Multi-gaming clan Serious Gaming have announced that one of their players and the defending ESWC champion Poland Av3k will not be attending the Grand Finals in United States of America San Jose due to visa problems.

Here is an exert from their news post:
Today became clear defending world champion Poland Maciej 'Av3k' Krzykowski will not be able to attend ESWC 2008. After several attempts to get a visa to the United States and be able to participate in ESWC 2008, his final desperate try failed today.

The full news post can be read on their website.

Netherlands basZ, Manager at Serious Gaming had this to say:
Its difficult for me to judge the situation from here. Av3k had to renew his visa, and thought it would not cause any problems. Unfortunately things went different then hoped and expected. This is a blow for the ESWC tournament, it loses a great competitor full of ambition to defend his title.