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winz on his career, Korea, stats and more, part 2 (4 comments)
Posted by RadoNonESR @ 11:29 CDT, 22 June 2017 - iMsg
winz reminiscing about his career: 'I usually have a very good idea of where I stand individually...'

While modern-day esports fans recognize Michael "winz" Bignet as a skilled and versatile Overwatch player—who is ready to play whatever position his team needs—his career as a professional player began more than a decade ago. In the distant 2004, he was already representing ‘against All authority’, a brand veteran fans will recognize as a once staple name among the upper echelon the French esports scene.

While winz wasn’t a regular in the offline circuit at the time, he’d grow to be recognized as one of the best in the games he played. Throughout 2005, he became UT2004 world champion by winning ESWC in France, his home country. 2006 saw him earning the gold again, but this time for Quake 4 with notable wins over toxjq, now recognized as the greatest Q4 player, and Cypher, who would eventually become the best, and arguably greatest, Quake duelist to date.

After the introduction of Quake Live, winz gave up on the 1v1 mode due to a number of gameplay changes he didn’t enjoy and the continued prevalence of old maps. For several years, he wasn’t part of the highest level of offline competition, but eventually made a comeback in team modes and games, winning premier tournaments in Quake Live TDM, ShootMania, and most recently, Overwatch.

. . .

This is the second part of the interview. You can find it on Esports Heaven at the following link:

If you want to keep tabs on all my future content you can do so by following me on twitter at @RadoNonfire.

Hope you enjoy and feel welcome to let me know what you think about the interview!
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Toying with Major (5 comments)
Posted by diegowar @ 05:39 CDT, 22 June 2017 - iMsg

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Rating: 3.3 (3 votes)
Played a couple of games with Major on Nightmare, as usual trying to win by 40 frags difference for fun, and because I hit a couple mid-airs, I decided to go through the demos and try to make something with that, just to see what it would look like. Well here it is.

Youtube Link

How bad is it ?
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QC more crosshairs/crosshairs options to come (14 comments)
Posted by He4rTL3sS @ 20:55 CDT, 21 June 2017 - iMsg
SyncError: We're adding tons of crosshair options, but I can't confirm when they will be added.
SyncError: We may add temporary options until our 'crosshair system' is done & in.

Can't wait :D
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Quake Champions AMD Ryzen 7 1700X Gameplay (No comments)
Posted by oceanofapathy @ 20:12 CDT, 21 June 2017 - iMsg
Get your commentary fix here.
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QC server IPs (11 comments)
Posted by InDepther @ 18:01 CDT, 21 June 2017 - iMsg
Does anyone know the EU server IPs. I have problem with ping that I am trying to solve it. Tried to find with netstat and resource manager the de IP and I came to few potential ones, which result in weird trace routes and thus, I am not sure they are the correct ones.

here is the trace route from one that I tried:

Tracing route to []
over a maximum of 30 hops:

1 <1 ms <1 ms <1 ms []
2 4 ms 6 ms 4 ms []
3 4 ms 4 ms 4 ms []
4 4 ms 7 ms 7 ms []
5 78 ms 78 ms 79 ms []
6 150 ms 94 ms 93 ms
7 79 ms 80 ms 79 ms
8 79 ms 79 ms 79 ms
9 * * * Request timed out.
10 * * * Request timed out.
.. it goes on until 30

any ideas? If I don't find anything, will have to switch ISP again and pay a heavy penalty, since my contract with current has still long way before it expires.
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Rating: 4.5 (1 vote)

With all ten champions I did Tri-Bolt and Nailclimbing experiments, and here are the results, self-damage, angles etc. A lot of tricking seems possible, but the champions' different physics, speedcaps, and collision models do cause problems. I sincerely hope that on release there will be a mode with equal physics and without speedcaps, and mod-support for custom maps, so that the trickjumping and DeFRaGgery can go wild :)
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GTX 650Ti 1Gb gameplay videos (2 comments)
Posted by kevlark @ 14:24 CDT, 21 June 2017 - iMsg
Prise of 650Ti ~50$ second hand

I have a 650Ti 1gb for the test. Record this videos with nvidia shadowplay. 650Ti also has a life

Battlefield 1 (2016) 1280x720 low -

Tekken 7 (2017) 1280x720 medium -

Need for Speed Most Wanted (2012) 1280x720 medium -

Vanquish (2017) 1920x1080 medium -

Dota 2 1920x1080 high -
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In-depth interview w/ winz about his career as a player (2 comments)
Posted by RadoNonESR @ 10:19 CDT, 21 June 2017 - iMsg
winz reminiscing about his career: 'I usually have a very good idea of where I stand individually...'

While modern-day esports fans recognize Michael "winz" Bignet as a skilled and versatile Overwatch player—who is ready to play whatever position his team needs—his career as a professional player began more than a decade ago. In the distant 2004, he was already representing ‘against All authority’, a brand veteran fans will recognize as a once staple name among the upper echelon the French esports scene.

While winz wasn’t a regular in the offline circuit at the time, he’d grow to be recognized as one of the best in the games he played. Throughout 2005, he became UT2004 world champion by winning ESWC in France, his home country. 2006 saw him earning the gold again, but this time for Quake 4 with notable wins over toxjq, now recognized as the greatest Q4 player, and Cypher, who would eventually become the best, and arguably greatest, Quake duelist to date.

After the introduction of Quake Live, winz gave up on the 1v1 mode due to a number of gameplay changes he didn’t enjoy and the continued prevalence of old maps. For several years, he wasn’t part of the highest level of offline competition, but eventually made a comeback in team modes and games, winning premier tournaments in Quake Live TDM, ShootMania, and most recently, Overwatch.

The interview takes a retrospective look at his career as a player.
. . .

You can find the interview itself on Esports Heaven at the following link:

Make sure you don't miss part two by following us on twitter at @EsportsHeaven and @RadoNonfire.
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twitch needs a panasonic smart app (48 comments)
Posted by p0rt @ 07:06 CDT, 21 June 2017 - iMsg
they have the best bluray players, they have youtube, shoutcast, netflix, vimeo, etc etc etc etc no twitch

make sure it has a buffer that works when anyone make a app
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Quake Champions First Trick Movie? (1 comment)
Posted by Terbo @ 00:27 CDT, 21 June 2017 - iMsg

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Rating: - (0 votes)
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In Time. (27 comments)
Posted by h8m3 @ 20:40 CDT, 20 June 2017 - iMsg

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Rating: 6.8 (55 votes)
A Quake Live fragmovie made by Canada Alexander "V12TEN" Vortex featuring young prodigy Belarus Nikita "clawz" Marchinsky.

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Cypher&K1llsen wtf clips (23 comments)
Posted by CAREEM @ 23:36 CDT, 19 June 2017 - iMsg
Germany k1llsen: What the fuck?

Belarus Cypher: What? Heh..


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dear hardware people, please help me with a problem (19 comments)
Posted by flynnT @ 14:49 CDT, 19 June 2017 - iMsg
beloved and fairspoken ESR community, i lamentably ask for you help.

since the beginning of QC beta, my fucking computer can't display textures in this well polished game correctly.

AMD radeon and whatnot, my hardware should be fine with this. latest drivers, everything. please check these carefully crafted samples:

1) in the menu:

2) one handed gameplay:

(how to embed that shit?)

i tried to google the shit out of that problem, QC beta forums weren't helpful at all so you fine people are my last resort.

any idea? please.
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TimConLAN 4 (UK LAN Event) (37 comments)
Posted by CrazyAl @ 08:43 CDT, 19 June 2017 - iMsg
From the 15th to the 17th of September, ArenaFPS TimConLAN returns for its fourth installment.
United Kingdom Liverpool’s Horizon E-Sport Club will once again provide an ornate background to TimCon’s action, in all of its ostentatious glory, saving us from a fate worse than death; organising a BYOC event.

Stream: twitch ArenaFPS
Links: TimConLAN Discord, Facebook Horizon E-Sports Club
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125 FPS QC Duel Sunday Cup#2 (84) (18 comments)
Posted by Nico_QD @ 08:06 CDT, 19 June 2017 - iMsg
Scheduled: 10:00 CDT, 25 June 2017 to 16:00 CDT, 25 June 2017
Begins In:

The 125 FPS Quake Champions Duel Sunday Cup#2 (84)

Donate: 125FPS Donate link.
Streams: Russia 102, Russia Polosatiy, United Kingdom zLive, United Kingdom nvc; Stream's HUB
Links:125FPS Balance 2017; 125FPS Discord
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QC Duel Screenshots for Tournament Overlays (10 comments)
Posted by nvc @ 07:56 CDT, 19 June 2017 - iMsg
Hi all,

Here's the screenshots I grabbed before putting the stream production together yesterday. It might save some of you time if you're wanting to create overlays for your own stream, so enjoy.

I'll be streaming as many tournaments as I can, if you'd like to join me on this journey you can follow my Twitch:

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Sacrafice one hero limit and symetric maps (11 comments)
Posted by aiken @ 06:03 CDT, 19 June 2017 - iMsg
What do you think about making one hero limit for Sacrifice? In my opinion it should help organizing people in public matches. So everyone can fulfill role best fitting character used. Let's say Anarki will most likely be soul carrier, Clutch being defender of totem, etc. You could respawn at any moment with different character if it's time to attack enemy's totem to get the soul.

Also the thing mentioned by 2GD that symmetric maps make much more sense for that game mode. Totem placement is fair for both teams. If they want to keep asymmetric then they should at least assign totems to teams in each round or swap it in following rounds after the first one to solve the issue of odd number of rounds to get a winner.
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Jumping around (QUAKE CHAMPIONS) (10 comments)
Posted by Smilecythe @ 11:04 CDT, 18 June 2017 - iMsg

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Rating: 9.5 (13 votes)

Just a couple trickjumps, some which are easy and some hard. Some which may come in handy in real gameplay and some which are more arbitrary. I'm using Nyx and Visor primarily, because I couldn't think of many interesting things to do with the other champions.

