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New Quake 4 Servers (10 comments)
Posted by Zundrev @ 07:40 CDT, 12 April 2021 - iMsg
Quake 4 community hosts new servers. We are getting more servers up, right now available to play France and Sweden. Hosted by @falcuma and @mk1ller

Come play Quake 4 on the most advanced 250tickrate server and participate in Ranked SR Ladder, multiple pros and semipros included, as well as separate lobbies for Beginners and newcomers.

Join Official Discord -

Our High Speed 250FPS q4max Servers

> Russia Msk Server - connect
> Ukraine UA Server - connect
> Sweden SWE Server - connect
> Germany DE Server - connect
> Netherlands NL Server - connect
> United Kingdom UK Server - connect
> France FR Server - connect
> United States of America USA Server - connect
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Unique player count (1 comment)
Posted by garz @ 14:49 CDT, 8 April 2021 - iMsg
What do you think, how many unique players QL has?

Here are two Reddit threads you can study to make up your opinion:

Diabotical Player Count

Quake Champions Player Count
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WOLFCAMQL cant open console (1 comment)
Posted by MAARSHJAZ @ 04:00 CDT, 7 April 2021 - iMsg
Hey there, I have alot ql demos and time for some clips are here.
wolfcamql-12.4 installed, pk3's copyed and I run it, but console cannot be opened... Where is the problem?
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Why we canít bring back Quake 3 (and evolve it) (42 comments)
Posted by garz @ 02:52 CDT, 7 April 2021 - iMsg
I am not convinced that the battle royale idea is good. But i think it was a good thing if we could go back to Q3
because then we would be able evolve the game. QL is closed source.

The big problem in bringing back Quake 3 is that there is Quake Live which de facto is Q3 because there are all the players. To bring back Q3 we would need to take back control from QL. But how we do it? How do we convince all the QL players to come back to Quake 3?

In my opinion, i think people want to continue to play QL style Q3. Because that what they are invested in for the last 10 years or so. So i think what we would need is to recreate the whole QL experience in a mod. Same menus, same maps, same physics, same rulesets, etc. That way people can switch without having to get used to something new.

Letís imagine there is such a mod. Now imagine you wanted to switch to it. What would you expect to find? Empty servers yes. So there is this next problem that is the problem from before that all the people are still in QL and donít want to switch.

Next question is, how to fill the servers?

We could organize tournaments to slowly gravitate the audience to the QL mod. But that takes time and it is not sure if it even works. I think the killer feature here was if the QL mod allowed to connect to QL servers. Then it would be really easy to switch for QL players. But still now, why would people want to switch to the QL mod? For a QL mod you would need a legal copy of Q3, download the mod and install it. For what? For no advantages?

Thus the next question is, how to get people to use the QL mod?

You would need to stay compatible to QL servers as long as the people are still using the QL client. So you canít change anything engine-wise like physics or rulesets. I donít have a plan here but the QL mod could be better in the community features though. All the things that were said why QL failed. Letís say that is the way to go. So now we have to build features into the QL mod that are better than the ones from steam and letís say QLstats. You see the problem?

Summarized i think itís pretty unlikely that it can go back to Quake 3. Creating a QL mod that is compatible to QL servers might not be only technically challenging, because you have to blindly reverse engineer the closed source parts but also legally because i guess connecting to a QL servers without the original QL client wonít be allowed. Now take the time into consideration to do that. I guess like say 3 years? 5 years? 10 years? I mean itís closed source and its only a community development, nothing fulltime-ish.

And if you have that perfect QL mod, still nobody is using it, your work just starts by evolving the QL environment, because you canít evolve the game itself by now.

And imagine you made this, all the people play the QL mod. Now you want to letís say increase weapon respawn time to 15 seconds. What would happen?

Everything a highly unlikely story. I guess the only authority that can evolve Q3 is id software. But they will make Quake Champions titles from now on and left us with this stalemate of a situation regarding Q3.

So what can be done?
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Crab Champions - saviour of afps (No comments)
Posted by H1ghlander @ 15:43 CDT, 6 April 2021 - iMsg
Finally better alternative to Quake Champions, including: Survival, Duel, Racing game modes (40k members, compared to 15k quake official discord) beta signups

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50k+ viewers AoE2 Hidden Cup? (20 comments)
Posted by garz @ 00:36 CDT, 4 April 2021 - iMsg
Is this a community based cup for Age of Empires 2? With 77k price money? Can anybody elaborate?
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Get Dehumanized vol. I (8 comments)
Posted by dehumanizer @ 11:30 CDT, 26 March 2021 - iMsg

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Rating: 7.8 (5 votes)
Quake Live TDM fragmovie

