Stuck in the 90s? Feel the need to apply carnage in brainless and chaotic fun? No time to learn duel? Think the other QC modes are simply not as fun? Are you a psychotic fragging machine?

We got ya covered!

Join the FFA pandemonium and fight your way to the top of the damage leaderboards!

We @ QC Ultra Violence think Free For All Deathmatching is a dying phenomenon and efforts need to be made to incentivize your damage output! Quake Champions leaderboards are unfortunately focused on duel performance and there is nothing to track our favorite cesspool performance, until now.

Get into your favorite game, frag and demoralize others while trying to go for the highest damage output ever! Think it's higher than someone else? Submit your damage and see where you end up on the leaderboard!

Disclaimer - I have no webdesign skills so I went as creative as possible with wix ;-).
Disclaimer2 - This is low entry - high fun, we're not taking things too serious.