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125 FPS Oct'14 League, Announce (14 comments)
Posted by Nico_QD @ 10:59 BST, 30 September 2014 - iMsg
Scheduled: 18:00 BST, 6 October 2014 to 20:00 BST, 6 October 2014
Begins In:

The 125 FPS Project is proud to announce 125 FPS October'14 QuakeLive Duel Season! As usual huge thanks to our sponsor Alexey A from the Moscow region and to the rest of the donators as well.

Cup Admins: Nico, []34[], Xron, Green (search on IRC or write to
Streams: United Kingdom ZLive Russia elder_ru, Russia 102
Links: Cup Website, mIRC #125fps
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Hej or Die 7 (2 comments)
Posted by Hej @ 06:43 BST, 30 September 2014 - iMsg

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Rating: 3 (4 votes)
Comrades, Hej is back with the 7th volume of Hej or Die: Hej or Die 7. Experience Planetside 2 in "HD" (hej definition) as you witness Hej take on the dog lackey stooges of the New Conglomerate and the misguided cultists of the Vanu Sovereignty in a fight for the glory of the Terran Republic in the game of Planetside 2.
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CPMA frag movie (11 comments)
Posted by kevlark @ 04:08 BST, 30 September 2014 - iMsg
Hi All. Featured - MYT.New config. Edit time ~ 3hours. Link youtube -
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Which player model do you prefer in CPMA (1 comment)
Posted by Teen Queen @ 20:34 BST, 29 September 2014 - iMsg

  (view results, discard poll)
As stated above, requested by DEZ_
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Pre-steam maps (6 comments)
Posted by Legless @ 20:13 BST, 29 September 2014 - iMsg
Can someone upload pack of pre-update pk3-s please?

Have bugs on old demos with updated maps.

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CLAWZ CFG (18 comments)
Posted by clawz @ 18:44 BST, 29 September 2014 - iMsg
yo guyz
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Why Clan Arena is so popular? (62 comments)
Posted by dZen @ 18:32 BST, 29 September 2014 - iMsg
As my main focus is at PQL this really bothers me because all I can find is PQL CA servers, not any TDM or CTF.

I dislike CA a lot but that is only way I can play PQL.
Sometimes I host CTF with PQL settings but all the VQL players join there, veto some shitty maps, most games go way too easy or way too hard since these VQL people do not like to shuffle for some reason.

If you play CA tell me why?
And if you enjoy CTF/TDM or duel with PQL ruleset please let me know so we can become friends. :))))))))))))

fukin ca.
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Mafalda 50th year celebration (4 comments)
Posted by _agu @ 17:21 BST, 29 September 2014 - iMsg
Mafalda is now celebrating its 50th year anniversary. This cartoon is a bit famous in Europe and in the Americas but some people don't know the existence of this cartoon. I hope that those that know and others that don't just enjoy this special day for the creator cartoonist from Argentina.
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2gd2betrue (27 comments)
Posted by cez_ @ 16:18 BST, 29 September 2014 - iMsg
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Spartie look a like spotted (9 comments)
Posted by AdoreSP @ 14:03 BST, 29 September 2014 - iMsg
Spartie look a like spotted in a night club in Slovakia.
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Debut of the year (2 comments)
Posted by @ 11:54 BST, 29 September 2014 - iMsg
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Carcosa... is he legit? (23 comments)
Posted by Seropolous @ 08:07 BST, 29 September 2014 - iMsg
so this guy's been getting a lot of heat lately in clan arena games, but I've been wondering if he's legit myself. Anyone have any insight into who this guy really is?

I'm guessing it's kgb, who else would hit 43 impressives:!profile/matches/Ca...1fd90/ca/1
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SPAWN CHOOSING discussion thread (10 comments)
Posted by Asp @ 00:23 BST, 29 September 2014 - iMsg
Random spawns fuck up games all the time when a player gets a free kill. I believe this is self-explanatory. What if players chose their spawn point after dying?

-noobs dont know em.
-Players will spawn at the objective best spawn on the map (ex: on top of red on aero if red is up and they know timing), altering gameplay.
-No hal9000 spawnkill streaks
-Tactic of relocating position to eliminate certain spawns on certain maps is gone (although spawn selection could still be limited with choosing)

-Being able to delay items when needed now has a greater reward. Previously it was perhaps unlikely that player would (example) spawn on red. Now it is almost guaranteed, so frag timing and item management are (on average) tested more strongly.
-Fragging player now thinks "where would I want to spawn?" and can attempt to predict choice. Fragged player may need to be unpredictable. Adds a new thing to mindgame
-Game knowledge/observation is rewarded. Ex: Fragged player observed/deduced fragging player is low on LG ammo. Fragging player may have opportunity to select LG spawn and start a mid-range fight.
-Greater importance placed on fragged player to know item times out of control
-If multiple spawns are about even in desirability, players can choose one closer to their favorite weapon or one that suits their style.

Now there is still the matter of game start. Not sure how to deal with this, it could still be random or there could be some sort of pick system. Let me know what you guys think. Do not tell me this topic has been done before I will not like it
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Site summary for week ending 26 Sep (3 comments)
Posted by ESReality @ 00:00 BST, 29 September 2014 - iMsg
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So I tested both keel and tankjr... (37 comments)
Posted by He4rTL3sS @ 19:28 BST, 28 September 2014 - iMsg
as enemy model. And I came up with the conclusion that Tankjr + lodbias 2 + playerLean 0 is better than keel lodbias -2.
Why ?

I hit at a non moving target, at the sides of the model, and also a tiny bit above the head/feet of the model, and what happens is that when you hit at keel's side, it's counted as a hit even if you don't "touch" the character model.
Basically tankjr + lodbias 2 fits a bit more the current hitbox than keel. Like I said, there are holes at the sides of keel, as well as above his head. And surprisingly enough, tankjr model doesn't exceed the hitbox actually :O, except for 1 of his arm, which is obviously not a big deal.
And with playerLean 0, he basically never goes out of the hitbox while moving (fast).

