Greetings, I'm curious to know whether there are many enthusiastic martial artists amongst ESRs' community.

As martial arts are a hobby of mine, I was going to start up a channel for anyone already doing martial arts, or anyone who want to find out more information perhaps, before they try it for their first time. So, the channel will be named #martial_arts, on Quakenet.

I invite anyone who has some interest in martial arts to join :).

Furthermore, I may as well put some background on the martial arts I've done whilst I'm writing this, kill some more time maybe.

I basically started martial art's at the age of 12, however would've liked to start MUCH earlier, like around 8 or so. I started with Ju-Jitsu which can be quite throw/grapple orientated (from what I can remember). I had to stop though, due to the club shutting down due to insufficient funds. I basically took a break from martial arts until two years ago. I started Lau Gar Kick-boxing, well this was pretty fitness intensive as you could probably guess. It mainly consisted of basic punches/kicks/sparring with gloves. I then went onto do Lau Gar Kung Fu at the same club, was basically some broken down Kung Fu which didn't really appeal to me... It seemed like I was still doing Kickboxing really. Then two friends pointed me out to Shaolin Kung Fu.

Awesome thing Shaolin Kung Fu, it's my kind of "perfect" martial art really. It's logical, in-depth, blends fitness well with technique which kickboxing wasn't doing for me, etc. I could go on about it for a while. But I love the way animal styles are incorporated more heavily into Shaolin as-opposed to some other forms of Kung Fu. Anyways, I'll go out with dropping you guys a URL which has some information about Shaolin written by my Sifu (Master).

Introducing Shaolin Kung Fu

Some History

Information about the 5 animal styles.