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Recommend me a new rig (51 comments)
Posted by nemecel @ 05:14 CST, 14 November 2014 - iMsg
New MOBO, new CPU, new RAM, and new fan for the CPU.

For audio, video editing and gaming. Got a 7850 and a nice Enermax 720W PSU with a R4 case so im set with these, just need to get these 4. My 2 gigs of ram are making me insane, but my current mobo got DDR2 RAM so it's kind of a waste of money to invest in DDR2 when I could save that money for "the upgrade".

I want the CPU to be as silent as possible. Im looking at these huge Noctua products and they look great.

Drop some suggestions.
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Two approaches of choosing gaming mouse (16 comments)
Posted by Nofri @ 02:52 CST, 14 November 2014 - iMsg
Im doing some kind of a poll for my future research work about gaming mouse. So i want to hear oppinions of esr people.
The question is if you had to devide all existing game mouses into two groups would it be:
1) Symmetric-Ergonomic or
2) Laser-Optical
In other words if you are choosing new mouse whats the the most important thing u would consider first to sort out mice- its shape or sensor type?
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Global Warming, a Hoax? (357 comments)
Posted by _agu @ 22:30 CST, 13 November 2014 - iMsg
I've only choose two videos on youtube because of the credibility of the speakers, but if you have something to share, be free and we debate!

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'SAY NO TO ZTN' Duel Tourney *UPDATED* (49 comments)
Posted by CrazyAl @ 19:30 CST, 13 November 2014 - iMsg
Scheduled: 07:00 CST, 23 November 2014 to 09:20 CST, 23 November 2014
Schedule: Passed

As the recent QLReddit 2v2 tournament we had was a great success, we are organising another duel tourney. The tourney is open to anyone. 1st Place Prize: A copy of Reflex.

Anyone is welcome to stream the games (especially participants!), so long as the players don't mind and you let an admin know.

If anyone would like to help, in any way, then contact CrazyAl in #qlreddit.

Stream: Europe QLReddit
Admins: CrazyAl, 7ep3s
Links: mIRC #qlreddit, Sign up, VOD
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Reflex Duel Cup #1 - NA *UPDATE* (41 comments)
Posted by WTFProoF?! @ 16:56 CST, 13 November 2014 - iMsg
Scheduled: 15:00 CST, 22 November 2014 to 21:00 CST, 22 November 2014
Schedule: Passed

Since yesterdays KotH event was scheduled at a bad time for United States of America Mexico Canada NA players, I decided to host a duel cup as a compensation for it. So here we have the very first duel tournament for Reflex!

Have fun and good luck to everybody playing!


As I already stated in one of the comments below this post, unfortunately I will have to slightly change the mappool as some of the maps are not suited for use in a competition. The maps that will be removed from the mappool are:

- FjoRXtourney1: It causes server and client crashes.
- neon: It is not suited for 1on1 gameplay, as it is very open and not very balanced as a whole.

These two maps will be replaced by:

- highrise-a3
- thcdm1-velocity

xero fixed the clipping issues on xdm1 so that one will stay in the pool. I am sorry for having to change the mappool this late into the sign-up phase but I believe that it is better to change the mappool than playing on unbalanced or even not working maps.

Links: steam Buy Reflex, mIRC #reflex.cup, Sign Up
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Nerd question by a nerd to nerds (10 comments)
Posted by Pill_ @ 16:34 CST, 13 November 2014 - iMsg
So, to my noskill eyes it looks like evil changed his playstyle a lot between the two QC's he's attended so far. Before, his thought process seemed to me like "my execution is so consistently good, I can go for riskier plays because I know I will almost always deal so much damage I will either get the kill or reset control and if I do die, I can get back in almost immediately." Now, to me (again, with my nooby eyes) it looks like that changed to "my execution is so consistently good, I can go for this very hard angle and almost always hit the shot, so I don't have to expose myself as much as for an easier angle." Essentially, from risky to cautious.

Am I dump?
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Gaming with 8-channel audio? (Xonar DG) (14 comments)
Posted by Pharton @ 00:05 CST, 13 November 2014 - iMsg
I recently installed an ASUS Xonar DG 5.1 sound card and now I have a few questions. But first, here are my current Audio Center settings, which I configured based on someone else's recommendations on some other forum.

For every "audio channel" option (2, 4, 6, 8):
Sample Rate is PCM 44.1 KHz
Analog Out is Headphone
Dolby Headphone is checked (with DH-2 setup)
7.1 Virtual Speaker Shifter is checked

I use 2 channels for music and 8 channels for games. Sounds great, but I don't really know what I'm doing. Is it pointless to have 7.1 Virtual Speaker Shifter checked if I'm using less than 8 channels?

And the big question: how can I determine whether a game supports 8 audio channels? Does Quake Live? Quake 1? Reflex? Etc.
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Advanced Warfare Advanced Tutorial (1 comment)
Posted by nvc @ 21:49 CST, 12 November 2014 - iMsg
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Joke quake live mimimovie (15 comments)
Posted by kevlark @ 19:38 CST, 12 November 2014 - iMsg
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Rosetta's Philae Media Page (3 comments)
Posted by Jamerio @ 15:21 CST, 12 November 2014 - iMsg
Paste all media here thanks...
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Video of Ducktales, A bit surprising? (No comments)
Posted by _agu @ 12:37 CST, 12 November 2014 - iMsg
Youtube video of Ducktales that talks about inflation.

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Action video games can boost learning (38 comments)
Posted by _agu @ 09:38 CST, 12 November 2014 - iMsg

A new study shows for the first time that playing action video games improves not just the skills taught in the game, but learning capabilities more generally.


So are our claims that we improve our intelligence by playing Quake true?
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How to save quake (47 comments)
Posted by ardor @ 04:49 CST, 12 November 2014 - iMsg
A Quake association. Leagues. Draft leagues. Playermatch facility to advertise as a player looking for a team on the website and team looking for players. Prizes like pro tokens or mouse mats, maybe even charge €1 to enter a team for generating prizes :)

With a consistent and well run league, people will come. Highlights streams and media can be created alongside to advertise to new people.

