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Question for quakecon attendees. (1 comment)
Posted by skint @ 12:09 CDT, 24 July 2014 - iMsg
I was wondering if anyone who went to quakecon, in the quake area could tell me how much interest did the event receive from people who work at id/bethesda/zenimax? Obviously not including Syncerror.

Did they pass through, chat to anyone, watch some matches, couldnt keep away etc. Just wondered if any of them have a genuine interest for the game or top level gaming (esports bleh)

Edit: just re-read it and looks like im having a dig, im not and it doesnt matter if they do or not. Just curious.
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FOV calculator (2 comments)
Posted by McFly @ 11:52 CDT, 24 July 2014 - iMsg
All the FOV calculators seem to have gone offline these days. ;(

Can anyone tell me what my vertical FOV in 16:9 would be coming from a 120 FOV on 4:3?

To make is easier: If my FOV in the old Q3 is 120 - what would it have to be in CS:GO/QL?
(Something like 106, right)
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Macbook Air (1 comment)
Posted by iawn @ 11:21 CDT, 24 July 2014 - iMsg
Anyone try getting 125fps on this? Does the new one have a GFX card yet? Does it even have an HDMI slot? Thinking about a new laptop...
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Crowdfunded DH Winter '14 Duel Masters (12 comments)
Posted by gSTRUCTOR @ 10:56 CDT, 24 July 2014 - iMsg
Based on a recent topic by Emenike who is too stubborn to see his twitch subscription fund based and spectator locking idea is bad, im creating this topic.

Basically the idea is first of all get some of the DH admins to greenlight a possible QL tourney where they help us with the infrastructure (place, PCs, monitors, etc). If this happens, next step would be getting Memento to start a paypal donation where the $$$ for the prize pool is raised. Meanwhile we could contact possible sponsors to donate hardware or money to make the prizepool better.

Having only Quakecon as a big lan tourney seems not enough for the amazing top players this community has and theres plenty of time ahead.
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QuakeCon: Red headed step child (2 comments)
Posted by diabz @ 10:10 CDT, 24 July 2014 - iMsg
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your opinion of pro-q3dm13? (2 comments)
Posted by DizzyMage @ 06:22 CDT, 24 July 2014 - iMsg
What was your opinion of the map? Do you think the map could be made better if certain adjustments were made to it? Maybe move around where the lg is and mh is? Put certain items in different places?
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Why bro, why? (26 comments)
Posted by issy @ 02:00 CDT, 24 July 2014 - iMsg
Okay, i know that there is alot of bitching at id already, but the thing i wanted to talk, it makes things even worse. We all love this game, and will play it forever no matter what, i guess :> Id not giving a fuck about ql is not new, but cmon, show at least some respect to the players at ur own tournament. Cypher gets 9k for the first place, at the one and only ql Lan event this year, 20 minutes later, 3 random guys got 10k for nothing. Im not jealous or smth, but cmon where's ur repsect for the players? or viewers? If u and verntrillo really want to spent money on your fans, at least dont do it in front of cypher and the other guys, who where practicing for the whole year to get 9k, while random guy gets 10k, well its just not serious, show soem respect u dumb fucks. Maybe bad example, but Dota 2 international 2014, NewBee gets 5 mil for the first place, then 3 random fans of the game are getting 6 millions each, gj lol. So Id u probably should fuck off with this stuff, and dont come around here, or if u want to do smth do it smart.

P.S. Sorry for crappy english.
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DeathAdder 2013 DRIVER Question (8 comments)
Posted by N3XUS @ 18:27 CDT, 23 July 2014 - iMsg
I've previously used ,the G400 and I know it has interpolation when the drivers are installed... ,my Q is:
Is this (or any else) issue present with razer's synapse ,too?

With drivers for the DA 2013 or w/o?

Please ,only reply if you've actually owned/own the DA.
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Posted by h8m3 @ 16:32 CDT, 23 July 2014 - iMsg

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Rating: 9 (189 votes)
A fragmovie made by Russia Sergey "Morgot" Sirkin featuring the best QL duel player Belarus Alexey "Cypher" Yanushevskiy

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New Cliff Bleszi BlueStreak interview (No comments)
Posted by son1dow @ 15:39 CDT, 23 July 2014 - iMsg

Mentions a reddit thread you can check out too, if you haven't already.

He doesn't seem to say much. A bit of praise for Dota, LoL, and he says he likes some aspects of Halo, which is worrying. He mentions some good gameplay aspects, but keeps it very vague. I don't know what to think.

Nothing much, really, but I guess it's relevant, so I'll keep tabs.
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Friends Online/Offline (1 comment, locked)
Posted by etty^^ @ 15:38 CDT, 23 July 2014 - iMsg
Does anyone have a CVAR/CMD or an idea how to disable friends coming offline/online notifications INGAME?
Lately some bug causes 30 players +- in my list to come online/offline in an instance, causing a huge hickup on my lagometer and freeze my game.
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What mode should rank a DM player? (26 comments)
Posted by moto1 @ 13:45 CDT, 23 July 2014 - iMsg
bear with me here

a new deathmatch game needs a ranked mode, something players can queue into and play matches that adjust their player rating. CS:GO has it, League of Legends has it. Ranked modes give players an idea of their skill and gives them an inventive to improve and get better and play with people in their skill level.

QL never had a proper ranking system. It had tiers, which had no depth and was different for each mode. there was no universal rating system other than ELO, but it's not native to QL so only a small percentage of players are even aware of it.

Here's the issue: Every popular game right now has ONE ranked mode. CS has your typical 5v5 mode, LoL has their 5v5 mode, basically every game has ONE mode.

