A few days ago I found out that my friend Erik Sundén, aka "North" is dead. You dont think that the friendships that you form online is going to affect you, but they do :(. I guess its not so strange though really, I mean we knew each other for years, having clanned together in <ChoseN> in quake 3 and played some ut2k3 together we were quite good friends. Even though I never met him in real life I feel like i knew him so well.
I knew that he used to hang out a little bit on ESR a while back ( https://www.esreality.com/?a=users&user_id=10476 ), and some of you might have known him, so I just felt that those of you who did should know.
If you speak finnish I suppose these articles can give you some information:
Or if you speak swedish: http://internytt.yle.fi/sok.php?id=104089&...p;antal=10
I will not forget you Erik :(