If you have any movement related question, ask away. I can give rough observation/feel based answers, that might turn out to be false.


Quake 1 Scourge of Armageddon - Music #3
Quake 2 OST - Climb (Jer Sypult)

Special thanks to Mazu for sticking around!
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A nice premade game with Spart1e (2 comments)
Posted by filo @ 14:39 CDT, 17 June 2017 - iMsg
We did a two team premade TDM including some nice names like Spartie miso, ripper.

Nice games, you can skip the first 3 min or so... i started recording a tad late, but i have some braging rights, where i destroyed every1 and carryed Spart1e :P (nvm that he later carryed us with 30 frags and we had -15 net and 8 frags only. :D

Unfortunatly this is only my POV match, but this was before the spectating update, hopefuly i Will provide spectated premade matches.

Enjoy, every1!
[sorr direct video link doesn't work, admins?]
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Bitcoin and other Cryptocoins (19 comments)
Posted by Fattyboom @ 11:10 CDT, 17 June 2017 - iMsg
Crypto currency market capitalization has grown massively over the past 3 months...

We're at 111.047.639.434 $ at the moment.

Bitcoin has surpassed the price of 1 oz gold by far...

Is this the end of fiat money or just a bubble waiting to pop?

Are you guys invested or perhaps even mining some coins?

Share your thoughts below...
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Duel suggestions (12 comments)
Posted by g0uken @ 10:35 CDT, 17 June 2017 - iMsg
Was thinking about how duel feels so short, without natural flow and with few frags so how about:

First of all, keep the “rounds” and keep the 3 champions pick, but instead of calling the rounds “rounds”, call them “half’s”. Each half is not based on a fraglimit but a time limit instead (I imagine 5 minutes is a fitting length). When the first half is over, the leading player is not awarded a point, but rather keeps his frags, much like in many sports, you aren’t playing to win the half, but to have most goals/points after both half’s/every period.

The 2nd half starts with the two players changing initial-spawn (either make them have each others spawn from first half, or make it random on the same part/side of the map). The winner is the player with most frags after 2nd half. In case of a tie, a 3rd round/period is played (2-5 minutes) and if this is also tie sudden death or overtime (from quake live) comes into effect.

When a player dies during the half’s/periods he is not forced to change champions but is rather giving the choice to do so. Much like in fighting games competition where a losing player is allowed to change character in between sets. That way the game feels less annoying for the losing player, since he is awarded a choice instead of being forced to do something he might not want to, but it also provides more tactical thought regarding the champions-aspect (something I assume was one of the reasons id/Bethesda chose to go with champions in the first place).

This rule set will feel more in tune with the original quake feel, with the champions aspect well-implemented, at the same time as it is protecting a losing player by:

1) Only having to 'endure' 5 minutes before he gets a “break” where the enemy’s map control is broken and where he can gather thoughts/composure, in case of being dominated.

2) Giving him an advantage in being able to select champions based on the enemy’s pick/playing style

This system ensures that the core gameplay still feels quakeish, while making use of the champions in an well-integrated manner, while simultaneous&#8203;ly providing the losing players with options and help.

Somebody get this to Syncerror. This shit is money! \o/
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New mouse?? (30 comments)
Posted by Makie @ 14:35 CDT, 16 June 2017 - iMsg
thinking of getting new mouse since im getting owned in QC,
currently using old abyssus so i need something similar, light and cheap i was thinking of cooler master mastermouse s, looks exactly the same, any thoughts about that mouse?
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125 FPS QC Duel Sunday Cup#1 (83) (129 comments)
Posted by Nico_QD @ 09:54 CDT, 16 June 2017 - iMsg
Scheduled: 13:00 CDT, 18 June 2017 to 16:00 CDT, 18 June 2017
Schedule: Passed

The 125 FPS Quake Champions Duel Sunday Cup #83

Donate: 125FPS Donate link.
Streams: Russia 102, United Kingdom zLive, United Kingdom nvc; Stream's HUB
Links:125FPS Balance 2017; 125FPS Discord
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Cursor drift [HELP] (33 comments)
Posted by LLih @ 09:02 CDT, 16 June 2017 - iMsg

I have a problem I do not know how to fix.
The mousetracking says the movement is 1:1.
But I can tell you there is something really wrong.

When I have the mouse in the middle of the mousepad. I make circles with my hand. If I do this over and over, while ending up on same spot I started, the cursor is more towards upper right, or lower left respectively to if I do clockwise or counter-clockwise movement.

How do I fix this?
I can't aim at all with this. I even have problems clicking icons in windows.
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All non-NA/EU players removed from Qualifiers (107 comments)
Posted by dirtbox @ 08:04 CDT, 16 June 2017 - iMsg
From ESL Discord:
Hello @everyone ! We would like to let you know that the NA qualifiers are meant only for NA & CA based players and the EU qualifiers are meant only for the EU based countries. This means that for these qualifiers, we won't be able to accept players (or teams with players) from Asia/Africa/Australia/Latin America. We have already removed those that were from the mentioned regions from the qualifiers and we hope that you will help us spread this message so it reaches them and the other players from these regions that were planning to participate. Many thanks and happy fraggin'!

Yet on the Bethesda page it says people can play with High Ping from other regions.

NOTE: All Qualifiers will be played on NA or EU servers. However, other regions can participate in these Qualifiers with higher latency. NA includes the Americas and Australia, and EU Europe, Russia and Asia.
Update 2017-06-19 by Åke Vader: Apparently this has been resolved. According to some obscure Discord quote Africans and Asians will now be allowed to play in the European region, while Australians and Latin Americans are allowed to play in the North American region.
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QC Duel fixed everything (2 comments)
Posted by gSTRUCTOR @ 21:42 CDT, 15 June 2017 - iMsg
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Quake Champions at the E3 Esports Zone - Day 1 (23 comments)
Posted by CAREEM @ 15:57 CDT, 15 June 2017 - iMsg
If anyone missed there are videos of: Quake Champions at the E3 Esports Zone - Day 1

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Is it worthy to come back to WoW now? (1 comment)
Posted by Antonio94 @ 05:09 CDT, 15 June 2017 - iMsg
I played WoW since the Vanilla until Wrath of the Lich King and then I had to stop due to my study. And then around 2 years ago I start to crawl back to WoW with Mist of Pandadia. I continued to the WoD but I really felt disappointed. I stopped for quite a while now. I like the game but I'm not sure whether I should come back now especially when the Legion has already released for so long time now.
Is it really okay to come back now? Or should I leave it there?
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Pepsi (4 comments)
Posted by ika @ 00:19 CDT, 15 June 2017 - iMsg
They should make a new pepsi ad where a black kid gets shot by some policeman and you can see a can of pepsi rolling out of his dead hands as he hits the ground in some ghetto. and then it should say the pepsi slogan: "Live... for now"

Would be so cash, just play it on every TV station, every day PEPSI: Live... for now; they say that you have to show people ads 5 times for them to remember it, remember TV is a conditioning box so you have to make sure they see pepsi every day, all day pepsi, seeing some kid get shot so you forget if its the news or an ad, they should put product placement on TV by having the reporters drink soda while they cover things. They should drink soda on C-Span as a form of product placement.
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Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor announced for Aug 26 (24 comments)
Posted by son1dow @ 23:00 CDT, 14 June 2017 - iMsg
Not a competitive fight, not a particularly interesting fight as a fight, but I sure won't be missing it! The circus will be happening in Las Vegas & on pay-per-view.
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Quake Battles QC TDM Draft (20 comments)
Posted by esdf @ 16:29 CDT, 14 June 2017 - iMsg
After last week's Sacrifice draft, the Quake Battles guys are doing yet another draft. The mode for the upcoming draft will be TDM and the draft will take place on Sunday, June 25th with games starting at 16:00 CET.

The games will be streamed on twitch vidjeee with players probably running their own streams as it was the case last time.

Last, but not the least, everyone is encouraged to sign up, regardless of skill level or previous Quake expreience.

Links: Quake Battles Discord
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Is QC racist? (178 comments)
Posted by esdf @ 15:49 CDT, 14 June 2017 - iMsg
First of all, take a look at the following trailer. Take a good look.

What is wrong you say? There's a girl, there's asians, there's whites... But where are African Americans? First of all, we're all from Africa. Second of all, black lives matter. It is beyond me that id would ignore a whole race like this.

What kind of a message does this send to African American communities? Does id see them only as drug dealers and crack fiends? There's not even a black champion in the game!!!

Afro American community provided us with numerous great players and this is a direct insult to them. Think of Lost_cause, he's probably still in Africa (mostly due to his team not paying for his flight back), imagine how he feels now that he got ignored by the game he dedicated a lot of his life to.

Think of br1ck, the QuakeCon champion. Pretty sure he feels like shit now that id released a video in which a black man is reduced to gangbanging and drive-bys, since apparently they're not capable of wielding a mouse and keyboard instead of Mag-7 and uzi.

#blacklivesmatter #kickracismoutofesports
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ARSENY_ IN CS:Go (1 comment)
Posted by Hardbitter @ 15:28 CDT, 14 June 2017 - iMsg

Is that him? This guy has quite decent stats. This may have been discussed before but how many more ql players have made it into decent in csgo?
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Add to the sidebar (24 comments)
Posted by megaman3 @ 12:48 CDT, 14 June 2017 - iMsg

Official stream for QC stuff. Right now streaming the E3 invitational. Thank you.
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Copy QC from another PC? (26 comments)
Posted by Curious @ 12:34 CDT, 14 June 2017 - iMsg
I managed to copy the game from another PC and have it work in the 2nd beta.

However, now when I try, it just doesn't work. Has anyone got this to work in the latest beta?
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Quake champs video settings (18 comments)
Posted by CAREEM @ 08:10 CDT, 14 June 2017 - iMsg
Does anyone have good visual settings and good preformance settings for Quake Champions?