Just a quick idea. Of course someone has to care enough to do it...
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DuckDuckHack ESR (9 comments)
Posted by Rothaarig3 @ 04:35 CST, 12 November 2014 - iMsg

provides a specific search for a specific wewebside.

show the podcast how it works and get involved

!esr cooler

will eventually show all searches for cooler and the webside

well try it out and watch the podcast of Jupiter Broadcasting
!jb duckduckhack
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Who's better, ScrMz! or GoHLinK? (10 comments)
Posted by atfab @ 00:59 CST, 12 November 2014 - iMsg
1.)Who has the better resume?

2.)who won most games when matched up together?
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INTERSTELLAR (68 comments)
Posted by hanslolo @ 19:32 CST, 11 November 2014 - iMsg
Anyone else seen it? Thoughts?
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Apparently (17 comments)
Posted by Rauvz @ 17:00 CST, 11 November 2014 - iMsg
I should start making frag compividyamoohyz.
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125fps: ash vs k1llsen (31 comments)
Posted by xou @ 13:17 CST, 11 November 2014 - iMsg
Winner:ash, Odds: 42% (2.3:1)
Bets placed: E$65046, betting open: 14:16 CST 11 Nov 2014 to 13:00 CST 16 Nov 2014

Loser:k1llsen, Odds: 57% (1.7:1)
Bets placed: E$91014, betting open: 14:16 CST 11 Nov 2014 to 13:00 CST 16 Nov 2014

All details on this news.
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QL betting fixtures a rarity these days (18 comments)
Posted by eburbeck @ 13:00 CST, 11 November 2014 - iMsg
What gives? We've had plenty of events to be betting on, but no fixtures!
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Question to Zowie am owners. (10 comments)
Posted by sorteR @ 10:17 CST, 11 November 2014 - iMsg
Hello guys.I need a little help here.I recently switched from WMO to Zowie EC2 Evo and i really love it's sensor.It is so mutch better tracking then Microsoft mouse.I like the shape of the wmo better tho.I am wondering about buying Zowie AM since it's similar shape but one thing stops me from purchase right now and these are the buttons of AM.I hold my mouse in a way that Rapha is holding his mouse in this video
Can you tell me if holding this mouse in this manner is comfortable ?Or should i rather stick to Zowie ec2 evo ? Please respond if you accually own Zowie am :)
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old demos won't play in wolfwjisperer (4 comments)
Posted by yoyoman @ 02:12 CST, 11 November 2014 - iMsg
Hello, for some reason i cannot play old demos using wolf whisperer. It is stuck on awaiting connection and has no image background when i play a .dm_73 file. I have used both the newest version and a slightly older version and made sure to uninstall it properly using revo uninstaller. Any ideas?
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When I got back home (9 comments)
Posted by gene mcarr @ 23:18 CST, 10 November 2014 - iMsg
When I got back home the for staying at the resort groceries and own portion of a rich in but all-American minutes every single day went on of the Buddha in low Lifeforce T-Boost of course are just ate whatever mean whatever was available movies still have all these pressure going and I know you have to learn how to do with them but smote feel overwhelmed and when it came down to it was pardoned Tristan It wasn't going to the gym working out because I was put in a break-in time I don't care what anybody says the view I believe thank you for telling me about its last phase a catcher tomorrow does the doctor stoker and will let him if the decision I'm K well you have quite a bit have loose cannon with that attach to it but primarily Lewis can't in this area sometimes large amount extra skin running in creating.
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S3888 = irA3090 ? S3988 = ir3310 ? (4 comments)
Posted by He4rTL3sS @ 20:34 CST, 10 November 2014 - iMsg
So i had a little discussion with my m8 idoser and he said to me that he read somewhere (but can't remember the website) that basically the s3888 in the abyssus and deathadder 3.5g is in fact infrared version of A3090.

And also that the s3988 inside the deathadder 4G (2013 edition) and krait 2k13 is in fact infrared version of the now called pixart 3310 sensor.

He said that he is 75% sure of it.

So, is that true ?

Also, look at this :
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Mouse is dead, recommendations? (44 comments)
Posted by J3ck @ 18:50 CST, 10 November 2014 - iMsg
RIP Logitech G5

Yes I know this has been posted in the past, but lots of new mice seem to be on the scene now a days, and I want to know if any of the new ones are worth looking into. What would you guys recommend?
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k1llsen 125fps returning (71 comments, locked)
Posted by NinjasInPyjamas @ 16:01 CST, 10 November 2014 - iMsg
Besides that k1llsen still plays on his alt account "b45h0r1z0r", i knew that he will never stop playing.

Anyway, after struggling through his page on facebook i just stumbled over his recent fb post:

Let's see how this turns out.
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Infinity Frags: New Quick Tip Series! (10 comments)
Posted by VinuJ @ 15:45 CST, 10 November 2014 - iMsg
Our YouTube group (Infinity Frags) is coming out with a brand new Quick Tip Series!

The tips will range from beginner all the way to (hopefully) advanced difficulties.

We have just brought out the first video which is a quick way to get to the top on Overkill which many know but some don't.

If you do know then you're awesome, and if you have any other tips or tricks on any other maps then it would be great if you could submit them to us and we'll make a similar style video showing how to do the trick and of course we will include credit to you in whatever format you want ;).

Quick Tips and Tricks Playlist
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My WMO just died (26 comments)
Posted by [mash] @ 12:45 CST, 10 November 2014 - iMsg
mouse2 not working anymore. :-C

What's good and doesn't cost 60€? Would love something with sidebuttons in the prizerange of the Abyssus and G100s.
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Rookie Classic Cup 16th Nov (4 comments)
Posted by leopold @ 12:10 CST, 10 November 2014 - iMsg
Scheduled: 12:00 CST, 16 November 2014 to 14:30 CST, 16 November 2014
Schedule: Passed

Merciless Ake_Vader is back with another Rookie Cup!

On Sunday 16th November there will be a rookie classic cup for interested beginner players. It's basically a one night duel cup on this upcoming Sunday, starting at 12:00 CST with check-in half an hour prior to start.

