There was quite a big fuss about 1on1 gaming lately. The 1on1 CPM open cup, the Autus Autumn, the upcoming ESWC Tourney. The last few days i startet to think about that, since i played an one-on-one sport myself. Tennis.
I followed the Tennis-scene for quite a long time now, and i have to say that it's the only sport that "keeps it real" to itself. It's still about "Hardcourt"-players vs. "Clay"-players. It's still about Henman winning Wimbledon. It's still about those thriller-matches, getting settled in five sets at 50°C in australia.
It doesn't make you a favourite, if you're like #12 seed in the tourney. You have names against you like Fabrice Santoro, Sebastien Grosjean, Philipp Kohlschreiber, who will challenge you for the best tennis you're able to play with a #4 seed. It's all about your determination. Everybody is able to beat everybody. It's ZE only left really 1on1-sport out there. Hands down.

I'm really drunk, so pls forgive my vocabulary and/or grammar. And forgive me, if you don't get my point. :D