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PC upgrade thread #1423 (1 comment)
Posted by pacmanpl @ 01:49 CST, 8 November 2015 - iMsg
New year is comming.
I want to have new PC so I can sit in front of it.

I thought about Intel i5 4460.
The price is right and it can handle a lot.
But what about let's say i5 4570? The higher I go the better results? I don't want to overclock shit and spend fortune on i7 :F
The purpose of CPU is getting decent FPS in Reflex and not choking when recording guitar with few tracks and plugins.

SilentiumPC Fera 2
I've read somewhere standard cooler on Intel's CPUs are shit so maybe it's a good idea to buy something better?

I would like something that supports faster RAMs and is generally not problematic.
Go ballz to the wallz for future proof MSI Z97-G43?
Here I don't have an idea.

G.Skill TridentX DDR3 2x4GB 2400MHz
Looks like shit but it's fast. Is there something obviously better?

Power supply
Fortron Aurum S 500 or SeaSonic SSR-450RM?
I don't think I will need more and I don't have much choice here.

I would go for SSD Crucial MX200 250GB
Again, is there an obvious better choice around that much moni?
Also how do I manage this very limited space? Can I install some Steam games on SSD and other on HDD? Do I install whole Windows and programs on that thing?

BenQ XL2411Z is this shit still hot?

Guide me.
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carmac appreciation thread (11 comments)
Posted by mammon @ 18:04 CST, 7 November 2015 - iMsg
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REFLEX 0.37.3 Update & Birthday Stream (53 comments)
Posted by entik @ 12:07 CST, 7 November 2015 - iMsg
Reflex turns 1 this week after going live on Steam Early Access November 4th of last year. To celebrate, the team has released the 0.37.3 update which adds a bunch of birthday party themed items, maps, and knick knacks. But if you're trying to play hard and go pro, they have conveniently given you the option to turn off the birthday effects with cl_events 0. The update also features some movement tweaks and general game improvements. Check out the change log below.

The birthday stream will be going on most of the day over at twitch The events planned for the day are CTF show matches, 1v1 show matches, developer interview with the whole Turbo Pixel team, new "Royal Rumble" mode showcase, King of the Hill tourney, and ending the day with some Live Mapping with Denmark promEUs. Check out the image below for event times.

Links: Reflex Forums Update Post, twitch ArenaFPS
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Vampiric CA Demos/Movies (16 comments)
Posted by Shipoopi @ 11:40 CST, 7 November 2015 - iMsg

i was looking for some YT videos of Vampiric CA games because i always found it cool to spec some guys who are good at it... e.g. winning a 1v5 while moving through the map super fast etc...

i didn't find a lot of good videos tough... does anybody know some cool demos or perhaps movies?

would be much appreciated! :))
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cheap mouse with better sensor (26 comments)
Posted by raumschiffkomandant @ 07:41 CST, 7 November 2015 - iMsg
which mouse to get that would be relatively cheap and has best sensor as possible?

i dont really care about extra buttons or anything else pretty much as long as its cheap and it has a high malfunction speed (+ no built in accel/smoothing)
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Idea for an app - need market validation (4 comments)
Posted by perfect_aesthetics @ 12:36 CST, 6 November 2015 - iMsg
sup guys. hope you're all well.

i have an idea for an app that needs market validation. it's not something that's completely new but i think can be far better executed than the apps currently in place.

simply put, it's like snapchat discovery but for viral videos and images only. you swipe right to 'like and share [to facebook]', left to 'like' (and save to your home playlist) and up to move to the next video.

the idea would be to create an algorithm to go through youtube, facebook and reddit and find the videos and links which are receiving the highest rate of clicks per second (or per minute) and display them with the highest priority.

i ask here mainly because you guys would be my target audience and i suspect some of you will have the knowledge of APIs that could prove to be obstacles for the app to overcome.

regardless of what you guys think of it, thanks for reading and i will appreciate all feedback.
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Quick 5v5 CTF Draft Cup (28 comments)
Posted by esdf @ 11:28 CST, 6 November 2015 - iMsg
Holas a todos! Here's a quick announcement for y'all. Tonight, October 6th, 2015 @ 21:00 CET a quick 5x5 ctf draft cup will be held. We've already reached minimum of 4 teams needed to run this cup, so now we'd like to extend invitation for everyone else.

Rules are fairly simple, so simple that they fit in this simple little link: rules. As far as map pool goes, it's still being voted on. If you want to play then make sure you vote for your favorite maps as well. You can vote here.

In case you wondered, yes, there are also prizes. Netherlands Gohann decided to donate a brand new QCK mousepad to the winning team. We still have no idea how the winning team will split the prize, perhaps 20% of cloth to each member? In this sea of ridiculously good prizes there's one that tops them all. The MVP of the cup will win a 1 month Quake Live PRO token!

