In 2006, the site own-age had posted video from the tournament eswc-2005, by Lethal Emperor with djWHEAT & TosspoT commentaries.
But the download-links fails.
I was always asked to place these files, but I did not do it.
Now, after this news, I decided to post these videos for everyone.

ESWC 2005 Q3 Finals (Cooller-vs-CZM) ingame video on the torrent.
Creator: Lethal Emperor
Commentary provided by - djWHEAT & TosspoT

Source (with description, screenshots, etc...):
ESWC 2005 Q3 Finals (Cooller-vs-CZM) - map 1 (aeroq3)
ESWC 2005 Q3 Finals (Cooller-vs-CZM) - map 2 (dm6)
ESWC 2005 Q3 Finals (Cooller-vs-CZM) - map 3 (dm13)

download this:
torrent on mininova
(active time for download from me 18:00-22:00 CET)