I don't know if this topic was ever brought up, but I just thought about this.

What if, let's say, I made a mouse with built-in timers. Here's what I thought:
- 2 side buttons, red and blue color, when you pick up an item or hear a pickup you press the button accordingly (red=red, blue=mega).
- The mouse has 2 led light thing that lights up when an item is about to spawn in 10 seconds. So, 15 seconds after you pressed the red side button, the red light turns on. Also, a small beep warns you that the item is spawning soon.
- When it's down to 3 seconds the light starts flashing, and when it hits 0 seconds a louder beep warns you that the item has spawned.

This is just one idea, there could be different/easier solutions.

My questions: Has this ever been done? Has anyone thought about it? Would it be cheating?