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Broadcast #7: Pressure Pleasure (1 comment)
Posted by Teen Queen @ 14:18 CDT, 24 October 2016 - iMsg
'bout damn time.

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Why does my setup make sense ? (2 comments)
Posted by He4rTL3sS @ 13:57 CDT, 24 October 2016 - iMsg
Ok guys, I'll try to explain why I'm using that mouse rather than that one, why I'm playing with X keyboard, mousepad and so on... Why I have that CPU/GPU instead of that other GPU/CPU etc...

Ok, I start:

I think the keyboard you're using is actually much more important than the mouse or monitor you're using. Let me explain why.
Actually you're not switching weapons with the mouse (except in rare cases), you're not typing with the mouse, and you aim much better with a good rubber dome keyboard than with a shitty one.
Also, last but not least, when you browse a website (usually a porn website or ESR, which is basically the same), you write the url with the keyboard (yeah I know you can still have a virtual keyboard in windows but it's still much faster to type with a real keyboard), not with the mouse or even monitor. I agree tho that you still need a monitor to watch movies (usually porn movies or quake frag movies, almost the same in fact) or play quake, altho the best quake players can still play without a monitor (or let's assume you're blind, how can you see your monitor anyway ? Even if you're blind you can still feel your keyboard with your fingers or you can still masturbate with porn movies sounds).
Tbh I think that the most important part of your setup is your keyboard. With your keyboard you can dodge like cooller or strafe-aim like Z4muZ, but i agree tho that you CAN'T hit harder than toxjq in q3, whatever keyboard you're using.
Oh and I forgot, when you're angry/raging, when you had a bad day, usually you tend to smash your keyboard rather than your monitor or mouse. Actually smashing a good quality and very comfortable keyboard with your head feels much MUCH better than a shitty keyboard that will probably break your bones cause after 2 or 3 hits you're basically hitting your desk.
In my case, I can't remember the model name of the keyboard I'm using, but it's a very high quality keyboard, it's a razor something, which I bought 350€ or something. Ah yeah, forgot another thing, when you buy a keyboard, MAKE SURE that it has 16.8M led colors, because when you play in the night, if you don't have any leds on your keys, you can't see them, and then you're basically unable to dodge or strafe-aim or switch weapons etc.. In my case (at least), when I'm focusing on my dodges, I don't look at the monitor but directly at the keyboard,and I try to focus on the sounds to locate my enemy's position.

Headset is probably the 2nd most important thing in your setup. Actually I have 3 headsets, because when some people (friends, family etc) are at home and watching me play, everyone can hear the sounds. Personally, I don't have any real life friends but in case someday I'll have some, then my 2 other headsets will be useful.
My headsets are razor kraken pro 9.1 dolby digital THX ultra creative fatal1ty atmos digital. I prefer them over any other headsets because razor is arguably the best gaming gear brand at the moment. I have dolby digital THX 9.1 with my razor synapse drivers because even if there's no sound or my pc is off, I can still hear sounds that don't exist in real life, just like when I was at the psychiatric hospital and I was able to hear voices.
Also, everyone knows that when you play thunderstruck almost 24/7 like me, you need to hear the quake sounds perfectly, especially since the map is big and sometimes, especially if you have your monitor off (like most best quake players), you need to know exactly where your enemy is. And even if he's hidding behind a wall and walking, I can still hear him like if he were running or jumping because of dolby digital THX 9.1.

I like mice. Especially razor abyss. I miss accel tho, like when I was playing with my good old kinzu v1 (which was probably the best mouse I had ever used). Imo, it's clear that when evil beat rapha at the quakecon 2016 (the latest one), it was obviously because of his keyboard, but in this particular case also because of his mouse). Same for strenx when he won all the online zotac cups and the IEM dubai 2014 when he beat great players such as Z4muZ, cooller, rapha, cypher, av3k, k1llsen, agent and finally MAKIE in the grand finale.
Personally I think the perfect mouse doesn't exist (yet), but if I had to make one, it would be deathadder left-handed shape (if you are right handed it's actually better to play with a left handed mouse, because that way your right hand (strongest and fastest one) can use the keyboard, and like I said, the keyboard is the most important part of your setup). I would probably also add as much weight as possible, like 1 or 2kg, so that you still have perfect control with high sens (low sens is overrated).
ATM i'm using razor DA chromatus 16.8B colors at 26000DPI (I'm using high dpi because I'm playing with high sens). I still miss my kinzu and razor abyss tho, but I like the shape of the chromatus a lot and people often say that the best sensor available atm are in the DA chromatus and logitech G Pro. I personally don't like the G Pro because it's way too light and my 1st gaming mouse was a razor, back in 2004 or something. Razor > logitech, everyone knows that, it was like that since the beginning.

I personally don't have any monitor anymore. It's like when you start to remove your crosshair and realize that you can still hit as hard as if you had one. Over the years, I just realized that I don't need any monitor as long as I have a good keyboard and headset. Also, that way, I can save money for a better keyboard,

I have a razor goliath ultra fast extended XXXXL elite edition. Since I'm using high sens, psychologically it feels better to think like "even if I do a very very large mouse's movement, I'll still have like 1 or 2 meters left on my mousepad". I mean, it's all in the head, it's like when you have a bugatti veyron with 1000HP, if the speed is limited to 90km/h, psychologically it's nice to think that you're using 1/1000 of your HP, you don't have to worry about it too much. And also, you all know that I'm on meds, so I think that (at least in my case), anything that can make me feel more comfortable psychologically is good for me.
So yeah, at the end, just get an ultra large and fast mousepad even if you're using 5cm/360ฐ like agent does. And take a razor one, preferably, because like I said already razor is the best gaming gears brand atm.

ATM I only play quakelive, so I think that the more cores I have with my CPU, the better. I have an intel core i7-5960x with like 8 cores of something, that way I don't have any fps drops at maps like asylum etc...
I also have a GTX 1080p so that I can play at 1920x1080p very comfortably. And since my keyboard uses 1000hz USB polling rate, I need a very strong graphic card as well as CPU to handle it.
You will probably ask me why I bother about screen res if I don't have any monitor. Actually it's quite simple.
When I play quake it's much more smooth to use 1080p screen res with 26000dpi, even if I don't see anything, I can feel EVERYTHING.


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Thunderdome 7 started (2 comments)
Posted by leopold @ 08:34 CDT, 24 October 2016 - iMsg
The Thunderdome 1v1 Season 7 is on the way with 84 Players battling it out in 5 divisions all over Europe and South America. Scientists fear another source of global warming but QW'ers just won't stop!

Links: QW Get QW, QW Community, QW Watch it
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John Romero talks about early days of id (3 comments)
Posted by gojira_ @ 01:57 CDT, 24 October 2016 - iMsg
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H1Z1? (5 comments)
Posted by Makie @ 16:58 CDT, 23 October 2016 - iMsg

I see these scrubs on twitch cant win a single game after 2k hours of playing this game i managed beat it after 81h in total, croatian master race or just MAKIE?
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GPU Readings unavailable after sleepmode (No comments)
Posted by Melted @ 00:35 CDT, 23 October 2016 - iMsg
Windows 7
Asus crosshair v formula
AMD FX 6100
GTX 580
BeQuite 750w

Upon wake, Msi afterburner and specy, no longer display GPU Readings - MSI Afterburner reads null for voltages, temp and speeds. Speccy displays: GTX 580 and some weird character.
This has never happened before and there's been no changes, that I'm aware of.

