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wolfcam-11.0 (146 comments)
Posted by brugal @ 03:45 CDT, 15 March 2016 - iMsg
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wolfcam-10.0 (423 comments)
Posted by brugal @ 22:40 CDT, 11 July 2013 - iMsg
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wolfcamql-9.0 (400 comments)
Posted by brugal @ 07:38 CDT, 28 April 2012 - iMsg

new version here:
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wolfcamql-8.0 (374 comments)
Posted by brugal @ 12:56 CDT, 14 June 2011 - iMsg
8.0 2011-06-14

newer version is available here:
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wolfcamql-7.0 (268 comments)
Posted by brugal @ 17:32 CDT, 10 October 2010 - iMsg
7.0 2010-10-10

* added some missing menu pics
* q3mme fx scripting

/set cg_fxfile "scripts/q3mme.fx"

to disable ->
/set cg_fxfile ""

These two cvars can be used to control performance for now:

cg_fxinterval how often in milliseconds the scripting code is run (default 50). Lowering lowers performance.
cg_fxratio ratio of distance and size to determine if script code should be run for an entity (default 0.002). Lowering lowers performance


/fxmath 2 + 4 * 6.1 if you need a calculator or something

note: all the scripts need to be in one file

* demo seeking improved speed for larger demos
* cg_weather bug fix (doesn't draw black polygons), also will remove snow on maps like siberia
* can use pause key while using console
* cg_levelTimerDirection added options 3 (always count down and for matches that don't have a timelimit use cg_levelTimerDefaultTimeLimit) and 4 (always count down and try to use the end of game time parsed from the demo, otherwise use cg_levelTimerDefaultTimeLimit)
* bug fix for some corpses not being drawn
* bug fix for random timelimit audio warnings when demo seeking
* can edit crosshair if r_texturebits 32
* /seekclock takes pregame (warmup) into account
* full freezetag support (round times, team overlay, frozen animations, etc..)

cg_drawFragMessageThawTokens same as cg_drawFragMessageTokens since thawing is considered a type of frag

cg_drawFriend 1 doesn't have wall hack effect in quakelive's freezetag mode. I don't know if it's a quakelive bug, but you can use cg_drawFriend 3 to enable it for freezetag

* cg_drawCrosshairTeammateHealth*
* cg_drawCrosshairNames 2 showing only names for teamates, like quakelive
* audio messages taken out of the drawing code so that cg_draw2d 0 doesn't silence them:
cg_audioAnnouncerRewards, cg_audioAnnouncerRound, cg_audioAnnouncerWarmup, cg_audioAnnouncerVote, cg_audioAnnouncerTeamVote
* ad orientation fix for new maps
* cg_freecam_useServerView to automatically turn off matching demo taker's screen (cg_useOriginalInterpolation 1) since it's pointless in third person. Default is 1.
* cg_quadFireSound to enable/disable the extra sound effect when a player with quad powerup fires their weapon
* fix memory corruption error with bot offline demos
* don't have to raise com_zoneMegs when using large capture screens
* bug fix team overlay powerup icons
* cg_animationsIgnoreTimescale animations will play in realtime regardless of what timescale setting is. Default is 0.
* cg_animationsRate you can speed up (> 1.0) or slow down animations (< 1.0). Default is 1.0 .
* cg_markTime and cg_markFadeTime to control wall/floor impact marks
* bug fix for demos that would lock up for a few seconds at the beginning
* bug fix for some demos that couldn't be rewound

7.1 2010-11-05

* example fx script for quake2 style rail core
* depth buffer can be saved mme_saveDepth, mme_depthRange, mme_depthFocus
* timeout countdown center print message cleared when timeout is over
* bug fix for /follow [killer|victim] where it would switch to killer or victim of person being specced (ex: clan arena)
* cg_freecam_useServerView also applies when using cg_thirdPerson
* bug fix when speccing someone and "low ammo warning" staying on screen
* /clientoverride similar to q3mme

/clientoverride <client number or 'red', 'blue', 'enemy', 'all', 'clear'> <key name> <key value> ... with additional key and value pairs as needed

example: clientoverride 3 model ranger hmodel bones

To see what can be changed type /configstrings in the console and scroll up to the player list:

529: n\WolfPlayer\t\1\model\sarge\hmodel\sarge\c1\5\c2\26\hc\100\w\0\l\0\tt\0\tl\0\rp\0\p\0\so\0\pq\0\cn\\su\0

n name
t team
model model
hmodel head model
c1 color1 for rail
c2 color2 for rail
hc handicap
w wins
l losses
cn clan name

The rest I don't remember.

* don't flash random images when seeking
* bug fix where corpse would disappear briefly when it transitioned from dead player
* bug fix where players would warp across teleport locations
* you can use really slow timescales, for most people you usually couldn't go below 0.1
* bug fix for offline demos crashing when trying to seek
* bug fix for some sounds being clipped (ex: quake3 gibs impacting on surfaces)

Also added my email in the documentation if you want to submit bug reports or requests.