My specs are:

Procesor: Intel Core i5-6400
GFX: GeForce GTX 750 Ti 4GB DDR5
Mouse: Logitech G303
Mousepad: Razer Goliathus Control XL
Headphones: Logitech G430 Gaming Headset
Disk: SSD Kingston Hypherx Savage 240 GB
Monitor: Asus VG248Q3 144hz, 1ms, 3D, 24" and PG Neovo 27" LE-27

Im getting FPS drops especially in the beginning of the match, mid match and after few games I need to restart Quake Champs.

With mid gfx settings I get about 130 fps @ 1920x1080
With all low scale 50% Im getting up to 300 fps and in the same time drop to 50 fps - its getting unplayable.

I close all apps in background
I set QC to high priority
I am changing video resolution down to 800x600 and its the same maybe 10 - 20 fps more but still unplayable.

Is QC so fucked up atm?

Can anyone tell me best settings for QC also best visual settings so enemy model are visible better also I need settings to disable / lower effects. Are there any settings to do so outside of QC?

Due to that problem I will buy a new gfx and Im willing to spend up to 600€ for it. Not sure if its worth since I can play overwatch with all mid settings and im getting 200 fps there. IS QC not, zero optimized yet? Should I wait with new gfx?

Please let me know
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THUNDER (11 comments)
Posted by lee.ql @ 04:21 CDT, 14 June 2017 - iMsg

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Rating: 7.1 (34 votes)
While everyone is excited about the new addition to our favourite game series, I'm still keen on Quake Live, and its not because I don't like Quake Champions. In fact, I can't even launch Quake Champions because my PC is older than me. Check out my new video and thanks for watching.

Song : Imagine Dragons - Thunder
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<FragMovie>LGWHORES2 (4 comments)
Posted by kukkii @ 22:29 CDT, 12 June 2017 - iMsg
this time an actual frag movie with soundtrack =)

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QC error, halp (31 comments)
Posted by ins @ 16:14 CDT, 12 June 2017 - iMsg
When I start the game I can only see 4 datacenters, all over 200 ping

After connecting to one of those and trying to queue up for a game it just gives me back an error:

Halp, pls
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HANGTIME 2 by n00k1e (42 comments)
Posted by xajA @ 15:07 CDT, 12 June 2017 - iMsg

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Rating: 9.8 (84 votes)
Quake III DeFRaG world record run on an outstanding precision map.

"Greetings to all the Quake 2, Quake 3 and Quake Live friends & thanks for watching" - Poland n00k1e

All official HT2 records at

Download the raw demo: hangtime2-df[mdf.vq3]n00k1e.Poland.

VEILS - Silence
VEILS - Marble Eyes
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QC Beta - E3 Patch Notes (1 comment)
Posted by Messing Around @ 08:45 CDT, 12 June 2017 - iMsg
Patch Notes – CBT 10 (E3 Build)

Welcome to the Quake Champions Beta! We’ve made a lot of changes in this build, many of which we just revealed at the Bethesda E3 Showcase! The first big change is that beta is now open 24/7! That means you can just in and play any time you want, unless we have a maintenance window or are deploying a future patch. We’ll keep you in the loop about any planned outages.
We’ve also added a LOT of goodness. Here’s the list of other new additions that you can check out right now:

NEW Champion:

B.J. Blazkowicz added to the Champion roster!
• Dual Wield (Active)

BJ calls for back-up and answers his own call. Double [censored] weapons, BJ takes turns firing them in rapid succession to lay down some heavy fire, but he will burn through some serious ammo to do so.
• Regeneration (Passive)
BJ can regenerate any damaged health inside one 25 HP block, if he doesn’t receive damage for 3 seconds.
• Stats:
• 100 / 100 HP
• 25 / 50 AP
• 310 -> 560 ups

• Customizations includes 3 outfits and 1 vanity item.

NEW Weapon:
• New weapon added – The Tri-Bolt!
o The Tri-Bolt fires three bolts armed with timed explosives. Each bolt fires in quick succession, allowing the user to concentrate or spread the fire as needed.

NEW Maps:

- Lockbox added -- a new Ithagnal themed arena for Sacrifice, Team Deathmatch, and Deathmatch
- Blood Run added -- a new Volkerh themed Duel arena
- Corrupted Keep added -- a new Goroth themed Duel arena

Custom Game:
- Party with friends to play private matches on the arena and game mode of your choice!
- Party Leaders can pre-configure teams in the Match Lobby by dragging players between pillars.
- Start Match button will be disabled if the amount of players present is lower than required
- Start Match button will be disabled in Duel mode if players don’t have 3 Champions available

NEW Spectator Mode:
• Spectator mode added within Custom Game!
o Invite friends to your party and drag them to the Match Lobby Spectator Box to allow them to spectate the match.
o Spectators can toggle camera modes between players, rooms, and free-float by pressing [L. SHIFT].
o Players can cycle through players or rooms with [LEFTARROW] and [RIGHTARROW] or by pressing [1]-[0] number keys for specific players or rooms.
o Spectators can press [X] to toggle x-ray outlines to see players locations through walls to help follow the action.

Main Menu UI:

• Added Tutorials section.
• Updated Loot Box Store
• New Shader Customization preview icons (now correctly matching their patterns)

NEW Tutorials:
• We have added the first three videos in our series of Beta Tutorials – “Welcome to Quake Champions,” “Health, Armor, & You: Controlling Your Stack,” and “Power-Ups: Turning the Tides of War.”
• These videos are currently accessible by clicking the Movie icon on the Main Menu.

• New initial spawn points in Duel for Ruins of Sarnath
• Adjusted item placements on all maps affecting all modes
• Fix for not being able to pick-up armor shards or the Soul until only after their bounce animation ends


• Added new music set for the Dimension of the Doomed (Goroth themed maps: Burial Chamber, Corrupted Keep)
• Added music set for the Netherworld (Ithagnal themed maps: Lockbox)

Known Issues:
• A party of more than two players may enter a Duel lobby. The Start Match button is not disabled if the extraneous players remain present on the pillars instead of being moved to Spectator. Players who are still stuck on the podium after two Duel players are selected will be presented with an error message that you've been "kicked from the match." Upon receiving this error, you will need to restart the client to continue playing.


So how do you think about:
-The new guy that can dual Rails and health regen
-The Tri-bolt, a replacement for GL
-The new maps
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Quake World Championships at QuakeCon 2017 (194 comments)
Posted by Nukm @ 07:20 CDT, 12 June 2017 - iMsg
id Software, Bethesda and ESLjust announced the $1,000,000 Quake World Champion. Duel and Sacrifice (4v4) competitions will kick off this June and culminate in a live Finals at QuakeCon from August 24-27, 2017 in Dallas, Texas.

Links: esr Forum Discussion - tweet @ESLQuake
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Quake Champions E3 Patch - Open Beta (80 comments)
Posted by Nukm @ 06:53 CDT, 12 June 2017 - iMsg
Following some minor patches in the previous weeks, the E3 Quake Champions Patch introduces a brand new champion and new weapon, new maps including Blood Run, Custom Games and more. Check out the full Patchlog below:
Welcome to the Quake Champions Beta! We’ve made a lot of changes in this build, many of which we just revealed at the Bethesda E3 Showcase! The first big change is that beta is now open 24/7! That means you can just in and play any time you want, unless we have a maintenance window or are deploying a future patch. We’ll keep you in the loop about any planned outages.
We’ve also added a LOT of goodness. Here’s the list of other new additions that you can check out right now:

Additional Info:
Blood Run Quick Tour by Rocket Jump Ninja
Lockbox Arena Overview
BJ Blazkowicz Champion Trailer

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1 million dollar Qcon? (125 comments)
Posted by Gobotz @ 00:00 CDT, 12 June 2017 - iMsg
I'm high, but i think i heard it right though.
Was that fatal1ty?
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Quake Battles QC Sacrifice Draft (17 comments)
Posted by esdf @ 09:23 CDT, 11 June 2017 - iMsg
The Quake Champions pickup, Quake Battles, organised their first draft cup this Sunday.

The mode being played is Sacrifice, the e-sports mode in Quake Champions. It's a smaller sized draft, mostly due to beta still not being persistently online so it could've easily happened for the draft to not finish if it had a bigger size.

There are 4 teams participating and most notable signups are United States of America carnage, Poland syndrom and Estonia SHUGH. The lack of spectator mode means you'll have to be happy with one pov per stream.

Streams: sev1, Freekje, carnage, Xhep
Links: Brackets, Discord
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QC Stream? (7 comments)
Posted by Zhu_Cx @ 09:22 CDT, 11 June 2017 - iMsg
I havn't played QC yet, how would yall feel about a QC stream? With the same feelings as my QL streams used to have! But this time i'd be learning the game. Yay or nay.
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Dreamhack Summer to feature QW1on1 BYOC tournament (24 comments)
Posted by Åke Vader @ 06:21 CDT, 11 June 2017 - iMsg
It was recently revealed that the mysterious "Quake" tournament listed among the BYOC tournaments on the Dreamhack Summer website is indeed a QuakeWorld 1on1 tournament. People going to Dreamhack Summer 2017 in Jönköping, Sweden, between 17th - 20th of June are thus going to be able to battle it out for a 15,000SEK (~$1650) prize purse.

Tournament format is group stages with a single elimination playoff, with matches being played best of three maps (except final which is best of five). The map pool is the classic selection of DM2, DM4, DM6, ZTNDM3 and Aerowalk.

More information on the Dreamhack website.
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For all Vinyl Lovers on ESR (12 comments)
Posted by Fattyboom @ 04:09 CDT, 11 June 2017 - iMsg
Quake 1 Soundtrack is coming soon to the Nine Inch Nails Website:
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125 FPS Sunday Cup#82 (7 comments)
Posted by Nico_QD @ 03:08 CDT, 11 June 2017 - iMsg
Scheduled: 13:00 CDT, 11 June 2017 to 16:00 CDT, 11 June 2017
Schedule: Passed

The 125 FPS QuakeLive Duel Sunday Cup #82

Donate: 125FPS Donate link.
Streams: Russia 102, United Kingdom zLive, United Kingdom nvc; Stream's HUB
Links:125FPS Balance 2017; 125FPS Discord
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QC in ESL (14 comments)
Posted by gSTRUCTOR @ 16:48 CDT, 10 June 2017 - iMsg
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Quake Champions Rocks (6 comments)
Posted by Danmer @ 12:17 CDT, 10 June 2017 - iMsg
Full size: 2560x1440

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Trigger warning (Mildly Godlike aim) (29 comments)
Posted by UNIVERSESIXHIT @ 09:20 CDT, 10 June 2017 - iMsg
Don't get triggered by the god on lg, so good to see him back playing QC.

