I need a good new monitor that supports wider color gamut and is also good for gaming. I mean ok i maybe do not need a 10-bit colors but at least something close to adobeRGB.

I have a few question what should be better:

1080 on a 25 - 117 ppi with 0.2+ mm point size
1080 on a 27" - 82ppi with 0.1mm point size
1440 on a 27" - 109ppi with 0.2+mm point size

first list: (8bit and no adobeRGB ; NEC - 10-bit color)

AdobeRGB list 10-bit

Last but not least choosing an IPS monitor from gaming point of view:

MG279Q - any1 knows if there is a new version of this monitor planned - this would be quite a good choice if the backlight bleed would be fixed.

IPS reading material.