I recreated this post because sanchez created it first but deleted it... what a pussy. He was just asking for proof of his cheats without giving demos... ROFL (he never gave demos just stupid youtube videos). Our luck he gave sth else today

sanchez is using wh & smooth aimbot. Smooth to make it look like human aim but its still not natural and easy to see.

watch this sample of a smooth aimbot:


and then watch those videos from usagi:




he delivered this proof today on his own to show "his skills" (is it a cheater thing to be a mentaly retard to give proof by himself?).

Does anyone still think sanchez is legit? then post in this thread.

I am a magican. I see the future: usagi aka sanchez aka hetta2 will post a stupid excuse quite soon ;D He will still tell its his godlike aim... ye sure bro. He is god. Ye sure bro. The whole world envy him. Wake up bro.