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1:1 latency for your keyboard and mouse (25 comments)
Posted by p0rt @ 05:37 CDT, 10 June 2017 - iMsg
2 port back plate, using 2 USB motherboard internal plugs creating 2 seperate busses for windows not to cycle through each port separately every [polling rate/driver latency ] ms

USB 3.0 version you need to buy from hong kong
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240hz (8 comments)
Posted by spooky1 @ 15:51 CDT, 9 June 2017 - iMsg
Hi can someone help me i have 240hz monitor but i don't see option to change on 240hz in qukelive settings ,is there a way to get this option?
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NITRINO FRAGS QC 2017 (2 comments)
Posted by lee.ql @ 03:35 CDT, 9 June 2017 - iMsg
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Closed Beta Patch Notes - June 9, Test Event (65 comments)
Posted by Messing Around @ 19:22 CDT, 8 June 2017 - iMsg
Before the next Closed Beta test event begins tomorrow at 10am ET, we wanted to discuss our plans for this test event. Last week, we held a shorter beta after deploying some backend fixes that helped us to gauge game stability. We got great results, and have implemented some additional backend updates to help us continue testing in order to improve stability. We received a lot of great feedback from last weekend’s test, and we’d appreciate hearing more about your play experiences during this test. This weekend’s test will continue until 4pm ET on Sunday.

Patch Notes:


Fixed an issue where a stutter could occur during a spike in performance


Fixed “fragged by” appearing on-screen after a suicide
Removed Rocket Launcher balcony in Ruins of Sarnath
Fixed Duel start poses in Blood Covenant and Ruins of Sarnath
Improved item placement in Duel in Ruins of Sarnath
Fixed an issue when a Champion’s vanity item persisted on a scene after their death


The health bar will now be colored white if player has less than a half bar remaining
Fixed an issue where sliders remained red after interacting with them in the menu
Boot up sequence order changed

Champions Balance:

Slash's Max AP has been buffed + 25 AP
Slash's trail lifetime has been decreased to 3 seconds
Slash's active ability duration has been decreased to 2 seconds
Galena's Unholy Totem's health has been buffed to 50 HP
Clutch's acceleration steps have been reworked to allow him to accelerate faster
Visor’s air acceleration has increased (+10%), so he gains speed faster using strafe jumps.
Galena's basic speed has been increased up to 300
Scalebearer’s passive ability tweaked acceleration steps


Fixed random gameplay crash in Sacrifice mode
Fixed rare crash when clicking on the Play button

Mouse sensitivity improvements:

Mouse acceleration option has been added to Options Screen
Mouse sensitivity now closer to Quake Live. Updated range is 1-30.
M-filter added in Options Screen

Known Issues:

No in-menu notification about completed challenges
When sudden death happens in Duel, sudden death text won’t appear in HUD
Black doors in Blood Covenant in DM and TDM


Totem can takes 50 damage before got destroy, instead of instantly
Slash's trail has 4 secs ability duration and 5 secs lifetime before. Now it's 2 and 3
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Deathadder dying !!!!!! (3 comments)
Posted by Curley @ 13:13 CDT, 7 June 2017 - iMsg
Long long ago I came here and ended up purchasing a Deathadder, today, it's on it's way out, or at least I think it is. In game it skips a heck load: have formatted, installed old drivers, used 500/1000, kept it on native 1800. I've also read that the QCK likes to cause skipping, could be a lot of things, either way, I'm on the hunt for a new mouse!

I've read quite a lot of threads, comments seen heaps of graphs and the EC2A appeals to me quite a lot. However, I feel like I'm missing something, or will end up purchasing it and being disappointed in someway - I guess I'm posting for verification before I buy it.

I play low sens, use my entire extended pad, vertical is still not enough, my deathadder feels back heavy which i dont like and the scrolling always jumps up and down, overall it's a really solid mouse and i love it, just a few issues the last several months.

Some of my main questions left are:

- is zowie/benq working on a new/upgraded version?
- is there anything "better"

I really like the look of the DA Elite, the rubber finish and scroll wheel look mint ( ) that photo makes me want the DA, I also don't really like how the DPI switch also toggles the mwheel colour - is there a way to turn the light off? I love how it has no software and looks minimal.

sorry for the ramble

tldr; ask me questions to help me choose the best mice for me, i like the ec2a and can't really buy 50 different mice and usually make bad decisions (don't buy corsair ram!)
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Violence (54 comments)
Posted by Lotzy @ 10:29 CDT, 7 June 2017 - iMsg

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Rating: 7.7 (92 votes)
A quake live movie featuring Russia Nitrino

Created by Russia Lotzy & Russia Ryan_H 2017
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Elon Musk played quake and his quake team won money (11 comments)
Posted by cx @ 06:57 CDT, 7 June 2017 - iMsg
I just began listening to an audiobook that is about Elon Musks biography, and in this audiobook it is told that he played quake in his zip2 company with other employees and they got 2nd place in a team tournament and won several thousands of dollars.
Is there any truth in that? I can hardly imagine that a techy guy like him has the talent and finds time to play quake at a competetive tournament level ... back then there was also not much money in the game, I think there was only the pgl and one microsoft tournament and the ferrari tournmanet from id itself, which were also mostly about duel and not teamplay ... prolly the author of the biography is exagerating a bit there, am I right?
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HoQ TDM Spring 2017 - Rankings (24 comments)
Posted by doz3r @ 16:12 CDT, 6 June 2017 - iMsg
Today, the HoQ TDM Spring 2017 league saw its last matches played. The time has now come to release the rankings for the three divisions.

First, if you missed some games, most of the VODs are available on Plus Forward. We also hope some players will come forward and upload some demos.

Final Rankings

Thank you all for playing, watching and streaming.

Links: Results - mIRC#HoQLeagues
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rekt vs hoq spring 2017 (No comments)
Posted by esdf @ 15:34 CDT, 4 June 2017 - iMsg
vods&demos of rekt in this season's hoq tdm

rekt vs hun: yt, demos
rekt vs b52: yt, demos
rekt vs fk: yt, demos
rekt vs q?: yt, demos
rekt vs lp.: yt, demos

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Quake 3 HD gameplay (2 comments)
Posted by kevlark @ 04:23 CDT, 4 June 2017 - iMsg
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2GD opinions on Duel and Sacrifice modes (77 comments)
Posted by Messing Around @ 03:40 CDT, 4 June 2017 - iMsg

Steal from QC forum

Id is trying to turn the game into a mindless FPS, just simply pickup weapons and go for a frag
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Duel players from Denmark (16 comments)
Posted by azxx @ 20:20 CDT, 3 June 2017 - iMsg
From Quake 3 onwards, there might have been some notable names from Denmark in team modes, but never a top name in duel. Why is that so? Is it something about the scene? Genuinely curious.
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Pie Timers (17 comments)
Posted by azxx @ 14:28 CDT, 3 June 2017 - iMsg
After seeing the discussion between megaman3 and Neeeple in this thread, it got me thinking about showing timer visuals around items in Quake, which I will call "pie timers".

I never quite grasped the issue with pie timers in either QL or Reflex and now QC, and why it often became a topic of fierce discussion. Please, hear me out.

Keep in mind that for this discussion I am thinking of the traditional style of matches, and not how they are in QC now with rounds etc.

Some prerequisites for this discussion:
- Pie timers should only be visible to a player if they picked the item, or if the item was in clear view when it was picked by another player.
- Pie timers should remain 'pies' or a little 'abstract'; there should never be a number shown.
- HUD timers should never exist for players, only for spectators.

When I think of skill in a game, I like to think of the concepts of skill ceiling and skill floor. Ideally, a game should try to lower the skill floor, while still making sure that the current skill ceiling is maintained if not raised.

I think pie timers will lower the skill floor but not lower the skill ceiling.

New players will actually learn that there is such a mechanic as timing items that they need to do, and will then be able to get their feet wet with strategies for items. They can also eventually ease into the habit of timing more items and/or timing more exactly with the game clock. This way they are being taught something without having had to be around the game/scene.

The worser players will be assisted in returning to grab or fight for an item since it is more intuitive to them. It will also allow them to time one item in a more exact manner while being able to challenge others with the aid of possible pie timers.

The better players will always be timing more and timing better, because doing so is still an advantage despite the presence of pie timers, so to them a pie timer doesn't make as much of a difference.

Having a pie timer might allow in-control players to time with less focus being diverted there, which might allow them to do other amazing things. On the other hand, it could allow them to get items with more ease so they might end up dominating an opponent even more. Could become a kind of snowball effect.

Is most of the arguing around pie timers for the sake of purity?
I understand the awe we are left with when we see the feats of top players while they were timing multiple items, but I don't believe pie timers will dilute that.

I would really like to hear what others think, as there might be points that I haven't thought of or don't understand well enough.
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Quake Champions Closed Beta Patch June 2nd (12 comments)
Posted by T1E @ 17:20 CDT, 2 June 2017 - iMsg
For this week’s Quake Champions Closed Beta test event, we are focusing on monitoring game stability with new backend services in place. In doing so, we will be holding a shorter test event, which will end on Saturday at 5pm ET. The patch being deployed for this build will only include minor fixes, however, we are working on a larger update that will address game performance issues, and this weekend’s test is a prerequisite for that update. We appreciate your continued feedback as it’s helped us to identify stability issues that we’re working to resolve. Thank you to all of our testers for helping us to create an even better Quake Champions.