Links: Original Announcement, Get QuakeWorld, Spec it, Find cohorts
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CTF League/cup in Jan 2015, are you in? (22 comments)
Posted by Teen Queen @ 11:59 CST, 10 November 2014 - iMsg

  (view results, discard poll)
#ctfpickup are trying to organize a ctf league, they would like to see if there is enough interests from the players. Voting will be closed on November 24th

Should there be enough votes, a League or cup is planed in January 2015

Links: mIRC #ctfpickup
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Showmatch k1llsen vs ash (290 comments)
Posted by Nico_QD @ 06:39 CST, 10 November 2014 - iMsg
Scheduled: 20:00 CST, 16 November 2014 to 20:30 CST, 16 November 2014
Schedule: Passed

German master of rail (and all other weapons) Germany Marcel "k1llsen" Paul returns to competitive quake (for some time). He signed up to the current Nov-Dec 2014 duel league season, and plus he will play show-match this Sunday versus Russian player from Ekaterinburg Russia Vitaly "ash" Fedorov of 102 team.

Streams: United Kingdom ZCasts , Russia 102, Sweden fazz , Russia elder, South Africa sTPHn
Links: 125 FPS, Fixture
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S_UseOpenAL "1" ? (13 comments)
Posted by certes @ 06:02 CST, 10 November 2014 - iMsg
I noticed WolfCAM has an option to use S_UseOpenAL "1" and the audio seems a little bit clearer or maybe it is a placebo affect?! Why does WolfCAM have this kind of option when you can't change it with Quake Live Game?

It got me you think id software plan to update the audio in anyway for Quake Live or their next FPS game?

I was listening to this earlier and WOW it's really cool!

Imagine a FPS shooter with that kind of audio depth :-) or maybe this would be too hard for developers to do ?
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inconsciente roots, Play ao vivo! (12 comments)
Posted by inconsciente @ 20:14 CST, 9 November 2014 - iMsg
play QuakeLive 2014
very high level.

new Brazilian player, record when playing records.
to say that is not to cheat.
Play the game of the Quake1.

"Youtube Video:
clan arena- 8x8 all players BR"

"You tube video:
duel clan arena Etjx x inc(s)roots original
Brasil x CHILE ao vivo 1v1"

this original'm unconscious roots
inconsciente roots original. 28 years

account: inclslroots

account: inclslroots
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Anybody know what happened to ? (4 comments)
Posted by paranoidray @ 19:55 CST, 9 November 2014 - iMsg
It has been my goto site on Quake Live news, Badb0y (also in this forum) has been keeping it alive but I can't iMsg Badb0y because I am a new esr user. Any ideas ?
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Site summary for week ending 07 Nov (No comments)
Posted by ESReality @ 16:00 CST, 9 November 2014 - iMsg
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CPMA - Starless (54 comments)
Posted by santile @ 11:12 CST, 9 November 2014 - iMsg

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Rating: 7.8 (62 votes)
It is my official submission for the The Creative Minds Editing Competition hosted by Style-Productions.

It's a 3 minute long CPMA movie featuring Spain santile. Hope you enjoy it!

Song: King Crimson - Starless
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N.A. QuakeLive DuelCup (November 2014) (9 comments)
Posted by flair @ 03:34 CST, 9 November 2014 - iMsg
Scheduled: 17:30 CST, 9 November 2014 to 08:30 CST, 10 November 2014
Schedule: Passed

It has only been a week since October's cup, but the holiday season is approacing. In order to minimize scheduling conflicts during this time of year the cups are switching to the first half of the month. Players can check in two hours before

Stream camera DuelCup's stream
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ANTImovie (7 comments)
Posted by oSpa_aka_heyv @ 02:44 CST, 9 November 2014 - iMsg

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Rating: 7 (13 votes)
Movie about some funny moments in quake3. Done by oSpa
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HoQ TDM Fall Season Final Standings (3 comments)
Posted by doz3r @ 20:08 CST, 8 November 2014 - iMsg
The final standings of the TDM Fall season:

Streams: camera quad camera qltdm camera 102
Links: Schedule, Results
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#ffapickup November Cup (10 comments)
Posted by Teen Queen @ 15:52 CST, 8 November 2014 - iMsg
Scheduled: 08:00 CST, 9 November 2014 to 12:00 CST, 9 November 2014
Schedule: Passed

#ffapickup recently launched their new mIRC IRC channel and are hosting a classic ruleset cup. United States of America SyncError was kind enough to provide some yearly PRO tokens, some winners will also get picked randomly, so don't hesitate and visit the #ffapickup channel.

All players are required to play at least 100 matches within Quake Live itself (any game mode)

More info in the Original thread.

Links: mIRC Web IRC, esr Original thread, #ffapickup
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Guy goes to Mexico to kill himself.. (5 comments)
Posted by _agu @ 15:39 CST, 8 November 2014 - iMsg

"He also fields an onslaught of private messages from people seeking his advice–a true good samaritan."
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Reflex Duel KotH Event #1 (88 comments)
Posted by WTFProoF?! @ 15:15 CST, 8 November 2014 - iMsg
Scheduled: 13:00 CST, 12 November 2014 to 17:00 CST, 12 November 2014
Schedule: Passed

Reflex has not been out for a week and it's already time for the first competitive event in its history. I present you with the first iteration of the Reflex Duel King of the Hill event that will take place at 13:00 CST, 12 November 2014!

The events goal is to give people an organized environment where they can compete against each other and at the same time generate enough feedback and study material for the game's developers ultimately helping the game to get further along in its development.


I hope to see many players participate in the event and wish everybody participating good luck and happy fragging!

Streams: Reflex @ Twitch
Links: steam Buy Reflex Early Access, mIRC #reflex.koth, Download cpm22rmx, Official Reflex Forum
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Expanding my views with the niger times (7 comments)
Posted by DamianLillard @ 08:37 CST, 8 November 2014 - iMsg
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Alisases dissapear when I load my cfg (9 comments)
Posted by nemecel @ 18:33 CST, 7 November 2014 - iMsg
Im using ezQuake and whenever I enter a server I have all these nice aliases, not only the ready one, but all the maps on the server, modes and so on.

