As already announced in the EuroCup Invite Radio Show, qualifiers and invitees are already known. For those who didn't listen the radio show here is the reminder and what can we expect in the upcoming weeks regarding EuroCup QL TDM .

All teams in qualifiers are expected to arrange matches with their opponents by Tuesday, 29.03.2011 as matches start immediately after that. Check schedule for more info.

Update: Qualifiers for EuroCup XXIII are finished, so expect groups to be released Friday 15:00 CDT, 8 April 2011. First matchweek will start Monday 11 April 2011.

13:00 CDT, 3 April 2011 | Sweden Bernevings Heroes 2-0 Gigabyte Hungary - (Match report with demos and vods)
15:00 CDT, 6 April 2011 | Czech Republic Enemy Unknown 2-1 random Europe - (Match report with demos & vods)
15:00 CDT, 4 April 2011 | Hungary Excelsior 2-0 Team Foundation Germany - (Match report with demos and vods)
13:00 CDT, 3 April 2011 | Spain District 9 1-0 e-violence Europe - defwin

Official streams: United Kingdom LevelUpTV
Links: ClanBase CB EC QL Qualifiers, mIRC #clanbase.ql, Twitter cbqlcrew