Searched tomshardware and Msi forums, can't seem to find a solution.
Does anyone know of a possible Windows service, which would affect this?

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What I saw in Rapha's Webcam (21 comments)
Posted by mray557 @ 13:37 CDT, 22 October 2016 - iMsg
Man, recently, i been watching Rapha on twitch and now he's got a webcam going. I thought he would have a more luxurious view since he's one of the best gamer in the world. I've seen him play Ovewratch with fatal1ty but why doesn't fatal1ty give him a job in LV or something ? Damn..
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How are the NEW Mad Catz mice? (15 comments)
Posted by RadikulRAM @ 13:36 CDT, 22 October 2016 - iMsg

I've had bad experiences with the sensors in the previous mad catz, but these seem to be using modern more common sensors.

The RAT Pro S is using a Pixart PMW 3330 optical sensor. I've tried searching the forums but I couldn't find anything on that particular sensor. Is it any good?

The RAT 4 uses a Pixart PMW 3310. An older sensor, and the RAT 8 uses a Pixart PMW 3360 (what my Zowie uses I believe).

Strange that they would go for a variety of optical sensors, maybe because they get the old ones for cheaper?

I want a Mad Catz because of their ergonomics. Due to my three finger grip (my middle finger uses the mouse wheel, wedding on right click), I can't use the mouse buttons on the side of the mouse. For example on my Zowie ZA13/FK2 I can't press the mouse button five comfortably. If I press it, I have to weaken my grip on the mouse and that effects my aim.

So I need something that's optical and adjustable.
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Recent Realization (7 comments)
Posted by mray557 @ 15:16 CDT, 21 October 2016 - iMsg
I usually get banned from every website that I go to but for some reason, this site won't ban me for everything I'm doing. It's like they won't get off my D.
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HoQ TDM Fall Season Round #3 (11 comments)
Posted by doz3r @ 06:47 CDT, 21 October 2016 - iMsg
Scheduled: 14:00 CDT, 24 October 2016 to 16:00 CDT, 24 October 2016
Schedule: Passed

The schedule for round 3 looks like this:

Saturday 22/10/16 12:30 CDT
Div3 Russia Raks vs Europe Zombei (VOD)

Sunday 23/10/16 14:00 CDT
Div1 Europe Pacmen vs Russia KogdaKvad reschedule
Div2 Europe Hateful Eight vs Europe I Love My Squad (VOD)
Div3 Russia nameLess vs Czech Republic Virtual Owners @ 19:00
Div3 Czech Republic Virtual Owners vs Russia Quake Live Players Alliance (VOD)

Monday 24/10/16 14:00 CDT
Div2 Sweden OverPowered vs Europe nerds

Tuesday 25/10/16 14:00 CDT
Div3 Russia nameLess vs Poland Platige @ 20:00
Div3 Europe Zombei vs Europe etcetera @ 21:30
Div3 Czech Republic Virtual Owners vs Russia Raks reschedule

Wednesday 26/10/16 15:00 CDT
Div1 Europe Rekt vs Hungary Hungary

Thursday 27/10/16 14:00 CDT
Div2 Europe Worldstar vs Europe last pick

Streams: twitch xkisa twitch 102 twitch rehepapp twitch DMTV twitch mdv twitch QLTDM
Links: Donations, Rules, Schedule, mIRC HoQLeagues, Twitter HouseofQuake
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Quake pros & displays - the list (22 comments)
Posted by nYmPhets @ 15:11 CDT, 20 October 2016 - iMsg

I thought I collect some intel on what monitors the Quake pros and more known high skillers use, just like I did with mice and pads. Might be interesting to see what others staring at, no?

Two things beforehand; I'm not 100% sure that it's all correct, so enlighten us about the golden potat gear if you notice that something's wrong in the list and if you have knowledge on other good players' setup, feel free to tell us about it.

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Freesync and g-sync any good? (2 comments)
Posted by cumrag @ 10:09 CDT, 20 October 2016 - iMsg
Any input lag? Just good for single-player games?

I'm thinking about buying a freesync monitor, ViewSonic XG2401, to go with my new RX 470.
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What 60+ hours of Pharah experience look (5 comments)
Posted by tehown @ 08:28 CDT, 20 October 2016 - iMsg
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First public demo of Quake Arena 2 (19 comments)
Posted by TUMULT Dealer @ 07:24 CDT, 20 October 2016 - iMsg
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CPMA won't start in ioquake3 (4 comments)
Posted by hyenaman @ 05:20 CDT, 20 October 2016 - iMsg

When i open and play either Quake III or CPMA separately, everything is okay, but when i try to open CPMA mod in ioquake3, i get an error saying that i require OpenGL 2.0!

Anyone know what might be the solution to this?
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ZTKFPS Oceania Duel Cup (21 comments)
Posted by ZTK @ 07:44 CDT, 19 October 2016 - iMsg
Scheduled: 22:00 CDT, 29 October 2016 to 01:00 CDT, 30 October 2016
Begins In:

There is once again interest for a Promode competition down-under and as such, the ZTKFPS Oceania Duel Cup has been created in order to showcase the best talent. An Australia New Zealand Australian/NZ tournament, it will be played at 22:00 CDT, 29 October 2016. This will be a double-elimination tournament, with all matches consisting of one best-of-three (BO3) game. The Grand Finals will be played as a best-of-five (BO5).

To play, please sign up via Challonge and join the Oceanic AFPS Discord server.

Links: challonge Sign Up , cpma, OAFPS Discord , CPMA Discord
Streams: twitchUnited Kingdom ZTKFPS
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There is backup of ClanBase somewhere? (6 comments)
Posted by Lejionator @ 16:47 CDT, 18 October 2016 - iMsg
Does anyone know if there is a backup of all the content that was in the now defunct site ClanBase?

I was looking for file old demos of Qlive, q3 and ETQW tournaments!
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High activity on esr today? (21 comments)
Posted by *creep @ 13:02 CDT, 18 October 2016 - iMsg
Or just many spambots?
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Best TDM games to spectrate? (22 comments)
Posted by CrazyAl @ 10:28 CDT, 18 October 2016 - iMsg
Title says it all. Post VODs/demos of the most entertaining TDM games. 2v2/4v4/QW/Q2/Q3/CPMA/Q4/QL anything goes.

Bonus [+] for Dis+Vor cast.
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125 FPS Sunday Cup#58 (Season#32) (21 comments)
Posted by Nico_QD @ 07:20 CDT, 17 October 2016 - iMsg
Scheduled: 10:00 CDT, 23 October 2016 to 14:00 CDT, 23 October 2016
Schedule: Passed

The 125 FPS QuakeLive Duel Sunday Cup #58, as a part of Duel Season#32 (Sep-Oct 2016), will take place this weekend.
Season#32 includes 8 SundayCups and Final Day 30 October.

Donate: 125FPS Donate link.
Streams: Russia 102, United Kingdom zLive, Stream's HUB
Links: Season#32 page, Event Rules, Web chat, 125FPS Balance 2015-2016;
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The next Quake (6 comments)
Posted by Gobotz @ 01:27 CDT, 17 October 2016 - iMsg
Should look like this.
and this is cool too.
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I found a secret (23 comments)
Posted by Jamerio @ 17:58 CDT, 16 October 2016 - iMsg
If you embed a video into ESR with YOUTUBE in CAPS, it does not post the video and leaves some weird spacing thing as seen below.