When I load my config (cfg_load cfg.cfg) all of these disapear. The only ones that remain are the ones that I have set no my actual cfg file.

My question is:

1) Why does this happen and how do I avoid this from happening?
2) Where is the autoexec for this game? I want my cfg to load every time I launch the game (without problem 1 happening)

PS: Kinda unrelated question: Whats the cvar equivalent to autoaction in q3? (take screenshot, screenshot+demo.. etc)
PS2: Why the pointer goes to shit when im browsing the menu?
Edited by nemecel at 18:41 CST, 7 November 2014 - 389 Hits
ZOWIE AM HATRED (18 comments)
Posted by sTPHN @ 17:34 CST, 7 November 2014 - iMsg
Please ESR, help me like this mouse, I've had it for about a year and it's been used maybe 4 times at most, I just can't get the feel of it. It feels not as accurate as my g400s/g100s :(
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mikul <3 wolf_pl (5 comments)
Posted by mikul @ 15:50 CST, 7 November 2014 - iMsg
I <3 you wolf! I will walk your dog any fucking day!
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Blizzard announces new game: Overwatch (123 comments)
Posted by Carpio @ 14:01 CST, 7 November 2014 - iMsg
Team based, multiplayer FPS shooter.

Edited by Carpio at 14:10 CST, 7 November 2014 - 5717 Hits
Defrag history? (14 comments)
Posted by adam7777 @ 13:56 CST, 7 November 2014 - iMsg

I was watching defrag videos on YT then wondered about the history of defrag and who were the best players, past champions of the DFWC, but cant find anything. Can anybody point me to a good source, or if its nonexistent than someone with good knowledge would be so kind to write about it a bit?

Many thanks!
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Is my PC breaking mices? (6 comments)
Posted by FeddyT @ 13:46 CST, 7 November 2014 - iMsg

I have this problem with mices suddenly get swipe issues.
It have happened to 3 Rivals, 1 DA 2013 and my Zowie EC1 eVo CL.
However, its not happened to my Avior, G100s and IME 3.0.
What happens is that when I swipe, the crosshair suddenly goes to the upper left/right corner when swiping left/right, and its really fustrating. I simply wont bother to RMA the Zowie or DA cause its not worth the shipping, and I lost all hope with Steelseries.

Anyone know if it could be such possibility that my PC is breaking the mice?

Thank You!
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A simple request... (15 comments)
Posted by J3ck @ 13:02 CST, 7 November 2014 - iMsg
Hey id or Bethesda or sponge or syncerror or whoever the hell controls QuakeLive I have a simple request!

Now that all of the new steam players aren't even touching QL anymore because you neckbeards don't know shit about marketing can you change QL back to the way it was a few months ago??

Personally, I do like the LG nerf, but the loadouts the VO and the timers.... can you just get rid of them? Hell you could even bring LG back up to 7dmg if it makes everyone happy because I highly doubt you made the suits happy with the lack of new players staying let alone paying for a pro membership lol.

At least make someone happy here.

K? Thanks so much!
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ABYSSUS 2014 WARNING (6 comments)
Posted by nightmaster @ 12:13 CST, 7 November 2014 - iMsg
Mouse are shit. My left button died in just 2 weeks.
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Heathyr Hofffman from ghost hunters (4 comments)
Posted by Monkey_Business @ 11:17 CST, 7 November 2014 - iMsg
I'm sure that none of you know who she is, but Heathyr Hoffman is a sexy petite blonde who was on a SyFy channel reality show in 2009 called "ghost hunters academy".

And I just so happen to be madly infatuated with Heathyr.

Topless photos of her have leaked to the internet.

I can't post nudity on this forum, so I have censored them.

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Post your reflex configs (15 comments)
Posted by scala @ 09:26 CST, 7 November 2014 - iMsg
Include hardware config info as well (mouse, dpi, gfx card, ram, cpu, etc etc....)
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YouTube down ? (3 comments)
Posted by He4rTL3sS @ 09:14 CST, 7 November 2014 - iMsg
I can't access to youtube it basically makes an endless loading and can't access the website... Every other website works as usual.

Is it just me or it's the same for you ?
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Posted by DePaS @ 03:45 CST, 7 November 2014 - iMsg
Last week Schedule: Sunday 9 November 2014, 14:00 CST
Division #1
Russia Funky Town Inc. vs. Germany Faces of meth 2-1
Europe PUSHMEN vs. Italy Italian Death Squad (forfeited by Ids)
Europe You don't know me? vs. Europe Deadly Alliance 0-2

Division #2
Poland Honorary Life vs. Italy Italy Contrition Act 0-2
Europe brainWashed vs. Austria Corpus Del1cti 2-0
Netherlands Happy Family vs. Italy Italian Death Squad #2 ids no show

Division #3
Italy 2Sth accademy vs. Italy Italian Death Squad #3 ids no show
Denmark Nubz vs. Denmark NOV4 SQU4D 1-2

Streams: quad_
Links: Schedule, Rules, Results
Rounds: #1, #2, #3, #4
Edited by DePaS at 11:48 CST, 20 November 2014 - 270 Hits
Do we really need Xen Source? (27 comments)
Posted by Lolzy @ 02:15 CST, 7 November 2014 - iMsg
I admired Black Mesa Source.

Simply put this is the best mod ever made, and when you add On a Rail Uncut and Surface Tension Uncut you have a complete kick-ass package. For gaming veterans it's a trip down memory lane, for newcomers it's a good way to see how that entire Xen/Combine fuckup happened. It does have its flaws, but it rocks nonetheless. All we need is Opposing Force redone in the same flavor and we can die happy.

The first time I played BMS I was completely surprised at how much emotion and genuine fright it evoked in me. Me, who have played HL, OpFor, BShift and all new Half Lifes to death numerous times. I thought nothing could surprise me - and it stands as a great testament to the skills of the mod team and valve that Black Mesa Incident can still interest you, immerse you in itself and give you lots of fun even after so many years.

And it all ends in Lambda Complex this time.

