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EOD Episode 1 by Unorthodoxic (15 comments)
Posted by Liam @ 09:12 CDT, 16 August 2013 - iMsg

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Rating: 5.3 (30 votes)
Do you want to see small robots drive around and weld people to death while they aren't looking? (rhetorical question btw)

United Kingdom Unorthodoxic brings you a Battlefield 3 video set in a post-apocalyptic world where butane is the one true currency.

"I am become weld, cannot be welded again" - George W. Oppenheimer
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dorftrottel by KOS (216 comments)
Posted by Liam @ 18:09 CDT, 19 July 2011 - iMsg

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Rating: 8.7 (179 votes)
A promode duel movie created by Germany KOS staring the pride of Bulgaria Bulgaria Nzr0 and Bulgaria HAL_9000. Branching out from their last outing since Bulgarian scientists invented numbers other than 22. Some excellent frags with a nice light soundtrack and new textures for each map.

For more about the concept and technical info behind this movie visit own-age.

Recent KOS movies: w3sp strafes, f33l, Speedcapture Promo
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Terraria was released today (27 comments)
Posted by Liam @ 11:56 CDT, 16 May 2011 - iMsg
On steam.

Anyone buying? Supposed to be 10 dorrah and is coming out sometime today

Site - Community - Steam page (doesn't work yet)
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Reptile wins! by OvO (162 comments)
Posted by Liam @ 16:59 CDT, 8 May 2011 - iMsg

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Rating: 7.7 (98 votes)
Reptile wins! Flawless victory ..FATALITY! :) by OvO

CPM frag movie brought to you by Finland OvO of owl fame.

Featuring frags from the most successful and popular iceclimbers member ever*...

the man...
the lobstar...
the Sweden Reptile.

* excluding mammals
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Multiplayer games (12 comments)
Posted by Liam @ 08:09 CDT, 14 June 2010 - iMsg
Recommend me some simple, fun, preferably web based mutliplapper games (4+ pref.) for example: wabble or weboppoppopoly.

It's impossible to search for stuff since the internet turned into a swirling vortex of advertisements.

[+] for good suggestions also I'll add @ post for everyone else.
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domain name suggestions (13 comments)
Posted by Liam @ 15:32 CST, 23 February 2010 - iMsg

Check out the auto generated suggestions.
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Anyone plapping borderlands? (107 comments)
Posted by Liam @ 06:03 CDT, 27 October 2009 - iMsg
Been playing it a bit, not bad so far.

Check this out by the way, for to make fix some annoying issues :)))))))))))))))))))))))))

I'm the sniper at the moment.
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CPM22: A Bulgarian Odyssey by Nzr0 (172 comments)
Posted by Liam @ 19:34 CDT, 22 July 2009 - iMsg

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Rating: 7.9 (127 votes)
Strong. Fast. Powerful.
These are all words used in the past to describe me, England Liam.

Today we use them to describe a movie... the movie that will become known across the community and indeed the world as the definitive Bulgarian cpm22 movie.

Featuring the top 2 Bulgarian cpm22 players, Bulgaria Nzr0 and Bulgaria HAL_9000 I present to you: CPM22: A Bulgarian Odyssey

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why do they fake play real guitars (122 comments)
Posted by Liam @ 13:11 CDT, 24 March 2009 - iMsg
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CPM techniques video (33 comments)
Posted by Liam @ 16:29 CST, 1 March 2009 - iMsg

Featuring a BFG frag by on Reptile.

Watch it to the end.
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Game Damage (12 comments)
Posted by Liam @ 12:18 CST, 17 December 2008 - iMsg
Yahtzee's (Zero Punctuation) new show:

I think it's a bit shit, the 2 Australians aren't very likeable but it has potential.

Edited by Liam at 12:19 CST, 17 December 2008 - 6049 Hits
Obama actually fucking won (333 comments)
Posted by Liam @ 03:50 CST, 5 November 2008 - iMsg
Can't believe it, first of all, I didn't even know they were deciding so soon, second of all: a black man raped a white man in an American presidential race... fuck me. My faith in humanity has actually been restored.