After all these years I thought that keel fitted the hitbox better than tank, but apparently I was wrong... BUT, if you use tankjr, ensure that playerLean is set to 0, and also lodbias to 2.

tl;dr tankjr lodbias 2 playerLean 0 > keel lodbias -2
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THE DIRECTOR (14 comments)
Posted by skint @ 12:45 BST, 28 September 2014 - iMsg

we forgot his birthday yesterday.


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Hacker game mode coming? (38 comments)
Posted by Memento_Mori @ 11:38 BST, 28 September 2014 - iMsg
Rumors say, the following game mode is being tested and may be added to the game.

The goal is to make the game more friendly to newbies and give them some features they are used to find in other games, but the hope is that older players will like it too.

---=== The Hacker Mode ===---

The game plays like classic FFA.

One player is randomly selected as the 'hacker', and he will be given wallhack, humanized auto-aim, timer hack, etc which he will use at his discretion. Nobody knows who the hacker is except for the hacker himself.

The game mode has a hidden points system, which at the end of the match are revealed, converted to frags (1 point - 5 frags), and added to the score to determine the actual winner. A player has to decide how much focus to put on the traditional making frags, and how much on making points. So in a way, the classic mode is still there.

Points are made via accusation votes: at any point in time, any player can call a vote to accuse somebody to be the hacker. Unlike normal votes, these expire after 5 seconds and require a minimum of 3 participants to be valid.

As you can see, the mode gives newbies the chance to get exposed to advanced concepts such as gathering consensus on witch hunts, successfully hiding cheats, etc. which according to data collected, is one aspect where newbies struggles most when trying Quake Live for the first time.

My hardcore Quaker soul cringes a bit seeing our game to move in these new directions, but I realize evolution is the only hope to keep our beloved game alive, and therefore I welcome this news with mild skepticism and the hope that it's for the best.
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Quake Live gets rekt by reality (106 comments)
Posted by diabz @ 09:44 BST, 28 September 2014 - iMsg

Good points. At least we aren't the only ones to see it all
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what plastic is the wmo shell made of? (5 comments)
Posted by KittenIgnition @ 05:02 BST, 28 September 2014 - iMsg
I finally switched from my Deathadder to my WMO recently, wanting to try three new things at once: my new mousepad, my old-ish WMO that someone from ESR gave me for free (totally awesome!), and low sensitivity. For the past few years, I've been using super high sens (6cm/360 in Q3), which means wrist-only movement, and it's pretty unhealthy. Not only that, but I've gotten really angry at just how bad my aim/accuracy is. I was hoping to get at least a bit better by lowering my sens and all that.

Anyway, I figured it would be cool to draw something on the shell; some little piece of line art or w/e. What I would like to know is what plastic the WMO's top shell is made of, and if this is even possible to do without ruining the mouse. Is there such a dye that will not rub off with sweat and consistent use?

P.S. I'm a terrible artist a friend of mine will be doing the actual art. A very good artist friend. One who knows how to hold a pen.
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[CS:GO] shake it off (5 comments)
Posted by Tsubaki @ 04:24 BST, 28 September 2014 - iMsg
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500hz vs 1000hz Again =[ (17 comments)
Posted by cha0tic90 @ 02:54 BST, 28 September 2014 - iMsg
I have tried spraying at the wall in practice matches in cs go. Oddly I find getting prefect spray patterns is easier with 500hz but 1000hz is smoother. I have a zowie fk1 so the hz is perfectly stable so that is not an issue. I get perfect spray patterns with 500hz almost every time but with 1000hz even though I feel I am making the right movements the pattern doesn't turn out correctly. Basically I want to know if this is in my head or if 500hz polling is actually more consistent and whether or not others have experienced this? Also I am use to 1000hz polling not 500hz so it is not that I am more use to 500hz because I am more use to 1000hz.

I no longer have issues with 1000hz vs 500hz. It was some weird issue with a USB port. It was stable on mouse tests but something was happening that was messing with the mouse movement. Somehow it handled the issue better with 500hz.

Final result: It turned out to be a setting in my bios that is commonly used for overclocking that was a default setting on my motherboard. It is called CPU load line calibration. It was causing my USB ports to not work correctly.
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Another Quakemovie (9 comments)
Posted by Kapiter @ 01:46 BST, 28 September 2014 - iMsg

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Rating: 6.1 (23 votes)
Another Quakemovie by and with Germany Fragmaster

Play more Quake!
mIRC #ctfpickup

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Need mousepad for 125Hz polling (5 comments)
Posted by memph1s_ @ 21:54 BST, 27 September 2014 - iMsg
I am using a legit WMO on a old but moderately clean QcK+ SK edition. Although it's fine in other games, i am a low sensitivity player in CS:GO and the issue i'm facing is that i tend to hit the negative accel or even make the mouse malfunction.

I have tried using a higher sensitivity the past few weeks but it hasn't worked out for me, though I am still trying. I have the mouse on 125Hz because I go to LANs and changing the polling rate is usually not possible, so I've left it at 125Hz at home too.

I want to know if a different mousepad will help, so please help me find the best possible mousepad for the WMO sensor. Anything even a bit better than the QcK will do since the issue only happens at very few (but important) points.

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Quake live len event (16 comments)
Posted by LordSoth79 @ 20:26 BST, 27 September 2014 - iMsg
Hello to all the Quake lovers out there, both the old school players and the new people just starting out on this totally awesome game called Quake.

I have been watching Zlive on twitch for a while now and have seen players asking&talking about getting more Quake live at lan events. So i started talking about having a Quake Live community get together at insomnia lan event and i have people all ready wanting to go, But i would love to get even more players interested in going and making it a much bigger event so multiplay would i hope support a much bigger tournament for players.