I know I will get some flak for this, but for me the entire Xen part of the game was a bummer. Lots of Mario-like jumping, fighting a giant testicle on legs (funny thing, Valve designers openly admit that they were at a loss about how should Gonarch look like - and one of them come up with an idea of giant testicle running around), and a great showdown between you and a huge, pissed off psychic fetus that talked in slow motion ,were placated a little by cool ending sequence with Gman hiring you. Still it didn't connect for me.

Take this:
first part of the game is you being involved in a Resonance Cascade and its immediate aftermath. All looks well at the moment. You must escape, you hope to get help from the military and - surprise of surprises - HECU and Black Ops are here to kill you, not save you. You reach surface, are forced underground, you traverse old missile complex on a monorail, you launch a missile in hope to close the dimesnional rift, then you get beaten, left in trash compactor, you reach surface again only to find it to be a warzone. You try to find Lambda Bunker while the HECU begins to evacuate, bombardments tear into facility, and the feeling of being lost intesifies. Lastly, you try to reach Lambda Core in a deserted bowels of the facility infested with aliens in search for the science team that is rumored to have a cure for the alien invasion.

In a way, the game eclipses itself: You begin alone in dark corridors and you end up alone in other dark corridors. Simply put, the storyline, pacing and quality are top notch to this moment. You reach Lambda Core and there you hear that the onlyw ay to stop the invasion is to visit the borderworld Xen and destroy someone-or something- that is holding the dimensional portal open. No shit, it's up to you again. At this point you're considered something of a hero among the science personnel so they decide that you're the man for the job.

And here it goes. The last part of the game. Xen.

As much as I am a fan of HL universe, this was the part that was problematic for me. You enter other world, do a lot of jumping puzzles (ugh) and fight a boss that is weird...but not terrifying at all. Even though the Xen design was interesting, I was in for the survival horror in destroyed secret facility, not another one-man-army assault on alien world. It was the part of the game that stretched for way too long.

Now BMS ends before Xen. And developers say that they're working on Xen part and it will be a "game in its own right". Im curious, how many of you will play it? I probably will just for the old times' sake and to see whether they made it better or not. But that will be it for me. I loved the HL until Xen. Then it was a bland platformer.

So, what's your take on Xen Source?
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Sergei "evil" Orekhov [ THE MOVIE ] (107 comments)
Posted by AsphyxEvents @ 15:29 CST, 6 November 2014 - iMsg

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Rating: 5.2 (97 votes)
Here is the FragMovie from Russia Sergei "evil" Orekhov. Frags are from the years 2013 & 2014.
Please set 720p60 in google chrome to watch it in HD and 60 FPS with best quality.

Edited by butcher_kgp at 20:32 CST, 6 November 2014 - 8226 Hits
Sergei "evil" Orekhov [ THE MOVIE] (No comments)
Posted by AsphyxEvents @ 14:08 CST, 6 November 2014 - iMsg

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Rating: - (0 votes)
Sergei "evil" Orekhov.
Frags from the year 2013/2014.

-- Please set 720p60 in google chrome to watch it in HD and 60 FPS with best quality.

-- Special Thanks goes to :

Jarek \camelxp\ Jakubowski
Xavier \Zoot\ Dhorne

-- HD Textures & WeaponFX :

Chilli Q3



-- DOWNLOAD LINK -- MP4 -- 60 FPS -- (303.6 MB) --

-- Mirror1: Mediafire:

-- Mirror2: Dropbox:

Wolfcam 10.3 / wolfcam 11.0test3
Virtual Dub 1.9.11
Sony Vegas Pro 11 + BorisFX + NewBlueFX
Photoshop CS6


-- Project 46- Slide [Monstercat Release]
Edited by AsphyxEvents at 14:09 CST, 6 November 2014 - 24 Hits
Do you still whine about your life? (4 comments)
Posted by _agu @ 13:38 CST, 6 November 2014 - iMsg
So watch this:

This is an incredible kid with awesome techniques about how to put himself on a sonar field.
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lan ping online (42 comments)
Posted by frag_pl @ 12:31 CST, 6 November 2014 - iMsg
What connection should i have for very low ping in my country?What technology offer lowest pings?
I am just curious once I have seen guy with ping 3 on french server.
Ps sorry for my english
Edited by frag_pl at 15:37 CST, 6 November 2014 - 2299 Hits
+BAWS -vs- nVme (2 comments)
Posted by larix @ 12:06 CST, 6 November 2014 - iMsg

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Rating: - (0 votes)
Gametype: Clan Arena
Map: Various Maps
Mod: N/A
Viewpoint: LaRiX
How to play back QL demos

Tier4 Clan Arena 4v4. clans +BAWS and nVme

Map: Trinity

+BAWS Roster!clans/summary/240453

NVMe Roster!/clans/summary/239698
akademics (aka demex, get it? xD)
bloodz (ringer)
Edited by larix at 12:18 CST, 6 November 2014 - 270 Hits
+BAWS -vs- nVme (No comments)
Posted by larix @ 12:06 CST, 6 November 2014 - iMsg

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Rating: - (0 votes)
Gametype: Clan Arena
Map: Various Maps
Mod: N/A
Viewpoint: LaRiX
How to play back QL demos

Tier4 Clan Arena 4v4. clans +BAWS and nVme

Map: Campgrounds

+BAWS Roster!clans/summary/240453

NVMe Roster!/clans/summary/239698
akademics (aka demex, get it? xD)
bloodz (ringer)
Edited by larix at 12:18 CST, 6 November 2014 - 134 Hits
+BAWS -vs- nVme (No comments)
Posted by larix @ 12:05 CST, 6 November 2014 - iMsg

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Rating: - (0 votes)
Gametype: Clan Arena
Map: Various Maps
Mod: N/A
Viewpoint: LaRiX
How to play back QL demos

Tier4 Clan Arena 4v4. clans +BAWS and NVMe

Map: Asylum

+BAWS Roster!clans/summary/240453

NVMe Roster!/clans/summary/239698
akademics (aka demex, get it? xD)
bloodz (ringer)
Edited by larix at 12:19 CST, 6 November 2014 - 162 Hits
+BAWS -vs- 4s| (No comments)
Posted by larix @ 11:53 CST, 6 November 2014 - iMsg