All you need to do to participate is go to mIRC #qldrafts @ and pm one of the admins with your Steam / QL nick. The sign ups are open until 20:30 CET and picking phase starts the moment sign ups close.

Stream: twitch hodenman
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HoQ TDM Fall 2015 - Round 4 (No comments)
Posted by xou @ 10:02 CST, 6 November 2015 - iMsg
The fourth round of the TDM League is starting on Sunday evening.

In the first division, Europe Incoming Murderes are leading with 3 victories and still have to play Czech Republic Team CZE (this Sunday / wildcard by CZE) and Russia POXUI (14th at 21CET). So far they seem to be on the right path to win the big prize. The outcome of Europe REKT versus Russia Deliberate Murder will be important: the winning team will be able to take the 2nd rank in the league. Europe EliteFour decided to drop from the league and disband after losing to Deliberate Murder (VOD).

All the results of the previous matches are available. Also we have some VODs and spec demos.

You can now use the HoQ gametype factories on your dedicated servers (workshop.txt) for the proper leagues' settings. All the players are now required to enter their Steam ID on the HoQ website, you can read more about it.

Streams: Flair TV, fazz, Russia 102
Links: Schedule, Rules, Prize money, Sponsored by ZOWIE
Contacts: mIRC #HoQLeagues, steam Steam Group
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Armor idea (32 comments)
Posted by Padawan @ 09:09 CST, 6 November 2015 - iMsg
Sorry for the recent spam guys, but i had a yet another idea of how the armor respawn system could possibly work in a different manner. Before bashing, please take a moment to read. I'm only brainstorming here to keep the game fresh and innovative.

Scrolling back to a major post i made over a year ago here it prompted me to think of something else than the 'armor refill' idea. I basically took the same idea (seeing an armor visually build up, knowing when it will spawn) so you won't be dependent on the hated armor timers anymore, and added a bit extra.

What if the armors would, instead of respawning with a full stack after 25 seconds, build up gradually (every 1 second adds for example 5 armor points) and you can pick it up at any time you like? This would bring a whole new strategy to the table.

An example:

Player A picks up the RA after 10 seconds since previous pickup, which accounts for 10x5=50 red armor points, and then goes on to scout for his opponent. Player B sees the enemy just left the RA room and knows it immediatly respawned, but, starting from 0 again, he knows he can either go to another armor or take the chance to wait as long as he can (and defend it) before picking up the armor again (so it got a maximum charge). Ofcourse there would need to be a cooldown for the player who last picked it up, else he can just stand on top of the armor and gain 5 points every second, abusing the system.

The armors would still keep their tiered absorption rate (green 50% yellow 66% and red 75%) so it would still reward you more if you go for red. Also, the green and yellow could differentiate from the red by having a slower charge time, for example 1 second charges the green with 3 points, and the yellow 4 points.

Let me know if this idea sounds interesting or completely retarded.
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Sarge model fix? (9 comments)
Posted by Crotazzo @ 08:34 CST, 6 November 2015 - iMsg
When in a duel server, every now and then you see the enemy as sarge... how can that be fixed? old fixes like clearcvar and vid_restart are not working anymore.
Voting a new map sometimes works sometimes doesn't work.

And also yesterday i got unpure client, invalid pk3 when trying to join a "bluerun" duel server. Im suscribed to the map pack workshop.

Thanks in advance
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Old pk3 files and demo viewing. (1 comment)
Posted by sickpatient @ 00:59 CST, 6 November 2015 - iMsg
Edit: Sorry, had no idea that a single wolfcam client can support various protocols. Any tips about basic wolfcam configuration are welcome though. Just trying to achieve a regular look with high video settings, nothing too special.

Also any guides/forums/mirc channels dedicated to quake moviemaking and demo editing would be helpful. I know about uberdemotools, QLDT doesn't work anymore, not even with dm_90 - even if I had the pk3 files I wouldn't know how to watch demos since it requires the old Quake live launcher which is now broken. I want to create a really basic type of video, don't care about effects and such.

Still not sure where is the most appropriate place to post, now that QL forum is down for good, hopefully ESR is a better choice than reddit and steam?

Any suggestions are welcome. Thank you!
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Bunker Infiltration (4 comments)
Posted by ika @ 19:28 CST, 5 November 2015 - iMsg
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Re: Agent and Cooller dueling w. voice c (1 comment)
Posted by AynehZ @ 18:11 CST, 5 November 2015 - iMsg
Honey ))
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Where dem 15 minute duels at (4 comments)
Posted by Dynamix @ 16:16 CST, 5 November 2015 - iMsg
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GTKRadiant - spinning 3D view (4 comments)
Posted by earth @ 16:01 CST, 5 November 2015 - iMsg
Dear regarded mapping community (inb4 reflex sniggers),

When I right click in the 3D view window of Radiant, in the x-y plane the view rotates like crazy. Oddly it's just fine in the other two planes.

