encounters with them but taking into consideration their past Cb legacy as well as other results and leagues.
In the end it comes down to current supervisors and co supervisor to set qualifiers and invites and we shall see on Sunday night what is their perspective and what are their picks.
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Esports (41 comments)
Posted by chubz @ 13:40 CDT, 1 July 2012 - iMsg
I know it's not tied exactly to Quakelive per se, but I talked about this with a friend of mine and he pointed out something of a fad regarding games.

Take as an example the latest shootmania stuff and compare it to the huge support LOL has.

My point of view is that shootmania I saw is an alpha version of a game that can be put as a niche of any of Quake titles, as all you need to do is a custom server setting and you have it made in quake, it's almost a mod. Its basic setting are making FPS and skill needed simplified to what quake in general needs

LOL (and I do not aim to offend any players) is a DOTA styled game which simplifies it more and drops the skill requirement for playing it.

Not I know this is pure commercialization rules to make money or get more support. You drop the skill level and more people can enjoy a game. We've seen this before and we will witness it again and again.

The question is:
When does it become good to endorse a low skill game as something as an e-sport and where do you draw a line for dropping the skill requirement?

What I believe is that if you play dota type game without the required skill to deny creeps and units, or if you play a fast paced FPS game which requires less skill to play than some titles from 1998 you diminish the development of e-sports as sport and as a competitive field.
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(no)DH TDM (104 comments)
Posted by chubz @ 08:20 CDT, 9 April 2012 - iMsg
I've heard a rumour that DH won't feature TDM. Is it true, can anything be done about this.
When you look at the heart of the matter, TDM is usually most active with teams that would come and play.

Maybe take a poll on interest to go there from clans? Ql has shown a tendency to grow on DH each year. I wouldn't kick anything else if CTF is gonna be played. But still would like to play TDM.
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CB dropping teams in OC (11 comments)
Posted by chubz @ 06:30 CDT, 20 May 2011 - iMsg
Clanbase Open Cup dropped 11 clans from play off on account of group dropped in div3.

As it happens there is a rule that says that if a number of clans drop from a cup on clanbase playoff format changes and only 50% of total number of clans can play the playoff. That is from all the clans in the cup and from individual division.

Sounds sensible enough but in current CB OC a whole group of div 3 clans dropped while only 3 clans in div 1 and div 2 dropped causing 11 clan cut from current competition, across 3 divisions and left div1 and div2 teams that were ready to play screwed over.

Now there is no point in crying over spilled milk so I want to know if there is an alternative to CB for TDM or one coming soon?

Some of the guys from div 1 clans that were dropped like e.violence or elite killers already wrote on the cup page about dropping CB from cups they would enlist in and that something should replace CB as a open community competition.

Any suggestions.
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prize money won 2010 (16 comments)
Posted by chubz @ 07:52 CST, 7 December 2010 - iMsg
Anyone knows how much has cypher won this year.
Saw an article about na'vi from cs a their grand total going up to 221,750 or something like that so was wondering how much has cypher goten to this year.

Or anyone else for that matter?
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