a social network for gamers has just opened its doors! It is a community site for gamers, where you can show off your social skills, share your photos and tag other gamers, create random groups around gaming (PLAY MORE PROMODE?), set up your team, troll on blogs, or simply stalk your favourite gamer (girl?), it’s excellent for event reunions and galleries (such as the ETAP HOTEL brigade from ESWC 08!).

The site, which was designed with the help of the Fnatic team, and some randoms has just opened its doors to the world after a 5 month closed beta. Thousands of gamers have signed up and so far the community seems to like what’s on offer.. There are profiles, teams, guilds, galleries and blogs popping up all over the site, which are linked in to the individual user. The games system is also pretty sophisticated with over 1000 titles (more in the pipeline), with the ultimate goal to become the equivalent of IMDB for the gaming world. Have a look at the World of Warcraft ( page for an idea of where its heading. Also if you wanted to find some other gamers who play QUAKE 3 on the site, that's easy to do. In the future there are plans to incorporate videos, files, galleries and countless other features to this system as well.

Here's what a couple of community figures that use the site had to say:

Anna Nordlander (

James “2GD" Harding (

Antti Nieminen (

If you’re already a member and want to find other people from ESR just post your UGAME ID in the comments below. And to support ESR join the ESR group (!

NOTE: If you already have an account on, you will also be able to login on, as it is part of the UGAME Network.