So i have 10-15 DVDs to burn, and i'm after the titles that weren't so hyped and well known / oscar nominated, but still good and worth watching. Whatever genre it is, its fine as long as the movie is good.

Name your 10, at least. I'm looking for about 40-50 titles.

Even the ex-soviet trolls are welcome if their taste in movies is good.

Thank you.



dark city, the man from earth, 500 days of summer, fantastic and some others are already burned

the box
youth in revolt
into the wild
dajeeling limited
high fidelity
trick r treat
the devils backbone
angel heart
session 9
zero effect
cronos (1993)
Cocaine Cowboys
black dynamite
whatever works
worlds greatest dad
layer cake
In the loop
Gone baby gone
un prophet
red riding
el secreto de sus ojos
the beckoning silence
tale of two sisters
dead end 2003
descent 2
rec 2
time bandits
harry brown
the tournament
To Live and Die in L.A.
Man On A Wire
Near Dark
The Fall
In Bruges
Eastern Promises
The Lookout
Bottle Rocket
Dead Man's Shoes
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
Grizzly Man