Don't fuck it up this time, humanity.
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Setpoint alternative (16 comments)
Posted by Liam @ 14:50 CDT, 31 August 2008 - iMsg
Does one exist? I want to be able to change what some of the buttons do on my G5 and setpoint is a stupid piece of useless shit, don't suppose anyone knows of an alternative? I just downloaded it and it's 60mb, 60 fucking mb for mouse drivers, taking the piss.
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Stargate Continuum 2008 DVDRip XviD-V4D3 (3 comments)
Posted by Liam @ 04:46 CDT, 2 July 2008 - iMsg
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Stargate Atlantis S05E01 PREAiR XviD-NOG (11 comments)
Posted by Liam @ 09:17 CDT, 21 June 2008 - iMsg
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Play worms with us (22 comments)
Posted by Liam @ 12:05 CDT, 5 June 2008 - iMsg
Some videos of the hilarity that ensues:

This proves that you can fool pigeons, although as we all know, you can't fool owls.

n0rz demonstrating the power of panicking.

Download it and get on IRC and don't be yeltsin and we can have some good old fashioned fun.
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Posted by Liam @ 03:59 CDT, 26 May 2008 - iMsg
Aaron is your leader now, my reign has come to an end. Plus him, for he is your GOD now.

Don't ever let it be ix or a pole or a woman.
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#1 (64 comments)
Posted by Liam @ 10:09 CDT, 21 April 2008 - iMsg sort by popularity.

Yeah, fuck you ix. Don't plus ix, he'll probably reply to this saying something about me being fat in a clever way, like my rating somehow reflects my BMI, nice try, don't plus him, or Nicky, I know she's a girl and you might get sex if you plus her or something but don't.

K I just noticed a pole is at the #3 spot, what the FUCK? Honest to fucking christ, every time something like this happens it gets absolutely fucking ruined, like I got op in #promode and then like a week later they give it to brut. THEY GAVE OP TO FUCKING BRUT, that's like... that's like... giving ops... to hitler... it's something bad alright, you just don't do it. Fucks sake, a pole #3, y'know what, I changed my mind, plus ix, I don't want anything to do with this fucking site any more. I will not stand by while a pole is rated high on an e-sports site, that's something I've always promised myself I'd never do.
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a common practice in Poland. (43 comments)
Posted by Liam @ 14:36 CST, 3 March 2008 - iMsg

The shameless builder later told bosses he was vacuuming his underwear a common practice in Poland.

As you all know, The Sun is the pinnacle of journalistic integrity, so this isn't completely blown out of proportion at all. Definitely.

thx 2 xlo^CrystalC
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Please help me with my weight issues :/ (219 comments)
Posted by Liam @ 05:42 CST, 29 February 2008 - iMsg
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Audiosurf has no volume control (3 comments)
Posted by Liam @ 16:53 CST, 20 February 2008 - iMsg
Audiosurf, a game centred around audio, so much so that the word "audio" is in the title of the game, has no volume control.


I am aware my computer does there's other reasons why that's not good enough fuck off
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Re: Re: Why does faith deserve respect? (32 comments)
Posted by Liam @ 16:30 CST, 11 December 2007 - iMsg
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Dexter episodes 11+12 (54 comments)
Posted by Liam @ 08:41 CST, 6 December 2007 - iMsg
I fancied some pluses so I thought I'd make a journal letting you all know that episodes 11 and 12 of dexter series 2 have been leaked. It's fucking good.

For torrent users:
11 - "Left Turn Ahead"
12 - "The British Invasion"

For usenet users (with newzbin):
11 - "Left Turn Ahead" (nzb)
12 - "The British Invasion" (nzb)
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Zero Punctuation Reviews (17 comments)
Posted by Liam @ 08:13 CDT, 13 September 2007 - iMsg
I'm sure most of you know about these by now (I think wata already posted the bioshock review) but for those of you who don't I figured I'd point it out, plus I want plusses if I'm honest.

This feller did a bunch of reviews for games and shit and they're hilarious, here's links: < these are the first ones he did, doesn't really matter what order you watch any of them in since they're just reviews but meh. It also has the video explaining why he's with Escapist Magazine < all the reviews he's done for EM, there's a new one every wednesday! I'd highly recommend checking them all out and watching every wednesday :).
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it's tom's birthday (33 comments)
Posted by Liam @ 12:49 CDT, 30 August 2007 - iMsg
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More like cpmCLICKup!!!! (161 comments)
Posted by Liam @ 16:03 CDT, 28 July 2007 - iMsg

Lets you click on text like "ip.ip.ip.ip;password lol????" and open q3 and connect and shit, right clicking makes you connect with a spec/alternate name.
This was mostly made for people in #cpmpickup but it'll work for any cpma pickup channel really, or any q3 pickup channel with a slight modification.