I have all ready been talking to someone at multiplay about getting something going for Quake Live. So far the feed back from them is positive and they have said about doing something for quake. The more people that are up for turning up and playing the better so if you would like to go then reply here or mail me at and lets start getting quake back at lan events and having fun.

I also have an open teamspeak 3 server for anyone wishing to use it. Quake live channels are in there setup and ready to go so feel free to use it if you wish.

That is the ip.
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TDM - Classic (question for the EU pugs) (19 comments)
Posted by flair @ 18:29 BST, 27 September 2014 - iMsg
Greets. For the small group of us in North America that play TDM (real TDM) still on #NATDM.QL I have a question for the European TDM players. As I am sure you have all noticed to make the game mode work correctly you have to do quite a bit more than just click classic. Infact ... it requires a TON of cvars to be changed

Do you all also change machine gun damage back to 4? It was 4 dmg in TDM before 2.0. We already change starting ammo from 50 to 100, but I just noticed the other day that MG is REALLY strong in tdm and its because the previous damage of 4 is now 5. Do you change this? Could someone who spawns EU TDM pickups or official games please post your cvars for me? Thanks

PS: ID this sucks. Can you please just change it so we can select classic TDM and be done with it:? thanks.
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Full Disclosure: Reflex (No comments)
Posted by Praxis @ 08:01 BST, 27 September 2014 - iMsg
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MY BIRTHDAY (21 comments)
Posted by CMSS @ 07:29 BST, 27 September 2014 - iMsg
Today is my birthday, 27th of September.

And i cant be bothered to do the rest -.-
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Come on Zenimax/Bethesda/Whoever.. (23 comments)
Posted by Smilecythe @ 06:19 BST, 27 September 2014 - iMsg
"Oh, you got 2 tb hard drives? Okay let's make obscenely large games now."

Rage ~ 25gb
Wolfenstein: The New Order ~ 40gb
The Elder Scrolls Online ~ 80gb

Is Doom 4 going to be 160gb?
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What do you play Quake? (24 comments)
Posted by dZen @ 01:28 BST, 27 September 2014 - iMsg
I am minded to a question.
The question is, why do you play Quake?
Especially interested to know cpma and pql players motive.

Why Quake?
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Why do people ELO BOOST? (41 comments)
Posted by sulit @ 23:14 BST, 26 September 2014 - iMsg

WHATS TEH POINT? i know he elo boosted before but it really caught my eye when he took a player like burnedd's account
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LOL (2 comments)
Posted by gl00my @ 19:43 BST, 26 September 2014 - iMsg
CS stream from dreamhack ,all the mainstream clones diggin darude - sandstorm.
Such a spectacle,people have no shame :P
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Instant switch vs delayed switch (79 comments)
Posted by Shin-obi @ 19:23 BST, 26 September 2014 - iMsg
Aircontrol had a big debate, so let's do one for switch time

why, why does everyone here automatically think delayed is better and more tactical?

"you get punished for not switching in time, duh"
same thing happens with instant switch, duh

"it's a hard skill to be perfect at"
how come old pros had it down pat and rarely made mistakes.
they had 1/10th the playtime of modern pros and they had no issues with it. usually, when pros make a mistake nowadays it's because theyre strafe jumping around, stumble onto the other player, and end up being late with their switch.
you rarely ever see pros make mistakes when they're melee fighting

delayed switch isnt some deep skill like fanboys want you to believe and using instant switch wouldn't ruin anything.

instant switch automatically makes tdm better because it puts a bigger price on power weapons(that's a fact, jack).

instaswitch also opens the game up to more possibilities. Imagine what cypher would be capable of if he played cpma instead of ql
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ZOWIE OPEN SUNDAY CUP #2 (78 comments)
Posted by @ 17:17 BST, 26 September 2014 - iMsg
Scheduled: 14:30 BST, 28 September 2014 to 19:00 BST, 28 September 2014
Schedule: Passed

ZOWIE is back for part 2 of the Quake Live Sunday cup series, organised by Z Live. Last weekend saw a very impressive performance from Belarus Cyber, taking down Belarus Cypher and then Russia Ash. Soon after he came to his demise vs Russia Evil in the grand final. This Sunday the story continues with another $100 on the line. Check out the useful links below to either signup to the cup or watch the action live!

Stream: United Kingdom Zlive, Russia deliberatemurder
Links:, camera deliberatemurder, camera Zlive, Facebook zowiegear
Notable Signups: Poland Av3k - Russia Cooller - Belarus Cypher - Russia Evil - Russia Ash - Russia Pavel - Belarus Clawz - Spain p0ni - Sweden Spart1e
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Mémoires of Titan Trailer (No comments)
Posted by AnthonyP @ 16:13 BST, 26 September 2014 - iMsg
Style-Productions presents the trailer for the upcoming Titan tribute movie by Anthony Perfetto. Starring ScreaM, kennyS, Ex6TenZ, NBK, and SmithZz, the full movie will be out October 1, 2014. Follow the link below for the stream, download links, and additional information regarding the trailer.

