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QUAKE 1997-2012 (51 comments)
Posted by pface @ 05:29 CDT, 15 September 2012 - iMsg
IDsoftware or who ever runs QL, you did it...

QL decides what i want to play...

I have just installed the new plugin but I was missing some maps, such as, furiousheights, concrete palace and silence after the I asked on the QL forum how come, and got this answer:

"They are not part of this months Standard map pool: "

I just reached the timeline as a promember but i decided not to continue the payment because i only play practice duel...(i know...but its relaxing:/ )

When they decides to get rid of maps like that makes me so angry and tired of this shit so this is it then. No more Quake or any other IDsoftware, (or who ever runs QL, who cares), for me...

2012-09-15 was the date i stoped playing Quake, it was a good friend when days was so crappy, but life goes on.

QUAKE 1997-2012 (the years are for me only)

Ok. i can see that people takes this journal the wrong way. first of all i must say that i'm chocked over all comments, As this is a personal journal i only speaks for me and what i think of Quake I started to play Q1 back in 97 from time to time and later Q2 and so what i meant was that Quake become something to do in lazy days for me, playing online was never important. i have bought every Quake game that have been released so what i meant was that Idsoftware goes over the edge and will take charge for something i paid for once and twice before, and now when the updates to QL will delete maps for us "who stoped paid for it " not will be able to use it as it was meant to,,,of course are you guys all right when you say that "Stop playing it then",,,,

This journal is a personal journal and wroted in my profile and is only for me,,,if i expected to get some replys to something relevent i write i had started a thread instead...but i wasn't.
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What do You think? (10 comments)
Posted by pface @ 10:00 CDT, 19 September 2010 - iMsg
Just a thought...
A tournament, running like Davis Cup in tennis. They play 1v1, 1v1, 2v2, 1v1, 1v1, that looks alot of matches and take alot of time right? It does, but it should be really nice aswell :)

Imagine this: 2 teams will meet and it will look like this (they play first a single match each, bo3 (or bo1), and then a 2v2 (double) the entire match will be bo5:

1v1, fox - czm 3-0 :)
1v1, tox - Z4 1-2 :(

2v2, fox,tox - czm,Z4 2-1 :)

at this point IC leads with 2 to 1, (if tox had won his against Zero4, the match would be over with a 3-0 victory.)

1v1, fox - Z4 0-3 :(

now the result of the entire match is 2-2 and the last match between tox - czm will be the conclusion of the entire match.

I think this is a great way to make something different.

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ql demo pl (1 comment)
Posted by pface @ 07:26 CDT, 7 August 2010 - iMsg
are there any new demoplayers for the new QL patch that works?
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The Pirate Bay falls and raise again (128 comments)
Posted by pface @ 12:23 CDT, 24 August 2009 - iMsg
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hub3aeroq3, w7 :( (16 comments)
Posted by pface @ 02:11 CDT, 6 May 2009 - iMsg
Hi folks!

Iīve been running Windows 7 (Get it here) for a while now and I have also the latest version 7100 at this point. All since version 7048 the map hub3aeroq3 has hang the game and requires a restart of Windows if I will attempt to play further, otherwise Q3 wonīt start again. At a particular view in the map, where the rail is, is the point that starts the error. When I look straight down to the portal on the left side on the bottom where the shotgun is, or if I jump down from that point, or if I watches demos and the caractor do that, or if I watches GTV matches and the caractors are doing that...the game will crash, freeze or what you call it...
I have been studie and played alot of maps lately to see if there are any more maps that will f*ck up Q3 but at this moment the hub3aeroq3 is the only map.
I have not played hub3aeroq3a to see if it does the same thing but I let you know if that is so...

Here are some facts:

OSP 1.03a, but demos and matches with cpma 1.46 or 1.47 via GTV does the same thing...
Pointrelease: 1.32 win
Windows 7, RC7100 from yesterday...

ATI Radeon X1600
Dualcore Intel 3.0Mhz
2048 RAM

Have anyone else the same problem?

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