This is where Quake would have issues, most people here would want a CTF, TDM, and Duel ranked mode, but how does that properly measure a players skill? Realistically a lot of players suck at duel and they would rather play a team mode, so there would be players with multiple rankings. For example a TDM player would likely be playing a lot of TDM and have a high rating in that matchmaking, making the CTF and duel a useless measure of skill. In addition, his TDM ranking wouldn't gauge his skill very well, a TDM player can suck at duel and CTF. Three separate ranks too also makes each one worth less individually. You would have players that would ignore a TDM ranking just by bias alone.

What if the one ranked mode was FFA? There needs to be one mode to measure a players skill and to give people fun matches in their skill level. You can't make that mode duel, so many players don't like it and rather frag in a huge mess of players. You can't make that mode TDM or CTF because it's too mode specific, a good flag runner could get a decent CTF ELO but that shouldn't be the measure of his skill. We need ONE rating system for a player

FFA seems to be a mode that would be welcoming to a lot of players (who doesn't fucking love some FFA sometimes), and would give people a proper deathmatch mode. Players want fast reckless fun in a DM game, creating a ranked mode out of duel, ctf or tdm would alienate a huge majority of casual players who would try a ranked mode.

FFA RANKED, the only way
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Quakelive Friends List (9 comments)
Posted by CMSS @ 13:17 CDT, 23 July 2014 - iMsg
Sometimes it says i have no friends online, so i restart quake then the list is there, i have done it a few times and it keeps saying i have no friends.

But i have waited while it is on and about 2 minutes later, each person comes online slowly, one at a time.

Is this my internet connection problem or is it quake being laggy?
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Crowd-funded QuakeLive LAN possibility (28 comments)
Posted by Emenike @ 12:58 CDT, 23 July 2014 - iMsg
I have an idea. What if make Quake Live LAN fully crowd-funded from twitch subscriptions? And of course only subscribers can view this stream and it will be streamed only by one streamer. For example $10k prize pool duel LAN tournament requires 1000 subscribers with $10-15 subscriptions. I don't know how many is twitch's fee and streamer work costs. Is 1000 achievable? I saw 4000-5000 viewers at twitch only while QuakeCon 2014 group stage.

I hope problem with only one stream (to have streams in other languages) can be solved by creating several twitch accounts and given login-password for streamers. So they can only stream without ability to change anything else (payment credentials, etc). I guess there will not be any pirate restreams because Quake community average age is high enough and if will twitch provides any tools to detect them and will prevent it quickly. Of course well known streamers, organizers are required and it can be held at some LAN party place like DreamHack. Surely first LAN can't be done by this way and needs some risky donate to have guaranteed prize pool. Without having this guaranteed prize pool only optimistic viewers will pay for it and very optimistic players(sponsors) will spend their money for this.

Is number of subscribers is the only one problem?
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Daikatana on Humble Bundle (11 comments)
Posted by pacmanpl @ 08:59 CDT, 23 July 2014 - iMsg
We all can uninstall ql and bow to the king o/

Is this game even playable?
Quake I looks much better than Daikatana. It was Quake II engine, right?

Does anyone have any story about great disappointment after its realease?
Did Romero expleined himself?
What the fuck?
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LAN party (midwest US) kickstarter (1 comment)
Posted by Pill_ @ 08:38 CDT, 23 July 2014 - iMsg

Right now, the game list is pretty shitty (Minecraft tourney? For real?), but one of the creators said he's open to input. Nothing would stop any US guys from going there and hosting their own Quake tourney anyway.
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Quakeworld 1on1 Aerowalk Tourney (32 comments)
Posted by dirtbox @ 07:43 CDT, 23 July 2014 - iMsg
To keep the QuakeWorld momentum going during the summer, a series of duel tournaments have been hosted the last couple of months. We have seen people battle it out on DM2 already where a winner is soon to be crowned and the DM4 campaign just started this week. Next up is a tournament on the popular fast-paced map Aerowalk which will run in parallel with the DM4 tournament. The rules are simple; it's QuakeWorld 1on1 deathmatch and the map is Aerowalk where the winner is decided in a best of three maps series. A double-elimination bracket is used to ensure that the best Aerowalker is indeed crowned king after the gunsmoke has settled.

The registration for the tournament opened up this week with the tournament starting in around four weeks from now. There will be a 32 player limit and we will hopefully see many entertaining matches as notable signups so far include some of the absolute top players in QuakeWorld today; Norway Rikoll, Sweden Locust and Sweden Bps among others.

Aerowalk tournament website
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Quake 4 in social network's (5 comments)
Posted by WhiteMagicRaven @ 06:32 CDT, 23 July 2014 - iMsg
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MS Ergonomic Keyboard 4000 <--> Quake? (12 comments)
Posted by nYmPhets @ 06:09 CDT, 23 July 2014 - iMsg

I'm interested in this keyboard, but before purchase, I'd like to get some input from quakers who are using this.

So is it possible to strafejump flawlessly in every direction with WASD+SPACE (also CTRL for +movedown, C - rl, F - lg) with this one?

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Destiny Beta Xbox One (5 comments)
Posted by skint @ 05:53 CDT, 23 July 2014 - iMsg
Does anyone have a beta key going spare for me please? Apparently if you receive a code you actually get 3 codes.
Would be much appreciated!
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QCON'14 CONFIGS (21 comments)
Posted by Oberyin @ 03:04 CDT, 23 July 2014 - iMsg
So any news on the Configs?

I keep looking in but still nothing.