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Rating: - (0 votes)
Gametype: Clan Arena
Map: Various Maps
Mod: N/A
Viewpoint: LaRiX
How to play back QL demos

Tier4 Clan Arena 4v4. clans +BAWS and 4s|

Map: Overkill

+BAWS (!clans/summary/240453)

4s| (!/clans/summary/179332)

4s - non
+BAWS - pain
Edited by larix at 12:18 CST, 6 November 2014 - 132 Hits
+BAWS -vs- 4s| (No comments)
Posted by larix @ 11:52 CST, 6 November 2014 - iMsg

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Rating: - (0 votes)
Gametype: Clan Arena
Map: Various Maps
Mod: N/A
Viewpoint: +BAWS LaRiX
How to play back QL demos

Tier4 Clan Arena 4v4. clans +BAWS and 4s|

Map: Trinity

+BAWS (!clans/summary/240453)

4s| (!/clans/summary/179332)

4s| - non
+BAWS - pain
Edited by larix at 12:17 CST, 6 November 2014 - 118 Hits
+BAWS -vs- 4s| (No comments)
Posted by larix @ 11:51 CST, 6 November 2014 - iMsg

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Rating: - (0 votes)
Gametype: Clan Arena
Map: Various Maps
Mod: N/A
Viewpoint: +BAWS LaRiX
How to play back QL demos

Tier4 Clan Arena 4v4. clans +BAWS and 4s|

Map: Campgrounds

+BAWS (!clans/summary/240453)

4s| (!/clans/summary/179332)

4s - non
+BAWS - pain
Edited by larix at 12:15 CST, 6 November 2014 - 113 Hits
Best way to find duels? (10 comments)
Posted by sixers_ @ 11:14 CST, 6 November 2014 - iMsg
So should we start an IRC webchat, or maybe.somewhere on the reflex forums? How are you guys finding duels?
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For all you QL/PQL/Turbo newbs (5 comments)
Posted by entik @ 10:53 CST, 6 November 2014 - iMsg
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The last lands- Quakelive movie (39 comments)
Posted by venom_ @ 07:25 CST, 6 November 2014 - iMsg

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Rating: 8.2 (70 votes)
The last lands are a compilation of frags of some southamerican players , in duel, clan arena & capture the flag mods, to watch in best quality please set 720p60 in google chrome to see in HD and 60 FPS to best experiencie. Hope you enjoy.
Edited by Teen Queen at 09:08 CST, 6 November 2014 - 5189 Hits
Warxon Duel Cup #1 (2 comments)
Posted by extone @ 05:29 CST, 6 November 2014 - iMsg
Scheduled: 12:00 CST, 16 November 2014 to 16:00 CST, 16 November 2014
Schedule: Passed

I’m presenting first Warxon Duel Cup in the Duel Series. It is planned to be held every second Saturday or Sunday with prize of 75 euros and intended for players of all skills. As currently no one has much experience in warxon duel, first cup in the series is a perfect chance to win for everybody.

Update: moved date of cup to November 16 Sunday
Edited by xou at 14:32 CST, 6 November 2014 - 1733 Hits
Your skin frag is not skincare frag (1 comment)
Posted by lowellsilvas @ 04:17 CST, 6 November 2014 - iMsg
Your skin frag is not skincare frag is just something that companies out into the crowd act because they're healing to people sense of smell it doesn't have any skincare impact on your skin so it is irritating for it doesn't do anything beneficial so you should avoid any sort love fragments even if it's from a central oil that indefinitely urchin to scam so avoid those and of course any synthetic frags are added you should avoid that to you and I things like lemon peel oil or orange peel oil those are also your chance to the skin and they can be especially damaging to the skin if you're exposed to sunlight and you have those ingredients on the skin so just try to avoid those ingredients and also keep in mind that just because something says that it's good for sensitive skijor dry skin doesn't necessarily mean that is you cannot in it makeup and skincare industry you cannot take any label at face value because companies have a huge incentive to you care to certain people and to say that their products to certain things when they really don't so you kind of have to know what the reality is behind the label we’re going shopping unfortunately and not pay that much attention to what the product claims that it does and figure out what it actually does breading the ingredients and understanding what is good and what’s not good for your skin okay now I'm going to talk about specific products.
Edited by Teen Queen at 09:01 CST, 6 November 2014 - 267 Hits
Quake's final throes (11 comments)
Posted by diabz @ 20:21 CST, 5 November 2014 - iMsg
It seems that the end is nigh. Many players in the Aus community have been IP banned with no reason given.

I guess the staff at id realise that it's over and the service will be down in less than six months so they're not concerned with retaining subscribers anymore.

RIP Quake.
Edited by xou at 06:27 CST, 6 November 2014 - 877 Hits
Need some help guys (2 comments)
Posted by /rage quit @ 20:04 CST, 5 November 2014 - iMsg
So I'm currently using Linux and I installed quake with Wine.. The problem is that whenever i start the game(using steam since i also play dota 2), i get "can't contact quake, try again later" message...

I tried vertifing integrity of game cache, restarting steam, rebooting.. all the obvious stuff but still i get the message. If anybody knows the solution i will be forever grateful. Thanks!
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Mouse Acceleration? (17 comments)
Posted by Nagato @ 19:42 CST, 5 November 2014 - iMsg
Anyone know the command to disable the mouse acceleration? It's really fkn annoying, I basically can't play this game on my normal mouse sens lol.
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Error: You do not have access to send iM (19 comments)
Posted by bamze @ 18:01 CST, 5 November 2014 - iMsg
The fuck u waste my time ....
cant u set up your program proberly and inform me BEFORE i write??? OMG

And anyway WHY ?? its like those stupid quake live players, whining about this 100 player in their playerbase BUT KICKING and FRONTING everyone LOL ...

you guys deserve ID .. ID SOFTWARE .. retards like you are .. married forever ..

anyway .. this was for SIETSE.. was writing it twice and now wasted 30 minutes .. only because you'r scared of spammers and still using software wich was made in '99......
in this time i could easly copy esr and give it an 2014/15 like design ....

im just kidding, i know u do it on purpose.... like here is everything like it was back in '99 ...


i was replying on your msg but now they tell me i dont have access to send an imsg? wtf ..

im not sure. and this msg wont come trough most likely, but anyway .. the site will be back online wihin 24hours. thanks for using it ;-)

have a good one
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Discussion about the new Arena FPS games (11 comments)
Posted by neeple @ 16:28 CST, 5 November 2014 - iMsg
We made this to link to people who dont know about most of the new AFPS games that are coming out (and for fun).