I have tried 2x 100% fresh installs to check I didn't mess something up.

Looks like I'm not alone, either.

here someone posted a fix but the link is dead and the page is archived.
here nobody found a fix

Will have to use arrow keys for now :(

Does anyone have any ideas to fix this?
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Agent and Cooller dueling w. voice chat (12 comments)
Posted by iavoal @ 13:56 CST, 5 November 2015 - iMsg

Son, you need to see this.

Its like Cooller-Strenx show, only even more tense and funnier.

The goal is not a win, but to make opponent lose and lose real bad. Anton and Nikolay had a long and hot story between them and here they are, trying to settle things once and for all again, now with guest commentators - Agent and Cooller themself, live.

"....Get over here, ANTOSHKA!!"
"...And how's your face NOW, Agentura?"
"...Where is your control, Anton? Where's your fucking control now?"
"...And the aim AS ALWAYS has failed you, Agent"
"...You know how sweet that little 50hp-s was?"
"...Hey, Anton, when is the YA?"
"...Agent, where is the skill?"
"...Fuck, Agent, how stinky you are"
"...I'm permitting you to take one YA, Anton"
"...Are you fucking crawling, Agent?"
"...i AM fucking crawling"
"...Hey. Agent, let me give you a piece of advise: CHANGE YOUR FOV"
"...Its boring to play you properly, Agent, all these waiting for 3 armors... i'll better knock with 4 rockets into your head"
"...You're just like Nitrino, Anton"
"...Burn the FUCK down"
"...Have you experienced the motherfucking skill of the HUNTER, Anton?"

and HOURS of more.
starting 5 40 00 and 9 32 00
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Quake Live Dedicated Server Hoster (2 comments)
Posted by AsphyxEvents @ 12:06 CST, 5 November 2015 - iMsg
I spoke with my old provider and he has implemented it immediately

its included in a game cloud - including game switching.
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Skilled discipline - Alan Watts (6 comments)
Posted by memph1s_ @ 10:12 CST, 5 November 2015 - iMsg
Three minutes of wisdom that we all can relate to in some way.

Please have your sound on before you click the link.

Click here
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Posted by GBGivana @ 08:26 CST, 5 November 2015 - iMsg check it out. It is finally there and there is a $200 League of Legends tournament. Also Hearthstone, DOTA2 and CSGO. :)
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The insanity of a lack of "restart map" (17 comments)
Posted by LOLatRoflexTimers @ 07:34 CST, 5 November 2015 - iMsg
I cannot believe that this hasn't been thought yet.
So you are enjoying a session of practice on a particular map, and at the end of the map, you are FORCED to go to another map where you can only choose 3 maps from and a lot of times all those 3 maps suck.
But most importantly, you want to restart the map to keep practicing a particular map.

WHY can't we have a clickable option next to the 3 maps that says "restart current map" and this counts as a vote to restart the map??

WHY id doesn't see the objective necessity for stuff like this?

Jesus H Christ.
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street fighter V (No comments)
Posted by Gibaholic @ 23:12 CST, 4 November 2015 - iMsg
i foolishly missed out on the beta with doom alpha, boy did i fuck up. I've pretty much ignored the game at the first reveal cause i thought it was like SF4, after looking into it more and playing it a bit myself in training mode. I dig this A LOT more than SF4, i hated SF4.

is anyone else gonna be picking this up?
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Script to notify you when players join (4 comments)
Posted by Thread Ender @ 20:01 CST, 4 November 2015 - iMsg
I'm pretty sure that with the addition of the zmq socket to the quakelive dedicated server, it would be pretty straightforward to program some event listener in python that would run along with the server and would, say, notify you via email when a player joins your running server so that you get the chance to jump in if for instance, you are running your server locally but aren't paying attention to it at that time.

I'm not that much of a programmer, and although I'm pretty sure that this would be easy enough for me to actually be able to do it myself, I decided to reach out to the community and see if someone more willing and able could perhaps very easily write such a script (say in under 20 minutes?) and make it publicly available at github or here for us to test.

Some of you may see the benefit, some of you mayn't. Either way I'm just throwing the idea out there in case somebody wants to take care of this and bring one more tool to our ql toolbox.
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ELO returns... kinda (151 comments)
Posted by Teen Queen @ 17:49 CST, 4 November 2015 - iMsg
It's been merely days since we've collectively said goodbye to QLRanks and alternatives were promised.

If you check the QLRanks website now, you see the last 5 duels played, the immortalized top10 and so on.