Stream and Download
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LMAO (16 comments)
Posted by annihiluzz @ 16:06 BST, 26 September 2014 - iMsg
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fjjjjj stream (24 comments)
Posted by lokaria @ 08:31 BST, 26 September 2014 - iMsg
A couple of times I thought he was cheating.
Yesterday I watched a limbus game on his stream, dunno if he has peaked but it was so nice to watch. 43 frags 41 net hitting mercylimit before 10 minutes.
His map control/knowledge is unbelievable.

n1 feorz!
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QLRanks Demo Uploader (2 comments)
Posted by larix @ 02:37 BST, 26 September 2014 - iMsg
I'm not sure if many of you using this tool but I'd like to start uploading all my duel demos to QLRanks, however the software keeping saying Error: wrong file type

is there a way to fix this and is the QLRanks dude gonna fix the problemo?
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Mission: Help Reflex reach the goal! (64 comments)
Posted by H1ghlander @ 23:37 BST, 25 September 2014 - iMsg
I want to belive ;d

How we can help? Spam all social media, celebrities, gaming website, spread the word and stuff. Maybe 4chan or something? lol
Kidnap celebrities and force them to advertise Reflex! Hack website and put Reflex kickstarter page there! ;d

lets do something, its time to revive arena shooters! ;d

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QuakeCon 2015 Announced (93 comments)
Posted by Vig1lante @ 22:34 BST, 25 September 2014 - iMsg
QuakeCon 2015 will be held from July 23 to 26, 2015 in Dallas, Texas at the Hilton Anatole.

2015 will be the 20th Year Id Software has ever hosted QuakeCon. BYOC and Tournaments will be announced at a later date. For more info about the event check the quakecon website.
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Rhllor? (56 comments)
Posted by malfin @ 20:46 BST, 25 September 2014 - iMsg
I dont care who he is if he is the best player in the world i really dont because what hes doing is not right - he has become in less than 5 days ranked #1 in CTF , now he tries to do this in other team modes as well, this is very unsporty behaviour because if you look at his profile at his games he almost NEVER played a whole game, he always joins a game waits and make sure he joins the winning team (and hes doing a great job with 100% of wins), so he plays like for 2-5mins most of the games..he is basically abusing all games he joins..just check his profile and game details (mostly ctf) for the last week, I wasnt able to find one ctf game that he played full time (most of them are from 30secs to 5mins)..its not normal..
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"Defuse on the fly" (1 comment)
Posted by sucky sucky 5 dolla @ 17:08 BST, 25 September 2014 - iMsg
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QuakeLive FFA at Eurogamer this weekend! (20 comments)
Posted by nvc @ 14:35 BST, 25 September 2014 - iMsg
If anyone in UK is heading to Eurogamer I've got 10 pc's with 144hz screens running Quake Live FFA on the Scan Computers booth as you walk in.

Come play if you're visiting! :)
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Reversion - Xonotic 1v1 invite Cup (25 comments)
Posted by Mirio @ 14:17 BST, 25 September 2014 - iMsg
Scheduled: 18:00 BST, 10 October 2014 to 22:00 BST, 10 October 2014
Begins In:

The Reversion Cup is a three-day duel tournament and Xonotic's first event with prize money.

On Friday, the best 20 players from Europe, Russia and North America battle for the top spots in each of the four groups. The top 2 from each group will return on Saturday to play the quarter-finals. Sunday will feature the semi-finals, the 3rd place match and the grand final. All tournament days will be covered on twitch streams with the top matches being streamed and casted.

Streams: Finland thimo / If someone wants to stream it, just join #reversioncup (QuakeNet)! We would be very glad about that.
Links: Xonotic forums post, mIRC #reversioncup
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The original Q3 announcer posted a clip (71 comments)
Posted by nemecel @ 11:14 BST, 25 September 2014 - iMsg
in reddit:

So why in the fuck ID didn't contact the guy in order to not absolutely ruin a fundalmental part of the game's aesthetics? I can't focus anymore when I hear vegeta saying "immmpressive" in a ridiculous manner. When you used to get an impressive or an excellent with the old voice you got that adrenaline rush, that extra motivation, same for when the countdown ended and you heard "FIGHT", and same for "you lost the lead" or "you have taken the lead". The voice reflected these feelings better. Now with this, all I get is a cringeworthy whenever I hear this fucker.

I even got some newbs without Q3 as reference to play QL, and they said the announcer guy sounded a bit stupid (some played UT tho). Then I showed them some Q3/QL videos and they said "much better".
A cold blooded arena demands for a low tone, distorted, computerised voice. The new voice is way too fucking human sounding. Too bad id has no aesthetic sensitivity to notice all these objective facts in order to avoid ruining the game with these details (for me this is not even a detail, it's a fundamental pillar of the game).

So what are you waiting for, SyncError? what are you waiting for to contact Xian and fix this fucking mess for once? And don't try to sell me the "original announcer DLC" or some shit because that's just insulting.

I would understand if you add a "blood and gore DLC" to avoid being rated M, so only that DLC gets rated M which is pretty clever (even tho it still sucks and the ideal would be to have it ON by default, but anyway ...)

Another thing i've noticed A LOT is how every single person I show a videofrag to, gets dissapointed with the visuals of the game, because videofrags nowadays use high resolution textures, custom effects, motion blur, gore and of course, the original announcer.
So what are you waiting for to improve the game in this basic department?
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CPMA minimovie ver.2 (2 comments)
Posted by kevlark @ 09:52 BST, 25 September 2014 - iMsg
New redaction of past CPMA movie, featuring: myt, ryan_h

Send me your interesting cpma frags on mail
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Did anyone else catch this awesome bot? (9 comments)
Posted by larix @ 08:10 BST, 25 September 2014 - iMsg
Apparently someone created a bot named RNGBOT (Random Number Generator Bot) that would target and shoot random people. It was quite hilarious watching it walk around the map into walls and stuff. No human was controlling any aspect of it other than running the program itself. It wandered aimlessly around maps shooting random players.

also im pretty sure i got walled by devonp when i went to railspawn later in the match, lol.

the bot connects around mid way thru match. but i do get some sick air rockets that you guys might find entertaining to watch :)

how do you feel about clan arena and how it has devolved into a bunch of tier1 "i just started playing" players invading all the highest tier servers and getting pissed when asked to leave? clan arena ALMOST became something to get good at before steam launched, now it's just full of noobs walking around while the experienced players stomp on them and then get pissed at their retarded teammates. Honestly I don't understand the point in clan arena even existing if there is NO WAY for the skilled players to separate themselves from the absolute scrubs. WE ARE FORCED TO PLAY WITH THEM. Do you think id software will fix the tier system?