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you watch it in 4K or AT LEAST 1440p because youtube's shitty quality with 1080p and lower may ruin your experience, you can also download it which is the best option in my opinion.

movie and performance by dehumanizer

music in order of appearance:

(0) - Skarntyder
Entombed - Say It In Slugs
Magik Band - Kareta
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Idea to bring back Quake 3 and stablish a standard (102 comments)
Posted by LOLatRoflexTimers @ 00:03 CDT, 25 March 2021 - iMsg
Quake 3 is objectively the best game ever, now and in 10000 years. Having stablished this fact, what is needed is to set a golden stardard like chess. Eventually the masses would wake up to reality and they would "click" and realize the people they've been calling "pros" are in fact noobs. Their idols would be fools that get destroyed in a real game.

What im saying is: Drop the failed QC experiment, take Q3 as the base with perfect aesthetics (varied, with both high-tech and dungeon-ish stuff convined that somehow works) and perfect balance of fast but not too much (VQ3 vs CPM/QW) and perfect engine (all other engines have annoyances: Q4 felt cramped, QW had the annoying stairs that stopped your flow and was too brown, Q2 had the weird looking models and it just didn't feel "e-sporty" like Q3, finally QC is a mix of everything bad in between, knockoffs like DB will never be Quake).

Basically, assume this is a niche for 800-1000 players at best, this is higher than the 340 players of QC right now which stopped playing Q3/QL because they were forced to move to QC to find some matches and the rest left when forced to pick a champion and deal with the shitty engine.

Those 800-1000 people are the core of the game and you reduce it everytime you release a game that isn't Q3 with an updated engine (without changing the movement feel, just visuals etc) to further stablish an inmutable standard of duel/TDM.

However, here is the catch: that doesn't stop you from trying to pick up a share of the masses. Everytime there is a trend, you can capitalize on it without having to release a new f*cking engine that is worse than Q3, you just add new gamemodes. (Hint: Epic will never release a Fortnite 2)

So here is my idea for the new gamemode: A Quake Arena battle royale where people jump from and fall into the arena, pick weapons and so on as usual, try to survive until the end, but here's the twist: The last 2 standing players enter into a duel and everyone else is spectating, those spectators can place bets on who will win to incentive they stay until the end of the match. Find a way to make use of said tokens, hell or even allow Bitcoin bets with lighting network. After surviving the battle royale, then the epic ending with the duel, the gambling and so on, would bring the tension of dueling which is the only gamemode that can give you these feelings, all in the best engine and aesthetics possible time tested across a million years.
Add in rankings of how much people have earned, lost, as well as an ELO system.

Organically it would pick up players. Invest in assorted twitch streamers to get the ball rolling. People love seeing stuff when money is involved, the gameplay and aesthetics of Q3 would do the rest.

What id has is the power of having The Golden Standard of dueling for the next 10000 years and they keep fucking it up because they don't know how to take the right steps. They just keep fucking things up, now in the form of QC.
If they did what im saying, they would have a core playerbase higher than the 340 they have now, it would go back to 800-1000 players, slowly would pick up more players as the highest the core amount of players is, the highest chances of exponential growth as per metcafe network distributions. The future is crypto betting in game and there is nothing more thense than a Q3 duel with money involved, the battle royale aspect just adds a fun/casual aspect to it before the final showdown resolved in the duel. This would pick up people slowly. It's a long term investment.

You have the brand, the gameplay, the aesthetics, and a loyal small playerbase enough to keep at least these needed small amount of people playing to reach organic growth. Use it properly.
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Diabotical credits for the Pro's (16 comments)
Posted by Howitzer @ 04:52 CDT, 24 March 2021 - iMsg
So after my successful two reviews on Diabotical it's time to spend some time together on where we are standing.

The game is 'against all odds'... almost dead. For me, this was really a shock and almost impossible if you keep in mind the great minds working and promoting this game. I would like to thank these guys one by one and give them some credit for their enormous contribution and foresight.

Keep in mind these guys are almost declared holy by the guitar holding heroes on this kind of forums. This is not meant as being sarcastic!!!

1: Abs0 (German AFPS Einstein)

This great beacon of semi-pro AFPS gaming knowledge. The man who knows everything and is one of a select few people that MAY and CAN have an opinion on AFPS. This guy is the Trump in AFPS land where his unparalleled narcissism and know-all can fully spread.

After 2 years of 40-hour workweeks shitting on Quake Champions, he was asked to deliver some serious input on the development of this great saviour of AFPS Diabotical. And he deserved so much credit for this piece of art.