Someone said it almost feels a bit eerie seeing those last matches scanned, it didn't go out with a bang, it was just regular folks playing the game and ending up on the website.

We loved QLRanks and learned to live with it, despite some "issus" and failed court dates.

While some people are pleased with the lack of Elo rating and just enjoy the game for what it is, first attempts have already been implemented and are live as we speak.

Given the more open-sourcy feel of QL right now, we can expect more and better stats tracking, for better or worse.

[00:15] <inl>
[00:15] <inl> Happy to announce that Arte et Marte servers (EU) is now tracking ELO for duels.

HF and bow to the king - Quake.
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wtf k1llsen (46 comments)
Posted by Meph1stoo @ 15:39 CST, 4 November 2015 - iMsg
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Map Changes since steam-only update (8 comments)
Posted by Norsak @ 15:16 CST, 4 November 2015 - iMsg
I just discovered that Hell's Gate...isn't the Hell's Gate I remember

Since there are quite a few maps to look through, maybe we can pool or efforts and list the map changes spotted after the steam-only update. So far I noticed:

FFA Demon Keep:
The jump 'angel' to the RA platform are different.
You need to aim low on the Jump Pad on the back wall to make it.
If you aim too high, you get neither BFG nor RA

FFA Hell's Gate:
There is a battlesuit powerup on the bridge!
Most item placements have changed.
- RA is in the former RL room
- RL is where RG used to be
- RG is where HMG used to be
- shotgun is...gone
- YA is gone
- second PG where MG was
- ammo is probably in different

Share what you notice
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Are tiers no longer supported (9 comments)
Posted by darwinsGate @ 13:09 CST, 4 November 2015 - iMsg
I used to be able to start a server that only allowed players below a certain tier.

Is this no longer possible? Will it be added in the future?

It's more enjoyable for me to play with players of the same skill level.

Also - I prefer ffa with loadouts and I understand the only way I can start a ffa server with loadouts is to run a dedicated linux server(which I do not have). Is this correct or is there a way to do it on windows?

a side note - I've played a few ffa games and they turned in to a bunch of mg fights due to a dearth of weapons in the map. I didn't like it much.
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GRAY SCREEN (9 comments)
Posted by Selhouette333 @ 13:08 CST, 4 November 2015 - iMsg
I've sent a message to support 4 days ago but haven't gotten an answer yet so I'm opening a thread here.

My problem is when I open QL my screen goes all gray and it won't load further. I've had Quake in my library before the steam intergation and I was also a pro sub a couple of months ago but not before integration (if that matters). Did anyone else have ths problem?
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One year of Reflex (42 comments)
Posted by peterg @ 12:41 CST, 4 November 2015 - iMsg
I've always been open minded and on the look out for good gameplay. When I first started Quake way back I was a NetQuaker (NQ). Even today if you go into CRMOD which is the major competitive mod for NQ and type in qwsucks in the console it responds back to you with various things such as, "Are you listening id?". In short the NQ community was very close minded and anti-QW. I believed them for a long time. QW was the devil.

Yet as is my nature I eventually over came the NQ's community attempt at brain washing the players and discovered QW is great. I even played Q2 CTF a lot and enjoyed it thoroughly. Q3 not so much. By that time I had gone back to QW TDM and Doom 2 CTF and those remained my staple FPS for a long time. I'm just covering some of my personal FPS history here to prove I'm not some gameplay ideologue. I always strive to look for good gameplay.

Reflex has been on Steam for one year as of today. It is in many ways the best hope to recapture the games I love in a modern form. Yet it is hard not to be worried about Reflex one year in. Engine and technology wise I feel Reflex is doing quite well and have almost nothing to complain about. I even get a solid 120+ FPS on my Geforce 560 ti. The graphics have taken a while to find their footing but even those now are quite excellent. So then what is the issue? Gameplay and content.

A good example of how Reflex is lacking goes to the core of project. Reflex heavily depends on their community for content; mainly maps but UI scripting is mostly a community affair too. In many ways this is a catch 22. It is great the developers have given the community such leeway in the project but it also feels like the developers have grown entirely dependent on the community as well.

I was very hyped for the recent CTF mode in Reflex. I thought this would be what opened the flood gates for a larger player base. Yet there was a big problem. CTF only came out with one map, CTF-Monolith. Love or hate it releasing a new mode with one map is a horrible idea. One only need look to Toxikk to see what one map releases can do to a game. Maybe in six months or a year Reflex will have a good variety of CTF maps (and no I'm not interested in fucking remakes!). Having such hype squashed and having to wait such a long time for a decent variety of maps is a horrible predicament for Reflex.