All us config addicts need our fix !

ps: as you can see the last qcon the configs were uploaded 12 days later, perhaps we have to wait a few more days before we can get high on configs again :) !
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Logitech G100s squeaking? (4 comments)
Posted by CMSS @ 02:52 CDT, 23 July 2014 - iMsg
Sometimes when i play i notice that my mouse keeps squeaking, im not sure if i am putting too much pressure on the mouse or what?

I use a razer goalithus mousepad

Anybody now the problem?
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QuakeLive 2.0 Update [ SUMMER ] (40 comments)
Posted by Oberyin @ 02:44 CDT, 23 July 2014 - iMsg
So as you guys know the Major update to steam will come soon.

I Personally hope for A solid ladder system, new front end, Larger player base and perhaps more online/lan tourneys.

What are you guys hyped for, what do you expect from this update and most importantly what are you hoping to see ? Let's all hope this update will make quake "packed" again!

ps: check this link for the expectations the community has for the upcoming major update

"We still have a lot planned as we develop towards our Steam re-launch. First up for launch sometime this summer is a refresh of some of the site's design elements. ... Sometime after that we will launch an update that for the first time in Quake Live's history, will bring about some big gameplay changes. "
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Jibo is back (9 comments)
Posted by stripy @ 02:37 CDT, 23 July 2014 - iMsg
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=] fixed (23 comments)
Posted by cha0tic90 @ 01:57 CDT, 23 July 2014 - iMsg!profile/summary/cvs90!profile/summary/Cha0t1c

I have all of them marked for deletion except chace. Clearly I am an uber 1337 h4x0r because I can barely keep 1200 elo and haven't been able to get over 1300. Damn I am bored. I haven not received an email or anything it it just says it when I try to join a game.
How long does it take usually to get a reply from quake live support?
Update: I fixed it. I am not banned. Also I removed the two accounts I am using currently because I usually post stupid stuff on here and don't need to get flamed in game as well as on here sorry I am pretty impulsive.
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Arena FPS in 2016: your predictions (43 comments)
Posted by Shin-obi @ 01:33 CDT, 23 July 2014 - iMsg
deleted first prediction..

UT will suffer major technical issues and struggle to get a following

reborn will never make it to beta

warxon will be the 3rd most played arena fps(after reflex and UT)

god of war sanchez will make a comeback

quakecon 2015 will be quakelive's final lan
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Include high res textures pack into QL? (10 comments)
Posted by gSTRUCTOR @ 21:49 CDT, 22 July 2014 - iMsg
As detailed here

Looks really nice imo, obv picmip fans wont like them, but would be awesome for streamers, newcomers, and gfx whores. I suppose the legal part is prolly the main obstacle.
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Modded duel is fun, try it! (66 comments)
Posted by He4rTL3sS @ 19:54 CDT, 22 July 2014 - iMsg
It's a mix between normal duel and CA. Much much fun :D.

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Plasma Jesus (5 comments)
Posted by myT @ 18:48 CDT, 22 July 2014 - iMsg
Walking on water? Try floating balls of boiling plasma.
Good find Sab0o! :-)

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pentium III? (15 comments)
Posted by quake is potat @ 17:49 CDT, 22 July 2014 - iMsg

I never really noticed this before. I'm using i3.

I don't even.

I don't even even.
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Easy way to see new posts in big threads (14 comments)
Posted by gSTRUCTOR @ 17:49 CDT, 22 July 2014 - iMsg
Wouldnt it be cool if apart from a read first unread comment by date, there would be a "only new comments" one that simply hides all messages but the ones you still havent read? It get tiresome to scout big threads searching all the new comments.
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QL update incoming (21 comments)
Posted by kenZu @ 14:14 CDT, 22 July 2014 - iMsg
Not sure if you guys know,

but an update is coming in 1 or 2 weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

to put back old dm6 instead of intel one.
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Wallpapers (1 comment)
Posted by Gangland @ 13:40 CDT, 22 July 2014 - iMsg
Not sure why these didn't get posted. And please remove if you find my trolling offensive. I think they're pretty dope! :O)
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DEM0N ZE MOVIE 2014 (116 comments)
Posted by zeroql @ 12:54 CDT, 22 July 2014 - iMsg

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Rating: 7.5 (154 votes)
A frag video featuring Belgium Romain "dem0n" Leclercq
"Hello everyone! I hope you enjoy this movie! ZeRoQL deserves a lot of credit for this, he's worked hard to be able to complete it for QuakeCon and I'm forever in his debt. He made one of my dreams come true. I wanna thank everyone who got fragged in this video, this could not have been without you! Special thanks to Memento, I dedicate this movie to you." - zE dem0n

Links: Facebook Facebook, tweet
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Help with vertex lighting cfg (4 comments)
Posted by pacmanpl @ 12:26 CDT, 22 July 2014 - iMsg
Someone somewhere posted cfg from evil I belive.
Looked really nice. Black crosshair is another good reason to not play space maps.
Problem is with lights.

Some maps have spots where I just can't see shit.

Any ideas how to kill these motherfuckers without changing look of everything else?
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Logitech G500 double click "bug" (3 comments)
Posted by xou @ 11:03 CDT, 22 July 2014 - iMsg
Couple weeks ago, my G500 started acting weird. When I made a single left click, it sometimes resulted in a double click. After a while it became very frequent and annoying...

I tried that solution today :

It wasn't too easy to put the spring back into the switch after a little cleaning, but that's really doable quickly with a little luck :)

I'll see how it goes.

Anyone with the same bug who managed to fix it ?
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3310 on sacrifice WMO shell (6 comments)
Posted by thizito @ 10:26 CDT, 22 July 2014 - iMsg
I dont care about scrolling, if scroll doesnt work its fine.

