I'm writing a simple mod to streamline weapons as much as possible. I'd like some input as to how good these changes are, or how the vanilla values are better.

Weapon changes

- Gauntlet: 90 dmg, 750 ms
- Machinegun: 6 dmg (all modes), 50 starting ammo (all modes)
- Shotgun: 10 dmg * 9 pellets, 750 ms, 1000 u range (not implemented yet), starting weapon
- Grenade Launcher: 90 dmg, 750 ms, 1000 u/s, 120 u splash (same as RL and BFG)
- Rocket Launcher: 90 dmg, 750 ms, 1000 u/s
- Lightning Gun: 6 dmg, 1000 u range (might be OP)
- Railgun: 90 dmg
- Plasma Gun: 20 dmg splash
- BFG10k: 90 dmg, 250 ms
- Chaingun: 6 dmg, 50 ms

90 damage

90 was chosen so that the weapons are more deadly than before to newly spawned players (100 - 90 = 10 compared to 125 - 100 = 25), while still preventing one-shot spawn kills (I am aware some players prefer otherwise). Players with high health and armour now take longer to kill, but this should be counteracted by the slightly reduced firing time and greatly reduced weapon-switch time. (See "Other changes".)


The 750 ms firing time was chosen for consistency, though the original 1000 ms served to compensate for its hitscan property compared to the 800 ms weapons which fire projectiles.

The reduced pellet count of 9 is for consistency and to accommodate a fixed 3-by-3 grid spread pattern (not yet implemented; see TF2 shotguns). I also plan to limit its range to be equal to the LG's (1000 units).

Making it the starting weapon is to simplify the arsenal (LG already fulfills the "rapid-fire hitscan" archetype) and prevent MG spam, but the current changes might instead introduce SG spam. The starting ammo of 5 is meant to counteract this, but this might not be enough.

[Edit] 10 damage per pellet with a 750 ms firing time is clearly OP, so I am currently trying 6 (equal to LG damage). The SG is clearly weaker now, but it is still effective at chipping away health and finishing off weak targets. However, decreasing its damage and increasing the rate of fire does bring it further from its original identity of being slow but powerful, which is something I like about the Q3 SG.

Ammo changes

Weapon and ammo pickups give 50 ammo for MG, LG, PG and CG, and 5 otherwise. Some ammo pickups simply gave too much ammo before.

Weapon pickups give a set amount regardless of the player's current ammo. This works better than in Quake Live because of the reduced ammo counts.

Capped ammo at 200 for MG, LG, PG and CG, and 20 otherwise.

Ammo-pickup respawn time increased from 40 s to 45 s so that 15 + 45 = 60, just like armour plus health (25 + 35 = 60).

Other changes

Starting health reduced from 125 to 100 because it looks "nicer" and reinforces the idea of 100 being the maximum.

Weapon-switch time reduced from 450 ms to 250 ms to make for a nice 750 + 250 = 1000, and to make combos easier without allowing instant weapon switching.

Armour protection increased from 0.66 to 0.67 because it is closer to two-thirds.

Fall damage capped at 5 because it is not easy to discern when fall damage jumps from 5 to 10. I chose not to remove it because I still think falling from heights should not be for free, even though there are other games (like Doom 2016) that do away with fall damage entirely.

[Edit: missing info, reorganisation]