I think the gameplay problems go deeper however. Playing CTF I quickly became frustrated with the map which I thought was overly complex and anti-pub fun. When you have a super passionate highly skilled user base designing all your maps they don't always tend to be great fun in a pub game. Say what you will about id's maps but they usually were relatively simple and designed for the average user. By comparison Monolith and Sabflags (the two CTF maps in release now) are a pain to move around on and designed too heavily to counter swooping. A bit of swooping actually isn't bad for pub play.

Playing CTF brought more gameplay issues to the fore again. I'm still shocked one year in Reflex has no real ammo system. At this point I'm not even sure they mean to change it. This is quite worrying because there are many different ways to go with some type of ammo system and it adds a load of depth to the game. Serious TDM will never happen without a good ammo system.

Another annoyance which reared up quickly in CTF was how many weapons are needed on maps since there is no ammo system. On Monolith there are 3 bolt rifles (aka rail), 4 shotguns, 4 RLs, 2 ion cannons (aka LG), 2 GLs and 2 PGs. With such a massive amount of hitscan the map is then topped off with carnage power up (aka quad). Ugh.

It also was frustrating having to wait a long time for CTF maps to reload upon map end. I had thought loading times had been 'fixed' but again it appears to be an issue. Related is the fact servers can only hold 16 players and many CTF servers are smaller than that. I miss the days when I could sit on a large QW server and hang out with the community playing countless pick up games. In Reflex this isn't possible when servers are all 16 or lower client limit.

Reflex can't break from the CPM past it shares. While it has differentiated itself somewhat nothing I'd qualify as major changes have happened. There is the controversial duel timer and some other changes like a stronger SG or the triple jump but nothing which breaks or significantly alters the game from CPM. Many would argue this is not a bad thing and I would actually agree. The problem is if you are going to do what essentially is a remake every other part of the game needs to be superb. Languishing for CTF maps and seeing people porting over remakes is a sad situation to be in.

What do I expect out of Reflex in another year? I'm not sure to be honest. With Overwatch looming and many other great games to play I'm beginning to lose hope in Reflex. Things are just taking too long and the gameplay is not advancing. Even players who I've played dozens of hours with in Reflex seem to share my sentiment. If I go to the Reflex Steam store page the top two positive reviews I see are people I have friended on Steam. I've bought copies of Reflex for friends and spent ~200 hours playing it. When I ran a Reflex TDM league I got to know various players and from time to time, often in the early morning, people will PM me on Steam and we'll chat. Most remain hopeful but it is hard not to see reality and wonder if Reflex isn't the savior we thought it was.
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thread about "game feels different now" (83 comments)
Posted by cecc @ 09:26 CST, 4 November 2015 - iMsg
i cannot be the like the only one.

the game feels like "too smooth" is the only way i can describe it.
i overshoot everything. lowering sens/accel or anything doesn't help. the feeling is changed so much.
i tried changing and adjusting values as i said but it doesn't help.

i can imagine nonaccel users not having these issues. and it's funny enough that this is not beeing all over the forums.

no placebo or adapt talk please kthx
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Cooller stream question (9 comments)
Posted by Grota @ 08:16 CST, 4 November 2015 - iMsg
Its a great pleasure to see Cooller announcing a "road to get my shape back" (alike the K1llsen revival ! strenx if you see this, go go go !), even participating in last sunday cup.

but I don't understand. I was checking his "previous diffusions" on his stream and the last one is "preparing for 2morrows 1v1 cup" on the 31 october. Which cup was he talking about ?

because the only 1v1 cup that I know of these last few days was the 125fps october season finals day, and it was on the previous day (friday 30th) + he wasn't even participating so... was he mistaken and thought there was a sunday cup, hence writing "preparing for tomorrow" ?
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Looking for a defrag map (5 comments)
Posted by TracTOPelle @ 00:52 CST, 4 November 2015 - iMsg

I'm looking for a defrag map I played a long time ago, it was a pretty long map, it started out in the void, you started at the feet of a "human" with a long schlong, you had to go all the way to the other side to climb and then make your way back on the sides to get on top of his head to a teleporter, then it was some hallways run, big areas, etc... you also had to climb another one of those "human" later on in the map and I can't remember it at all. pl0x help. Will give virtual sucky sucky for it.


If it can help, here is a recreation of the starting "human" as I remember it.
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CZE -vs- rekt (1 comment)
Posted by xou @ 15:13 CST, 3 November 2015 - iMsg

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Rating: - (0 votes)
Gametype: TDM 4v4
Map: Various Maps
Mod: N/A
Viewpoint: spec
How to play back QL demos

House of Quake Fall 2015 TDM - Division 1 - Round 2

REKT vs Team CZE

spec demo
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A taste of iCTF (Movie) (5 comments)
Posted by G4rlock @ 13:15 CST, 3 November 2015 - iMsg

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Rating: 7.9 (14 votes)
This is a fun project ive struggled finishing, but it's finally done!
Its basically a movie of the Overfrag iCTF 2014 autumn finals,
between team D1cks (my team) and team crazy 8.
Thought some of you might enjoy :). I incorperated some of the teamspeak for both teams which I think you dont see very often.