- Still closed
- Some more sensitivity settings
- Sensitivity can only be set in .250 increments now and is back to regular QL/CS computation imho - reply back if you have a solid answer or measured your 360* turn
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125 FPS Sunday Cup#81 (7 comments)
Posted by Nico_QD @ 15:57 CDT, 2 June 2017 - iMsg
Scheduled: 13:00 CDT, 4 June 2017 to 16:00 CDT, 4 June 2017
Schedule: Passed

The 125 FPS QuakeLive Duel Sunday Cup #81

Donate: 125FPS Donate link.
Streams: Russia 102, United Kingdom zLive, United Kingdom nvc; Stream's HUB
Links:125FPS Balance 2017; 125FPS Discord
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June 2nd Quake Champs "Update" (23 comments)
Posted by Jamerio @ 09:13 CDT, 2 June 2017 - iMsg
Beta starts soon, and ends soon after on Saturday 5pm ET, this beta has minor updates which they've not listed, and its purpose is to lead up to a bigger update which they've defined as performance related.

I assume loading times, net code, and possibly better FPS.


They've added extra mouse options like mouse accel, cap etc, so you'll have to do settings again. Filtering too I think? not 100% sure in total, as I set it on day 1 and left, but there are more options.

They've changed some spawns (first spawn on Dm6 was next to Nail Gun instead of Jump Pad or Bridge).

99% sure they have improved visibility too, dark areas do not feel as dark. At least on dm6.

Lots of changes on Ruins, too many little changes and not enough change logs!

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Pregnant lady (24 comments)
Posted by Gobotz @ 18:18 CDT, 1 June 2017 - iMsg
So every spring this lady runs by my house all pregnant and shit.
Every late fall early winter she runs by again... skinny.
She's been doing this since 2007.
That's 10 kids.....
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Quake Champions Pickup (69 comments)
Posted by esdf @ 14:08 CDT, 1 June 2017 - iMsg
With Quake Champions NDA being lifted for good, I figure this is the right time to announce that a Discord pickup community has been created.

The pickup is featuring both team modes currently in the game, Sacrifice and TDM along with the 1v1 mode, Duel. I can confirm the games were pretty much frequent throughout the closed beta tests and there's players of all skill levels there, from one of the worst to one of the best ones in the game so far.

The pickup is mostly Euro-dominated, but there is also an NA channel available for Murica to have fun in.

So now that you know pretty much everything, only thing left to do is to join the server and start adding. For all other questions you might have, feel free to pm the admins.

Links: Discord server
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Sujoy interview about Quake and esports (10 comments)
Posted by Sujoy @ 11:42 CDT, 31 May 2017 - iMsg
Shameless self promotion!

Pages 36-40

The magazine is a dissertation project but I quite like how the interview game out.
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BiBS NA QL CTF Draft Cup 6/11 (2 comments)
Posted by bjqrn0 @ 23:59 CDT, 30 May 2017 - iMsg
Scheduled: 14:00 CDT, 11 June 2017 to 22:00 CDT, 11 June 2017
Schedule: Passed

Bring it Back Safely is running another CTF draft cup for North America on Sunday June 11 at 14:00 CDT.

Sign up at challonge/h1zpCgw3de
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I'm bored and need to wake up at 12.30PM (32 comments)
Posted by He4rTL3sS @ 22:17 CDT, 30 May 2017 - iMsg
So, what you guys wanna know about me ? I can tell anything, everything. I'm not ashamed of being an autistic weirdo, so just ask your questions, I'll try to answer as much precisely as possible.

Can be about my life, quake, anything.

Maybe you wonder about my retardness or something, so perhaps you can ask a question such as "Why are you such an attention whore, and playing meaningless thing that is thunderstruck 1v1 24/7, drinking high amount of energy drinks, making retarded threads about configs and sensitivities, and on top of that a fucking arrogant asshole ? You french faggot :/".

You can even say here in the comments that I made another retarded journal entry only to seek attention, and that you don't give a fuck about me, it's not like I'm a super-star like cooller or anyone else.

You can even troll me or insult me, give me advices to be less retarded, I'm open for anything really :)

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Quake Champions Siege mode for eSports? (2 comments)
Posted by jamalz @ 21:05 CDT, 30 May 2017 - iMsg

not my idea but I love this fucking idea so much, i started beating off while watching the video.

This would be fucking fun, just like old days playing quake 1 co-op.
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Fragmovie Quake Champions Pro Duels (2 comments)
Posted by Yonk @ 19:39 CDT, 30 May 2017 - iMsg

Hi, you are wellcome to my Quake Champions Channel, professional matchs, hightlights and more. :)
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Mice Similar to FK2 (8 comments)
Posted by Guilte @ 16:46 CDT, 30 May 2017 - iMsg
Hey guys, I'm looking to upgrade from my Zowie FK2. I ideally just want something that has a 3360 sensor, no braided cable, and as close as possible to the shape of the FK2. I've already tried the G Pro and hated the shape.

Let me know your suggestions.
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Closed beta forums will be closed on June 2 (36 comments)
Posted by gSTRUCTOR @ 12:59 CDT, 30 May 2017 - iMsg
Closed and unaccesible, so if you have something worthy there, save it while you can.

I think that the same way NDA was lifted too early and the closed beta ended too early (because you can call it closed all you want but if anyone can grab a key its not closed anymore), theyre going open forums too early.
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Quake Champions - Dead on Arrival? (325 comments)
Posted by sudoBp @ 06:36 CDT, 30 May 2017 - iMsg
Quake Champions is about to finish its 7th or 8th beta "weekend" and development as well as media appearance can be considered underwhelming.

Twitch viewership (over the passed weekend the game couldnt get passed 2000 viewers) is close to non-existent since it released its NDA:

for more stats please check Twitch stats

Reddit, which can be considered the go-to-communication platform for a lot of gamers, has in my opinion mostly negative feedback threads. I might be biased in this case, as I do not have any statistical analysis on which threads gave positive feedback on the game and its development.

At this point, the official bethesda forum can be considered the worst corner of hell where any good argument or feedback gets burrowed by a big pile of garbage. No one sane will attempt to step a foot in that forum again.

Consequently, you cannot argue anymore that the quake elitists are to be blamed for not playing or watching the game on twitch - like TB would like to claim. It's the lacking casual base.

The game in its current state core issues.
Players are getting annoyed by the flaws: long queue times, bad netcode, unbalanced teams, quitters, loading times, high hardware requirements for a F2P game, unintuitive health system based on profound bullshit argument (please see an esports manager who does what exactly?

There is also no real communication coming from the project "leader" or its "community managers". There is supposedly to be a qualifier for quakecon soon? I'm sure the potential participants would like to get some information.

I have to sadly say, even though I personally enjoy playing qc, that qc will be dead on arrival. The game has to compete with plenty of other games out there, and so far it does nothing convincingly that could make the casual players be interested beyond a few hours of game play. 2GD also mentioned it in his talk with TB: Where is the incentive to buy the hero pack? The game does not significantly change when playing with sorlag or visor. Yet, id will be trying to sell it.

I am certain someone will enter this thread by claiming that the game is still in its "beta" stage. But that argument holds no ground, considering how the game development and the communication between the developers and the community has been.

The id team just lacks fundamental knowledge on how to handle the project:
At least show some teasers on upcoming features (e.g. spectator mode). Make a blog post (no fluff bullshit), show a short clip, keep the gossip active about the game, show us how you work and what you do etc.
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UT ESL Duel Spring League 2017 Playoffs (No comments)
Posted by Wasteful @ 06:10 CDT, 29 May 2017 - iMsg
ESL is running Unreal Tournament Pre-Alpha Duel League! It started with open qualification cups, where top players qualified to the groupstage. Two groups were made of 4 players, where top 2 players from each group advanced to playoffs.

All matches will be covered by Zaccubus and frag^m so expect some quality coverage.

Stream: twitch mouz|frag^m Stream

Links: ESL ESL Announcmeent, ESL Twitter ESLUnreal, ut UT Pre-Alpha download, ESL League Rankings, VoDs,
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Emulation / PS2 / 120 Hz (20 comments)
Posted by T1E @ 08:09 CDT, 28 May 2017 - iMsg
Dear diary...

just got into the mood to play Wipeout again. Installed PCSX2 again, works a lot better than 10 years ago.. lol

Not in the mood to play these games with the KB, so bought myself a gamepad for the first time since I played on a PSP.

Reading up on the emulation hacks, how to increase image fidelity, increase framerate / Hz.

Came across this forum:

Srsly what drugs are these kids on nowadays?
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The Consequences of Reducing the Skill Gap (3 comments)
Posted by Lup1n @ 06:35 CDT, 28 May 2017 - iMsg

Interesting watch, although its mostly about fighting games i feel it draws a couple of parallels with quake champions.
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Dogs server settings. Team balance proposals (11 comments)
Posted by barrybumcheeks @ 05:28 CDT, 28 May 2017 - iMsg
This is a copy of an e-mail I sent to naa the dogs server admin

Hi naa,

I have played on Dogs servers for a while now and generally have fun. I play mainly on the 5v5 servers as I find 8v8 too random and less enjoyable as a consequence.

The main issue I have is with team balance, however a smaller issue is that of map voting. The server setting for the minimum time between a new map being loaded (at the end of the game and in game voting) and the time allowed before a new vote is allowed is set to the default zero. This means its possible for people to call and force a map change before all players have loaded the new map. Players who are half a second behind can't participate in the vote even though they're in the teams playing in the last game! This is very annoying and needs fixing. If it was set to 30 seconds or some other reasonable value this problem would be resolved. I cant remember the name of the variable but it does exist.
Back to team balance. This is the single most important factor when it comes to game enjoyment.
The bot uses Glicko/Elo to calculate team balance. This is fine if the players ratings are reliable. On the Dogs servers they are NOT reliable.
The main reason being experienced players using 'new' accounts and players playing exclusivley on unranked servers so their
rating never increases.