So if you did not know before, now you do.

Amazing huh.
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Infected Mode Server! (2 comments)
Posted by bent @ 16:52 CDT, 15 October 2016 - iMsg
Hi all -

Connect for 2spoopy4u infected Halloween FUN aka Cooller's favorite game mode!
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JUST FRAG#3 [ fragmovie ] (3 comments)
Posted by utol @ 14:23 CDT, 15 October 2016 - iMsg;index=5

I am amateur in making movies , but i want shows some frags. :))
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New unofficial Odamex Discord channel (2 comments)
Posted by capodecima @ 02:24 CDT, 15 October 2016 - iMsg
Odamex is DooM 2 multiplayer port with modern features but still with aiming on classic gameplay. Discord channel is for new players get easy to game. Made for helping, chatting, getting easy games etc.

Channel includes.

*Gaming servers
*PUG bot for duels/ctf/tdm

More info @

See you there!

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Reflex League (34 comments)
Posted by CrazyAl @ 19:31 CDT, 14 October 2016 - iMsg
The Reflex League is a platform for competitive league play in Reflex Arena. Players will have persistent profiles along with match history, trophy history, and stats.

This initial season will definitely run in Europe EU and United States of America NA. If there are sufficient numbers, it'll run in Australia AU too. If you want an additional region and your region has enough players to fill at least one division, get in touch and we might be able to work something out.

Admin: United Kingdom Qualx
Links: Official Announcement, Reflex Arena, Reflex League Discord.
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Duke Forever v Half Life 3 (betting) (31 comments)
Posted by atfab @ 15:17 CDT, 14 October 2016 - iMsg
suggestion: open an esr betting fixture which speculate whether HL3 is going to "out-hell" or equal duke forever in terms of development time

duke forever development time = 15 years (finished)
hl3 development time = 10 years (still in development)

how the betting works:
-the fixture will close only if
1)HL3 gets released less than 5 years
2.)HL3 gets released w/in 5 years
2)HL3 is still in development after 5 years

announcement date was 22nd May 2006
so the end date is 22nd May 2021

-possible to have the largest prize in esr betting history

-might attract a large number of new users in this website

-create new legends aka trolls
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Garpy's 24hr Charity stream (12 comments)
Posted by LordSoth79 @ 15:11 CDT, 14 October 2016 - iMsg
Hello everyone. Garpy is running a 24HR gaming charity stream from the 14TH October till the 15TH October, and may well stream some more on the 16TH to.

You can view the stream here.

The charity is the Macmillan cancer support, you can view the website for this here .

If you can donate please do, every pound will help a great deal.

See you on the stream.
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this is apparently impressive? (27 comments)
Posted by phaZon @ 19:22 CDT, 13 October 2016 - iMsg

i genuinely thought this was some troll video but apparently not?

god that's embarrasing
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HoQ TDM Fall Season Round #2 (10 comments)
Posted by doz3r @ 15:18 CDT, 13 October 2016 - iMsg
The schedule for round 2 looks like this:

Monday 17/10/16 14:00 CDT
Div2 Sweden OverPowered vs Europe Hateful Eight (VOD DMTV)
Div2 Europe last pick vs Europe I Love My Squad (VOD 102)

Tuesday 18/10/16 14:00 CDT
Div1 Russia B52 vs Europe Rekt (VOD1 VOD2 DMTV)
Div3 Poland Platige vs Europe etcetera wildcard by PL
Div3 Russia Raks vs Europe Zombei reschedule

Thursday 20/10/16 14:30 CDT
Div1 Russia KogdaKvad vs Hungary Hungary (VOD 102 VOD DMTV)
Div2 Europe nerds vs Europe Worldstar

Streams: twitch xkisa twitch 102 twitch rehepapp twitch Deathmatch TV
Links: Donations, Rules, Schedule, mIRC HoQLeagues, Twitter HouseofQuake
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Deathmatch TV St. Petersburg QL LAN 2016 (70 comments)
Posted by h8m3 @ 09:31 CDT, 13 October 2016 - iMsg
Scheduled: 02:00 CST, 3 December 2016 to 12:00 CST, 4 December 2016
Begins In:

Deathmatch TV are proud to present their first offline event - the Quake Live LAN party in Russia Saint Petersburg. Two days tournament is going to take place on 3rd & 4th of December 2016 in the historic centre of the city at the recently refreshed 5&3 Internet Cafe. It will be featuring Duel, CA 3x3, TDM draft and CTF draft competitions.

Base prize pool for the whole tournament is 25000 RUB(~400$) covered by Deathmatch TV plus the money received from donations, so feel free to donate. This should help to build up more prize money for the competition and attract more players to sign up!

Streams: Russia Deathmatch TV
Links: Official VK page, Official Discord server
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The Next Event? (12 comments)
Posted by xerosawyer @ 09:30 CDT, 13 October 2016 - iMsg
Hello guys,

Just running a quick poll to see what sort of interest is out there for the next CPMA event:

Links: Straw Poll, cpma CPMA Discord

Let me know what your thoughts are, thank you.
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I AM IN LONDON SOON (30 comments)
Posted by Fizzle @ 06:24 CDT, 13 October 2016 - iMsg

So I will be visiting London soon on the weekend starting 28th October and staying until i runs out of money basiclly hehe =]

i will be brining nobody, am leaving wife and my son at home (phew) so i can get as KRAZY as i want oi oi yes indeed i am gonna fly off that handle like we used to @ LAN in 2002--- anyway

anybody want to meet me or just say hello or something just PM me and we can arrange sumthing

i will document my time in london and report back on ESR

so why not join my journey? come say hello or spend some qualit-E time wid cha boi ya feel me =] haha

have some tourist time, fun time, and ofc blunt time =]<o~~

let me know in this journal o mine or PM me

-peace (Y)
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demo call for Midair 2 (35 comments)
Posted by AsphyxEvents @ 05:17 CDT, 13 October 2016 - iMsg

iam planning my last quake live movie called " Midair 2 " and searching for some of your sick demos.

previous work :


Youtube :

please send time stamped demos or completely demo packages and include your nickname in the e-mail, thx.

submit your demos here :
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How hard would you punch me in the face? (20 comments)
Posted by mray557 @ 19:12 CDT, 12 October 2016 - iMsg
Just out of curiosity for those who know me. How hard would you push me in the face that it would put me in a coma for months?
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I'm on vacation hehe (12 comments)
Posted by He4rTL3sS @ 10:02 CDT, 12 October 2016 - iMsg
At the Reunion island, a rather small island located at the southern of the big Madagascar island.

