Hi! I'm Frexuz. I'm a quaker/gamer and a web developer. So I feel that it's time to give back to the gaming community.

I am going to build a web tournament system, and the key points are:
- Everybody can create a tournament/cup
- It will fit most games and tournament layouts. Group stage, single- and double elimination brackets
- Team support. Think Clanbase. Players can join a team, which is then signed up for a tournament.
- Custom rules. For example; number of players to advance from a group, or which kind of point system (points per map, per win, etc), bo1-5 for different rounds.

And then all the usual stuff like:
- Check-in/confirmation time before the tournament start
- Players can report results themselves
- Statistics will be available for every profile. Something like the Quakelive profiles?


But I need some help from YOU guys since I'm building it for all you gamers.

1. The name of the page will probably be the most important thing. Remember this should fit ANY game. GIVE SUGGESTIONS ! :)

2. Features, features and features. From what I've briefly described above. Have I missed some huge part? If not, feel free to suggest features that you would have liked as a player, or a tournament moderator.

3. I'll probably develop this all be myself. Meaning I will do it on my spare time. It will be very time consuming and costly.
I'm thinking of adding some kind of premium accounts for a LOW cost, but what could this account have that basic accounts don't?

(If you are a designer/developer, I wouldn't mind if you would like to join me on this project)




For questions or anything else, I can be contacted on;
irc: #evolve-gaming
msn: frexuz@frexuz.com