Is there a way to put, the WHOLE sensor+pcb+cable on a "wmo" shell? like, ill not make changes in the sensor and pcb, only in the wmo shell

I think ill risk it.. i actually bought zowie fk1 and will use it.
But i want the "oldschool" to be on my hands and no matter how
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My Benq won't go back to 144hz (5 comments)
Posted by zkyp @ 09:17 CDT, 22 July 2014 - iMsg
Hello friends,

I have an XL2411T and it rocks. I tried lightboost, wasn't a big fan. Went back to 'normal' mode and since I can't get to 144hz anymore (stays 120). If I force it in my nvidia driver it will just give me 'out of range'. Tried reinstalling the driver. I removed lightboost as on the blurrbusters faq
(To turn off LightBoost: 1. Disable the “3D Stereoscopic” checkbox in Control Panel. 2. Unplug the monitor’s power supply for 5 seconds, and then plug in again. (this clears the nVidia LightBoost unlock.))

Any ideas?
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Need help with a wrong ban (275 comments)
Posted by korn3r @ 08:26 CDT, 22 July 2014 - iMsg
Iv'e been banned because someone reported me with those demos. How could be possible that this video it's a proof of cheating?

i never used hacks.

(in demo5 you can still see that i could aim the legs so..)

Down here i have the videos that prove that i can aim everywhere and not just the top.
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how sensitive to input lag are you, tool (26 comments)
Posted by doped @ 08:23 CDT, 22 July 2014 - iMsg
I found this guy who made a tool for testing if you are able to pick up on small changes in input lag.

I suspect most ppl here will have no difficulty, but it will be interesting to see.


(he has a link on forum, i uploaded elsewhere for convenience)
Edited by doped at 08:25 CDT, 22 July 2014 - 772 Hits
Trolls (71 comments)
Posted by ZhuMusic @ 08:00 CDT, 22 July 2014 - iMsg
Edited by ZhuMusic at 09:01 CDT, 23 July 2014 - 1402 Hits
I want this x574747856 (17 comments)
Posted by He4rTL3sS @ 17:36 CDT, 21 July 2014 - iMsg
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Is there a proper find match button? (7 comments)
Posted by Åke Vader @ 17:09 CDT, 21 July 2014 - iMsg
Stupid question but i just installed QL today again. Am i blind or is there no proper "FIND MATCH" button in this game? I expected something like CS:GO/SC2 matchmaking. Now i have to join a server and hope someone join and ready up and don't leave after two minutes of prewar?

I thought it would show up after my 20 beginner's games but no...

Too much waiting time going on now. And how can i choose what maps to play? Only with pro? :(
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So, microtransactions are evil (14 comments)
Posted by son1dow @ 16:36 CDT, 21 July 2014 - iMsg
They're a cancer for esports and Quake should never use them.

Explanation here.
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shadowmaster vs godofwarsanchez showmatc (22 comments)
Posted by tony @ 15:42 CDT, 21 July 2014 - iMsg
Just trolling,i miss their stuff about whos the best,eventi if i font play q4

Where are u guys?i wanna see some drama
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Putin Pepsi Challenge. (5 comments)
Posted by Jamerio @ 12:08 CDT, 21 July 2014 - iMsg
So Russia has proof it was Ukraine, and Ukraine has proof it was Russia.

So how about this.

PUT BOTH leaders of both countries on the spot, saying that whoever is proven to be found as lying by a committee of experts in a PUBLIC TRIAL, will have to either back up their bags and go back to Russia, or give up that part of the Ukraine to Russia.

The beauty of it is, whoever is lying will either be exposed as being so, OR will have to pull out of the bet and will face further condemnation and doubt throughout the world. And there is nothing like a babies brain splattered all over the run away to hit home.

Simple but very effective and the only person that would not think so is the person who knows they are lying.

Its a win win.

Proof must be conclusive, or its null and void. Even if one of the leaders goes back on their word, they'll face so much negative PR it won't be worth either of them doing so.
Edited by Jamerio at 12:14 CDT, 21 July 2014 - 204 Hits
John Romero made Fatal1ty his bitch (26 comments)
Posted by Venser @ 11:00 CDT, 21 July 2014 - iMsg
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ZHU new song (8 comments)
Posted by H1ghlander @ 10:03 CDT, 21 July 2014 - iMsg

changed his style a bit
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If only this was Quaek - ESPN & $11m (97 comments)
Posted by *b0se @ 09:52 CDT, 21 July 2014 - iMsg
ESPN to air DOTA2 championships.

$5m, yes MILLION, 1st prize. $1.4m 2nd, $1m 3rd.

All the way down to $22.5K for 13th and 14th place.

Made me rolf after hearing 'swag' being thrown around in the QuakeCon presentation.

Straight after watching the QCon14 finals (a combination of incredible speed, accuracy, skill (aim), prediction and strategy - all at a ridiculously fast and compressed pace), I found myself on the Twitch DOTA2 channel out of curiosity.


There is no comparison. As hyped as the casters get, not much really happens. It's like comparing a slow drumbeat to a finger melting guitar solo from Joe Bonamassa.

ID - look at this. Look what is capable in the gaming world. Look what you could be earning.

Steam could be the start of something insanely good; it's a goldmine for player base and advertising reach/power. I'm not saying it has to reach this level, but heck, even 1/5th of the way and it's a huge success.

*Could be*.

Should. Quake is a high octane battle, which is exactly what this culture loves to watch (think sport, films and TV. Christ, even magazines!). Quake and it's players deserve this kind of recognition.