2: Gexzor

This guy, known in the game developer world has a very knowledgable opinion. He's called the Gandalf of AFPS and wise. He promoted this game long before the first betas. And was 100% sure that Diabotical would be the great AFPS reviver. And how right he was?

Forum marketeer, a great person even better-writing skills than me.
Almost no one knows better maybe Abs0 but no one else.

3: Winz

I'm really afraid to say anything about this legend. Guinness book of records holder for most multi-gaming prices and successes. How can a good gamer like Winz not know anything about games and development? He hated Quake Champions and what they did to the 'even playing field'.
He as an untouchable AFPS guru knew Diabotical would be THE AFPS game of 2020. How could this go wrong? Years and years of development and promotion by this ICON. I personally do not accept any critique on him. I know for sure that if the 2GD studios would have followed Winz the game would be bigger than all games ever existed together

Tester, idea contributor, NAME, BRAND, success.

4: Xhep

Great guy, got accidentally in an online fight with a girl. And after that, the whole world was without a good reason against this guy. His focus was on one of the Quake Champions community managers and after cursing him for 364 days in a row he was told that he couldn't come to Quakecon. He was devasted, started smoking 3KG of weed in one week instead of 2, and didn't give an f#ck. And you all know why? Because this intelligent being knew that a new AFPS where you play with funny colorful M&M's would take over the world.

Free marketing through his massively popular Twitch stream. Where fun, music, interaction, and life stories are combined. Free marketing for this ultra-successful game.

5: Noctis

Noctis, a participant of the Quake Champions world tour in the 'very successful' Quake Champions mode Sacrifice. He turned his back on his former 'employee' (id Software) after he was asked to deliver some valuable input for this piece of shit (Quake Champions). He had a bigger goal, helping out an old friend (2GD) who was creating a masterpiece of AFPS. And Noctis, as a very successful walking game encyclopedia, knew where the future lay and chose the path of guaranteed success. Thanks to him Diabotical is such a diamond.

Contributor, thinker, knower, master brain, expert, Visionaire.

I would like to thank these beacons, for all their hard work. They delivered this ultimate game. The problem is not this game, it's the shitty stupid world that doesn't understand this masterpiece. For me, it was time to thank them personally. Great jobs guys!! Thanks for Diabotical!!
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Keys and One-Time Events (2 comments)
Posted by EmeraldTiger @ 19:53 CDT, 23 March 2021 - iMsg
The map "Elder" from Quake Live is notable for introducing two new game mechanics:

- Keys and locked doors. The player with the key can open the door while the player(s) without it cannot. Elder only had a silver key and silver key door, but there is also a gold key which functions identically, as well as a "master key" which is designed to open both silver and gold key doors, however neither of these keys were used in any official maps, although the QL workshop probably has a few that utilize them.

- Permanent map change events, which come in two flavors: ones that automatically kicked in after a set period of time, and others that could be triggered by the player via buttons. Doors or platforms would open and never return back to their closed position once they did, so the entire state of the map is irreversibly altered, as opposed to traditional triggers which only temporarily change the state of the map for a short period of time.

From what I remember this map was rather controversial. Was this because of the map design, the game mechanics it introduced, or a combination of both?

In any case this discussion is not about the map Elder. It's about these two game mechanics. They seemed really interesting and yet none of the "modern" arena FPS games which came out after this map, nor CPMA which is still in active development, took any interest in them. I've thought about implementing them in Uber Arena too, though I've mainly been focused on my own mechanics like trampolines.

Keys are like a third type of major item alongside the RA/MH, except instead of granting a higher stack they grant higher map connectivity/mobility. The permanent events add dynamism to the map and allow it to "evolve" over time, forcing changes in tactics as the game progresses.

Notably, these are both map-specific mechanics, so they don't affect the entire game and the maps can be designed to accommodate them. So I don't see why keys and permanent map change events are fundamentally bad ideas. If the map plays bad and it has these two mechanics that should be the fault of the map design, not the mechanics themselves.
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Cannot Fix Steam Missing File Privileges Error (3 comments)
Posted by Lanecahill @ 06:27 CDT, 22 March 2021 - iMsg
Hello everyone. I have been trying to install any games from steam for the past few days, but I keep getting steam missing file privileges error. I have been looking forward to playing steam games, but donít know how to get past this error. Please can anyone help me with this issue? Any help will be appreciated.
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Team Event Horizon Presents: Sessions - Episode III (No comments)
Posted by TeamEventHorizon @ 18:55 CDT, 19 March 2021 - iMsg

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2z faye (8 comments)
Posted by stpbozin @ 13:51 CDT, 17 March 2021 - iMsg
Stream was called "killing myself"... well ...
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