(WinD's Quake Live Duel Series Match #2 (Anyone who came into the server could play against WinD, Winner receives an HTC vive!) on Reddit, WinD (Twitter.com/_aeWinD - facebook.com/windowned) of Accelerated Evolution (www.aeesports.pro, discord.gg/ae, maestro.io/accelerated-evolution)

Multiple players challenged WinD to put up a brand new HTC VIVE for anyone who could beat him, just in case WinD purchased 2 VR headsets/kits.

This was WinDs first duel since QuakeCon 2016 and all participants got "WinD0wneD".

The final duel ended up the most exciting in terms of finale as WinD's opponent nearly came back in the final minute to fall just shy by one frag 12 to 11 in favor of WinD.

Since yesterday WinD's Post-QuakeCon December return to QL Duels has him 6 out of 6. WinD's Duel Challenge: beat WinD of AE - win an HTC ViVe!


watch one of the Duels here!