EDIT: This is not about Quake vs DOTA2, it's about what Quake could be.
Edited by *b0se at 10:37 CDT, 21 July 2014 - 1843 Hits
Grand Final-IEM Shenzhen Solar vs. TaeJa (No comments)
Posted by H1ghlander @ 05:39 CDT, 21 July 2014 - iMsg
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I have 1 fps since no prism. (15 comments)
Posted by gabi @ 03:42 CDT, 21 July 2014 - iMsg
I used QL Prism, had 125 fps. Great. Then, I wasn't able to play for 6 months and now I can see QL band forget about Prism and made an application, update. And now, I have only 1 fps. Tried a dozen configs.

Anyone any advice? Or someone heard something like this? What's the solution? I really want to play...

(reinstalled windows 7 and QL a dozen times, still 1 fps)
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Movie about by brother Thund3rbolt (19 comments)
Posted by n00ne @ 01:32 CDT, 21 July 2014 - iMsg

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Rating: 4.1 (16 votes)
Youtube :

Note:Im not best editer (beginner),i havent got high end pc to make video smoother and better,just fun video.
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How to add exes to win8.1 mousefix easy (5 comments)
Posted by Conditioned @ 00:48 CDT, 21 July 2014 - iMsg
So windows 8.1 has a little quirk that due to adjusting how mouse input works with very high resolution displays a lot of people have experienced problems with mouselag. .

The good news is that Microsoft released a fix for it, the bad that you have to add the game (or whatever) executables to the registry manually to adopt the mousefix for them. Apparently this doesn´t do anything to games with raw input.

This little fix makes it so you only have to right click on the exe´s to add them to the registry. Thought I´d share it since I find it pretty sweet and I haven´t seen it anywhere else. Full credit to dreamss on blurbusters forums:

download and copy exes to c:\windows\
save this as mousefixcontext.reg and run it
right click on .exe and click on apply mouse fix

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

@=”Apply Mouse Lag Fix”

@=”\”C:\\Windows\\nircmd.exe\” elevate cmd /c REG ADD \”HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\\SOFTWARE\\Microsoft\\Windows NT\\CurrentVersion\\AppCompatFlags\\Layers\” /v \”%1\” /d NoDTToDITMouseBatch /f && Rundll32 apphelp.dll,ShimFlushCache “

I put this on my onedrive My av says it´s clean but you never know so it´s probably best to do it manually.
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Site summary for week ending 18 Jul (14 comments)
Posted by ESReality @ 18:00 CDT, 20 July 2014 - iMsg
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IMG_6538.JPG (4 comments)
Posted by link1n @ 17:17 CDT, 20 July 2014 - iMsg
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IMG_6540.JPG (No comments)
Posted by link1n @ 17:17 CDT, 20 July 2014 - iMsg
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IMG_6541.JPG (3 comments)
Posted by link1n @ 17:17 CDT, 20 July 2014 - iMsg
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IMG_6542.JPG (No comments)
Posted by link1n @ 17:17 CDT, 20 July 2014 - iMsg
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IMG_6557.JPG (No comments)
Posted by link1n @ 17:17 CDT, 20 July 2014 - iMsg
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IMG_6558.JPG (No comments)
Posted by link1n @ 17:17 CDT, 20 July 2014 - iMsg
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IMG_6564.JPG (2 comments)
Posted by link1n @ 17:17 CDT, 20 July 2014 - iMsg
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IMG_6568.JPG (2 comments)
Posted by link1n @ 17:17 CDT, 20 July 2014 - iMsg
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IMG_6573.JPG (2 comments)
Posted by link1n @ 17:17 CDT, 20 July 2014 - iMsg
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IMG_6574.JPG (4 comments)
Posted by link1n @ 17:17 CDT, 20 July 2014 - iMsg
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IMG_6575.JPG (2 comments)
Posted by link1n @ 17:17 CDT, 20 July 2014 - iMsg
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Demos from QCON'14 (4 comments)
Posted by noacc @ 16:01 CDT, 20 July 2014 - iMsg
where can i find them?
Particularly grand final and bronze final duel masters
Edited by noacc at 16:01 CDT, 20 July 2014 - 260 Hits
Low profile mechanical keyboards? (22 comments)
Posted by wiry @ 13:25 CDT, 20 July 2014 - iMsg
On the hunt for a new keyboard. From what I've briefly read there aren't any low profile mechanical ones due to size of switches, but I would still like to ask if any of you have any ideas or suggestions.

Can't stand the ghosting - can't stand the high profile ones.
774 Hits
no faith (15 comments)
Posted by Fudge. @ 12:35 CDT, 20 July 2014 - iMsg
i have no faith left in humanity... i climb from bronze 5 to gold 2 but i cant get plat

noob teammates 2heavy when i try 2carry they go splitpush and die 1 v 5 as we lose objectives.

i play op champs liek tryndamere and master yi but i cant support 4 noobs... i ping and ward and tell ppl where to go but they dont listen cuz theyre dumb

help... why can i get to tier 4 in quake and cant even get plat in league..

pls look at my match history teammate suck no lie
639 Hits
Quake live shirts (36 comments)
Posted by CMSS @ 11:48 CDT, 20 July 2014 - iMsg
Is there anywhere that i can buy a shirts with a quake logo on it [like on of these ( ) - first row 4th across / 4th row 2nd across ]

I found this;

Which is really nice, but it will cost me $30 / £17.56 for it and that is too much for me, $15 / £8.78 was a great price.

