EuroCup QL TDM has come to an end. Unfortunately, in spite of good start of the season, at the very end there were a bunch of noshows, with cup going into a summer a little bit more then planned. Europe 4Kings have taken first place, coming from UB side of the bracket, without losing any games. Europe METSU managed to take second place easily, with several default wins, and Finland xt followed with the third place.

Final Standings
1. cup_gold Europe 4Kings
2. cup_silver Europe METSU
3. cup_bronze Finland xentorium
Regardless, there were a lot of awesome matches, so take your time to watch them, it's worth it. Big thanks to LevelUpTV guys, for being there the whole cup providing streams for everyones viewing pleasure and supporting TDM! And finally thanks to all for watching/following the cup, see ya all next Eurocup season which starts Fall 2011!

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