Hope you enjoy!


Google Drive
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Can we have the original announcer? (42 comments)
Posted by LOLatRoflexTimers @ 13:01 CST, 3 November 2015 - iMsg
As a steam workshops downloadable thingy? Or would it go against some cuckpyright laws?

Also, why isn't Vadrigar the default voice instead of the douchebag sounding guy?
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way to let former cheaters back in game (2 comments)
Posted by atfab @ 11:54 CST, 3 November 2015 - iMsg
cheater has to make a public apology, should make a segment with one of the streamers, preferred segment will be through voting on esr

a.)impersonate lil wayne
b.)do a silento dance

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A taste of iCTF (Movie) (12 comments, locked)
Posted by G4rlock @ 10:04 CST, 3 November 2015 - iMsg
[Moved here as per suggestion]

Locked by Teen Queen at 16:11 CST, 3 November 2015 - 600 Hits
Quake Steam Players Search (3 comments)
Posted by Danmer @ 09:40 CST, 3 November 2015 - iMsg
The fast and easy search using all your data (not only ugly steamId).
Just add your profile and any useful info (old nick, clan, etc).

You can use steamId or communityId or just URL of profile for adding a player card.
The filter use same fields plus players' additional info.
Also, you can send a friend request to Steam right on the page.

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125FPS Sunday Cup#17 (89 comments)
Posted by Nico_QD @ 09:10 CST, 3 November 2015 - iMsg
Scheduled: 09:00 CST, 8 November 2015 to 13:00 CST, 8 November 2015
Schedule: Passed

The 125 FPS QuakeLive Duel Sunday Cup #17 this weekend.

Streams: United Kingdom zLive, Russia 102, United States of America flairTV
Links: Cup page, Event Rules, Web chat, 125FPS Balance 2015; 125FPS Donate link
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Life after Quake Live (62 comments)
Posted by KendrickLamar @ 03:47 CST, 3 November 2015 - iMsg
Now that QL is 'dead'

what do you plan on doing with your life?

i plan on bussin down until i die
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Most overlooked secret to winning duels (1 comment)
Posted by atfab @ 02:42 CST, 3 November 2015 - iMsg
mi lab u long taym
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p1mps -vs- nerds (No comments)
Posted by xou @ 15:25 CST, 2 November 2015 - iMsg

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Rating: - (0 votes)
Gametype: TDM 4v4
Map: Various Maps
Mod: N/A
Viewpoint: spec
How to play back QL demos

House of Quake Fall 2015 TDM - Division 2 - Round 3

p1mps vs n.e.r.d.s.

spec demo
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DOOM Multiplayer Closed Alpha - Gameplay (21 comments)
Posted by zeroql @ 10:54 CST, 2 November 2015 - iMsg
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Unreal Tournament at uk FPS Gaming Lan (No comments)
Posted by LordSoth79 @ 08:18 CST, 2 November 2015 - iMsg
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Fallout 4 leaked videos (21 comments)
Posted by Teen Queen @ 06:55 CST, 2 November 2015 - iMsg
I'm just going to paste the whole thread since most will probably get deleted soon and new links will appear there.


There's a mega upload link flying around If for some reason you want to save the files (80mb)

Mega Upload

Youtube video

Leddit thread

First impressions?

(sorry, have yet to find a positive comment)
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Some hardware questions : (74 comments)
Posted by He4rTL3sS @ 17:39 CST, 1 November 2015 - iMsg
So if things goes right, I should be able to get a new config (including monitor) at ~christmas. But I still have some questions I wanted to ask you guys :

1°) BenQ XL2411Z as new monitor, is pretty damn good right ? 144hz 1ms 1920x1080 24" for ~285€

2°) Is the GeForce GTX 960 enough to get stable 250fps @ QL at lowest possible GFX settings (except ofc r_lodbias -2 and r_subdivisions 4), in any situations (I mean including big/huge maps with ~16 players) ?

3°) Would you recommend to get a GTX 970 instead of the 960 for games like Reflex, Overwatch or StarWars Battlefront ?
Considering the fact that I will ALWAYS play at lowest possible GFX settings. But I want to get at least 125fps stable for these games, so maybe the GTX 960 is a bit too weak for it ? Or is it more than enough ?

4°) How does the Intel Core i5-4460 compare to the i5-4590 or even i5-6500 ? (I don't plan on overclocking my CPU, so getting any "K" version is pretty much useless I guess). Is the i5-4460 enough for quakelive with a GTX 960/970 to get stable 250fps in any situations (and like I said, at lowest possible GFX settings).
What about for games like OW, Reflex or SW:BF ?