9000km from Paris, France :D 10hours flight travel :).

my mother is from that island, she came in France at the age of 17 and met my father at the age of 21 or something :) My father is 100% french.

so basically i'm with my whole family, and it's gonna be so so nice :)

3 weeks and a half and then i'm back to Paris again ^^. So no quake possible during my vacation. When i'll come back i will be like "wtf how everyone is so good at this game?" xD

but at least i have internet so still gonna make useless threads and comments :D

Peace guys, hf!
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Matchmaking is USELESS! (6 comments)
Posted by atfab @ 06:12 CDT, 12 October 2016 - iMsg
why not pingmatching?
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Account nuke (No comments)
Posted by mray557 @ 21:24 CDT, 11 October 2016 - iMsg
Why don't you nuke my account as well? That be great bro.
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Mr.Ray im sorry (19 comments)
Posted by wem420 @ 19:59 CDT, 11 October 2016 - iMsg
[b][/b]Mr. Rey/Ray im sorry that Teen queen was so meanie to you and said 'and fuck you'[b][b][b][/b][/b][/b]

631 Hits
Posted by Fizzle @ 11:00 CDT, 11 October 2016 - iMsg

roll up a fat one and smoke out ESR wit cha boi =p

hit em with that good old good old breaks

peaace to all my polish fam still @ lan doin it like we did way bacc wen

*holds moment of silence*


*breaks silence*

*hits tha blunt*

-peace (Y)
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ANOX drop Cooller/Cypher (105 comments)
Posted by carecry @ 03:13 CDT, 11 October 2016 - iMsg

:O Cooller and Cypher too newb for overwatch?
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Help me find CS movie (6 comments)
Posted by XiomaraGel @ 23:36 CDT, 10 October 2016 - iMsg
This is going to be a difficult one...

I'm trying to find an old CS movie between 2005-2007 that showcased skills from different players around the world and had some "fireworks" effects in it (especially after nades exploded).

It's not the well known "Around the World" movie, it's another one which I believe may have been put together as a teaser for a WSVG, CPL, or Kode5 event.

If anyone has a download link or can post it on youtube I'll appreciate it :)
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I bought Rapha's ASUS VG VG248QE (21 comments)
Posted by wem420 @ 14:22 CDT, 10 October 2016 - iMsg
Hi guys, you've all cum to known me very well over last years and come to respect me greatly, now, i have something new to amaze you with!

I bought the montor that Rapha uses, but, since im so intuitive, forgot to look if my computer could use it, it is a Laptop and i cannot use it!!!

So im out like 200$ if anyone wants to buy a ASUS VG VG248QE 24" Widescreen LED LCD Monitor, built-in Speakers

WHO knew that these kinds of monitors required something called a Dviport connection to use it???? I didnt!
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How casual a game can be? (3 comments)
Posted by pacmanpl @ 13:22 CDT, 10 October 2016 - iMsg
I was casualy browsing a casual ranking in a casual game called Paladins.
And here's what I found:

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125 FPS Sunday Cup#57 (Season#32) (39 comments)
Posted by Nico_QD @ 08:36 CDT, 10 October 2016 - iMsg
Scheduled: 10:00 CDT, 16 October 2016 to 14:00 CDT, 16 October 2016
Schedule: Passed

The 125 FPS QuakeLive Duel Sunday Cup #57, as a part of Duel Season#32 (Sep-Oct 2016), will take place this weekend.
Season#32 includes 8 SundayCups and Final Day 30 October.

Sign up link

Donate: 125FPS Donate link.
Streams: Russia 102, United Kingdom zLive, Stream's HUB
Links: Season#32 page, Event Rules, Web chat, 125FPS Balance 2015-2016;
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Which (duel) pro had the best aim in QL? (134 comments)
Posted by ozee_67 @ 01:14 CDT, 10 October 2016 - iMsg
I'm a noob, so I apologize if this is a common/stupid question.

I'd like to watch some demos of their prime, so it would be greatly appreciated if you could include the year/time with your examples, feel free to also give different examples for hitscan/projectile.

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QL vs VQ3 weapon balance (1 comment)
Posted by Therapist @ 21:50 CDT, 9 October 2016 - iMsg
A game is composed of game mechanics. Each game mechanic is delegated a portion of potential power for it's human user. If this potential power is the right amount, we say that the game mechanic is balanced. If all of the game mechanics are balanced, then the whole game is balanced.

A game mechanic that provides too much power is overpowered. A game mechanic that provides too little power is underpowered.

Calculating the power of a game mechanic depends on the type of mechanic it is, thus we have sub-categories for game balancing; these sub-categories include: weapon balancing, health balancing, armor balancing, powerup balancing, and movement balancing.

Let us focus on weapon balancing for now.

The power of each player depends on their skill and their will to victory, it also depends on their mental and physical state which varies over time. A highly skilled player who is exhausted may lose to a low skilled player if the low skilled player happens to be well rested, focused, and not hungry or thirsty. The highest skilled player may also lose if his will to victory is hindered by emotional trouble or drugs.

These occasional situations where the higher skilled player may lose are out of our control and prediction. It makes more sense to balance the weapons assuming that the mental and physical states of all the players are equal, with the inherent skills of all the players being the only set of variance.

For the rest of this article, I will only compare the weapon damages per second (DPS) between vanilla quake 3 (VQ3) and Quake Live. The base grounding for actual weapon balance may be discussed in a later article.

VQ3 vs QL weapon DPS

Let's look at the weapon balancing for Quake 3 Arena. Here are the VQ3 weapons and their respective damage output per second:

Railgun (66.6 DPS)
Machinegun (70 DPS)
Shotgun (110 DPS)
Grenade Launcher (125 DPS, 125 Splash DPS)
Rocket Launcher (125 DPS, 125 Splash DPS)
Lightning Gun (160 DPS)
Plasma Gun (200 DPS, 150 Splash DPS)

Compare this with the DPS's of Quake Live:

Machinegun (50 DPS)
Railgun (53.3 DPS)
Shotgun (100 DPS)
Heavy Machinegun (106.6 DPS)
Lightning Gun (120 DPS)
Rocket Launcher (125 DPS, 105 Splash DPS)
Grenade Launcher (125 DPS. 125 Splash DPS)
Plasma Gun (200 DPS, 150 Splash DPS)

Note that in VQ3 the Lightning Gun used to have more DPS than Rockets and Grenades, Grenades also used to have equal DPS with the Rockets. Machinegun also had more DPS than Railgun.

Quake Live has altered the original rank of the weapons by making Lightning Gun have less DPS than Rockets and Grenades, and making Grenades have more DPS than Rockets, and making Machinegun have less DPS than Railgun.

It has not been proven that either VQ3 or QL is more balanced. But we definitely know that their weapon balancing is different.

Shotgun balance

DPS is not the only determinant of the weapon's power. A weapon may have spread, a limited range, or be projectile based.

VQ3's shotgun fired 11 pellets and had a spread constant of 700. QL's shotgun fires 20 pellets with a spread constant of 1000. So even though VQ3's shotgun does 10 more damage than QL's shotgun, the QL shotgun has a higher chance of hitting the target at all ranges; not to mention the QL shotgun (a close range weapon) has a longer range than the mid-range Lightning Gun.

The high probability of a hit with the QL shotgun sometimes enables you to kill a weak, Railgun-armed enemy at distances as far as 1500 units.

With that being said, it appears that QL has buffed SG while nerfing the LG, RL, RG, and MG.

Lightning Gun balance

LG used to have 160 DPS (8 damage), pre-Steam QL nerfed it to 140 DPS (7 damage), post-Steam QL nerfed it again to 120 DPS (6 damage).

After that last nerf, the LG is now weaker than RL. Now RL is supposed to be that type of weapon that beats LG at close range and loses to LG at mid-range; the last nerf to LG now makes RL and LG be equally matched at mid-range.