7.2 2010-12-31

* cg_cameraRewindTime default 2.0 when playing a camera script will seek to this many seconds before the start of the camera path in order to allow animations and local entities (rail trails, wall marks, blood, smoke, etc...) to sync up and/or appear.
* cg_drawFollowing 2 will always draw the following text even if it's the demo taker
* cl_noprint 1 will disable drawing console lines if using cg_qlhud 0
* /clearscene to remove marks and local entities (rail trails, wall marks, blood, smoke, etc...)
* local entities (rail trails, wall marks, blood, smoke, etc...) cleared when rewinding or fast forwarding
* cg_allowSpritePassThrough default 1 wont delete sprites if you move through them
* fx scripting: added player/head/trail, player/torso/trail, player/legs/trail, player/flight
* cg_hasteTrail and cg_flightTrail to allow or disable smoke trails
* +vstr
/set rDown echopopup r key down
/set rUp echopopup r key up
/bind r +vstr rDown rUp

* ++vstr which takes a repeat value in milliseconds
/set rDown play sound/weapons/lowammo
/set rUp echopopup r key up
/bind r ++vstr 200 rDown rUp

* cg_playerLeanScale similar to quakelive's cg_playerLean and allows you to select how much leaning the player models do.
* snow on wintersedge controlled by cg_weather
* cg_gibSparksColor, cg_gibSparksHighlight, cg_gibSparksSize (renamed from cg_gibSparkRadius)
* cg_impactSparksColor, cg_impactSparksHighlight
* cg_itemsWh wall hack for items
* cg_simpleItemsScale
* cg_allowLargeSprites default 0, if a sprite is big enough and you are close to it the quake3 engine won't draw it.
* cg_smokeRadius_PL, cg_smokeRadius_RL, cg_smokeRadius_NG, cg_smokeRadius_GL, cg_smokeRadius_SG
* cg_waterWarp
* cg_drawFoe draws icon over enemies heads. 2: with wall hack effect
* ctf and freezetag fixes to match new ql release
* fx scripting: bug fix where opening brace had to be on the same line as the name, also doesn't require spaces around braces (matches q3mme behavior)
* new ql crosshairs
* r_singleShader options and r_singleShaderName to replace all the map textures

ex: +set r_singleShaderName textures/crn_master/smooth_concrete +set r_singleShader 2

r_singleShader options: 1 replace all textures include advertisements and don't apply lightmap, 2 same as 1 but apply lightmap, 3 replace all map textures except advertisements and don't apply lightmap, 4 same as 3 but apply lightmap

Along with r_fastSkyColor can be used for chroma keying:

+set r_singleShaderName wc/map/custom +set r_singleShader 1 +set r_fastSky 1 +set r_fastSkyColor 0x010001

You can edit or replace wolfcam-ql/gfx/wc/custom.tga to choose the color.
* r_fastSkyColor
* r_forceSky

ex: +set r_forceSky textures/skies/hellsky

* r_drawSkyFloor same as quakelive
* r_cloudHeight with the original value stored in r_cloudHeightOrig. To disable: set r_cloudHeight ""
* gillz duel scoreboard
* fix crash if you tried to seek in demo while still loading the map
* scr_conspeed renamed to con_conspeed
* r_mapOverBrightBitsCap same as quakelive
* com_timescalesafe default 1 high timescales will skip demo snapshots and will break things like camera paths that are synced to server times.
* smoother camera movements using less than millisecond timing
* bug fix, screen was vibrating with pause and really low timescales
* crash fix for vid_restart while paused, also will not stay stuck at loading screen if paused
* r_BloomTextureScale similar to r_BloomBlurScale. r_BloomBlurFalloff and r_BloomBlurRadius still not implemented, but the following work: r_enableBloom r_BloomPasses r_BloomSceneIntensity r_BloomSceneSaturation r_BloomIntensity r_BloomSaturation r_BloomBrightThreshold
* fx scripting extended: the following are passed on to the scripting system where appropriate: team, clientnum, enemy, teammate, ineyes, surfacetype (for impacts). You could have something like custom rails and rockets per team or different settings for enemies and also first person view. See wolfcam-ql/scripts/q3mme.fx for more info.

surfacetype doesn't work that will since the maps only use it occasionaly:
surfacetype 1 == metal
2 == wood

* fx scripting extended: weapon/<weapon name>/impactflesh, also weapon/common/impactflesh
* bug fix, cg_muzzleFlash 0 won't disable muzzle flash in 3rd person for demo taker
* cg_railFromMuzzle default 0 Will always make the rail origin the muzzle point. It takes into account the different gun positions based on first and third person views and also takes into account any gun position changes made with the cg_gun* cvars. It also passes the adjusted origin to the fx scripting system.
* cg_gunSize (first person) and cg_gunSizeThirdPerson
* cg_kickScale same as quakelive
* cg_fxinterval default now 25
* r_enablePostProcess, r_enableColorCorrect, r_contrast
* bug fix for camera movement stalling at camera points
* /follow delags and corrects for ping the same way as it does for demo taker