We will probably do more videos of us chatting about stuff or playing new games as they become available

839 Hits
BitShares PLAY Game Tournament (25 comments)
Posted by CLains @ 15:48 CST, 5 November 2014 - iMsg
This is your chance chums!

Sign up and vote for Quake Live on this poll right here, and you might see some serious money flowing into a QL tournament hosted by BitShares.

BitShares is currently fourth place among all the cryptocurrencies, right between Litecoin and Dogecoin. If they fund a QL tournament they will defer decisions to me as I have been with them since the beginning.

This leaves us with a great opportunity to create a kick-ass online tournament, but I will be powerless unless there is genuine interest here, as for them this is ultimately just another marketing stunt.
Edited by CLains at 15:56 CST, 5 November 2014 - 1005 Hits
probation master race (50 comments)
Posted by scala @ 10:59 CST, 5 November 2014 - iMsg
if youve been on probation for at least 1/2 of the time youve been surfing esr report in
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Showmatch Fazz vs Spart1e (83 comments)
Posted by Nico_QD @ 08:58 CST, 5 November 2014 - iMsg
Scheduled: 11:00 CST, 8 November 2014 to 12:38 CST, 8 November 2014
Schedule: Passed

All quake fans who followed the most recent Oktober 125fps League have witnessed a great performance by the Sweden fazz and Sweden Spart1e who both ended up in 3-4 place. In the group stage fazz managed to defeat Cypher in a bo3 game and Spart1e gave evil a tough run for the money in their semi final encounter. However the Swedes didn't play one another during the season and we want to fix that! A show match has been announced for Sunday, the 9th of November. Our usual show match rules apply - 7 maps are played, 10$ per map. The games will be streamed by Zlive and hopefully some of the Russian casters (elder, 102team).

Streams: ZCasts
Link: Match announcement at 125FPS
Edited by Nico_QD at 04:54 CST, 10 November 2014 - 8772 Hits
Hacking on October 28th 2014 (30 comments)
Posted by DeathPizza @ 00:59 CST, 5 November 2014 - iMsg
Date: 10/28/14
User: MiamiHF
Type: Clan Area
Server Locations: USA
# games played: About 40
Detected by QL: No


Currently nothing stops this from taking place other than people reporting it.
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Bad performance, any config options? (10 comments)
Posted by ObiousAlias @ 23:53 CST, 4 November 2014 - iMsg
2600k @ 4.4 ghz and a 670
The game maxes my gtx 670 according to msi afterburner

r_resolution 1920 1080
r_bloom 0
Any other options or is that it? The framedrops in this game are quite significant.
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[Virtual realities' artyFacts] blog (2 comments)
Posted by ZubnaRpasta @ 23:20 CST, 4 November 2014 - iMsg
We, humans, have to operate our gaming alter-ego by virtue of limbs' fingers manipulating keyboard+mouse conjunction, being pretty detached ourselves although. Nevertheless, for our perception all visual impressions we acquire in-game are so estimable, that you can continue playing some map in other state of consciousness during physical body's sleeping period. In this blog I upload various memorable frames, any of which can provide you unusual feeling, even if it was shot on a map you've played hundreds of hours.
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Smoothing test (61 comments)
Posted by ğbst @ 23:16 CST, 4 November 2014 - iMsg
I'm curious about this whole smoothing phenomenon, so I thought of a test. I want to see if theres as much of a difference as stated by the people who say smoothing is interfering with flick shots and so on.

So all you have to do, is go to this site:
And click on "Challenge"

Just do your best, take a screen shot, and write down what mouse you used.

RULE 1: don't take part in the test if you've just switched mice or surface, you need to have been using the same set up and feel comfortable with it for about a month at least. I don't want the test to be polluted with other factors like not being used to the shape or glide.

RULE 2: you can only post one result (you can practice at the game first though so you can post your best result). I don't want this to go on forever, and people submitting a result every time they get 1% more accuracy. So make it count...

As the test goes I'll score mice that are reported to have smoothing against mice reported not to have smoothing. So its kind of a fight to see who wins.

Obviously its not a perfect test, but it'll still be interesting to see the results if enough people participate. Its light hearted so don't take it too seriously, its just a bit of fun :)

Also this is the theme tune you should be thinking of when on this page:
Edited by ğbst at 19:41 CST, 5 November 2014 - 3008 Hits
Ping is spiking to shit (11 comments)
Posted by OMFGMyNameWontFi @ 22:11 CST, 4 November 2014 - iMsg
It started in IL, but now in every server my ping is just shooting up. I should ping 18 to VA, instead i'm pinging 135. I've asked around and multiple people are having this issue. What's going on?
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Edited by H1ghlander at 17:26 CST, 4 November 2014 - 20805 Hits
Songs describing your QL feelings (32 comments)
Posted by Dird @ 16:02 CST, 4 November 2014 - iMsg
So earlier I was playing PQL CTF as usual and listening to my latest YT playlist on loop.

Paramore - Still Into You came up & struck a chord with me while I was enjoying running around so much (warmup).

What song expresses your feelings of QL/another game?