Consider the difficulty of using the LG vs the RL at mid-range. It is much easier to hit 50% rockets than to hit 50% LG. Two equally matched players, may roughly hit 40% LG against each other and 50% rockets against each other. Consider the scenario where these players are fighting at mid-range, one with RL, the other with LG. The RL has 125 DPS with direct rockets and 105 DPS with splash rockets. Even if the RL player was not hitting direct rockets, his DPS with 50% accuracy could go up to 52.5 DPS. The LG player on the other hand, hitting 40% accuracy with the LG would have an effective DPS of 48. To do more DPS than 84 damage splash rockets at 50% accuracy would require an LG accuracy of 44%.

In summary, the LG is underpowered since it takes more skill to do less damage than the rockets.

Plasma balance

The Plasma Gun (PG) is highest DPS weapon that has not been altered since VQ3. In QL, the PG does 75 more DPS than the weapon ranking right below it. The nerfing of all the other weapons below it has practically made the plasma gun into a flamethrower. Compared to the 6 damage LG, and 84 splash damage RL, the PG penetrates better than any other weapon at close to mid-range with 20 damage per cell.

While it is true that PG is the hardest weapon to use, it does 60% more DPS than LG and RL and 100% more DPS than SG. So weapons that are specialized to a particular range (SG for close-range, LG for mid-range) get raped by the multi-ranged, multi-purpose plasma gun.

Heavy Machinegun balance

The HMG does 13.4 less DPS than the LG. It makes up for this by having more range than the LG and a spread constant of 400 which makes it easier to aim with.

The HMG was introduced in the post-Steam version of QL, most likely as an LG alternative to make it easier for new players to get frags. This weapon has no purposeful existence other than to increase affirmative action for lower skilled players.

Is DPS power?

It is too simplistic to measure a weapon's power by it's DPS, but I believe it is a significant factor. Perhaps a math formula can be constructed to take into account spread, projectile velocity, and maximum range. But this may still not get to the root of the problem.

If we want to really know how to calculate the power of a weapon or game mechanic. We have to know, conceptually, what power is. Maybe power is a product of our will, and this power is what alters our position between victory and defeat. This concept may be discussed later.
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PDQ1 Clan (12 comments)
Posted by wem420 @ 21:10 CDT, 9 October 2016 - iMsg
Hahah i beat them so bad they started Specing me, then i keept rejoing and beating them anyway, SO they banned me :P so i went back after ban over and kill again and same thing, hehehe.

PDQ1 is the biggest bunch of pussies ever hahahaah

FUCK EM :dddd
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TourneyCPM $1000 Quake Reborn Series (97 comments)
Posted by TheMafia @ 17:26 CDT, 9 October 2016 - iMsg
TourneyCPM is back, with a bang! The long awaited TourneyCPM's $1000 Quake Reborn Series! (TCPM 1K Series) is here!

Firstly, congratulations to Netherlands Vo0 for winning Challenges-EU 2016 so convincingly. Thank you to the staff of CH-EU 2016 for running the event.

Need your help reaching out to the right communities. What games, and where have Quake/CPMA players gone to over the years?

Links: cpmaTourneyCPM Discord, TourneyCPM

Edited by Teen Queen at 13:46 CDT, 12 October 2016 - 4531 Hits
QUAKE3E #2 (22 comments)
Posted by Cyrax @ 15:28 CDT, 9 October 2016 - iMsg
Recreated for better navigation, head will be filled later

What is this?

Download link

Recent additions:

- \r_dlightMode 1 - improved dlights backported (and fixed) from cnq3
- \r_dlightMode 2 - now with all models on the map
Additional parameters:
\r_dlightScale - for adjusting new dlights intensity in old mods
\r_dlightSpexExp - control over specular component
(all those can be changed/applied without vid_restart)

- multi sampling support via \r_ext_multisample 0|2|4|6|8

- \r_neatsky to force nopicmip for skyboxes

- \varfunc <add|sub|mul|div|mod> <cvar> <value> [ - or low limit] [high limit]
-- commands for changing cvar values. So now, for example, volume control binds can fit in two lines:
\bind F7 varfunc sub s_volume 0.025 0.0 (trailing "-" is not requred)
\bind F8 varfunc add s_volume 0.025 - 1.0 (low limit is not set but can be 0.0)
<value>, low limit and high limit can be another cvars
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Challenges Europe 2016 Event Roundup (22 comments)
Posted by xerosawyer @ 09:30 CDT, 9 October 2016 - iMsg
Well, that was that. Challenges Europe 2016 started and ended yesterday. It was a fun event which we had no expectations for when we started mumbling about it over a month ago, but we had those expectations forcefully change when the big names started to register. I've quickly organized some thoughts about the event the below, as well as providing the Final Standings, including a Prize breakdown, of-course all available VODs, and shout-outs!

Also thank you the the following people who helped before, during, and after the event:

Thank you once again to everyone who helped with, donated to, participated in, or watched this event. Thank you!

Links: cpma, CPMA Discord
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Looking for a player (39 comments)
Posted by Galuz @ 05:15 CDT, 9 October 2016 - iMsg
Which player was it who did the lg to ra jump on aerowalk backwards first time? The name began with L.

Is was a big event.
Edited by Galuz at 03:59 CDT, 16 October 2016 - 2122 Hits
Stream Monday Evening (8 comments)
Posted by Zhu_Cx @ 02:13 CDT, 9 October 2016 - iMsg
As title says, some time after 18.00 GMT+1.

Come by to watch a veteran with more than a decade of experience play:
Edited by Zhu_Cx at 02:17 CDT, 9 October 2016 - 423 Hits
CPM -VS- RFLX (32 comments)
Posted by He4rTL3sS @ 15:17 CDT, 8 October 2016 - iMsg
So, I'm wondering why suddenly all the top Reflex players went up to CPM again.

Just to clarify, I won't go into a "but RFLX is so much better than CPM" or "RFLX is dead, CPM gameplay is the best".

I just want to know the opinions of most CPM/RFLX players. Like, why did they switch back to CPM ? Or, why do they keep playing RFLX ?

I heard "newborn" left RFLX dev team, any more info about that ?
I heard CPM is gonna get patched again with more options etc, is that true ? If so, who's gonna make the work ?

Basically I would like to know everything, so if someone informed enough could enlighten me, that would be great.

Also, making a list of what you like/dislike about RFLX and what you like/dislike about CPM would be cool, especially if you're a top CPM/RFLX player.

So yeah, tell us the reasons why you're back to CPM, or why you think RFLX is just an improved version of CPM.

If you're a hardcore CPM/RFLX player, tell us what went wrong with RFLX or tell us why you will never go back to CPMA/CPM.

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Fragged by garag 2014 (1 comment)
Posted by garag @ 08:27 CDT, 8 October 2016 - iMsg
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Will 125 Fps Star EVil be Switching... (13 comments)
Posted by wem420 @ 19:09 CDT, 7 October 2016 - iMsg
Ovvvver to OverWAtch!


He was streaming earlier, and if I know my Russian right, this Russian Bear, is about to Tear up the competition!

What do you guiys think, picture is of Evil Testing out Overwatch.