+ I dont want to make a shirt with a logo on that because sites i have seen which you design your own shirt, you can see the printed black area which has the design on and it does not look good at all.
858 Hits
Do you think this guy is cheating? (70 comments)
Posted by Melted @ 07:34 CDT, 20 July 2014 - iMsg
There's more clips like this one. Personally, this is the most evident.

* look at the opponents positioning

Time Played: 7 days
Lightning Gun ACC 39% | USE 66%

Wins: 661
Losses / Quits: 257 / 129
Frags / Deaths: 11,908 / 6,091
Hits / Shots: 400,937 / 1,070,609
Accuracy: 37.45%

how about this one? I'm pretty sure you can't hear NME RJ at QUAD from bridge, right? (00:30 +)

so, the guy you are watching is '[ac] verrektemongol'. this vid is 3:25 long.
Video doesn't have the moments from the header, just moments before.
Edited by Melted at 16:56 CDT, 20 July 2014 - 1934 Hits
kb2967917 on Windows 8.1/Fatal1ty (1 comment)
Posted by jigglywiggly @ 01:07 CDT, 20 July 2014 - iMsg
If you are on Windows 8.1 and a Fatal1ty motherboard to overclock your mouse polling rate, don't install the optional updates: kb2967917 or kb2962409
If you install either one, your mouse will be stuck at 125hz. Hopefully saves someone some stress.
Edited by jigglywiggly at 03:17 CDT, 20 July 2014 - 232 Hits
Congrats (26 comments)
Posted by megaman3 @ 23:50 CDT, 19 July 2014 - iMsg
To effortless ('murican player) for winning more money today than the Quakecon champion Kreygasm
1407 Hits
And this is why duel is shrinking (33 comments)
Posted by bmes_ @ 23:39 CDT, 19 July 2014 - iMsg
Amazing players (like K1llsen and avek) can't keep with the grind of QLive because the returns are so small. These talents practice so much for the chance at such a small winnings purse. Then we give 30k to these morons in the audience just for being there? I am really upset, confused, and frankly just bewildered at the entire post-duel ceremony stuff.
1237 Hits
NO SPOILERS QuakeCon coverage (14 comments)
Posted by rayu @ 21:55 CDT, 19 July 2014 - iMsg
Due to very unfortunate events for the first time I can't watch QuakeCon live.

While it breaks my heart, I'd still love to catch up on the event without ruining it for me with spoilers. It's hard enough not to get my daily dose of ESR comment reading already.

So, is there a source where I can watch all the matches in a chronological order, without giving away who won, or who advanced to the groups, let alone won the whole thing?

I'd be really grateful for that.

If there is another thread already, sorry. Didn't look on purpose not to see some "congratz strenx for firing dkt" thread :)

I know this is ESR, but please no spoilers here guys... I'm sure some others would appreciate as well. Thanks!
Edited by rayu at 21:56 CDT, 19 July 2014 - 1204 Hits
Cypher -vs- Strenx (26 comments)
Posted by intotherain @ 15:12 CDT, 19 July 2014 - iMsg

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Rating: - (0 votes)
Gametype: Duel
Map: Various Maps
Mod: PQL
Viewpoint: Cypher
Version info: dm_67
How to play back QL demos

>> <<
(3346KB, 55 DLs)

Cypher won Strenx so convincingly ...
Strenx seems completely out of shape or Cypher too strong ?.

Maps order :

1/ Aerowalk
2/ Cure
3/ furiousheights (some nice chat at end)

Edited by xou at 18:37 CDT, 19 July 2014 - 1611 Hits
QCON '14 - gerppa versus zyrinx (1 comment)
Posted by amOKchen @ 13:59 CDT, 19 July 2014 - iMsg
Loser:gerppa, Odds: 37% (2.6:1)
Bets placed: E$22418, betting open: 17:00 CDT 18 Jul 2014 to 20:30 CDT 19 Jul 2014

Winner:zyrinx, Odds: 62% (1.5:1)
Bets placed: E$37776, betting open: 17:00 CDT 18 Jul 2014 to 20:30 CDT 19 Jul 2014

Quakecon 2014 - Open Duel Bronze Final

Finland gerppa versus zyrinx Italy

Tournament thread
205 Hits
QCON '14 - FienD vs Jok0 (No comments)
Posted by amOKchen @ 13:56 CDT, 19 July 2014 - iMsg
Loser:FienD, Odds: 30% (3.2:1)
Bets placed: E$5857, betting open: 17:00 CDT 18 Jul 2014 to 16:00 CDT 19 Jul 2014

Winner:Jok0, Odds: 69% (1.4:1)
Bets placed: E$21145, betting open: 17:00 CDT 18 Jul 2014 to 16:00 CDT 19 Jul 2014

Quakecon 2014 - Open Duel Bronze Final

United States of America FienD vs Jok0 United States of America

Tournament thread
106 Hits
Please help me to improve at quakelive (131 comments)
Posted by n00ne @ 12:07 CDT, 19 July 2014 - iMsg
I ve been playing quakelive for about 6 months and i really need help cause i dont know what should i improve and how.
heres how i play :

i know all the weps their damage and etc but i really dont get the point how to shoot rockets :D

i know the timing,jumping and some maps spawn decicion making.

Please hel me put here some commands that help and so on.
2423 Hits
destiny ps3 beta key (3 comments)
Posted by skint @ 11:52 CDT, 19 July 2014 - iMsg
Does anyone have one I could have please?
310 Hits
Build Quality of WMO and Intellimouse (6 comments)
Posted by Syndicat3 @ 08:21 CDT, 19 July 2014 - iMsg

I play FPSs like CS:GO and the CoD games.