Does anyone want to start making servers password protected where all the common players will know but the noobs wont? As far as I can see, that's our best solution.
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Game Analysis #3: Rapha vs Cypher (89 comments)
Posted by twister_ @ 01:37 BST, 25 September 2014 - iMsg
Due to intense procrastination I have not released any new game analysis videos the past couple of years. Having just finished my bachelor's degree I found a bit of free time though, so here goes. The two arguably best Quake Live players battling it out in an intense Furious Heights game.

Subscribe for more vids and stuff

Previous Vids: Improving at Quake, #1 Noctis vs Rapha, #2 Cooller vs Cypher
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Lets play a little game. (59 comments)
Posted by pitch @ 00:56 BST, 25 September 2014 - iMsg
Does anyone see anything odd?

First one to find waldo will recieve a prize.

After watching the first video.

ztner is now banned, keep an eye out for his next account. ;>
Edited by pitch at 08:18 BST, 26 September 2014 - 3972 Hits
Posted by Zaccubus @ 00:06 BST, 25 September 2014 - iMsg
So his an overview of the movement system so far in the Pre Alpha of UT


and his some quick trick jumps as well

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See you in reflex (29 comments)
Posted by ZhuMusic @ 17:24 BST, 24 September 2014 - iMsg
Donating 500 dollars!

Donate here:
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SyncError make new players stay! (54 comments)
Posted by eatSlugs @ 17:08 BST, 24 September 2014 - iMsg
first off: I really like to see quake servers be populated again, thanks to steam-release(won't debate here on loadouts etc).

I think what is important to motivate those new players to stay for more then 4-5 hours of playtime, is to build a newb-friendly community around them. don't know if it's possible with steam, but I remember when I started quake 3 in 1999, there was you had a big lobby where all players meet, with icons next to their nickname(displaying ranks). the players could open their own rooms from the lobby, there were tournaments etc...

next important thing would be: offer them HATS! for example an own 'store' to individualize the visuals of quake: blood and gibs(rating would only get higher for THIS certain dlc), different weapon skins probably borrowed from differend quake incarnations, different anouncer voice, texture packs for maps(gothic, industrial etc..)
this would produce extra-profit to pay more dev's etc..

probably would be a good idea too, to have atleast 1 'classic' server online in EVERY game-mode to show new players that there is a 'step above' the servers with loadouts.

in the same time would be good to change the name of 'classic'-ruleset to 'competitive'. that way new players would understand why they get owned on those servers, not because it's classic=old=bad, but because it's competitive=more demanding.

just some thoughts and to all the hardcore-players, it won't affect you negatively because all the irc-pickups etc are still there and working, now we only have to take the chance to get as many new players to try 'competitive' quake ))
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Air control vs no air control (177 comments)
Posted by skint @ 16:31 BST, 24 September 2014 - iMsg
Why is it that there's so many people that hate air control, some stating they won't touch games that have it?
Just wondering as when I read threads on here and there's also a couple of comments on the bigger gaming sites that have featured Reflex from players with this view. They never state why, just 'not if it has air control' kind of responses.
(most of the comments on other sites about reflex are generally posititve)

In the case of Quake I personally prefer the movement with air control (qw & cpm) due to all the tricks and freedom you have to move at speed. That's not to say I don't like the movement in q3/ql and the movement in q2 is superb, but i just prefer the air control.

What are the arguments for and against and why do you hate/love air control or no air control.
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Warxon Alpha Released (71 comments)
Posted by extone @ 12:35 BST, 24 September 2014 - iMsg
Alpha version of Warxon game is released.

This is the first public release of Warxon and its purpose is to provide playable and complete version of game suitable for gameplay testing. Content of the game is temporary and mostly borrowed from such free games as Nexuiz classic, Open Arena and Xonotic.

Warxon Alpha is using latest version of Qfusion 3D GPL engine and has many features needed for competitive playing. Even though final release aims to replace most of the content with modern hi-quality assets, Alpha version is packed with highest quality free content available and should provide enjoyable experience while testing such an early version of game. Alpha release aims to be stable enough to be reliably used for online cups.

Links: Warxon, Twitter
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bug or feature? (12 comments)
Posted by 7ep3s @ 12:05 BST, 24 September 2014 - iMsg
could this be the ultimate training tool to get 99% LG? or just and other broken thing?

608 Hits
Satellite Reign (syndicate) (3 comments)
Posted by skint @ 09:23 BST, 24 September 2014 - iMsg
They are getting close to the pre-alpha now which will hopefully be next month and a Steam early access which should be roughly 2 months after that! From the latest screenshots and info it's looking very promising.

They also give a shoutout to Reflex in their latest update.
Edited by skint at 09:25 BST, 24 September 2014 - 230 Hits
WOLFCAM HELP!! (42 comments)
Posted by VinuJ @ 21:44 BST, 23 September 2014 - iMsg
Weeelll, yesterday, my wolfcam was working fine, today - BAM - black screen/flashes open then closes every single time.
I have the logs here:
I don't see why its not working!
It was working yesterday, making it even more piss taking :/ I've tried a billion times from scratch, no configs or anything, just raw download and exec.

Please, please, help as me and a friend are opening a new frag movie channel/company and we need some frag movies of course :P

Concerning the channel, here's what we have done with the channel art and logo etc. for now:

Thanks a lot guys really need the help :)
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5%+ of MM at least are probably cheaters (7 comments)
Posted by Dynamix @ 20:45 BST, 23 September 2014 - iMsg

Pretty small sample size so not super accurate, but 5% of the recent accounts he's played against have a VAC ban.

