The DreamHack Summer 2010 is taking place this weekend in Sweden Jönköping. This big LAN event will host the first big international Quakelive tournament of the summer with the Kaspersky QUAKE LIVE Championships. The competition will be played through a Group stage of 4 groups (bo3) and a Direct Elimination Bracket (bo5) starting with Quarter-finals.

Update: The DreamHack Summer 2010 is over and Maciej "av3k" Krzykowski is once again the winner after his 1st rank at DreamHack Winter 2009! You can already get the demos & configs and watch some VODs (on LevelupTV & DAE). Check the download option on LevelupTV on fileplay.

Finals rankings
cup_gold 1st. Poland srs/rzr/av3k - 30 000 SEK
cup_silver 2nd. Belarus srs/rzr/Cypher - 15 000 SEK
cup_bronze 3rd. France fnatic/strenx - 5 000 SEK
4th. Sweden
5-8th. Sweden spart1e, Austria noctis, Italy stermy, Sweden Z4muZ

Galleries: DreamHack, Fnatic, Gallery
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Links: Tournament page, Demos, DreamHack, PlayDH // ESR Day 1 & 2
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mIRC IRC: #DreamHack.Quake, #lvl^