7.3 2010-01-21

* fixes to prevent fx script crashing (wasn't able to recreate the crashes that were reported so see below about crash logs)
* fx scripting match q3mme options for beam and spark emitters (width, angle, etc.)
* bug fix for mme_blurOverlap (should work now)
* bug fix for black screenshots when rendering
* cg_enemyModel "santa/color"
* Windows users will have crash info written to [place you unzipped wolfcam]\stderr
If you wouldn't mind emailing it (address in README-wolfcam.txt) thanks in advance.
* snow footstep sounds like quake live
* armor regen powerup charge sound like quake live
* crash fix for freecam and +attack
* fx bug fix where images (sprites) would flash on and off if you got too close

7.4 2010-02-14

* cg_shotgunStyle [0: quake3 1: quake live cg_trueShotgun 2: ql shotgun with randomness]
* cg_shotgunRandomness to control how much 'cg_shotgunStyle 2' diverges from true shotgun pattern
* /fastforward /rewind /seek /seekend can accept a cvar as arg and take the cvar's value
* cg_itemSize
* /at command

usage: at <'now' | server time | clock time> <command>
ex: at now timescale 0.5 // current server time
at 4546629 stopvideo // server time
at 8:52 cg_fov 90 // clock time
at w2:05 r_gamma 1.4 // warmup 2:05

cvar cl_enableAtCommands
/removeat (number)
/saveat <file.cfg> // can then be execed

note: for clock values currently only supports rising level timer direction

* con_rgb ex: 'con_rgb 0x200000' to replace console shader with just a dark red color. Default is con_rgb ""
* +info command to show server info. Bound by default to ALT
* /seekclock can seek within warmup. ex: /seekclock w5:12
* can use r_dynamiclight even if r_vertexlight is set to 1
* cg_lightningImpactSize, cg_lightningImpactCap (same as quakelive - don't draw the impact point any bigger than it is at this distance with respect to screen size), cg_lightningImpactCapMin (to make sure it doesn't draw smaller than this), cg_lightningImpactProject (push the impact point outwards by this amount), cg_debugLightningImpactDistance (prints distance from you to impact point in console)
* fx: angles fix for models (lightning impact random angles)
* don't clear scene when seeking
* /seekclock can be passed in as a command line option (make sure +demo somedemo.dm_73 comes first)
* cg_itemFx same as quake live
* add localtime to all scoreboards (time when match was played)
* ca draw hud and status when in limbo
* don't activate menus (scoreboard select) when using freecam
* fix for briefly being inside player model when switching player views
* don't create new fx entities when paused
* cg_warmupTime [0: draw 0 in clock, 1 draw time in warmup and '(warmup)' string, 2 draw 0 and '(warmup)' string]
* fx: check for 'ineyes' added to medals
* cg_drawItemPickupsCount to enable/disable new quake live behavior
* cg_fovy
* /fxload can accept a filename without have to set cg_fxfile before hand
* fx: SURF_DUST added as an impact type (might not even be used in quake live)
* cg_enableBreath [0: never, 1: if server/demo has enabled, 2: if map has it enabled even if server/demo don't, 3: always]
* cg_enableDust [0: never, 1: if server/demo has, 2: if map has it enabled even if server/demo don't, 3: always if surface is dust, 4: always even if surface isn't dust]
* cg_smokeRadius_dust, cg_smokeRadius_breath, cg_smokeRadius_flight, cg_smokeRadius_haste
* fx: moveGravity will eliminate when it hits ground like q3mme, use moveBounce if you want them to stay (moveBounce 400 0)
* fx: no need to set 'size' when adding models (default is 1)
* fx: quad, spark, and beam should match q3mme exactly (including quirks)
* fx: bug fix for velocity not being passed to scripting system
* fx: gravity values (moveGravity) matches q3mme, even though it's probably a bug
* cg_drawgun > 1 eliminates bobbing like quake live
* r_lodCurveError not marked a cheat cvar
* cg_localTime (0: use demo time, 1: real time) default 0, cg_localTimeStyle (0: 24-hour clock, 1: am, pm) default 1
* cg_itemUseSound, cg_itemUseMessage, cg_noItemUseMessage, cg_noItemUseSound

7.5 2011-03-23

* add gib sounds to example fx script q3mme.fx and added a gib path for those that don't have q3 gibs installed
* bug fix for loading scoreboard menus (might have lead to crashes)
* cg_drawJumpSpeeds* [1: clear when velocity close to zero (like q3 defrag), 2: don't automatically clear]


* cg_gibColor for the quake live gib sphere that gets launched (not the same as cg_gibSparksColor which is for the trail)
* better matching for quake live gibs (directional, gravity, and bounce). See README file for new cvars. New settings will conflict with old ones so you will probably want to do:

/reseta cg_gib

Which will reset all cg_gib* cvars to the new default values, otherwise the new gibs might look weird.

* cg_useDefaultTeamSkins If you don't have forced team models you can set to 0 and see your teammates chosen skin instead of blue or red.

* /entityfilter <'clear', 'all', TYPE, entity number>

Removes entities. TYPE can be: general, player, item, missile, mover, beam, portal, speaker, pushtrigger, teleporttrigger, invisible, grapple, team, events.