Add in smurfs and uncaught cheaters, you're probably pretty likely to have at least one non legit player in every game, I imagine it gets worse at the higher ranks (he's a MGE).
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HoQ CA Fall Season opens signups (18 comments)
Posted by doz3r @ 20:00 BST, 23 September 2014 - iMsg
HoQ is back in CA business so its time for the Fall ql Quake Live CA 4v4 season. The signups are open from tuesday 23rd September until 8th October.

Check below for all needed informations and sign-up! (If you already have player and clan account on House of Quake, feel free to sign-up right away. Otherwise make sure to register yourselves and your clan first.)

Streams: noone yet
Links: Rules, Signup
Edited by doz3r at 01:27 BST, 24 September 2014 - 3926 Hits
Loadouts in Attack & Defend (11 comments)
Posted by poros1ty @ 19:36 BST, 23 September 2014 - iMsg
Do they even play or test their own game? Loadouts make no sense in A&D since are no items to pick up and you're *supposed* to start with all weapons just as in clan arena.

Fix this shit.
Edited by poros1ty at 20:35 BST, 23 September 2014 - 564 Hits
Edited by cha0tic90 at 19:26 BST, 23 September 2014 - 1114 Hits
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Question about video (16 comments)
Posted by removed @ 16:49 BST, 23 September 2014 - iMsg
I see nice stats messages here:

I think its something from wolfcam, right?

Also, anyone knows what is this 400 mark in front of my nick in scores board? Is this something like "banned" status?
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TOXIKK - Bright future of ARENA Fps ? (73 comments)
Posted by quad_ @ 15:52 BST, 23 September 2014 - iMsg

Since there has been alot of talk about Reflex, which is something im looking forward to aswell, but havent seen much talk for upcoming game Toxikk, which will probably come out pretty soon (hopefully). Anyways, i just want to hear some of your thoughts about it, im personally rly looking forward to it, always wanted a game which is a real quake/UT Arena FPS and which can match other games in terms of Graphics.

Will toxikk be a good replacement for Quake or something that you would enjoy just as much?

Trailer #1:

Trailer #2:

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Probation (63 comments, locked)
Posted by diabz @ 15:43 BST, 23 September 2014 - iMsg
I'm on probation supposedly for abuse but now I'm finding at least 1/3 if not more of my posts don't get approved.

What's the go? It is logical to place someone on probation for not following the rules but I'm struggling to understand why getting put on probation suddenly means that several ESR admin are censoring me...
Locked by xou at 01:22 BST, 30 September 2014 - 1486 Hits
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Quake Live tutorial series - Part 2 (5 comments)
Posted by diabz @ 13:31 BST, 23 September 2014 - iMsg

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Anyone else watching the Twitch Steamers (19 comments)
Posted by magadog @ 06:58 BST, 23 September 2014 - iMsg
It's pretty interesting watching these guys play.

A lot of them have decent aim and they prefer the rail. None of them seem to like the LG at all. About half of them played Quake 3 a long time ago it seems. All of them seem to be having a lot of fun, which is unsurprising. It's kind of fun to watch them play and get pissed off or excited. I spent a couple hrs today watching their streams and giving some advice or info. If you tell them about the health and armor stacks and what the various weapons damages are it seems to help them.

Anyway its real nice seeing a game I've played on and off for 15 years being enjoyed for the first time by some of these people. I forgot what it was like to experience the game for the first time. Of course, these guys are used to online FPS games where I think a lot of us we not back in 1999.
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Reflex gameplay (69 comments)
Posted by obi @ 02:59 BST, 23 September 2014 - iMsg
A lot of people ask what will be different from CPMA, and the developers have said they are using CPMA as a base only and they expect things to change. Here's some random ideas:

- less air control (but more than Quake Live)

- "curved" rockets which maintain some kind of momentum after they are fired (something like this

- have the railgun start charging after being equipped. it can be fired at any time but for less damage. full charge time would be equal to current delay between shots.

- infinite range on the lg, but with significant damage fall off

- grenades which explode after a certain amount of bounces (for example, on the third bounce)

- ability to shoot opponents rockets/projectiles. god this would own.

- cyclic teleporters, so if you chase an opponent through them you arrive at a different location

- decide duels by damage done, not counting damage absorbed by armour

(Yes I know a lot of these are probably retarded, whatever). Anyone got any ideas?
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Smart Africans (24 comments)
Posted by _agu @ 23:01 BST, 22 September 2014 - iMsg
Some smart African gave an AK-47 to an Ape. The video tells everything.

Edit: ***
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Adding other Quakes to Quakelive (23 comments)
Posted by gSTRUCTOR @ 19:01 BST, 22 September 2014 - iMsg
Seeing my initiative to create a community based portal for quake4 didnt got much attention, i got another idea for achieving the same goal in a different way.

id could integrate in a not distant future a quake4 option in quakelive. And maybe in the future, if it ever becomes released, quake5??? You utilize the same friends, chat, portal etc that you have running.
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Arcade Run (1 comment)
Posted by skint @ 18:02 BST, 22 September 2014 - iMsg

pretty cool vid, watch until the end!
Edited by skint at 18:48 BST, 22 September 2014 - 179 Hits
The remote server returned an error:(503 (3 comments)
Posted by bmes_ @ 17:34 BST, 22 September 2014 - iMsg
(503) Server Unavailable.

Haven't played in two weeks now I get this message for two days. What's happening?
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AutoShot by SOLAR (51 comments)
Posted by heytoN @ 14:44 BST, 22 September 2014 - iMsg
AutoShot by SOLAR

Ban this noob cheater, guys. Support quake live ignors reports from russian players.
Edited by heytoN at 14:47 BST, 22 September 2014 - 2152 Hits
Quakelive, Steam and VAC (35 comments)
Posted by xou @ 13:54 BST, 22 September 2014 - iMsg
Don't care

  (view results, discard poll)
Should QuakeLive go Steam exclusive and use Valve Anti-Cheat?
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Wallhack or not? (12 comments)
Posted by CMSS @ 08:16 BST, 22 September 2014 - iMsg
Following this recent thread:

This is the video from Daddy_ 's POV.