Why do you not enforce a minimum number of games (for a more reliable rating) before allowing players to join?
This single change would make a massive difference to rating reliability.

Why allow a default rating of 1337 (Leet or Elite in text speak) to be assigned to 'new' players?
This needs to be fixed immediatly! It wrecks team balance. This is a Minqlx balance setting please fix it.
Many times players who are complete noobs (very common) or uber skilled (very annoying) join (1337 rated) and ruin any semblance of game balance.

Why have such a wide skill range 700-1800 elo? This causes major problems for team balance.
Often you will get a player on the upper limit say 1750 in a game where the average elo is 1200-1300.
These players have to carry weaker team members but they still often prevail. For them its an easy ride.
Noob bashing is great fun for them. I say go play with players in your own league. Its easy to stand tall in a room full of midgets o_O

A much better approach would be to set a cap of say 1000 elo for beginners/casual players and from then on use a series of servers each increasing in skill
by 100 Elo/Glicko. Then have a spread of 200 for entry.
for example..

Dogs server 'A' would allow players in the range of elo 1000 Max for beginners

Dogs server 'B' would allow players in the range of 1000 to 1200
Dogs server 'C' would allow players in the range of 1100 to 1300
Dogs server 'D' would allow players in the range of 1200 to 1400
Dogs server 'E' would allow players in the range of 1300 to 1500
Dogs server 'F' would allow players in the range of 1400 to 1600
Dogs server 'G' would allow players in the range of 1500 to 1700
Dogs server 'H' would allow players in the range of 1600 to 1800
Dogs server 'I' would allow players in the range of 1800+

Dogs server 'J' No elo filtering a true 'open' server for experienced and noobs alike...
Popular servers could be duplicated to cater for increased demand. Probably in the 1200-1500 range

All these servers would have a strict limit on the minimum number of games played before their rating was accepted.
Make all mainstream servers ranked to maintain accurate elo ratings.
These tools are built into the the Minqlx balance plugins....
If all games are ranked and all players have relaible Elo them the handicap system can be removed.
I play on the 5v5 Handicap exclusivley now as the teamsize suits me and the smurfs (elo fakers) have their wings clipped!

Using these criteria players would not be confronted with players 500+ elo points above them.

The maximum advantage an opponent would have would be 200 elo which translates into approximatley a 25% chance of defeating them in a 1 on 1 encounter. Check this link for
Winning Probabilities from ELO Ratings

Another problem with team balance is when new players join a previousley balanced game. Several things can happen.

1) Game remains balanced. No problem here.

2) Game becomes unbalanced and bot recommends player A swaps with player B. Then we hear the shout !a

If players swap fine.. if not then rage ensues often resulting in kick votes and nasty things said about your mother.

The single biggest reason (I suspect) for players not wanting to swap (especially in the latter stages of the match) is because they lose their score and as a result

they can no longer finish top of their team. Also and perhaps the most unfair is that they are now vulnerable to being forced to spec if someone leaves on the other team.

This needs fixing. Im not sure if players scores can be preserved on the scoreboard but they could be preserved by modifying the Minqlx balance plugin and used as a variable when determining who goes spec in the event of a quitter. So we may not be able to preserve a players team placing but certainly they could be protected from being unfairly put into spectator mode.

If you decide to implement any of the changes I propose and need any help then let me know. I have run servers in the past and I know my way around both Linux and Minqlx.

Also if you need server resources then I would have no problem in both financing and setting up the above system in a mid european country using the Dogs server brand.

I love quake.



I will post a copy of this on ESR to guage community feedback
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Deathadder chroma, elite, essentials, 2013 (9 comments)
Posted by PerpetualWar @ 00:42 CDT, 28 May 2017 - iMsg
My trusty DA 3G is about to go out after ~ 10 years(!). Sensor is still good as ever, but left click is kinda broken, sometimes it doesn't register clicks mid fights.

So I'm not sure which new version of DA to go with, can you guys recommend if you owned some of those mentioned in the heading ?

Also is it possible to somehow clean existing switch in my current DA, if I was to open it up ?

Help is appreciated.
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communist language in our coke products? (10 comments)
Posted by ika @ 14:12 CDT, 27 May 2017 - iMsg
Went to the store and saw a MEXICAN brand which had its measurements printed out in a "Medio Litro" and was staring at it trying to figure out what the fuck it meant? For any communists reading we use this thing and its called fluid ounces, now everyone knows 8 fl oz is a cup of water, or a glass of water, which is how we measure things in the mental terms =] but whyy print out this as a "medio litero" like a red blooded american will step down to the level where it comperhends? So anyway I looked it up online it said it was 32 fl oz which was a LIE... it actually had an american (made in ameirca ) sticker printed on it and I just didnt see, this is becuase the sight of a superious ameircan made instrument can damage the eyes of a mexican. So anyway okay so I could tell by the extact ratios and poportion s that this was a sticker measured out by the ameircan INCHES and not anything more or less as is expected of an nation of invetrors. and it said 16 fl oz on it??? first of all, if you are having a "medium" (Medio in spanish eithnic language) it should be 20 fl oz like all all-american god fearing COKE products which I consume out of concern for my liver... listen if you are going to sell it it will do good to notice that we have our drinks in 12 fl oz, or 20 fl oz, NOT 16.6 of the evil liquids that were in that bottle. Now I still felt confidence drinking it because I had paid moeny for it which absolved itself of the communist reside that it REEKD of ok? But seriousnes, if I see that again? There is only so much you can push a n american man with your dirty communist scrawlings before there is HELL to pay... just my two cents...

I have forwarded this postr to Cocoa-Cola incorporated. but I felt it necessary to share it with the MASSES on ESR for you ;] to start a dialouge
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OSP map rotation (3 comments)
Posted by sittingduck @ 06:24 CDT, 27 May 2017 - iMsg
Setting up a ctf server, and it's driving me nuts. I can't seem to get a simple map rotation working, it keeps adding in osp and 3wave maps.
I've tried editing ctfmaps.txt, creating a maplist.cfg, and it still keeps giving me maps I don't want.

// Capture the Flag
set g_gametype 4
set timelimit 20
set fraglimit 0
set capturelimit 8
set roundlimit 7
set dmflags 0
// Map settings
set map_queue 1
set map_rotate 1
set map_file "ctfmaps.txt"
set map_once 1
set map_random 1
set map_nocount 0
exec maplist

g_gametype 4
capturelimit 8
timelimit 15
fraglimit 0

set m1 "map q3ctf1 ; set nextmap vstr m2"
set m2 "map q3ctf2 ; set nextmap vstr m3"
set m3 "map q3ctf3 ; set nextmap vstr m4"
set m4 "map q3ctf4 ; set nextmap vstr m1"
vstr m1

q3ctf1 00 10 -1 -1 20 -1
q3ctf2 00 12 -1 -1 20 -1
q3ctf3 00 12 -1 -1 20 -1
q3ctf4 99 99 -1 -1 20 -1
q3tourney6_ctf 00 20 -1 -1 20 -1
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So people have been asking me... (17 comments)
Posted by pudding @ 21:25 CDT, 26 May 2017 - iMsg
... several times now that i should ddos some ppl etc..
maybe another #prayfor125fps incoming very soon


>ppl call me cheat0riz3r
>so i started streaming
>they still call me cheat0riz3r and kickz me from servers
>welcome 2 retardaidslive
>ddos incoming, will never stop.
>ppl are confused and they ask me why i ddos
>use your brain dmned kidz LUL
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Ask the Devs - Answers! (96 comments)
Posted by sudoBp @ 13:44 CDT, 26 May 2017 - iMsg

Hey guys,

We received a bunch of great questions in our first "Ask the Devs!" forum thread over the last few days. Today we're providing answers from the development team at id Software in this thread. If we didn't answer your question, don't worry. We'll continue to look through and provide updates in future posts.

Thanks all!

Quake Champions Developer AMA

Dev Team Responses & Contributions from:

Adam Pyle - Lead Design at id Software
Brandon Riffe – Senior Producer at id Software
Matt Charles - Senior Producer at id Software
John Hill - Esports Manager at id Software
Alexander Larionov – Game Director at Saber Interactive

How are you doing Devs ?

Adam Pyle: I'm so happy you asked.
Matt Charles: Only around ~1.4, but I like to experiment with different playstyles.
Brandon Riffe: Excited!

What is your personal (and some of the Dev teams) favorite Champion? Weapon? Feature? and why? :)

Adam Pyle: My personal favorites are Ranger and Sorlag. I have a large number of contenders tied for third, and am still sorting out who deserves that spot. I absolutely do not have a favorite weapon, but instead enjoy mixing it up and earning combo kills.
Matt Charles: Ranger! Mobility is key. The Rocket Launcher is still my favorite weapon.
Brandon Riffe: Sorlag she is a beast. My favorite weapon is the lightning gun.

Are you willing to compromise competitive integrity for accessibility? In other words, do you value a wide range of skill gaps between players, or do you value the ability for a scrub to start competing quickly against higher ranked players?

Adam Pyle: Absolutely not. Lowering the skill floor doesn't mean you inherently lower the skill ceiling. We hope to make the game more accessible by simplifying some game systems, while adding depth by adding more mechanics to utilize and master. New players do not need to quickly compete against higher ranked players, they just need easy access to players of a similar skill ranking and improve their standing (and their skill) over time.

Is there anything on the horizon you are especially eager/anxious to seeing the community's reaction to? If so, can we have a hint? ;)

Matt Charles: See the next question below.

Tim Willits' moustache. Will it be making a comeback?

Adam Pyle: Hopefully not. Someone really should have told him. ;)
Matt Charles: Yes. Whether Tim likes it or not.
Brandon Riffe: Of course. All styles come back.

Are there currently any champions you are looking at more closely than others, either due to player feedback or collected data? If so, which, and what specifically?

Adam Pyle: We are always listening to player feedback and monitoring match data, both have been important in evaluating what Champions are having success and under which conditions. However, it is worth noting that Clutch has some upcoming changes to both its active and passive abilities.