* cg_freecam_yaw and cg_freecam_pitch
* bug fix for map models that weren't loaded
* bug fix don't play out/low ammo warning if in freecam
* cg_killBeep
* can use country flags in frag and obit tokens: 'n' victim, 'N' killer
* cg_scoreBoardStyle 2 substitute country flag for player icon in non duel scoreboards
* /clientoverride accepts: 'headskin' 'torsoskin' 'legsskin'
* /clientoverride accepts: 'headcolor' 'torsocolor' 'legscolor'
* fixes for clientoverride and 'team' 'red' 'blue' etc. options not taking immediate effect
* cg_clientOverrideIgnoreTeamSettings setting to 1 will ignore will ignore your settings for things like cg_enemyModel and use the value you set with /clientoverride
* bug fix for briefly switching to demo taker's pov when seeking
* shotgun marks fix
* can use mousewheel in menus
* can double click demos in demo listing (ui_doubleClickTime)
* main menu has 2 demo options now: 'wolfcam-demos' and 'quakelive-demos'
If you've been copying demos over they will be found in 'wolfcam-demos'.
'quakelive-demos' tries to find your quake live installation and let you access those demos. The usual quake live install paths are checked, and if there's a problem or you've done some customization you can override the path with fs_quakelivedir cvar.
* fix for square dynamic lighting (ex: top of mega health jumpad dm6)

r_dynamicLight 1 fixes square lights, 2 original code, 3 testing only determine if lighting applies in one place in the source code

* cg_lightningSize lg beam width
* cg_demoSmoothing smooths other players as well (value of 2 for debugging)
* demo listing can use directories
* shader override In <app data>/wolfcam-ql place them in shaderoverride.

ex: shaderoverride/blah.shader

* s_announcerVolume
* cg_lightningImpactOthersSize size of lg impact when demo taker or pov get's hit
* r_portalBobbing
* bug fix for some teleporter views being inverted
* bug fix for cg_warmupTime 2
* cg_lightningRenderStyle [0: like q3/ql lg beam embeds into objects, 1: lg beam with depth hack drawn over objects], cg_lightningAngleOriginStyle [0: like q3 ignoring step adjustments, 1: like ql/cpma beam takes out client side screen effects like step adjustment and damage kick, 2: use player angles and origin without client side effects]
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wolfcamql-6.0 (121 comments)
Posted by brugal @ 17:02 CDT, 19 July 2010 - iMsg
6.0 2010-07-19

* in game camera creation and editing
/addcamerapoint ('z' default)
/playcamera ('o' default)
/loadcamera <filename>
/savecamera <filename>

The default location for camera files is cameras/. Camera points are automatically saved to cameras/wolfcam-autosave any time you make a change.

/selectcamerapoint <point 1> [point 2]
/selectcamerapoint [all, first, last, inner(don't include first and last)]

/editcamerapoint (no args will edit currently selected) or [next, previous]

/editcamerapoint next (']' default)
/editcamerapoint previous ('[' default)


will delete all the selected camera points


type /ecam by itself or /ecam help to see:

Edit all currently selected camera points
<...> are required
[...] are optional

/ecam type <spline, interp, jump>
/ecam fov <current, interp, fixed, pass> [fov value]
/ecam command <command to be executed when cam point is hit>
/ecam numsplines <number of spline points to use for this key point (default is 40) >
/ecam angles <interp, interpuseprevious, fixed, fixeduseprevious, viewpointinterp, viewpointfixed, viewpointpass, ent>
the 'ent' option has additional parameter for the entity
/ecam angles ent [entity number]
/ecam offset <interp, fixed, pass> [x offset] [y offset] [z offset]
/ecam roll <interp, fixed, pass> [roll value]

/nextfield (KP_DOWNARROW default)
/prevfield (KP_UPARROW default)


/changefield (KP_ENTER default) this will toggle and or set the fields

additional commands

cvar cg_draw2d 2 for use with camera editing
default bind BACKSPACE "toggle cg_draw2d 0 1 2"

cg_drawCameraPointInfo[X, Y, Align, Style, Font, PointSize, Scale, Color, SelectedColor, Alpha]

* old camera commands renamed, now /idcamera and /stopidcamera
* cg_draw2d 2 for use with camera creation
* in_nograb changed bound by default to F2 should let you grab and release mouse input without having to drop down the console
* ctf draw correct rune powerups around players
* ctf hud show correct rune powerup icon
* cl_consoleAsChat default is 0 so that you don't have to add '/' in console to execute commands
* /playpath fix for having to have a smoothing value

6.1 2010-07-31

* fix crash during timeouts
* camera: angles use previous was grabbing angles and not lastAngles
* r_lightmapColor to tint the lightmap
extreme example: r_lightmapColor "0xff0000" to make all the lights red
better example: r_lightmapcolor "0xffafaf" to turn down blue and green a bit, without completely eliminating them
* fixed problem with handling ql pk3 files, shouldn't take 30 seconds to load cgame
* opendml large avi support cl_aviAllowLargeFiles 1 (default)
Allows up to 500+ gigabyte avi
All avi files have .ivax extenstion in order to prevent windows from locking up when it tries to scan and create thumbnail
* bug fix for sound popping and dropped video frames when using small avi
* cg_levelTimerDirection: 0, 1 same as quakelive, including bugs (always count up during overtimes regardless of the settings you have chosen), 2 count up and don't reset to 0 during overtimes (ex: 14:53 is shown for duel 53 seconds into the second overtime), 3 countdown even during overtime
* cg_checkForOfflineDemo 1 (default) demos recorded using /devmap or offline bot play wont stutter
* cg_muzzleFlash
* auto vstr for weapons: cg_weaponDefault, cg_weaponNone, cg_weaponGauntlet, cg_weaponMachineGun, cg_weaponShotgun, cg_weaponGrenadeLauncher, cg_weaponRocketLauncher, cg_weaponLightningGun, cg_weaponRailGun, cg_weaponPlasmaGun, cg_weaponBFG, cg_weaponGrapplingHook, cg_weaponNailGun, cg_weaponProximityLauncher, cg_weaponChainGun