Other link is to the Vod of Overwatch tries :)

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TDM Super-runs! purg, dm20, ospdm5, dp (18 comments)
Posted by grrrdian @ 18:04 CDT, 6 October 2016 - iMsg
Watch good players beast it up in TDM! Clips of some of the best players from around the world getting 10+ kills in a single life.

Watch for entertainment value, or for educational purposes - (how to set up and hold red armour, how to prepare for quad, how to use quad when you get it, routes to take around maps to ensure you get health and ammo as you kill people, etc).

Purgatory and Dreadful Place edition. Hidden Fortress added. Deep Inside (ospdm5) from q3 added.

Demos used and players whose POV is included for Purgatory:

Demos used and players whose POV is included for Dreadful Place:

For the record, I've barely followed international TDM scene after the Prague Lan in 2013 (that was when Australia had their last TDM competition), so I didn't use any demos from any LANs or major competitions after that. Feel free to point me towards major demo repositories from any comps/lans that happened after that LAN, so I can try and use for the next compilation. Hopefully Hidden Fortress.

edit 1: hidden fortress added.
edit 2: Deep Inside (ospdm5) from q3 added.
Edited by grrrdian at 15:08 CDT, 11 October 2016 - 958 Hits
AI beats humans in Doom, Quake is next (28 comments)
Posted by cx @ 06:16 CDT, 6 October 2016 - iMsg
Ai learned to play doom by interpreting what is happening on the screen, beating human players already ... Quake is next

See article here:
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is there some Q:L game quide in pdf ? (4 comments)
Posted by banned85 @ 16:19 CDT, 5 October 2016 - iMsg
as above, thanks in advance for the replay and please put the link to the metarial if the answer is yes :)
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Dangers of AI TED talk. (109 comments)
Posted by tom @ 09:56 CDT, 5 October 2016 - iMsg
People either think this is spot on or ridiculous.. Thoughts?

Edited by tom at 09:57 CDT, 5 October 2016 - 3524 Hits
Insight - new website (1 comment)
Posted by *creep @ 09:08 CDT, 5 October 2016 - iMsg
A new youtube video has been released on the soundfocused fps game insight, working as an introduction to insights new webpage.

Check it out:

Also, this is an interesting topic found on the site.

$150 Contest

Soon a promotional frag contest will be launched, offering prize money for the best FPS frag submitted. All competitive FPS games will be eligible for the contest, and will be independently judged. A video compilation of the top frags submitted (including the prize winners) will be created, and the goal is to include a variety of old and new FPS games. More information about the rules and judging criteria will be available when the contest launches. Subscribe to the newsletter to be emailed when submissions are open.
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Give >=10-15cm>= a try! (48 comments)
Posted by He4rTL3sS @ 22:47 CDT, 4 October 2016 - iMsg
So the last few days I've been trying out different sensitivities and DPIs settings.

The most notable ones are :

(1) 400dpi sens 4 = 26cm/360ฐ
(2) 3200dpi sens 7 = 1.9cm/360ฐ

(1) feels good, especially at long range and with "straight rocket aim". You have to move your hand/arm a lot, actually it's quite nice when you get used to it. But imho if someone moves in circle around you, it's hard to keep track of the target. And sometimes you end up in an uncomfortable hand position on the mousepad. Actually you have to make quite a lot of effort to follow the long/med strafes. I would say this kind of sens requieres you to be in shape, to not be sleepy or anything, and you need to play a lot to get used to it.
I like this setting, but imho not optimal. I can still find quite obvious flaws when I play with it.

(2) yes, I know, it's MADNESS. Most people will be like "WTF did he just try ?! Insanely high sens !". In fact, it's not as bad as people might think. When you play for more than 1 hour with it, you start to understand how this kind of sens works. You never move your arm, only your hand/fingers/wrist. When you start to calm down and you start to control every micro movements, it's fine. Obviously my overall accuracy dropped a bit, but I think that it was mainly because I probably would need at least 4-5 days to get used at almost 100% to an extreme high sens like this one rather than this kind of mouse settings being just bad.
Now I understand a bit more how agent can be so good with ~5cm/360ฐ.

I won't try anything that is slower than 30cm/360ฐ, because imho low/ultra low sens is overrated.

Then I went back to my usual 1600dpi 11.3cm/360ฐ, and you know what ? I almost felt instantly at home lol. I remember when I switched from 23.1cm to 11.3cm, it took me like only 2-3 days to get used to it at almost 100%. I think there's something "magical" with 10-15cm, it's high, but not ULTRA high, you still have to move your arm sometimes, and unlike with 25-30cm, you can track better the target in some situations without having an uncomfortable position on the mousepad. Ihmo this kind of sens has almost no weakness(es), but you have to try it yourself to understand.

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'Cheap' 144Hz LCD for Kvek - but which? (38 comments)
Posted by nYmPhets @ 14:14 CDT, 4 October 2016 - iMsg
Yo bruvz.

Old shit, 52342 threads tell tales about it, now it's my version on the plate, yuhuhu.

So, planning on getting a 144Hz LCD, because whatever. CRT staying as well.
2 candidates here, there are personal reasons for these two.

1. AOC G2460PF

2. LG 24GM77-B

Both has 3 year warranty. AOC is cheaper and supports FreeSync. Well, I'm mostly nVidia now, but this might come in handy later on.

Roughly the same specs.
Do any of you have experience with AOC?
Do the LG worth +25$?

May the potat harosh in you.
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* N U K E D * (41 comments, locked)
Posted by Nuked User @ 00:33 CDT, 4 October 2016 - iMsg
* N U K E D *

9 Storylines for Challenges-EU 2016 (150 comments)
Posted by xerosawyer @ 22:33 CDT, 3 October 2016 - iMsg
Scheduled: 11:00 CDT, 8 October 2016 to 16:00 CDT, 8 October 2016
Schedule: Passed

Edit: Event is now finished. Please see Event Roundup for all details.

With Challenges-EU 2016 scheduled for 11:00 CDT, 8 October 2016 (this Saturday), I decided to do a quick write up with respect to the major storylines leading into the event. Please remember that the following thoughts are mine, and mine alone, and that if you disagree, or find something to be factually incorrect please let me know, and I will make the appropriate edits. Please remember sign-ups are still open!

In addition to this, Russia Ryan_H has also created a second promo video, check it out below:

Here are the top stories to follow before and during the cup. Enjoy:

Thank you to all the players that provided me with some of their insights, and the people that helped me write this. Thank you!

Links: challonge Sign-Up, cpma, CPMA Discord, Challenges-EU 2016 Discord
Streams: twitchUnited Kingdom ZLive, twitchRussia Team 102
Donate: PayPal Link.
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ikas quake tutorial: episode 6 (monitor) (4 comments, locked)
Posted by Kaboosh @ 20:55 CDT, 3 October 2016 - iMsg
Locked by Teen Queen at 08:39 CDT, 4 October 2016 - 741 Hits
ikas quake tutorial how monitor for quak (1 comment)
Posted by ika @ 17:36 CDT, 3 October 2016 - iMsg

in depth video about making a quake gear (setup)

been a long time but the definitive guide is here
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125 FPS Sunday Cup#56 (Season#32) (45 comments)
Posted by Nico_QD @ 10:44 CDT, 3 October 2016 - iMsg
Scheduled: 10:00 CDT, 9 October 2016 to 14:00 CDT, 9 October 2016
Schedule: Passed

The 125 FPS QuakeLive Duel Sunday Cup #56, as a part of Duel Season#32 (Sep-Oct 2016), will take place this weekend.
Season#32 includes 8 SundayCups and Final Day 30 October.

