I'm collecting demos for my QL fragmovie. Anyone and any type of frags can come. Duel, TDM, CA, CTF anything, and even single frags and fragruns too. Only condition is, the frag(s) have to be awesome! :)

Send the frags to: kormikk@gmail.com with subject "Movie demos"

All the demos must have a description and timestamp like:

Or if you cut the demos, its enough to type nick, map and type of frag:)

Pervious works:
4Kings - Path of Kings Trailer - QL Frag Trailer
Team Gigabyte - Trailer - QL Frag Trailer
Celestia - Q3 Defrag
Moment Q3 Frag (Dell Movie Making Competition 2nd place)
Redemption IV - Q3 Defrag

Release date: 12. 02. 12!
No trailer/teaser from Dreamhack available.