Here we go:

The story:
Yesterday me and my team were attending an indoor football cup - it was great fun and I scored 2 goals. :cool: However, the bad thing about it is that I broke my ankle and got a ligament rupture. :D So here I am, unable to walk with a shitload of time - zing - perfect time to make a q3 map.

The map:
Hope is a small duel map consisting of 3 main areas with 2-3 height levels. The item layout is made up of 2 YAs, 1 GA and a MH (thus you will need cpma to play it). On the map you can find all weapons but the RG and the BFG.

The feedback:

- gameplay, gameplay, gameplay

The download:
Filesize: 8.2mb (Quake Live):

beta 1 - changes
- lower YA replaced with RA
- GL and upper RL swapped
- rough visual theme done except for RA room
alpha 4 - changes
- weapon layout changed again
- changed health placement
- redesigned high area of the lower YA
- enlarged dropdown

alpha 3 - changes
- item layout totally changed
- removed 1 pair of stairs from the old GL area
- enlarged old GA area
- minor changes

alpha 2 - changes
- map was renamed due to a conflict with another map
- curved staircase was replaced by a normal staircase
- MH lift removed/crates added