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Cyphers new enemy model (14 comments)
Posted by squadmeta @ 15:40 CST, 4 November 2014 - iMsg
the Chempion Elite Chemical Suit, amazing what you find on the net lol

1663 Hits
lil fragmovie (3 comments)
Posted by tix @ 15:08 CST, 4 November 2014 - iMsg
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#cpmduel Newbies cup (37 comments)
Posted by neverGreen @ 14:42 CST, 4 November 2014 - iMsg
Scheduled: 10:00 CST, 8 November 2014 to 14:00 CST, 8 November 2014
Schedule: Passed

mIRC #cpmduel crew is hosting another cpma challenge promode #cpmduel NEWBIES cup. This cup is intended for people inexperienced with cpm, people who are curious to try it and people who are in cpm for a short period of time or their skill is low. This cup is not intended for Warsow or Quake3/QL/QW veterans who are new to CPM nor for medium skilled cpma players! It's aimed towards european players so matches will be played on euro servers.

Registration will be opened 30 minutes in advance of the tournament (8th November, 17:00 CET). If you want to play make sure you're on IRC in #cpmduel channel on QuakeNet. If you need any help with installing and settings, just ask in #cpmduel channel.

Results: cup_gold Russia TroX | cup_silver Russia LOWKARMA | cup_bronze Germany Butt3rs | Congratulations!
Links: Cup page, CPMA website, Q3A map archive, mIRC #cpmduel
Edited by neverGreen at 15:14 CST, 8 November 2014 - 2462 Hits
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my latest ql config (23 comments)
Posted by stpbozin @ 11:54 CST, 4 November 2014 - iMsg
kinda perfect config for me.
sharing with you because you know...

be careful your aim can became sick
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CPMA News & Stuff - New website (39 comments)
Posted by Sylver @ 11:03 CST, 4 November 2014 - iMsg
Greetings, dear cpma CPMA lovers.

Some of you might have sometimes wandered on the good old, a website I made a couple years ago to gather and share everything that was related to CPMA. Big thanks to Russia qrealka for hosting it for so long.

With the same initial intentions, I have remade the entire website; improving it, adding features and making it easier to use. You can find it on The accounts are still the same, you can still connect like on the old website. Also, I kept all the content, then you can find here all what was already in the old version.

Links: old version (, new version (
Edited by Badb0y at 15:14 CST, 4 November 2014 - 2711 Hits
We will never leave Earth (37 comments)
Posted by skint @ 06:51 CST, 4 November 2014 - iMsg

There's too much shit circling the planet and that will only grow. Never going to leave earth as we won't be able to get through all this shit.
1534 Hits
Dird. (14 comments)
Posted by sucky sucky 5 dolla @ 06:43 CST, 4 November 2014 - iMsg
Edited by sucky sucky 5 dolla at 06:43 CST, 4 November 2014 - 832 Hits
Logitech G302 Mouse (27 comments)
Posted by nsx0r @ 05:46 CST, 4 November 2014 - iMsg
Here's the official presentation for the so-called "Logitech G302 Daedalus Prime MOBA Gaming Mouse"

I don't know what's so 'MOBA' about it, I don't see 99 side buttons!?

Some features:
- 6 programmable buttons
- On-the-fly adjustable 240-4000 DPI settings
- Logitech's "Delta Zero" technology (a combination of lens design, illumination geometry and algorithms)
- Lightweight design
- Low-friction feet (250km lifespan)
- 20 million high-speed clicks buttons (something like 10h/day for 2 years)
- Metal spring left/right button tensioning system
- 1 millisecond report (1000hz on USB 2.0, 16 bits/axis)
- Max. acceleration: >20G
- Max. speed: >120 ips (3 m/sec)
- 32-bit ARM Microprocessor
- Dynamic coefficient of friction: .09µ (k)
- Static coefficient of friction: .14µ (s)

Official images:

Weight (mouse + cable): 4.48 ounces / 127 grams
Weight (mouse only): 3.07 ounces / 87 grams
Length : 4.53 inches / 115 mm
Width : 2.56 inches / 65 mm
Height : 1.46 inches / 37 mm

It should be available worldwide this month (November 2014), pricetag should be around $60 / 50€ / £40.

Official product page
Edited by nsx0r at 07:43 CST, 4 November 2014 - 1655 Hits
How can i obtain this crosshair? (9 comments)
Posted by Trademarkk @ 05:38 CST, 4 November 2014 - iMsg
807 Hits
REFLEX forum now live! (7 comments)
Posted by ddd @ 05:05 CST, 4 November 2014 - iMsg
668 Hits
VOD: Oct. 2014 North American Duel Cup (No comments)
Posted by flair @ 03:02 CST, 4 November 2014 - iMsg
Thanks to everyone who tuned in to watch and show up to play in the NA October Cup. I know the rescheduling meant a lot of you couldn't make it so I appreciate those who did. For those of you who don't already know I came home ready to set up and my new PC was B.S.O.D. ... I was (still am) not happy to say the least, but luckily Inspectre offered to stream the event for everyone. Many thank yous good sir! Many thanks!

I am currently collecting demos from all the players for rendering. There are a lot of games we didn't get to stream that deserve coverage. That process will take a bit of time, but for now I have exported highlights from the twitch VOD and uploaded them onto youtube. Every game that got streamed is sorted by "Player vs Player" for ease of browsing. You can still see the uncut version on twitch if you prefer however.

Results (bracket)
Youtube Channel
Twitch Profile

Don't forget that the November cup is very soon!
Sunday at 17:30 CST, 2 November 2014.
Moving toward the beginning of the month to avoid holiday "clashing" as much as possible. I know that the cups currently clash with football(NFL) games, but we'll figure something out =)

Thank you and enjoy the video
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Greatest UT players ever (89 comments)
Posted by atfab @ 01:53 CST, 4 November 2014 - iMsg
2935 Hits
Proxy native support (5 comments)
Posted by gSTRUCTOR @ 23:18 CST, 3 November 2014 - iMsg
Today playing some qw with the awesome server setup in southamerica and proxy native support of qw, we briefly talked about reflex. They asked me if its gonna natively support proxys in servers/clients like qw does. I think it would be great for people that otherwise would be unable to play together due to ping.
Edited by gSTRUCTOR at 23:18 CST, 3 November 2014 - 547 Hits
UT4 Pre-Alpha Playtesting & Discussion (No comments)
Posted by asyyy @ 18:23 CST, 3 November 2014 - iMsg
Latest build + updates. Worth tuning in and bookmarking if you are interested in UT 4.
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