I was unable to get the demo from his POV v me so here is one recorded from his POV v someone else

And this is believed to be his new account:!profile/summary/CowNChicken

* Why does Vegas take so long? It was only a 4 minute videos -.-

Update: Daddy_ is now banned
Edited by CMSS at 20:13 BST, 22 September 2014 - 423 Hits
QUAKE live @ The Door, Dallas. (4 comments)
Posted by cez_ @ 07:29 BST, 22 September 2014 - iMsg

is this be cuss of steam?


492 Hits
Sell the gore (59 comments)
Posted by magadog @ 06:59 BST, 22 September 2014 - iMsg
Do you think any of these Steamers would spend $5 or so to unlock the bloody gibs?

Maybe id could make a quick few bucks from these guys before they run away because id did absolutely nothing to separate them from us.

Valid idea or no? Not sure how many would purchase. Actually I probably would just so I could turn them on for FFA while I rape all these newbs.
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Site summary for week ending 19 Sep (12 comments)
Posted by ESReality @ 00:00 BST, 22 September 2014 - iMsg
Edited by Teen Queen at 10:57 BST, 22 September 2014 - 1875 Hits
Why I left Quake Live from tier 4 (63 comments)
Posted by kjojo @ 23:32 BST, 21 September 2014 - iMsg
I love Quake series, and I wanted to love Quake Live, but I left after four months.

Here's why. Maybe it will serve somebody who has a hand in development.

There are two major issues I see. First, training enviroment is not provided. Second, cheaters are allowed.

For a game that touts itself as a game of skill, with huge skill span from noob to pro, it's absurd that players don't have training enviroment.

I can think of at least 15 types of training modules which would speed up my skill development. And I would enjoy to train them all, as I enjoy "training" with bots, concentrating on one part of my game, getting comfortable and then seeing how my training pays off in live matches. By the way, current option to play with bots is not training, it's best-alternative-to-none training.

Of course, not all QL players would train. But many of those who are serious about the game probably would.

I started as noob and during four months got to lower tier 4, with between 90 and 100 skill rating. I don't know if that's good or bad, but I know that if QL wants me to play in tier 4, with people who are multiple times better than me, I at least expect to be provided with training enviroment.

Without it, I am there just to provide frag counts to others.

There is no serious basketball or football team, no golf or tennis player, that just plays live games. They all train. QL is a game of wide skill span, and I expect that I can train it properly. I have other things to do in my life than to invest months on end or years getting wiped, without fair option to train, so that someday I'll maybe get to the enjoyable high playing level in QL.

On the other hand, what QL lacks in training enviroment it gives in cheaters.

As I see it, I give QL my passion and time, and for that QL rewards me with cheaters. Instead of enjoying conquering the game as hard as it is, I also have to think if there is a cheater on server, who takes shortcuts and undermines my effort.

There are people in this world who made satellites and shoot them to space to orbit around the earth. I don't think making QL cheat-proof is harder than rocket science. I think that there is a reason why QL is made in a way that it allows cheating. I don't care what that reason is, because whatever it is, I see it as "f*** you' to regular players.

Anyway, enough from me. As Jim Carrey said at the end of The Truman Show: "In case I don't see you... good afternoon, good evening, and good night".
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Activity and Stats links (10 comments)
Posted by filo @ 23:04 BST, 21 September 2014 - iMsg
QL leeto
QL leeto - Activity
QL Ranks
Steam stats
Steam charts Quake Live

ps. these are some links for personal use, if any1 finds use in it, then fine i guess and for the love of god, can someone update ESR editor and bring it to the 21. century?

Sujoy Roy?
Edited by filo at 23:09 BST, 21 September 2014 - 447 Hits
Steam PROs and CONs? (73 comments)
Posted by filo @ 22:21 BST, 21 September 2014 - iMsg
Can any1 explain cons and pros going steam or standalone?
Can some1 posts screenshots or something.
2113 Hits
So Steam happened, result is lag (6 comments)
Posted by thizito @ 21:03 BST, 21 September 2014 - iMsg
We are from Brazil, where we have to PAY to host a server.
The steam was a sucess here, servers are all full(or mostly)

the problem is, our host is not supporting SA players.

the new players are experiencing warp/lag/bad server connection

is that what ID wants ?

Why not pay the server for us with high quality?

We already hardly pay a quantity, making it higher for get quality will be risky..

Seriously, you win something with Steam, the players
But if i am new, i would be sad with this servers, is our fault or id fault ?

Sorry for english, i try my best
Its a really shame south america without LOVE.
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How to beat the QuakeLive cheats? (208 comments)
Posted by p3l3.dynodeath @ 20:47 BST, 21 September 2014 - iMsg
Main question is, what are the cheats out there, that are known? post them, NO links or specific names please, just what they do.

EDIT1: probably best to start at Comment #39 onwards, after the trolls.

Why post them?

I hear this a load about cheaters, yes or no, some true claims some false. Many lesser skilled starter noob's (not their fault not to know yet) just think that someone who hits a direct rocket is a cheat. But does not understanding the 100 dmg it delivers directly.

Some even think fov, or increasing sound levels is a cheat. So there are different terms for cheating. But overall hacking of anything other than "non-standard game tweaks", is not good.

How to overcome this?

ID has done a good thing.
"Intentionally or not", the introduction of timers to items, and the dmg plums, are actually eliminating the power of the cheaters, or making it harder for them. So good job tbh ID.