I have a G400 that I recently repaired and I'm looking for a backup mouse— either the WMO or Intellimouse 3 on eBay from seller dacheng2009.


What is the build quality of these mice today? Do they typically break in a year or two? The Steelseries Intellimouse 3.0 looks cool, but the $12.95/free shipping WMO looks like a steal.

I've spent months researching mice and I've come to the conclusion that to me, these great mice like the FK, AM, and EC1/EC2 from Zowie, the Deathadder, the G502, etc... all aren't worth it considering the price.

357 Hits
Why is DaHanG so awesome ? (98 comments)
Posted by Infuscomus @ 06:54 CDT, 19 July 2014 - iMsg
This is just a random thread to say how much DaHanG is an awesome player, because there's not enough DaHanG worship in ESR imo.

- Lives in the USA where the duel scene is supposed to be stale.

- Practices against the same (but skilled) guys all the time.

- Always do good at international events for many years now, placing 3rd, 2nd here and there.

- Impressive skill overall when on form.

- Never heard of him whining or making any drama or excuses, just loses and keeps the frustration for himself.

- Always cool in interviews, seems like a relaxed and humble man, and easy to talk too.

- Has already beaten all tops on LAN, has beaten rapha, evil and Cypher in groupstage this QCON 2014.

- etc.

So, DaHanG, good luck in the final against Cypher and I hope you will keep your calm on the scene ! I like Cypher but I think you deserve a title for your career.

tl;dr = DaHanG <3
Edited by Infuscomus at 06:55 CDT, 19 July 2014 - 3635 Hits
QCON '14 CTF 2014 versus WELP (No comments)
Posted by amOKchen @ 04:20 CDT, 19 July 2014 - iMsg
Winner:2014, Odds: 79% (1.2:1)
Bets placed: E$30770, betting open: 17:00 CDT 18 Jul 2014 to 12:00 CDT 19 Jul 2014

Loser:WELP, Odds: 20% (4.9:1)
Bets placed: E$6452, betting open: 17:00 CDT 18 Jul 2014 to 12:00 CDT 19 Jul 2014

Quakecon 2014 CTF Final & Grand Finals

2014 looking strong all the way trough brackets.
Can WELP come back from their position in losers bracket where they start out behind in maps?

United States of America 2014: ZeRo4, DaHanG, whaz, br1ck
United States of America WELP: id_, rapha, cl0ck, psygib

Tournament thread
141 Hits
ASUS VG248QE settings (17 comments)
Posted by cha0tic90 @ 03:00 CDT, 19 July 2014 - iMsg
Share your settings. The settings on the monitor. For example tracefree brightness, contrast, colors, and splendid profile.
Edited by cha0tic90 at 03:44 CDT, 19 July 2014 - 402 Hits
IMG_6509.JPG (1 comment)
Posted by link1n @ 21:33 CDT, 18 July 2014 - iMsg
769 Hits
IMG_6512.JPG (1 comment)
Posted by link1n @ 21:33 CDT, 18 July 2014 - iMsg
681 Hits
IMG_6513.JPG (1 comment)
Posted by link1n @ 21:33 CDT, 18 July 2014 - iMsg
947 Hits
IMG_6514.JPG (13 comments)
Posted by link1n @ 21:33 CDT, 18 July 2014 - iMsg
1382 Hits
IMG_6515.JPG (2 comments)
Posted by link1n @ 21:33 CDT, 18 July 2014 - iMsg
914 Hits
IMG_6517.JPG (2 comments)
Posted by link1n @ 21:33 CDT, 18 July 2014 - iMsg
762 Hits
IMG_6518.JPG (2 comments)
Posted by link1n @ 21:33 CDT, 18 July 2014 - iMsg
895 Hits
IMG_6519.JPG (8 comments)
Posted by link1n @ 21:33 CDT, 18 July 2014 - iMsg
1149 Hits
IMG_6521.JPG (No comments)
Posted by link1n @ 21:33 CDT, 18 July 2014 - iMsg
631 Hits
IMG_6522.JPG (3 comments)
Posted by link1n @ 21:33 CDT, 18 July 2014 - iMsg
727 Hits
IMG_6523.JPG (1 comment)
Posted by link1n @ 21:33 CDT, 18 July 2014 - iMsg
707 Hits
IMG_6524.JPG (3 comments)
Posted by link1n @ 21:33 CDT, 18 July 2014 - iMsg
926 Hits
IMG_6526.JPG (7 comments)
Posted by link1n @ 21:33 CDT, 18 July 2014 - iMsg
980 Hits
IMG_6527.JPG (8 comments)
Posted by link1n @ 21:33 CDT, 18 July 2014 - iMsg
1034 Hits
IMG_6528.JPG (No comments)
Posted by link1n @ 21:33 CDT, 18 July 2014 - iMsg
761 Hits

