To put the Razer DeathAdder benchmark results into context, I have added them to the roundup of other gaming mice.

Ranked by Perfect Control
This first image has the mice sorted from best (at the top) to worst (at the bottom) by the range of Perfect Control. This is highlighted by the Green bar only. You can see that some mice still work at faster speeds beyond the green bar, shown by the orange bar, but this ranking is only interested in Perfect Control. This is the most important graph because we only want perfect response from our mice when gaming.

Mice ranked by Perfect Control (m/s)

As you can see the DeathAdder tops this, the most important chart. The DeathAdder tracks movement perfectly up to the highest speed of any mouse we have tested here at ESReality.

Ranked by Malfunction Speed
The same graph ranked by Malfunction Speed looks a little different with the best at the top and worst at the bottom. This ranking shouldn't be quite as influential as the first graph. It's good that mice don't Malfunction until high speeds, but the orange area highlights where they don't really do what you expect.

Mice ranked by Malfunction Speed (m/s)

While the Razer Diamondback and Logitech MX518 would not skip at even my top testing speed of 4.5 m/s, the Razer DeathAdder does infact reach Malfunction Speed point at 4.4 m/s so it is very slightly worse in this respect. However this is such an extreme high speed, it is of little concern.

Ranked by DPI
The standard 400dpi resolution tends to be enough for low sensitivity players, but with higher screen resolutions and some players opting for high gaming sensitivity sometimes more DPI can improve your gaming.

Mice ranked by Resolution (DPI)

The DeathAdder leads the pack of Optical mice with 1800dpi. The laser mice still have a slight edge at their standard 2000dpi, and the Fatal1ty 2020 is still the king of resolution at 2700dpi.
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