To begin, I started playing CS:GO about three years ago after watching videos and streams of it online. Iím not great at the game, but I do enjoy playing and the shooting mechanics appeal to me.

My main focus here is the community, primarily the randoms you find in competitive matches. It is a common occurence you find the odd really toxic player on your own or the enemy team.

This game has taught me how not to act like that, and how others feel when you do. I have more than likely been pretty toxic in the past, and now I enjoy encouraging other players and (try) to do my best to remain positive and supportive in the game. Abusive text and voice chat isnít fun, and I would like to encourage other players to avoid using it and to try and become more friendly. I feel like I have a much better experience playing with this behaviour, and Iím sure some others appreciate it too.

So finally, do enjoy the game. Itís okay to get mad sometimes, just donít take it out on other people and try help others enjoy their experience too.

Experienced toxicity within playerbase, changed how I personally behaved, and I enjoy encouraging and supporting others while I play