So we're at 2013, what's new? Woody Allen's dopplerganger became a pope, muslim schoolkids commence an all out buttrage cyber-war on behalf of Sheakespeare sh*tting on top of Queeran (all of this ironically organized in Facebook), mid-aged men die to dancing Gangnam style and some poor souls even hang themselves to a hosepipe made of Thunderbirds figures to mourn the deceased Gerry Anderson. And now I personally need to have my fat thighs greased so that I can walk comfortably, but oh well things can't most certainly be all that bad, because Lovers clan Movie 4 is now finally out!

And as always we debunk the myths about competitive gaming and provide the facts about cancer treatment in return. And as in our previous movies, this time again our goal is to bring in something new and fresh to the table for you to upgrade your Jon Minnoch esque food pyramids into better condition. Or do you perhaps think it's perfect? There's always room for improvement as well as there's surely something new for every player in every tier to learn here, be it either completely unique tactics in your favorite arenas or whole new realization to fragging opponents, who knows maybe you discover ADHD symptoms?

Accept our love, let the thorns of these tokens of appreciation embed into your genitalia and jump into this crazy ride! And let's not forget the "Not Dorner, don't shoot me"- signs from the rears of our lovemobiles, because this thunder-ride is so fierce it will blow your hair off and roast your skin pitch black. When you comply to these guarantees you can never predict the bizzarre reaction of one of your average American police officers hallucinating in the presence of a bypassing blast that is Lover's clan movie 4! This project has been on for quite some time now and we hope from the bottom of our crotches that it will get the recognition it deserves. Have a watch and maybe a w*nk as well? The night is still too young to tell for sure.


"This film will without a doubt leave a big mark to the competitive scene and conclusively change the way we all see it."
- 2GD

"Watching this movie made us realize how much our 'lover parts' needed some ploughing."
- id Software

"I used to be able to read my opponents like open books, now I read them like porn magazines"
- Cooller

For those less enlightened folks these quotes are fake.