It now includes an automatic text fixerer if there's a space between ; and password, because I couldn't be arsed making a workaround for it, example:

Instructions in zip.
Edited by Liam at 16:07 CDT, 28 July 2007 - 71697 Hits
My god. (39 comments)
Posted by Liam @ 16:23 CDT, 24 July 2007 - iMsg
[10:08pm] ([_]Dird): Mr Blobby - Mr Blobby.mp3
[10:08pm] ([_]Dird): you need it Xp0`
[10:09pm] ([_]Dird): !!!
[10:09pm] (Xp0`): Oo
[10:09pm] (Xp0`): the hell is that
[10:10pm] ([_]Dird): youve never heard it?!
[10:10pm] (+AnthonyJ): mr blobby? /o\
[10:10pm] (Xp0`): nope
[10:10pm] ([_]Dird): omfg
[10:10pm] ([_]Dird): have you even heard of mr blobby?
[10:11pm] (_evan): blobby blob
[10:11pm] (Liam): not everybody listens to your pop music shit dird
[10:11pm] (Liam): and would know
[10:11pm] (_evan): loved the christmas single he brought out like 15 years ago!!
[10:11pm] (+AnthonyJ): 15 years, is it really that long?
[10:11pm] (_evan): nah, probably closer to 10 :P
[10:11pm] (Liam): what the fuck, we're all supposed to pretend not to know who he is to piss dird off
[10:11pm] (_evan): not sure, guesstimate ftl
[10:11pm] (Liam): way to fuck it up
[10:12pm] (_evan): AnthonyJ suddenly felt old for a second there ? :P
[10:12pm] (+AnthonyJ): yup /o\
[10:12pm] ([_]Dird): Xp0`
[10:12pm] ([_]Dird): youre in for a treat
[10:12pm] (+AnthonyJ): "treat"
[10:13pm] (Xp0`): doubt it..
[10:14pm] (Xp0`): dird seriously
[10:14pm] (Xp0`): why would you wanna listen to that
[10:14pm] (Liam): Xp0` where are you from?
[10:14pm] (Xp0`): Croatia
[10:14pm] ([_]Dird): czech
[10:14pm] ([_]Dird): oh
[10:14pm] ([_]Dird): close
[10:14pm] (Xp0`): idiot!
[10:14pm] (Liam): alright well i'll straighten it out for you
[10:14pm] (Xp0`): :l
[10:14pm] (Xp0`): oh..ok
[10:15pm] (Liam): mr blobby was a character created by our then prime minister Noel Edmonds, he used him to apply some light humour to the war we were fighting against the french at the time
[10:15pm] (SH|Jaffy): i liked the house party
[10:15pm] ([_]Dird): you what
[10:15pm] (Xp0`): ^^
[10:15pm] ([_]Dird): noel edmonds was pm?
[10:16pm] ([_]Dird): deal or no deal?
[10:16pm] (Xp0`): omg
[10:16pm] (Xp0`): ..
[10:16pm] (Liam): yes?
[10:16pm] (SH|Jaffy): he was dird
[10:16pm] (Liam): how did you not know that
[10:16pm] (SH|Jaffy): thats why he became famous
[10:17pm] (Xp0`): when was this Liam , french war?
[10:17pm] (SH|Jaffy): cant believe you didnt learn that at school!
[10:17pm] ([_]Dird): OOOOOOOOOO YESH
[10:17pm] (Xp0`): 70's?
[10:17pm] ([_]Dird): all we learned was battle of hastings = 1066
[10:17pm] (+AnthonyJ): tbh, when are we not at war with the french? :)
[10:17pm] (Liam): nah later than that
[10:17pm] (Liam): late 80's
[10:17pm] (Xp0`): lol ant
[10:18pm] ([_]Dird): we're always at war with the french
[10:18pm] ([_]Dird): fkn salaud punee
[10:18pm] (Liam): dird be serious now did you not know that about noel edmonds?
[10:18pm] (+GoD^spyteman): salad?
[10:18pm] ([_]Dird): nope
[10:18pm] (SH|Jaffy): lol
[10:18pm] ([_]Dird): just assumed
[10:18pm] (SH|Jaffy): kids these days :S
[10:18pm] ([_]Dird): he did blobby
[10:18pm] (Xp0`): haha
[10:18pm] (Liam): you're joking right?
[10:18pm] ([_]Dird): then went on to deal or no deal
[10:18pm] (Xp0`): spyteman?
[10:18pm] (Xp0`): salad?
[10:18pm] ([_]Dird): get over it Liam
[10:18pm] ([_]Dird): like
[10:18pm] ([_]Dird): i wasnt born then?
[10:19pm] (Liam): oh god
[10:19pm] (SH|Jaffy): its just so shocking, i thought everyone knew
[10:19pm] (Liam): you're really serious aren't you
[10:19pm] ([_]Dird): and he obviously wasnt worth knowing
[10:19pm] (Liam): no jaffy it's not funny anymore
[10:19pm] (SH|Jaffy): loooool
[10:19pm] (SH|Jaffy): it is !
[10:19pm] ([_]Dird): biggest thing hes known for is blobby/deal or no deal
[10:19pm] ([_]Dird): unlike thatcher with her catch phrase
[10:19pm] (SH|Jaffy): and his four year prime ministerial stint!
[10:19pm] (Liam): i have to make a post on ESR about something completely unrelated i'll be back in a minute