ex: set cg_weaponRailGun "cg_fov 90; cg_drawCrosshair 1"
set cg_weaponDefault "cg_fov 110; cg_drawCrosshair 4"
* /video [avi, tga, jpg, wav, name <file basename>]
All files stored in video/

ex: /video tga wav to dump tga screenshots and a wav sound recording

* r_jpegCompressionQuality 90 (default) for screenshots, jpg video dump, and cl_aviMotionJpeg
* cl_aviFetchMode GL_RGB (default switched from ioquake3 GL_RGBA default)

added default bind:
bind i "toggle cl_avifetchmode gl_rgb gl_rgba gl_bgr gl_bgra; echopopupcvar cl_avifetchmode"
Do a test run and try the different values to see if you can get a performance boost when rendering.

* cg_plasmaStyle same as quakelive (2: purple bubble trails)

6.2 2010-08-05

* crosshair bug fix with r_texturebits 32
* bug fix for avi files, removing .ivax extension, cl_aviExtension default "avi"
* cg_railUseOwnColors
* /video avins wav
to create a video file without sound and a wav file
* q3mme motion blur: mme_blurFrames, mme_blurType, mme_blurOverlap, mme_workMegs
The actual rendering rate will be cl_aviFrameRate * mme_blurFrames, so try to make that total a factor of 1000 so that it doesn't screw up playback speed.

6.3 2010-08-09

* default timelimit value used if server has set timelimit to 0
* cg_forceMap
ex: set cg_forceMap "pro-nodm9"; demo FFA-lostworld.dm_73
* preliminary support for new ql update: still alot of bugs with freezetag, q3gibs might be temporarily broken because of new freezetag gibs

If you are only using the newer quake live pk3s old demos will be played back with the new maps. You can also copy over qz*.pk3 from an older version of quakelive and then a demo will use the same map that it was recorded with. Note that you should only copy the files that start with qz (ex: qzteam1.pk3, qzdm6.pk3, etc.). You can also force the use of the older maps with newer demos using cg_forceMap.

* cg_drawSpawnsInitial, cg_drawSpawnsInitialZ, cg_drawSpawnsRespawns, cg_drawSpawnsRespawnsZ, cg_drawSpawnsShared, cg_drawSpawnsSharedZ
* audio recording rate no longer dependent on video framerate, took out ioquake3 audio warning. Hopefully this fixes the speed up problems.

6.4 2010-09-08

* cl_aviNoAudioHWOutput don't pass audio data to sound card when recording, default is 1
* capture video at whatever framerate you want, including going past 1000 with or without mme_blurframes
* cg_forcemap is now r_forcemap (so that it shows up in ui console with tab completion)
* quad and battle suit dynamic lights matching quakelive's
* new quake3 gib installation instructions so there's no conflict with freezetag snow/ice gibs
* can use wav instead of ogg files for content
* Crash tutorial demo support :\
* cg_spawnArmorTime new spawn armor shader for spawn protected players, default 500
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wolfcamql-5.1 (23 comments)
Posted by brugal @ 10:31 CDT, 23 June 2010 - iMsg
* added note to documentation that it's based on ioquake3 and you have the ability to record videos:

cl_aviFrameRate - the framerate to use when capturing video
cl_aviMotionJpeg - use the mjpeg codec when capturing video

New commands
video [filename] - start video capture
stopvideo - stop video capture

[edit 2010-06-24]
Note: it's not mentioned in the ioquake3 documentation but you need to disable openal in order to have sound recorded in the avi file. +set s_useopenal 0

* since freecaming while rendering is awkward (fps drop) I included a temporary fix until I work on the camera stuff: /recordpath, issue the command again to stop recording and then /playpath to playback the movements that you made
* command /cvarsearch <string> to find any cvar containg the string. Ex: /cvarsearch rail will show the cg_rail* cvars as well as r_rail*
* cg_crosshairHitStyle 0-8 like quake live
* cg_crosshairHitTime, cg_crosshairHitColor
* cg_crosshairPulse same as quake live
* cg_crosshairAlpha
* cg_crosshairAlphaAdjust to adjust the transparent portions of crosshairs. cg_crosshairAlphaAdjust > 0 will make them more visible, less than 0 will make them even more transparent
* cg_crosshairBrightness values 0.0 -> 1.0 work the same as quake live (essentialy making it more like crosshair darkness). Values greater than 1.0 will actually make it brighter. The values above 1.0 will shift that integer amount of the pixels towards white. cg_crosshairBrightness 255 will make all the original pixels white.
* font, scale, etc. options for all q3hud elements:
cg_drawTeamOverlay*, cg_drawAttacker*, cg_lagometer*, cg_drawSpeed*, cg_drawOrigin*, cg_drawItemPickups*, cg_drawFollowing*, cg_weaponBar*, cg_drawVote*, cg_drawWaitingForPlayers*, cg_drawWarmupString*, cg_drawCrosshairNames*, cg_drawAmmoWarning*, cg_drawSnapshot*, cg_drawPlayerNames*, cg_drawFPS*,