5°) What do you think of the i5-4460 + GTX 960 combination ? Good enough for recent games like OW, Reflex and SW:BF (and still at lowest possible GFX settings), I mean something like 144+fps stable ?
What about i5-4460 + GTX 970 ?

6°) What matters most if you play with ugly GFX, the CPU or the GPU (I guess the CPU right ?) ? I mean, for example, in QL/Reflex, If I play at 1920x1080 and lowest GFX possible, is it really worth it to get a GTX 970 instead of a GTX 960 ? Will I really get a considerable fps boost with GTX 970 compared to GTX 960 ?

7°) Is getting a SSD really worth it ? I can get like 120+Go SSD, but considering the fact that it's relatively expensive (or at least my budget is quite limited), I will think twice before going for it :).
Does it really change the way you play your games/load windows etc etc ? Is it really much faster and comfortable than normal HDD ?

Like I said, I will play only a few games (maybe SCII, OW, SW:BF, Reflex) with my new config. I don't plan on playing any others games. And considering the fact that I still didn't try any of those games, but watched plently of streams of them, it's fair to assume that I can probably get disappointed while finally playing/trying them and go back to QL only again, like I already do these days :). But if I try any of these games listed above, I want to try them in best conditions (~144+fps stable at lowest graphics settings). I guess that I'll also play at 1920x1080 instead of my current 1024x768, so that's why I'm a bit worried by the fact that the GTX 960 might not be enough at that kind of resolution, but maybe I'm completely wrong ?

I won't get any Intel Core-i7 or any "K" version of i5/i7 cause my budget is quite limited and I don't plan on overclocking my CPU. I won't get a GTX 950 cause a bit too weak, or any GTX 980-like GFX card, still cause of my limited budget. I only care about i5-4460, i5-4590 or i5-6500 for the CPUs, and GTX 960/970 for the GPUs, so stay on topic and don't recommend me anything that isn't listed above please ;). Just simply answer my 7 questions if you know/can. Thanks ;)
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Overwatch Sucks (129 comments)
Posted by LOLatRoflexTimers @ 17:20 CST, 1 November 2015 - iMsg
Shootmania part 590023402, LOL edition.

X, Y, Z... im not going to say names, you all know who you are. Time to stop looking for the next trendy shitty game and get a real job. You were once good at a great game, have some decency and just cut the bullcrap, modern e-sports are a joke. Keep supporting our game at a small underground level, play the odd online tournament, whatever, just drop the act about becoming a "professional gamer". Modern FPS suck serious ass and MOBA's are all dominated by autist asians, not worth anyone's time.

Sorry, had to be said.

PS: Q5 will suck too. By the time it becomes playable at a competitive level (after the community fixes it) everyone that's still around will be back to casually playing Q3/QL and watching Cooller kick ass on Twitch.
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Site summary for week ending 30 Oct (4 comments)
Posted by ESReality @ 16:00 CST, 1 November 2015 - iMsg
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CZE -vs- POXUI (No comments)
Posted by xou @ 15:37 CST, 1 November 2015 - iMsg

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Rating: 7.5 (1 vote)
Gametype: TDM 4v4
Map: Various Maps
Mod: N/A
Viewpoint: spec
How to play back QL demos

House of Quake Fall 2015 TDM - Division 1 - Round 3


spec demo
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E4 -vs- POXUI (No comments)
Posted by xou @ 14:12 CST, 1 November 2015 - iMsg

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Rating: - (0 votes)
Gametype: TDM 4v4
Map: Various Maps
Mod: N/A
Viewpoint: spec
How to play back QL demos

House of Quake Fall 2015 TDM - Division 1 - Round 2

POXUI vs Elite Four

spec demo
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New series... (10 comments)
Posted by mikul @ 12:48 CST, 1 November 2015 - iMsg
I might have to start watching this just because of the title...
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Does anyone use foot-pedals for binds? (20 comments)
Posted by mellowb1rd @ 11:29 CST, 1 November 2015 - iMsg
I got two and use one for zoom and one for crouch, so now I got all 3 main weapons bound to mouse buttons. I might get another for Use Item, cus I also have fastsky turn off with the same key, so it's nice for peeing through portals, but it's kinda wasted on Mouse3. great. Feels way more natural than reaching for keys with my left hand. Does anyone else do this? If not I highly recommend it.
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QL missing maps (25 comments)
Posted by tyryl @ 09:35 CST, 1 November 2015 - iMsg
powerstation comes to mind. eviscerated, heroskeep, et al. are back, but no q3tourney1. or any of the pro-q3tourney maps (other than almostlost and I guess verticalvaginas..)