I don't know what to do.
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Sketch show on C4 (maybe) with kids (16 comments)
Posted by Liam @ 10:25 CDT, 10 June 2007 - iMsg
I've been pulling my hair out for a few years trying to remember the name of this show, it was similar in style of "Trigger Happy TV" except it was a bunch of kids pulling pranks on people, except much better than that sounds... Stuff like interviewing people but swearing like fuck during it even though they're only about 12. These were all real pranks on the public and not pre-filmed or anything. Here's everything I remember about the show to try and jog some memories:

- There was a really good sketch on there where this girl told some people in the street that her mother had got a new job or something and that she'd made a sign saying "Congratulations Mum" or something to that effect, anyway the signs were face down on the floor and then she says "My mum's here now, could you hold them up for her please? She's just over there" and then they hold the sign up and it really says "We fuck horses." and the girl just walks off. Shows you them standing there for a while before they check the signs and realise what's happened. For some reason searching for "we fuck horses" on Google didn't yield any relevant results.

- Jordan (Katie Price, pretty sure it was her at least) was interviewed by one of the kids and he asked her if she could have an operation to make it so her tits honked when somebody squeezed them, would she do it. Her IMDB page didn't list the show so either it's not on there or she was never credited on the show.

- As I said before, another one of the sketches was this kid interviewing semi-famous people and then he'd get a call on his mobile and start swearing like fuck down the phone, it was pretty hilarious to see the reactions of the people.

Does anybody have any idea what the name of this show is? Or any other information you can remember about it? Extra points if you have a link of some sort.

Pretty sure it was on Channel 4 or E4 (or both) but I can't be certain, fairly sure though. It was a UK show of course and the kids were all English.

Thanks for any help.

I will plus the tits off anyone who gives me the correct answer (and can confirm it)
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Mr. Sprinkles (53 comments)
Posted by Liam @ 09:35 CDT, 16 May 2007 - iMsg
Mr. Sprinkles is a short series that Tom and I love, don't we Tom? It's really really funny and Tom and I thought we would share it with you didn't we Tom?

It's part of which Tom and I agree is hillllllllarious. By the way I'm talking about ESR Tom, this Tom, we are friends.

Tom and I will update this post with new episodes, won' t we Tom?
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Student Disciplined Over Video Game (85 comments)
Posted by Liam @ 06:22 CDT, 4 May 2007 - iMsg

Gist: he created a map of his school for CS so they assumed he's going to go postal and kill everyone and expelled him. The teacher came to this conclusion after playing the map and saying it was "too campy" and that the student was "a timefragging faggot".

By the way, the word timefragging is retarded.
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