Ex: cg_drawFpsAlpha, cg_drawFpsColor, cg_drawFpsScale, cg_drawFpsPointSize, cg_drawFpsFont, cg_drawFpsStyle, cg_drawFpsAlign, cg_drawFpsX, cg_drawFpsY, cg_drawFpsNoText (just shows the number)

* cg_lightningShaft options same as quake live
* cg_ligntingImpact
* fixed a rewind/ff/seek bug where the demo taker's torso was twisted
* color cvars now use hex
* most wolfcam_* cvars changed to cg_
* in addition to cg_enemyModel and cg_teamModel you can override the skins with cg_enemyHeadSkin, cg_enemyTorsoSkin, cg_enemyLegsSkin.
Ex: set cg_enemyModel "keel/bright" and then set cg_enemyLegsSkin "xaero/color" to use xaero's pants. See below why the feature was included.
* cg_enemyRailColor1, cg_enemyRailColor2, cg_enemyRailColor1Team and cg_enemyRailColor2Team can be used to set the rail colors to whatever team color they are
* cg_enemyRailItemColor (cg_teamRailItemColor) the color of the actual gun they hold, default is "" which uses whatever the player's color1 is.
* cg_enemyRailRings (cg_teamRailRings) if you want the enemies to have rail rings
* cg_enemyRailNudge and cg_teamRailNudge
* color skins for all models, they are generated automatically from the already available red and blue skins you can use r_colorSkinsFuzz (the amount that a diff between red and blue skins will signal a match and not replace with white: default 20) and r_colorSkinsIntensity (default 1.0) and then /createcolorskins vid_restart to tweak them. You can then use skin overrides to allow either team or enemies to keep their models but use colorized skins: ex: set cg_enemyModel "", then cg_enemyHeadSkin "color", cg_enemyTorsoSkin "color", cg_enemyLegsSkin "color", same for team
* cg_railQL 1 to use quakelive rail core with rail rings interspersed, cg_railQLRailRingWhiteValue to control the white value of the rings.
* cg_railRadius cg_railRotation cg_railSpacing to control spiral rails
* eliminated cg_oldRail, so that you can un-nudge. You can use cg_railNudge even for rails that don't have rings. By "un-nudge" I mean that q3 and ql shift the rail below the crosshair for most rail styles (try shooting rails at a wall and you'll see the impact mark below your crosshair). Use cg_railNudge 0 to have your rails go through your crosshair.
* cg_railItemColor for the railguns that spawn or are dropped by players
* command /fragforward [optional pre kill time ms] [optional death hover time ms]
* /ccopy <var> <new cvar>
* /reseta cg_drawAttacker to reset cg_drawAttacker* to defaults
* demo looping /setloopstart /setloopend /loop to start stop, or /loop <servertime start> <servertime stop>. Check with /servertime command
* can use scoreboard while freecaming
* cg_scoreBoardWhenDead
* cg_scoreBoardAtIntermission
* tokenized frag and obituary messages: cg_drawFragMessageTokens "You fragged %v" cg_obituaryTokens "%k %i %v". Available tokens:
%v victim name
%V victim name with color escapes removed
%k killer name
%K killer name with color escapes removed
%q old q3 frag message ("player ate player2's rocket")
%w weapon name ("Railgun, Rocket Launcher", etc..)
%i weapon icon
%A per kill total accuracy (all weapons) (killer)
%a per kill accuracy of kill weapon (killer)
%D per kill total accuracy (all weapons) (victim)
%d per kill total accuracy of last held weapon (victim)
%c hex color code ex: %c0xff00ff you can also use the usual color codes: ^3
%t victim's team color
%T killer's team color
%f victim's flag in team games
%F killer's flag in team games

For lightning gun whores try: cg_drawFragMessageSeparate 1, cg_drawFragMessageTokens "You fragged %v %a"
* you can switch fonts in hud configs, "font" keyword added ex:

itemDef {
name "a"
rect 16 5 63 12
visible 1
textstyle 3
textscale .45
forecolor 1 1 1 1
addColorRange 6 999 1 .75 0 1
//font "fontsextra/times.ttf" 48
font "q3small" 48

* cg_weather 0 to eliminate rain on t7
* fixed some bad interpolation bugs, playback should be much smoother
* ql and q3 gibs can be toggled, no need to move files around, see new directions in README-wolfcam.txt, also fixes bug where q3 files disabled ql screendamge settings
* ca keep track of obituary messages and updates scoreboard accordingly
* cg_drawPlayerNames
* freecam /stopmovement since there's no gravity friction
* freecam /view <entity num> to lock view /listentities
* freecam /gotoview to jump to the entity (or demo taker)
* q3fonts available as "q3tiny", "q3small", "q3big", "q3giant"