<< Comment #1 @ 07:54 CST, 24 November 2009 >>
By Sweden Paladia 
The result of this would at least to some degree be interesting if the poll was made neutral.
<< Comment #29 @ 18:23 CST, 6 December 2009 >>
By clawo Liam  - Reply to #1
Yeah true... y'know... with all the respect and influence dird has over the community.
<< Comment #30 @ 20:25 CST, 6 December 2009 >>
By inuyasha4 sonic  - Reply to #29
<< Comment #2 @ 08:03 CST, 24 November 2009 >>
By AUSNL by dann zkyp 
<< Comment #3 @ 08:07 CST, 24 November 2009 >>
By Brazil _agu 
say yes to: A G P !!
<< Comment #4 @ 08:13 CST, 24 November 2009 >>
Well, I do realize these last 2 days have had alot of AGP in headlines but its for point, I was asked to do an interview so I did it. Things are on a calendar and we are trying to keep them weekly. Usually it is just the AGP Classics Match of the Week. This week had 2 though as player election started. Once everything is announced there isn't much to be announced. SO, to the haters, just be patient. This might seem insignificant to some of you and rightly so, but it is not to many others.
Edited by Streetrunner at 08:20 CST, 24 November 2009
<< Comment #8 @ 08:42 CST, 24 November 2009 >>
By Beer! becks  - Reply to #4
you might wanna stop giving them reasons!
<< Comment #16 @ 12:17 CST, 24 November 2009 >>
By Denmark light  - Reply to #4
Imho its super exciting so far. You should consider getting more interviews with all of the council in-depth analysis of what they are working for and what they stand for. I imagine you get one of those sticky news items on ESR with all the candidates for at least 3-5 weeks. You should perhaps also post some articles as its been a while since last time, just to discuss how and what the AGP can do. I also suggest that the members start blogging in their journals about all this important stuff that i, as one of the gamers that only follow ESR wouldnt get to know anyway else.
<< Comment #17 @ 12:53 CST, 24 November 2009 >>
By AGP Streetrunner  - Reply to #16
It is planned and you are right. It isn't like esports sites cannot interview either. Things are just starting.
<< Comment #18 @ 13:01 CST, 24 November 2009 >>
By Beer! becks  - Reply to #17
you might wanna invest in one of them sarcasm detectors...
<< Comment #26 @ 17:01 CST, 25 November 2009 >>
By Sweden vanne  - Reply to #18
they're not sanctioned by the AGP.... yet :)
<< Comment #25 @ 16:33 CST, 25 November 2009 >>
By Poland bd--k  - Reply to #4
if i were you id just do my thing regardless trolls.
<< Comment #5 @ 08:25 CST, 24 November 2009 >>
By acoolstfu cyan 
Yes, i love having news where i can express my disgust with the human race.
<< Comment #6 @ 08:31 CST, 24 November 2009 >>
By Australia zlr 
stupid poll.

go back to high school.
<< Comment #7 @ 08:37 CST, 24 November 2009 >>
By 2k2_2 Nukm 
( Major Poll: QL)
<< Comment #9 @ 09:46 CST, 24 November 2009 >>
By Sweden Paladia  - Reply to #7
I agree, no biased poll should be major.
<< Comment #14 @ 10:43 CST, 24 November 2009 >>
By Imminent_Team iNkind  - Reply to #9
I think we need a new poll for the front page that takes up less space though :P
<< Comment #19 @ 15:05 CST, 24 November 2009 >>
By Dird's Xmas tree ;o Dird  - Reply to #9
its not biased
<< Comment #20 @ 15:46 CST, 24 November 2009 >>
By Sweden Paladia  - Reply to #19
"Should Streetrunner be allowed to post AGP "news" on this site at the rate of a sad person on Twitter? "

By calling it "news" and saying something about a sad person on twitter you already make clear what you think is the appropriate vote.
<< Comment #21 @ 16:48 CST, 24 November 2009 >>
By Dird's Xmas tree ;o Dird  - Reply to #20
dont see how :P
<< Comment #23 @ 05:36 CST, 25 November 2009 >>
By Sweden Paladia  - Reply to #21
Cause you try to belittle his news in the poll instead of letting people decide that for themselves.
<< Comment #24 @ 06:08 CST, 25 November 2009 >>
By Dird's Xmas tree ;o Dird  - Reply to #23
ye i know i was joking ;p
<< Comment #32 @ 10:10 CST, 7 December 2009 >>
By Unset Aaron  - Reply to #24
this is paladia we're talking bout
<< Comment #33 @ 17:01 CST, 8 December 2009 >>
Everything I write is © 2001-2009. If you want to reproduce it in any way, use a small snippet and then link back to the original post with due credit. If it is not in text form, contact me beforehand to work out the details.
<< Comment #10 @ 10:24 CST, 24 November 2009 >>
I can't believe this is a fucking poll.

<< Comment #11 @ 10:28 CST, 24 November 2009 >>
By wc3_undead mammon 
For unbiased poll, I require "Why Yes?" and "I don't give a damn." options.
<< Comment #12 @ 10:42 CST, 24 November 2009 >>
By aggnog_duck spyteman 
heard AGP tournament PCs will run on Google OS
<< Comment #13 @ 10:43 CST, 24 November 2009 >>
By Imminent_Team iNkind 
Everyone can post news, I guess the issue is being able to major them.
<< Comment #15 @ 11:07 CST, 24 November 2009 >>
By Unset gnarf 
As long as we let you post "polls", why not?
<< Comment #22 @ 21:34 CST, 24 November 2009 >>
By Rage Face High-Five2 Voltaire 
Why not? It's an Esports site , AGP is an esports organisation, their weekly AGP classics are entertaining to reminisce about or to find out for somewhat new players like me. Just make some common sense filters bout Major News cos a lot of it is just provoking #care resposnes
<< Comment #27 @ 02:03 CST, 1 December 2009 >>
By Plusme ins 
<< Comment #28 @ 13:05 CST, 3 December 2009 >>
By United Kingdom Six16 
Yes, aslong as its either a weekly AGP classic, or Major "Major" news..
<< Comment #31 @ 23:39 CST, 6 December 2009 >>
By Samoa advent™ 
It's ESR. Do you really take the fact that Streetrunner wants to post lots of news that seriously?
<< Comment #34 @ 17:13 CDT, 20 September 2012 >>
By Scotland Something  - Reply to #31

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