Sign up link

Donate: 125FPS Donate link.
Streams: Russia 102, United Kingdom zLive, Stream's HUB
Links: Season#32 page, Event Rules, Web chat, 125FPS Balance 2015-2016;
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Kespa Cup 2016 (9 comments)
Posted by orrrcccus @ 07:31 CDT, 3 October 2016 - iMsg
Just watched this today, amazing games and historical victory for a foreigner in a korean tournament.
Congratz Neeb !!!!
Edited by orrrcccus at 07:34 CDT, 6 October 2016 - 713 Hits
HoQ TDM Fall Season Round #1 (57 comments)
Posted by doz3r @ 20:34 CDT, 2 October 2016 - iMsg
Scheduled: 14:00 CDT, 13 October 2016 to 16:50 CDT, 13 October 2016
Schedule: Passed

The schedule for round 1 looks like this:

Sunday 09/10/16 14:00 CDT
Div1 Europe Pacmen vs Europe Rekt (VOD xkisa)

Monday 10/10/16 14:00 CDT
Div2 Europe nerds vs Europe last pick (VOD DMTV) (VOD xkisa)
Div2 Europe Worldstar vs Europe Hateful Eight (VOD DMTV)
(VOD xkisa)

Tuesday 11/10/16 14:00 CDT
Div2 Europe I Love My Squad vs Sweden OverPowered wildcard by OP
Div3 Europe etcetera vs Russia Raks (VOD xkisa)
Div3 Russia nameLess vs Czech Republic Virtual Owners reschedule
Div3 Europe Zombei vs Russia Quake Live Player Alliance (VOD xkisa)
Thursday 13/10/16 14:00 CDT
Div1 Hungary Hungary vs Russia B52 (VOD xkisa)

Streams: twitch xkisa twitch 102 twitch rehepapp twitch Deathmatch TV
Links: Donations, Rules, Schedule, mIRC HoQLeagues, Twitter HouseofQuake
Edited by doz3r at 15:26 CDT, 13 October 2016 - 3896 Hits
Frozen Sand releases Urban Terror 4.3 (No comments)
Posted by Brainie @ 09:26 CDT, 2 October 2016 - iMsg
Frozen Sand released this September 30th their last version of Urban Terror using the Quake 3 engine.

The latest update of the original Quake 3 mod, called UrbanTerror: "Still Dying", in reference to the radical down peak of its player base following the releases of their 4.2 versions, features today a very long changelog including new weapons, remodeled maps, new gametypes, and an improved HUD.

Download Link

This new update features the addition of new game modes such as Gun Game (as seen on Counter-Strike) and InstaGib using a newly added weapon, the TOD50. They have updated the percentages of damages dealt with a few weapons on the characters' groin and butt. A few maps have been improved, fixed, or remodeled such as ut4_kingdom, ut4_paris, which became officially endorsed by the game, and ut4_mykonos. Last but not least, the Updater, the software with which you can download the game, finally supports Mac OSX (even though the game has always been playable on Mac computers).

Urban Terror first started off as a mod for the game Quake 3 released in 1998. The mod was among the firsts of its kind - along with Action Quake II and Unreal Tournament - to feature realistic as well as militaristic environments within Quake 3's physics and realm of possibilities. Since the beginning of its development, the game has been known to the Quake communities for its essential features such as floor sliding, wall jumping and stamina as well as its CS-like look, all of which provide the players with a unique experience distinguishable from all other Quake-based games. Finally, this new update of the game, the last one using the ioQuake3 engine, is a fresh breath to its community as it provides a stable game that lives up to its initial charms and characteristics, and leaves behind the years of the controversial UrT 4.2 versions.

According to reliable sources (n.b: myself reading their article on their official website), the development team is already working on the next Urban Terror game which will be using the Unreal Engine this time. New improved graphics and availability on Steam are to be expected as well.

Thanks to the development team, especially Barbatos, Raider, BladeKiller, and FrankieV, among with all the other contributors, who managed to make this game one of the oldest Quake 3 mods still alive and enjoyable.


Urban Terror Official Website

Urban Zone League

#urbanterror @ Quakenet
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I am Fudge. AMA (27 comments)
Posted by Fudge. @ 00:08 CDT, 2 October 2016 - iMsg
ask away
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overwatch not even once (24 comments)
Posted by ika @ 18:33 CDT, 1 October 2016 - iMsg
I just installed overwatch and within 2 minutes it had crashed my computer. So I opened it up and ran the tutorial, and I had it running in a window, but then a few seconds after the gym clothes girl started talking my monitor suddenly was set to a solid shade of blue and none of the keyboard commands were working so I couldnt quit out. Then when I turned off my computer it boot up again until the tenth time that I tried. it was turning on but it wasnt outputting any video at all. I almost lost my new quake video guys ( : < ) it wasnt on yourtube yet

tldr is overwatch a virus? I need to download norton from first but it is very likeley given the crcumstance

heartless tried to warn me, but I didnt listen.. :(( pls like his post for me
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q3dm17 in doom (17 comments)
Posted by Gobotz @ 16:04 CDT, 1 October 2016 - iMsg
Looks pretty neat.
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Quake Live Crashing on RX 480 (10 comments)
Posted by abso @ 08:59 CDT, 1 October 2016 - iMsg
Got a RX 480 yesterday and I'm having problems to run Quake Live. Getting "Quake Live not working anymore." message a lot, mostly if I tab out or minimize the game. Only other game i tried was Doom so far and there I didnt have any problems. Are there any known issues with RX 480 and Quake Live? Im using latest Crimson 16.9.2 drivers.
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Quake Champions Razer products en-route? (23 comments)
Posted by nvc @ 20:06 CDT, 30 September 2016 - iMsg
Is this just random placeholder text by accident at the bottom of the DeathAdder Elite page!?

"QUAKEฎ Champions ฉ 2016 id Software LLC, a ZeniMax Media company. QUAKE, id, id Software and related logos are registered trademarks or trademarks of id Software LLC in the U.S. and/or other countries. Bethesda, Bethesda Softworks, ZeniMax and related logos are registered trademarks or trademarks of ZeniMax Media Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries. All Rights Reserved."
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HoQ TDM Fall Season Draft Groups (44 comments)
Posted by doz3r @ 18:34 CDT, 30 September 2016 - iMsg
The signups of ql Quake Live TDM 4v4 Fall Season 2016 have been closed. Here are the draft groups. Division 1 will play Sundays 21:00 CEST, Division 2 will play Mondays 21:00 CEST and Division 3 plays Tuesdays 21:00 CEST. The Fall Season will start Sunday 9th of October. We continue the donations until Friday 7th October to build up some more prize money. Donate for the league.

