Shoutcasting team Level up, United Kingdom nVc and United Kingdom Disrepute, did some live castings of the EMS Season 5-Qualifier Cups.

Because there is no GTV available and pretty much no coverage of TDM yet, they streamed games from the qualifier cup #3, and #4 on last sunday. Sometimes TDM players joining them so the comments they make should be a bit more in depth. Level Up try to have in the future more "pro" players on the castings, like they had with United Kingdom deus yesterday.

Top 4 teams of each of the 4 qualifier cups went directly to the ESL Major Series. This 4th EMS TDM Qualifier Cup it was LowLandLions, fnatic, refuse2lose and East Front. It was very late the last matches were played, fnatic won.

EMS TDM Qualifier #4 VoDs
refuse2lose vs steam, refuse2lose vs northstar, East Front vs refuse2lose, fnatic vs refuse2lose - press play, then at the bottom of that it says "on demand" > Quake > ESL > Extreme Masters

Teams in the ESL Major Series finals
So now we have the 16 teams that are going to the ESL Major Series finals! Isn´t it great?!

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