I touched on this on another thread, but with ID not able to stop modernisation of the hacking / cheating community, so why not eliminate it by adding some of them as feature of some sort.

Prevention is better than cure.
Punkbuster does obviously not work properly enough. So what are the cheats?

The more we know about what cheats to look out for the better the game can actually be. And be more cheat proof. Only the Aimbot stuff will be hardest to look out for, but then ID have that capability to eradicate most.

With the

Wallhack for e.g.

"If you can't beat them, join them!" In this case, if you can't eliminate them, integrate it so that everyone is on an even keel. result :)

feedback welcome
Edited by p3l3.dynodeath at 16:11 BST, 23 September 2014 - 5010 Hits
Demo Tools for Steam Quake (1 comment)
Posted by VinuJ @ 20:18 BST, 21 September 2014 - iMsg
Anyone know of anything like wolfcam/wolf whispere/ quakelive demo tools, that actually work properly seeming as firstly the demo file types have changed to .dm90 and the fact that it is now mainly on steam (I don't think this would affect anything to do with demos)

So if anyone has any info on any upcoming, or already released demo tools for the new dm90 demo type it would be very helpful.

Feel free to discuss other things about demo tools as well I guess :P

225 Hits
Vo0's Reflex Pre-Alpha Stream (13 comments)
Posted by removed @ 18:29 BST, 21 September 2014 - iMsg
Edited by Nukm at 18:52 BST, 21 September 2014 - 1126 Hits
Quake Live tutorial series (26 comments)
Posted by diabz @ 16:56 BST, 21 September 2014 - iMsg
I've made a couple of videos that I'm in the process of getting online...

Here's a link to the others maps:

Any suggestions for these types of videos?
Edited by twister_ at 21:29 BST, 21 September 2014 - 848 Hits
cheater or not? (54 comments)
Posted by heytoN @ 14:24 BST, 21 September 2014 - iMsg
Russian Community is sure this guy is cheater, but ID don't want ban him. What you think, guys?

UPD: Ok, SOLAR is cheater. How he can be banned?
Demo of this game uploaded.
Edited by heytoN at 08:54 BST, 22 September 2014 - 2002 Hits
EA Frostbite, Hardline, BF4 and PGA Golf (13 comments)
Posted by p3l3.dynodeath @ 14:03 BST, 21 September 2014 - iMsg
This engine just looks quality
334 Hits
Hardware for streaming? (7 comments)
Posted by skint @ 12:54 BST, 21 September 2014 - iMsg
If I wanted to stream older pc games from late 90s/early 2000s or emulators such as PSX, what kind of system specs would be needed?

Also how much data does streaming generally use and what kind of speed internet is needed?

I'm running an AMD A8-5600k (quad core 3.6 apu) with 8gb ram. And my internet is 8mb/0.8mb.
355 Hits
I got given a skin? (6 comments)
Posted by CMSS @ 11:52 BST, 21 September 2014 - iMsg
Edited by xou at 23:29 BST, 21 September 2014 - 523 Hits
QL NA DuelCup - Finals (27 comments)
Posted by flair @ 09:09 BST, 21 September 2014 - iMsg
Scheduled: 23:00 BST, 21 September 2014 to 03:00 BST, 22 September 2014
Schedule: Passed

Day 2: 23:00 BST, 21 September 2014, Round of 16 Single Elimination Bo3 + Finals.

Day 2 Twitch VODs, Day 2 Youtube playlist, September 2014 Brackets / Results.

Links:, #duelcup
Edited by Badb0y at 02:06 BST, 25 September 2014 - 5299 Hits
we need tourneys (5 comments)
Posted by issy @ 00:25 BST, 21 September 2014 - iMsg
hello friends, since we have a huge burst of new players, i'd suggest to make a couple of torneys even with new rule set, with a bit of prize money, for all of the gamemodes. Would be great to divide those tourneys by some skill level, so the new players can participate too. For example next weekend, advertise those tourneys everywhere here and on steam, so ppl could see that there is a competitive side of the game. Since there are no matchmaking, it will be hard for them to stick to the game for long enough, and this weekend tourneys can provide the reason. Meanwhile great guys like sponge and sync will think about matchmaking, or at least will implement directly in to the game elo based system made by great guy sirax and co. Because this little +10 -10 elo after the game, is a really great thing, and makes new and old players srtive to get better. Well first tourneys, then everything else. Its the last chance for guys at id to advertise your game and get new players, and make'em stick to it, so plz dont blow this chanse.

P.S. Sorry for crappy english, im from Potato.
460 Hits
John Carmack Keynote @ Oculus Connect (7 comments)
Posted by Shipoopi @ 23:44 BST, 20 September 2014 - iMsg
Because we missed his Keynote on Quakecon :)

494 Hits
Id ignoring cheaters? (56 comments)
Posted by CMSS @ 22:08 BST, 20 September 2014 - iMsg!profile/summary/daddy_

As soon as i noticed him cheating, i went to irc and told sponge, SyncError and ( not sure how you spell it but) Saspirillo. Yet they were not intrested and i have even sent 2 emails to support.

The guy clearly uses wallhack. - i will edit the demos to where he OBVIOUSLY uses wh and upload to YouTube
Edited by xou at 23:28 BST, 21 September 2014 - 1545 Hits
failed to load user data (5 comments)
Posted by dadS @ 21:56 BST, 20 September 2014 - iMsg
Any fix?

Google only brings a up a result on qlforums which are down.
Edited by twister_ at 23:23 BST, 21 September 2014 - 565 Hits
QL Server Offline on a Saturday (18 comments)
Posted by J3ck @ 21:20 BST, 20 September 2014 - iMsg
Typical corporation... let's see how much we can get for as little effort as possible. Why not at least boost the infrastructure just in case something like this happened?

1246 Hits
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