[edit 2010-06-24]
5.2 2010-06-24
* fix bug with /playpath that caused it to get un-synced when recording video
* s_useopenal default is 0
* echopopup can be used if cg_draw2d 0

[edit 2010-07-03]
5.3 2010-07-03
* black text/models in windows bug fix, linux atoi() automatically converts hex, check for hex in cvar.c really sorry about this.
* screen will update while paused and rewinding or fast forwarding
* cg_drawPlayerNames fixed
* cg_drawEntNumbers will draw the entity numbers above everything so you can easily id something like a rocket or grenade and then use /view <num> to lock the view onto it
* '/view here' to lock view at the place you are
* /playpath fixes (getting stuck and playing too fast)
* sound origin set to camera origin (was previously still on demo taker)
* cg_freecam_useTeamSettings 1 to set demo takers skin/model to match teamates for team games
* freecam don't switch off hud if demo taker dies
* ctf different colors for team spawns with cg_drawSpawns
* colorize cpma/ql rail rings inside core (I'd assumed it was always white), cg_railQLRailRingWhiteValue can still be used to control brightness
* enemy/team skin fix to check when the cvars were set to ""
* bright/color skins fix to work with r_vertexlight 1 again

[edit 2010-07-11]
5.4 2010-07-11
* freecam +rollright +rollleft /centerroll (like /centerview) +rollstopzero
These change screen tilt. You can use +rollstopzero in order to recenter smoothly it while using +rollright or +rollleft. defaults:
bind e "+rollright"
bind q "+rollleft"
bind f "+rollstopzero"
bind 3 "centerroll"
* tdm bug fix wasn't drawing enemy models
* missile smoke trail fix when using delagging interp (cg_useOriginalInterpolation)
* reset times for a few things when rewinding/fastforwarding and pausing (frag message staying on screen, crosshair names not fading)
* draw entities (players, missiles, items, etc.) when paused and then rewinding or fastforwarding
* don't exit program when you try to set a video mode your card or monitor don't support, fall back to safe values. This is in case you try to exec a config that you've downloaded or gotten from someone else. If a vid mode change fails these get reset to default: r_mode, r_fullscreen, r_colorbits, r_depthbits, r_stencilbits, r_ext_multisample, r_stereoEnabled
* /recordpath and /playpath fixes /playpath accepts a "smoothing" value. Ex:
/playpath 4 will skip every 4 entries in the recorded path and interpolate angles and positions between those
* r_roundimagesdown 0 bug fix
* cg_demoSmoothing I'm not a fan of this kind of stuff, but I had to include something since alot of the servers have lag problems. It doesn't smooth the entire demo, it only kicks in when you basically got screwed by the server (assuming you aren't deliberately lagging). It looks ahead in the demo to see if there are sequential snapshots where you have some type of velocity in both snapshots but your origin hasn't changed. That means the server hasn't gotten around to playing the packets you sent, which will make demo playback jerky. A cyan bar will be drawn in the lagometer whenver this happens.
* you don't have to have r_fullscreen 1 in order to use r_overbrightbits
* r_mapOverBrightBitsValue r_overBrightBitsValue as alternatives to r_mapOverBrightBits and r_overBrightBits

I'll try to explain a bit what r_mapOverBrightBits and r_overBrightBits do:

Both will multiply the colors of a texture by a power of 2, with r_overBrightBits using gamma ramp. So r_mapOverBrightBits 0 will multiply the colors 2^0 == 1, doesn't change them at all. r_mapOverBrightBits 1 will multiply by 2^1 == 2, r_mapOverBrightBits 2 will multiply by 2^2 == 4, r_mapOverBrightBits 3 will multiply by 2^3 == 8.

Multiplying by powers of two doesn't offer very much control. Personaly I find r_mapOverBrightBits 2 (multiply by 4) to be a little dark, but with r_mapOverBrightBits 3 (multipy by 8) you basically obliterate all the light sources in the map since textures are as bright as they could possibly be. Set r_mapOverBrightBits to 0 and then use r_mapOverBrightBitsValue to multiply it by whatever number you want.

Incidentally r_mapOverBrightBits will preserve color. It won't keep brightening until things will become white (unlike, i think, r_intensity), so if one of the color components (red green blue) hits the max value of 255 it doesn't brighten anymore.

r_overBrightBits like I mentioned before applies gamma correction and it will distort colors. One of the limitations of quake3/ioquake3/etc is that gamma correction depends on r_ignorehwgamma being set to 0.

* F1 hard coded as an additional toggle for the console
* teamoverlay bug fix (the first player in the list was drawn offscreen)
* cg_drawRewards: 1 (default) draw reward count to the right of icon, 2: draw reward count below icon like quake3
* /viewunlockyaw /viewunlockpitch

Ex: use /viewunlockpitch if you want to view someone strafe jumping and not have the view bounce up and down.

