Having been snowed in for the past week odd, and having exhausted any interest in anymore winter behavior (snowmen/snowballs/gayinginthesnow) I have taken to generally sitting indoors being a hermit, watching TV, playing guitar and Quake and watching demos (as any geek should)

If anyone remembers the last "To dodge or not to dodge" thread, the general gist of it was related to LG, as in: do certain players dodge and aim or aim and dodge (I'll get more into that), so, whilst watching demos, I thought to myself "I know, I'll just slow it down and see!"

The things to take from the examples are:
- How are they aiming? How much strafe movement are they putting in and is that related to dodging or aiming?
- Where is the opponents LG stream going in relation to their movement? (this isn't a huge factor since you can't see the other player's POV, but the direction of their aim from the victim's POV in relation to movement is interesting)

Most of the demo's will be on DM13 with mid-LG fights for consistency. I'm expecting people to state questions such as "yeah but they're out of control/in a bad position/situation" etc but that's good if anything. It means that they're trying to do the maximum amount of damage without receiving as much
... So, without further ado, lets get going:

France Strenx
Strenx's LG style is very aim based. Doesn't take a genius to work that one out, but the point I'm making is that for the most part, he doesn't seem to dodge as much as many others. He just tries to do as much damage to the other person as possible.That said, he's still avoiding their streams if you watch, it's just his movement contributes more to aim then dodging. It's fair to say that even though it looks like keeping his crosshair relatively still most of the time, it's mainly due to the low sensitivity, in that if you were to watch youtube videos etc, you'll see a lot of aim does come from the mouse

Sweden Toxjq
As a Toxjq fanboy, I'm gonna say now that it's a pleasure to see him play with an LG in hand. It's just about the most accurate out there. There isn't a whole pile of Toxjq QL demos about but I took the most recent one (against Av3k in a Zotac) when arguably many people would say he wasn't at his best. Nevertheless, the results are fairly awesome anyway. Toxjq dodges and then aims keeping locked on the target until they make a large move when he will reposition again. Watching the enemy's LG stream shows that he's always countering their aim direction (even if it's just a small bit). This coupled with the epic accuracy makes it obvious why Toxjq's LG is so feared.

United States of America Rapha
I was interested in how Rapha actually went about LG on LG battles. It's actually quite hard to find a straight-up LG vs LG mid-fight with Rapha, so the examples tend to be just unavoidable situations where he has to do the most damage. Much has been said on ESR of Rapha's aim (or lack-of in many people's opinion) and the demos do kind of highlight that. The main thing to note though is that (in my opinion) I don't think Rapha actually dodges the opponent. More he dodges the situation. The saying that's thrown around a lot "Rapha only fights you with the weapon you don't want to use" really makes sense which is why I'd go with the idea of Rapha focusing more on positioning.

Russia Cooller
Whilst actually slowing down the demos, it actually made me realize how awesome Cooller's LG actually is. By that I mean I knew it was good, but it's just very underrated. It's no secret Cooller's dodging is second to none, but the ability to pull it off whilst aiming as he does is nothing short of fairly epic. As an interesting addition, I actually took the same demo from the Rapha clip above so you could see it from Cooller's POV. The second part of the clip really showcases how spot on the dodging is as he takes a fairly small amount of damage. The movement is actually quite small and fast but incredibly precise.

K1llsen's aim as many people have described does fringe on the spastic-crazy-hEarthl3sSjump-pad style some of the time. That said, it is fair to say that he does mainly dodge and then aim (I know k1llsen occasionally posts on ESR, so would be awesome to hear his take on it). There isn't much else to say other then what you can see, so judge for yourself