Any plans to further adjust hitboxes of Champions like Anarki, Nyx, Galena?

Adam Pyle: Hitbox adjustments are one of the many knobs we always have at our disposal and consider when making balancing adjustments. Light Champions, like Anarki, Nyx, Slash, have smaller hitboxes, but that is an important counter-balance to their very limited health pool. Recently we have discussed increasing the padding for one of these Champions, but we are looking forward to evaluating data from this weekend's beta test.
Slash seems weak in Duel now, should you give her 25 ap back?

Adam Pyle: Slash is currently a little weak in Duel and a little too strong in Sacrifice. After preparing this week's CBT build we made an adjustment that increased her max armor points by 25, but reduced her plasma trail lifetime significantly.
Have you considered increasing or reworking the current speed caps?

Adam Pyle: We have no intentions on reworking the fundamentals behind the speed caps, as they are quite important to preserving the fundamental balance between light, medium, and heavy Champions. However, we’re constantly adjusting all aspects of the Champions acceleration and max speed values to improve balance. Most notably we recently increased the speed of our heavy Champions, and have some upcoming tweaks for Visor, Galena, and Clutch on the way.

Will Galena have her base speed increased to 300? I'm sure we all agree that this is a resounding yes.

Adam Pyle: Yes.

Can you explain some of the rationale behind zoom damage?

Adam Pyle: I'd love to! :) Currently two weapons deal extra damage while zoomed-in: the Heavy Machinegun and the Railgun. We are certainly aware that this is a hot issue and many players have expressed their dislike. So let's take a moment to look at our rationale behind the bonus damage and our plans moving forward. The Heavy Machinegun currently does 9 damage, with a 75ms rate of fire, resulting in 120 damage per second at 100% accuracy. (And note, the weapon is only 100% accurate at point blank due to spread.) While zoomed-in the weapon deals 10 damage at 80ms RoF, resulting in 125 DPS. While the extra 5 damage per second is very minor, it does not present an interesting player choice. The player needs to zoom-in for more damage, has little consequence in doing so, and it would always be to their advantage to do so. What is of interest to me is giving the player a risk vs reward choice. Let's make the HMG deal 10 damage, but lower the RoF to 100ms, resulting in 100 DPS vs the current 120 DPS. And for our player choice, let's consider the HMG Zoomed to deal 15 damage per shot, but at a much lower rate of fire – twice as slow – 200ms between each shot. This results in more damage per bullet, but lowers the weapon's DPS from 100 to 75. In this design, choosing to zoom-in too soon or for the entirety of a combat situation would not be a wise decision, but as your opponent becomes weaker or if they begin to flee, you could choose to sacrifice your sustained DPS in favor of more damage per shot to try to finish them off. In doing so you risk dealing insufficient DPS due to missing critical shots, or losing the escaping enemy if they were healthier than anticipated. For those not familiar, this same mechanic existed for the Machinegun in Quake 4, and was well received and enjoyed by that community. We would like to implement this change to see players enjoy this strategic choice that may add some depth to the gameplay. Concerning the Railgun, our intention is to introduce a radial charge meter around the crosshair upon zooming-in, and only once charged would the additional 10 damage become available. This would provide players both the UI and audible feedback to understand when the damage is available, and eliminate the ability for players to quick-scope their shots. It positively reinforces that the railgun is a long-range weapon, rewards the player for using it at long-range, but it comes at a cost of remaining in a tight FOV for an extended period of time leaving the player vulnerable to being flanked from the side or having reduced mobility through the arena, all while still fully allowing the weapon to be shot from the hip at any distance or on flick shots. Our current plan is to see it through as designed and then re-evaluate both player feedback and statistical match data to determine our path forward.

Any possibility of getting rid of flash effects while doing an LG battle? All the particles and flashiness make tracking and even seeing sometimes, nearly impossible.

Adam Pyle: Yes. It is a normal cycle to generally have new flashy effects put into place and over the course of testing fine tune them to address those issues. We reduced many of our weapon effects after QuakeCon, after PAX, and will continue to take player feedback to address extraneous effects as we continue through our CBTs.
Alexander Larionov: I absolutely agree. We will try to integrate some adjustments in the near future.

Do you believe forcing all weapon effects to use team colors (red/blue) would help out in team based game modes.

Adam Pyle: Yes and no. While making all effects adhere to a friendly/enemy effects color helps you easily distinguish who fired the shot and which shots are threatening, it also begins to detract from the weapon identity. The more effects that become team colored, the less you can identify what type of shot it was. We obviously do this quite a bit with the abilities where we color effects like Clutch's Barrier, Slash's Plasma Trail, and Nyx's Ghostwalk smoke, so there is a bit of a balance there we need to maintain. We also want to preserve some of our art style and not just turn everything red and blue. Are we open to suggestions? Sure. I know quite a few people are interested in team colored rails and lightning beams options.

Have you considered adding rail color customization like in Quake 3 Arena?

Adam Pyle: Those types of weapon customizations may be best served through our existing weapon customization systems. So for instance, vanity weapons could come with their own effects.

Do you have any additional plans for the Super Nail Gun? Right now it stands as the most underused weapon in the game. A slight DPS boost might be in order.

Alexander Larionov: We need to fix the input delay (the same issue as the rockets) before making any damage adjustments. In theory, fixing the input issue will significantly improve the feeling of this gun.

What is a rocket's speed and splash damage area in size? Will this be prone to change in future updates?

Adam Pyle: Weapon values are constantly evaluated and tweaked. We do plan on settling into values as much as possible, but in these early stages we are always listening to feedback and reviewing stat data. Currently the Rockets move at 1200 ups, faster than any previous Quake, and have a splash damage radius of 132u – slightly larger than the 120u radius found in Q3, Q4, and QL. All weapon stats are subject to change at this time.

Why isn't there a BFG?

Adam Pyle: Two reasons. 1.) The BFG has always had a tumultuous past in Quake. In Quake 2, the BFG was fun, but so effective it had to be banned and disabled in competition. In Quake 3 the BFG was only scarcely available on a few maps, and none of those maps stayed in favor when it came to competitive play. Quake 4’s Dark Matter Gun again was only present in a handful of arenas, and wasn’t well received outside of Deathmatch. We would prefer that all of our weapons be embraced, and all of our maps be viable in both casual and competitive play, without altering the item layouts. 2.) We just released DOOM and while the BFG has found its way into several Quake games, it is a weapon that clearly originates from DOOM and is a key piece of that game’s identity. In that respect, I prefer to give the brands space to define their own identity.

Getting a headshot is pretty unrewarding for the time being , wouldn't it be better if a headshot would do 33% more damage than a bodyshot?

Adam Pyle: While there is nothing inherently wrong with headshot damage in other games, Quake has traditionally stressed the importance of the hitting rather than overly concerned with location based damage. Our Headshot medal brings some fun to the action without altering the gameplay, and while they do not deal extra damage, they are meaningful as earning medals generate both XP and Favor. Headshot damage sounds like something that we could include in a fun mini-game, but not in normal play.

Any chance of an all new gun?

Adam Pyle: Spoilers.
Matt Charles: The Spoiler Gun: it shoots tiny Orbbs.

I would love to know the design intentions behind the changes to pickups, more specifically things like removal of yellow (and green) armor, health and armor pickups being rounded instead of flat values

Adam Pyle: One thing Quake 3 successfully did was make simplifications that improved the game for both new and returning players. Quake 3 took a rather complex tiered armor system and reduced it down to three pick-up items: Body Armor (Red) and Combat Armor (Yellow), and Shards (Green). In Champions we have maintained that same concept of two more significant armors, the Heavy and Light Armor, but have moved Shards from being a pick-up item to a kill reward. The catalyst for this change was our introduction of Hourglass Cooldown Reduction pick-ups, which to our designers felt like a better small item to chain throughout the map. Like in Q3 where Shards were often meant to be small bonuses most useful to the player out-of-position, we place Cooldowns in locations where we help bolster players who may not have the high ground or item control. Looking at how Quake 3 managed to simplify game systems, making them more accessible to a broader base of players while still creating what is often touted as the most skill based competitive shooter of all time, we began to reconsider many of our own similar systems. Ultimately refining things down to Major Items and Minor Items felt really good as a way to both reinforce the importance of key items and ensure that players always maintained a good stack of health and armor. Concerning our move to a container system over flat values, one thing I had noticed over the years that greatly divided the good players from those who were struggling was their lack of control over their health and armor stack. But not just item control – they were missing health management entirely. Players when weak would often wait until they were below 25hp to begin gathering health (when it was too late) and others would walk over health bubbles when already at full health. I thought, if we could improve everyone's health management habits, then we could begin building better players. We hope that over time our move to a container system, much like Heart Containers popularized in adventure games, would help players begin thinking about health differently. If you have one empty heart container and you understand that all you need to do to refill it is run over one single item, you are more likely to do so. Over time as we make improvements to our HUD, we hope to make health management be more intuitive to all users. Ultimately, this nicely ties into our concept of Major and Minor items. Minor items, be it health or armor, will refill one of these containers, while Major Items restore you to full with the potential of overmax bonus points that decay over time. This makes the game easier to learn, without taking away from the greater experience.

Could we have in the future weeks an option to test the maps only to master champions movements, please?

Matt Charles: We hear the request for this feature and have it as an item on our list.

Will we get an offline practice mode with bots?

Matt Charles: Quake Champions is developed to be an always-online game, but that being said we understand practicing against bots is a frequent request. While I can't speak to the timeframe for this, we are looking in to this feature.

Are you going to add practice and training maps? Will the practice/tutorial mode include also learning each unique ability of champion, for example special map for Sorlag bunny chop/acid accuracy, different for Slash crouch since each hero is like completely different car?

Matt Charles: While I can't comment about specifics yet, we are looking into various ways to train players how to use each Champion effectively.
Adam Pyle: Onboarding and training for new players is one of our top priorities right now.

Will there be features such as APIs that allow the community to come up with basic things such as stats, like what was allowed in Quake Live via QLRanks and now QLStats?