Streams: twitch xkisa twitch 102 twitch rehepapp twitch Deathmatch TV
Links: Rules, Signup, mIRC HoQLeagues, Twitter HouseofQuake
Edited by doz3r at 02:33 CDT, 6 October 2016 - 3291 Hits
What is the best drugs for quake? (62 comments)
Posted by dizzle @ 14:05 CDT, 30 September 2016 - iMsg
What is the best drug for actually improved gameplay when you play Quake?

i find that when i played quake blunted =]<o

that i gain a deeper understandings of theory and complex ideas of the deathmatch within the game and i hit like a motherfucker with my rockets and i get accused of being a sneaky fucker aimbot with my 80% lg and then when i came off the ganja i suck again =[

so i roll up another spliff and *raymundo* i am pro again =p

i have used cocaine but only @ lan and i just found it made me aggresive irl and punch people in the face to my prison sentences

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Regarding Overwatch and Quake Players... (38 comments)
Posted by gisele @ 23:47 CDT, 29 September 2016 - iMsg
Hello friends,

Is it just me or do some of you find it kind of messed up that some of the best Quake players are playing shitty roles in Overwatch?

In my opinion, I find it a waste that Cooller is playing support for ANOX. Coolller is one of the best players in Quake, and his aim is insane, not to mention, his popularity in the community,

But, instead, he's playing a support class, a healer, and not really doing shit, which to me, seems like a waste of talent. Like IDC about these TF2 noobs on your team...Cooller is Cooller. A god amongst gamers. Give him a real role.

Let's move on to USA teams....Team Liquid. Rapha, Dahang, iD..all extremely talented Quake players and again playing roles that I believe are below them. Rapha as flex is a waste. His Zaryha is insane good. DaHang as support makes no sense...yes, he's a great healer, but his aim and game smarts over qualify him for a support role. iD could probably play any role.

Basically, my point is, I'm sad that I watched all my favorite Quake players lose to some TF2/CSGO idiots. You guys are worth and better than them any day of the week. I hope to see smarter comps in the future and I hope the community agrees, as fans of Quake players. <3 gisele
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GTA Turkey (5 comments)
Posted by diabolis @ 20:35 CDT, 29 September 2016 - iMsg
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Little bot exercice for LG (102 comments)
Posted by He4rTL3sS @ 19:28 CDT, 29 September 2016 - iMsg
Ok, so, one of my QL friend suggested this little exercice against "custom" bot to warm up your LG with mouse-aim only.

1ฐ) First, go to "Start A Match" then select "Clan Arena" as gametype on any map, then while in-game type these commands :

/devmap drunkenmummy
/g_knockback 0
/g_infiniteammo 1
/g_startinghealth 999
/g_startingarmor 999
/bot_thinktime 0


/addbot slash 5

2ฐ) Then position yourself there on the map (right in the corner) : and DON'T move, wait for the bot to come at you.

3ฐ) Then when he's at the right range, use the LG ONLY, with mouse-aim ONLY.
Do it up until 10 frags. Check your accuracy afterwards; tell us your accuracy in a reply to this thread.


I personally CAN'T go above 62%, which is my personal record. No matter how hard I try, I don't seem to be able to beat 62% (even when warmed up).
I'm curious to see what kind of accuracies you can achieve, you guys. I guess that my record isn't that hard to beat and I presume that some people can reach 65%+.

Let's see :)
Edited by He4rTL3sS at 19:38 CDT, 29 September 2016 - 4820 Hits
kt rolster & skt disbanding? (rumour) (10 comments)
Posted by esdf @ 12:04 CDT, 29 September 2016 - iMsg
too lazy to make a news post, but yeah there's been rumours that kt players are leaving the house and that the sc2 team will disband.

same rumour for skt, killing sc2 team and dropping sponsorship of proleague.

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Nahimic vs others (1 comment)
Posted by illiterate @ 09:49 CDT, 29 September 2016 - iMsg

Does anyone have experience with MSI Nahimic sound software?
I heard stories where it doesnt work and then it does work.
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THE IDEAL LAN 2016 (16 comments)
Posted by Fizzle @ 04:22 CDT, 29 September 2016 - iMsg
I am making this thread as to take some input from the Quake community =]

I am planning a LAN maybe just me and my old friends from back in the day or maybe if we get the "funding" we will expand and invite ESR to our fist LAN but you feel me?? "funding" is if we wanna put bread on the table we gotta hustle in these hard polish streets so it is a priority - paypal ??? credit card - thank you =]

for me in no particular order these events + thing MUST take place @ LAN
• Duel cup
• blunt sesssion =]<o~~~
• hoes + biches
• pizza delivery
• arm wrestles
• stealing of the machinary
• coke session
• emotions
• couch session
• memory session + nostalgia + let it out of you
• fight + a bit of crack session
• race with real car / drift in the big wheels

So i need your thoughts ESR -

What is your ideal LAN?
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Semi-Pro Overwatch Player Coaching (26 comments)
Posted by pinktauren @ 01:26 CDT, 29 September 2016 - iMsg
Hey, my names Mike but I go by PinkTauren. Im a semi-pro Overwatch player who has 500+ scrim hours verus top 15 NA teams such as Elevate, Rise Nation, 1shot, Selfless gaming, Team liquid, etc. I have a great understanding of the game as a whole, so I can help you improve fast since I am also very clear and patient with the people I teach. All lessons will vary depending on what skill level you are at so that each student will learn something no matter their skill level. I can teach you how to gain more mechanical skill, grow your hero pool, or give you a great understanding of the game. I teach you what you want to learn not what I want to teach you. If you are interested feel free to visit my Gamer Sensei account at to book a lesson or Add me on "PinkTauren#1544" If you'd like to talk more. ALSO use code "pinktauren" to get 5 dollars off from your first lesson
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Posted by adobostreak @ 21:33 CDT, 28 September 2016 - iMsg
cypher interview with black guy / pregame:

postgame / cooller just realizing he has to shake people's hands:
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How Pro Players Are Helping Shape Quake (53 comments)
Posted by zaggs @ 15:12 CDT, 27 September 2016 - iMsg
Tim Willits is energized. id Software’s Studio Director is deep in the development of Quake Champions but – even at this early stage for the upcoming PC shooter – Willits is feeling great. That’s due in part to a recent exhibition match with some of the top Quake players in the world. At this year’s QuakeCon, Willits gathered up top talent from around the globe – big names like eSports legend Fatal1ty, along with Russia’s evil, Austria’s noctis and Finland’s DraQu – to test out Quake Champions, offer their feedback, then play a live exhibition match exclusively for the QuakeCon fans. “It was an assembly of arguably the best Quake players in the world,” Willits says. “It was a group of players that we may never again see on a stage playing a match together.”

But why this gathering of players… and why so early? Because Quake Champions is gearing up to deliver not just the core Quake experience, but also a top competitive game that resonates with today’s players. For more insight into what’s next for Quake Champions, we caught up with Willits to get his take on everything from eSports to the pros’ reactions to the new Champions."
read more..
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Change output path in Wolf Whisperer (4 comments)
Posted by Riot_Grrl @ 07:12 CDT, 27 September 2016 - iMsg
I could just reinstall on the larger drive, but I can never remember which combination ofversions and settings worked. Thenm there's that missing shader I had to find, but now can't remember where I found it, so....can't I just change the render path? I see no way to do it in the Wolf Whisperer GUI, but surely it can be done with a console command?
I just wanna render 1920x1080 HUFFYUV video at 60fps. If I find where to....whoooooah. Horses! Hold them! Deja vu! Have I asked this before? Do I know how to do this or am I thinking about CS demos? Nevermind. If anyone knows, please assume that I haven't remembered something in the meantime.
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