Last night the grand finals between Sweden and Poland A. Sweden managed to take home that win with 3 straight maps. Poland put up a really good fight, especially at their own map pick cpm21. The other two maps could Sweden take home quite easy through really solid play and map control.

Sweden Swedens lineup: fluff, funnyb, link, rep and voodoochopstiks as coach
Poland Polands lineup: dziku, pejn, v3rb, WAP and RAUL as their coach.

Screenshots (thanks rep): Ospdm5a, Cpm21, Cpm27
Demos: Ospdm5a, Cpm21, Cpm27
VODs and mp3s can be found at djWHEATs site.

Myself and ethad would like to thank every team for playing, spectators for speccing and djWHEAT for casting the final games. Congratulations to the top4 teams! The 2009 CPM TDM Nationscup is now over, we'll be back next with a 2v2 cup and later on with a few surprises.

Over 'n out!