Adam Pyle: Creating a Stats API is an important step towards building the competitive esports and social features infrastructure we have planned. That work is a significantly large task, but is already underway. While building it for our own internal use is our immediate priority, our goal is to make it accessible to either partners or the public to allow the community to build robust tools that depend on match stats and player rankings.

Any plan to add first person spectating or demo replay features?

Adam Pyle: Yes, we already have some nice spectating and replay features in the works. Spectating is incredibly important to both esports and community-building, so we are trying to improve the spectating experience beyond what we've offered in previous Quake titles.

Currently, Quake Champions (game is refreshing and feels like a quake btw) doesn't put much emphasize on weapons control. Why?

John Hill: Weapon control in Quake Champions is similar to Quake Live. Weapon respawn is 5 seconds so the technique of grabbing the weapon to deny your opponent won't be as effective. However the technique of using your positioning to protect and prevent your opponent of obtaining a weapon is still very much a part of Quake Champions. We've seen in the beta that a common tactic on Blood Covenant is to occasionally check on the Railgun to ensure your opponent is not attempting to grab it for their benefit.

Visibility is still an issue. Would you consider having red outlines always on? That would almost completely solve the problem.

John Hill: We are continuing to monitor model visibility.

Do you plan to add ranking system with MMR etc? If yes, when?

John Hill: Yes, we do plan on adding a ranking system in the future.

Will we see "Seasons"? Any thoughts on the season lengths and so forth? :)

John Hill: We look forward to sharing information about our esports landscape soon.

How satisfied are you with the sound/sound cues in the game? Are you working to improve more the shoots and footsteps directions?

Matt Charles: The audio team is continuously evaluating the mix. We keep not helping them by changing how things work. It's a never-ending cycle.

Have you considering to adding wall clipping?

Adam Pyle: Wallclipping, or SlideMove in idPhysics, is something we are currently testing but need more time to fully integrate.

Can you talk about the armor shard pick up delay?

Adam Pyle: The pick-up delay is a known issue to be addressed in the future. Don't worry, it bothers me too -- I really looking forward to addressing it.

Have you considered increasing or removing the frag limit in duel?

Adam Pyle: We plan on adding these options within Custom Game. Lately the average length of Duels have been extending, producing a significant number of comebacks, and it spectates quite well. We are interested to see how it evolves.

Are there any plans for adding Capture the Flag?

Adam Pyle: Maybe. Am I allowed to answer this yet?

Are there any plans for adding Clan Arena?

Adam Pyle: We have no current plans.

Thoughts on a game mode that does not allow duplicate champions, such as a random draft

Adam Pyle: We will be testing similar variations in the future, but it is not something we're actively working on.

Any plans to introduce Space levels? I was a great fan of them in the old Quakes, especially DM17.

Adam Pyle: Although we have discussed it, nothing currently in the works. We know that space maps, and Longest Yard in particular, were quite popular and memorable arenas but they are also many who dislike space maps. We feel it would best to wait until we have more maps in the pool.

When do you think the game will support Vulkan?

Matt Charles: Vulkan is being considered, but currently we are focusing on getting the game done.

Are netcode improvements coming? Will warping players be fixed?

Matt Charles: Yes, we are actively working on the netcode.
Adam Pyle: We have a fix for the warping checked into a development branch that will be rolled into the CBT testing at some time.

Game loading and menu loading between games has to be way faster, i know it’s a beta, but this long loadings look really bad on streams. Can you rework the queuing process for games? There are way too many loading screens and as there is no auto loading of the map it always kills your flow.

Matt Charles: We want to make loading as fast as possible; we are actively working on load-time improvements.

When you stop to upload debug code? Due this bandwidth usage a lot of player were not able to play, or at least with really low FPS.

Matt Charles: When it's ready. We know it's frustrating to not be able to play now, but we're gathering valuable data right now in an effort to allow as many people as possible to play in the near future.

Are there any plans to include further client customization like crosshair style/color, particle/lighting effects, HUD size and placement, timer direction, FPS counter...?

Adam Pyle: We're open to a lot of options as long as they don't grant any competitive advantages. Right now our focus is on improving the core game, but soon we will start integrating more options.

More crosshairs of different type/size/color?

Matt Charles: We agree this would be cool. It's in our future plans.

How about things like mouse acceleration and raw mouse input?

Adam Pyle: Mouse acceleration is nearly ready for testing. The current mouse implementation uses DirectInput. Raw was tested early on and found to produce higher latency under the current conditions. However, I'm personally a big fan of raw input and moving forward we hope to reevaluate and provide more options if they provide superior input quality.
Alexander Larionov: Also, we are actively working on other mouse settings, such as m_filter, m_pitch, and m_yaw.

Will be there an option to disable hit markers and damage plums (numbers that fly around to indicate how much damage has been dealt to the enemy).

Adam Pyle: We intended to add these.

Custom HUD was teased, what about a main menu rework?

Adam Pyle: While we will be continuing to improve our Main Menu UI, we don't foresee ever allowing custom main menu layouts... if that's what you were asking. :)

Are the devs planning on keeping the store fresh and updated monthly with vanity items to allow users a way to create a unique look for their favorite champions?

Matt Charles: Yes! The pacing of the updates may vary, but we do want to continuously update the game with interesting new content.

Do you plan to keep adding new cosmetics post-launch? Do you plan to add more types of cosmetics? (i.e. Announcer packs, weapon projectile effects/coloration, pre-match countdown poses, victory-lineup poses, etc.)

Adam Pyle: There is absolutely more to come.

What are your plans for cosmetics? Currently the choice is pretty limited, the old weapons are cool but there needs to be much more unlock-able stuff if you're going to keep people interested in earning/buying crates.

Matt Charles: We have a ton of cool customizations planned for future updates - and even a few surprises along the way. Stay tuned!

Will there be any skins from Quake Wars or skins from other ID software games?

Matt Charles: Maybe! We're keen on that idea.

Do you plan on adding either more challenges per day, or alternatively, "higher-order" timelimited challenges - 3 day Challenges, Weekly Challenges, etc., to further encourage progression-folk to keep at it?

Adam Pyle: While Daily Challenges will continue to offer digestible tasks that can be accomplished over the course of 1-5 matches, we do have additional progression systems coming online that fill that gap of providing more sustained challenges and goals. The first of which we're bringing online is the Rune Book, where players complete Champions specific Rune Challenges to unlock rewards to show off your mastery of a Champion.

How is the matchmaking system for team modes working / planned to work in regards to parties vs. solo-queue, skill level (all players on similar level, or just similar team averages), and preset matchups where team A wants to play against team B.

Alexander Larionov: We have several factors that influence team modes matchmaking: skill levels of participants, party size, and difference between median skill of two teams. The system tries to fill the match with players of same skill level/same party size, but if it cannot find matching opponents in a given amount of time – it prioritizes the search for teams with lowest difference in median skill.

Are you going to add west coast servers by any chance? Playing from California is unbearable! What about the middle east, and asia!

Matt Charles: We currently have servers available in Portland to serve most of the west coast, but we're actively looking to add more data centers across the globe.

What feedback is the MOST helpful? The BUG REPORT button or POSTING on this forum?

Adam Pyle: Please report any and all bugs via the in-game BUG REPORT when possible. In fact for those really interested in reporting bugs, I recommend keeping a notepad or text document that you can update while you play to make notes of issues you encounter and feedback you wish to provide. Bugs that result in technical issues are best suited for the forum, just be sure to search for existing threads to contribute towards first before creating a new thread.

Regarding server locations! Are there going to be Singapore, HK servers for SEA region or at least Japan servers anytime soon?

Matt Charles: We have servers available in South Korea at the moment, and we're looking into Japan and Singapore as well.

How can the community help make Quake Champions a success ?

Adam Pyle: Create and share content. Be a positive and welcoming force for all of the newcomers. Play as often as we let you, and invite your friends.
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4L of monster energy at once (47 comments)
Posted by He4rTL3sS @ 13:09 CDT, 26 May 2017 - iMsg
I did it.

Feels good man.

Side effects ? you're shaky for 30min, but after that, all fine. Diarrhea, but it feels like it's a good one, like something that "purify" your body.

sugar free and calories free.
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some random French hip-hop song (12 comments)
Posted by He4rTL3sS @ 12:38 CDT, 26 May 2017 - iMsg

tell me if you like it !
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Patch Notes for May 26 (13 comments)
Posted by Nukm @ 07:35 CDT, 26 May 2017 - iMsg
Taken from

Hey all! The next test event for Closed Beta kicks off tomorrow, May 26, at 10am ET. Here are the patch notes for the build. You'll note that a lot of the changes have to do with adjusting Sacrifice based on your feedback. Please continue to let us know your thoughts once the new build is live. See you in the Arena!
Patch Notes

Match limit is now “Best of 3 Rounds”
Obelisk capturing time limit has been adjusted to 2 minutes
Score limit per round is now set at 1 point
Contested time when at 99% has been increased to 3 seconds
Fixed player sorting on the end-game Sacrifice scoreboard. Player ranks are now sorted properly by XP, instead of deaths.
Fixed post-match scoring events. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place win. Match complete XP gain now works correctly
Additional logs added to investigate incorrect spawn points
Fixed an issue in the Duel spawn code that would result in a player respawning too closely to their killer.
Fixed a server crash that could occur when Scalebearer (while in active ability) was telefraged by Ranger’s orb
Fixed an issue where Gauntlets produced excessive damage
Made improvements to address a delay found when firing the Rocket Launcher
Server IP has been removed from the beta watermark
Fixed Nyx leg animation in the presentation screen
Fixed issues with incorrect visualizations of weapons in PiPs
Ready state timer has been reduced to 5 seconds
Fixed issue where a white display appeared when launching the game
Added additional sound effects
Fixed Obelisk explosion sound
Known Issues:
In Battle Report sorting does not sort by XP
Final medals are missing from battle report. 1st, 2nd, 3rd place
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