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devmap demonkeep (10 comments)
Posted by GanGBanG @ 05:37 CST, 1 November 2015 - iMsg
jumppad to RA no longer lets you jump all the way to the RA platform.

new gravity? new jumppads? messed up code? new feature?

quick someone get yakumo on the phone.
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Warsow 1.6 Beta6 out (drastic changes) (5 comments)
Posted by sinistral @ 19:58 CDT, 31 October 2015 - iMsg
This game is definitely not nerf arena anymore. 180 dps shaft, higher knock-back than cpm. Rocket knock-back same as cpm.


- Bugfixes.
- Voicecomm menu in bomb, ctf, tdm and ctft (left CTRL).
- You can now move at 100ups during round start in bomb.
- Neapdefs by goochie:

- Increased Gunblade melee and projectile damage to 60, increased melee knock-back to 100, reduced projectile speed to 2800. Changed from continuous charging to uncharged/charged ammo state only (800ms reload). Increased self-damage ratio to 100%.

- Increased Machine-gun bullet damage to 11, knock-back to 20, reload time increased to 100ms, spread removed.

- Increased Riotgun damage to 100, reduced spread heavily. Changed pickup amount to 5 and max. ammo to 10.

- Increased Grenade Launcher damage to 90 and speed to 1100, reload time to 800ms. Increased self-damage ratio to 100%. Removed custom gravity and friction from Grenade Launcher projectiles.

- Increased Rocket Launcher speed, reload, knock-back and splash minimum knock-back to 1250, 1000, 115 and 50 respectively. Reduced splash radius to 105. Increased self-damage ratio to 100%.

- Increased Plasmagun damage, speed, knock-back, splash min. knock-back, splash min. damage to 16, 2800, 24, 5 and 8 respectively. Reduced splash radius to 40. Increased self-damage ratio to 100%.

- Increased Lasergun damage, knock-back and range to 9, 18 and 1000 respectively.

- Increased Electrobolt damage, reload and knock-back to 95, 1350 and 80 respectively.

- Lowered self-knock-back ratio from 118% to 115%."
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How do I unlock Qlive with steam code? (5 comments)
Posted by barrybumcheeks @ 13:15 CDT, 31 October 2015 - iMsg
I never installed steam before the the switch. I was a pro subscriber.
I contacted support@Qlive and Sasparillo kindly sent me a code to unlock Qlive. Unfortunately I have no idea how to use this code. Whenever I try to get the game it confronts me with a pay wall with no obvious option for the use of such a code. How do I get the game ?
Thanks in advance.

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QuakeLive public servers FFA & CA (9 comments)
Posted by skint @ 12:50 CDT, 31 October 2015 - iMsg
Seems to be quite alot of people putting servers up and id has just yesterday put up LOADS but anyway I've set 4 up for people to use.
I've set these up with what I think are the better player counts for each gametype which is probably not the case on the majority of servers that are just a mess of spam. Hopefully for more experienced players.

CA is locked at teamsize 4 and FFA is locked at 8 players, all servers set to 12 maxclients. FFA has NO loadouts, quad is on and the item pickup timers are on.

All located in Frankfurt and seem to have really good connections, I ping 28 from UK. Frankfurt chosen due to it's central Europe location.

Skint Clan Arena #1 [DE] :
Skint Clan Arena #2 [DE] :

Skint Classic FFA No Loadouts #1 [DE] :
Skint Classic FFA No Loadouts #2 [DE] :
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Jamerios worst nightmare (2 comments)
Posted by skint @ 11:46 CDT, 31 October 2015 - iMsg
Now available to QuakeLive through the steam workshop is a couple of map packs featuring the special edition maps that id released for short periods over the last few years.

Winters Edge is now available! Can you beat Jamerio's Official World Record?
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Have some faith in QL community (22 comments)
Posted by gojira_ @ 09:00 CDT, 31 October 2015 - iMsg
Your ranks will be implemented again. Your ranked servers will be back. Everything lost can be regained again and the results will be as good or better. I'd bet we will see a matchmaking program before long too.

Your community is much better than any other gaming community. Please have some faith.
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your most honest answer pls (28 comments)
Posted by atfab @ 07:47 CDT, 31 October 2015 - iMsg
there seems to be a dilemma in the quake community for all we know the quake III/live/IV whatever you wanna call it scene hasn't been in the best shape in the last 2-3 years, i dunno man sometimes i kinda see the community as being TWO-FACED, noobs are being shooed away, casual viewers on stream are being disrespected, majority of the community doesn't embrace the mainstream, worst of all players don't even want to buy the game

so my question is:

does the community really want quake to succeed?

how can you even have a stable community if

-you don't want the playerbase to increase
-you don't want any exposure
-you can't even support the company the made the game how are they going to sustain their support(i bet most of you didn't even buy the original quake 3)
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