Update: Yesterday was Hungary Zigi vs 4K Europe (0-2) on Holysh1t (Match details + demos).

There isn't much about the EMS5 QL TDM on ESR despite the playoffs being already started. So I thought I would make a little post about what's going on.

First of all, tonight will see the second match of the LB Round 1 played at 16:00 CDT between Europe k1ck and Hungary Zigi (bet) and the game will be streamed on Holysh1t. After that, the next planned match is the second game of the WB Round 2 opposing Belgium LLL to Sweden edv on 14:00 CST, 14 January 2010. Bet and Stream will be announced later regarding this game.

So far, Europe fnatic is the only team who made it to the WB Final which I hope will be scheduled for the weekend of the 16-17th if the teams can do that. They defeated Zigi in Round 1 (Match details + demos) and Poland FF in Round 2 (Match details + demos), both on two mappers.

Talking about FF, after a convincing first match over k1ck in WB (Match details + demos), they struggled a few days ago and suffered a noshow loss with only 3 players available against Europe 4K. That was the second walkover for 4K in the Loser Brackets after Europe xlo was removed from the cup. This was due to another noshow bringing the team to 30 penalty points in the first round of the WB against their Swedish friends from edv. 4K were put in LB after a close first match against LLL (Match details + demos), but they're now one step before the LB Final.

Links: EMS5 QL TDM, Brackets