* /gotoview added additonal options: /gotoview [forward] [right] [up] [force] relative to the viewed entity. The force (integer) option means to jump to the view even if you might get stuck inside a wall.
* /view added options: /view <entNum> [x offset] [y offset] [z offset] [] means optional
* /chase <entNum> [x offset] [y offset] [z offset] [] means optional
Edited by brugal at 23:04 CDT, 11 July 2010 - 13226 Hits
wolfcamql-5.0 (16 comments)
Posted by brugal @ 00:27 CDT, 1 June 2010 - iMsg
5.0 2010-05-31

* from last release which I forgot to mention cadd <cvar> <value> to add <value> to <cvar>, also csub, cmul, cdiv
* as a convenience /loadhud can accept an arg so you don't have to set cg_hudfiles. Ex: /loadhud somehud.cfg
* libfreetype2 font support, fonts can be set in your hud config and need to have a .ttf extension. Try to avoid putting them in wolfcam-ql/fonts. Ex: copy arial.ttf into wolfcam-ql/myfonts/ and then in your hud config:

// font "fonts/smallfont" 12
// smallFont "fonts/smallfont" 24
// bigFont "fonts/smallfont" 48

font "myfonts/arial.ttf" 12
smallFont "myfonts/arial.ttf" 24
bigFont "myfonts/arial.ttf" 48
* max number of fonts raised to 66
* cg_grenadeColor, cg_grenadeColorAlpha, cg_grenadeTeamColor, cg_grenadeTeamColorAlpha, cg_grenadeEnemyColor, cg_grenadeEnemyColorAlpha
* command /clearfragmessage
* cg_centertime changed to cg_drawCenterPrintTime
* option to seperate frag messages from center print: cg_drawFragMessageSeperate 1, frag messages can then be controlled with cg_drawFragMessageX, cg_drawFragMessageY, cg_drawFragMessageAlign (0: align left, 1: align center, 2: align right), cg_drawFragMessageStyle (0: none, 3: shadow, 6: shadow even more), cg_drawFragMessageFont, cg_drawFragMessagePointSize, cg_drawFragMessageScale (this controls the size of the drawn text), cg_drawFragMessageTime (how long to stay on screen), cg_drawFragMessageColor (will not override white in player names), cg_drawFragMessageAlpha, cg_drawFragMessageFade (0: don't fade, 1: fade), cg_drawFragMessageFadeTime
* same as above for cg_drawCenterPrint*
* cg_freecam_crosshair
* command /listcvarchanges to show what is different from default
* cg_drawRewardsMax (the number at which it only shows 1 icon with the count written below), cg_drawRewardsX, cg_drawRewardsY, cg_drawRewardsAlign, cg_drawRewardsStyle, cg_drawRewardsFont, cg_drawRewardsPointSize, cg_drawRewardsScale, cg_drawRewardsImageScale, cg_drawRewardsTime, cg_drawRewardsColor, cg_drawRewardsAlpha, cg_drawRewardsFade, cg_drawRewardsFadeTime
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wolfcamql-4.0 (7 comments)
Posted by brugal @ 19:10 CDT, 25 May 2010 - iMsg
* changed name to wolfcamql to avoid confusion
* cg_drawFriend 1 (default) has wall hack effect like in ql, cg_drawFriend 2 to disable
* echopopup and echopopupcvar <cvar> commands, positioning and time controlled with cg_echoPopupX, cg_echoPopupY, and cg_echoPopupTime. echopopupcvar show the cvar name and value
* weapon stats window +acc bound to CTRL by default, will show both the server side stats if the demo taker uses +acc and client side stats. Position controlled with cg_accX and cg_accY
* wolfcam: /follow killer and /follow victim will look ahead in demo and have those pov ready, wolfcam_drawFollowing 2 (the default) will highlight their names
* cvars I had forgotten to include before: cg_screenDamageAlpha_Team, cg_screenDamage_Team, cg_screenDamage_Self, cg_screenDamageAlpha, cg_screenDamage
* demo rewind, fastforward, seek, seekend (from end of demo), and seekclock (using the game clock) Ex: /fastforward 60 to jump ahead 60 seconds, /seekclock 10:21 to go to 10:21
* cg_printTimeStamps 1: game clock time, 2: cgame time, default is 0
* access to key bindings for demo playback demo keys no longer hard coded. Ex: "bind SPACE freecam" in console or config to change the default.
* real demo pausing, using either pause (which toggles playback) or cl_freezeDemo. you can use freecam or scripted cameras while paused
* don't draw spec message for demo playback ("press esc to join")
* don't draw normal hud or 1st person weapon for Clan Arena limbo freecam spec
* cg_drawClientItemTimerX 590 default to avoid clashing with default weaponbar

[uploaded again because of damaged zip file]
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quakelive stand-alone demo viewer 3.1 (10 comments)
Posted by brugal @ 23:14 CDT, 4 May 2010 - iMsg
* scripted cameras example code by Dairyman
* don't draw demo taker's corpse in ca when following others
* wolfcam: scorebox fix for team games
* wolfcam: stick to opposing teammates (from demo taker) if the person you are trying to follow isn't available
* no snapshot ping in wcstats/wcstatsall
* players don't flash over their corpses when they respawn
* freecam: lock up issued fixed
* wolfcam: fixed bug when you are dead and the person the demo taker was following wasn't being drawn
* crosshair names in ca and ctf
* ca show alive icon in scoreboard
* freecam: don't popup death scoreboard
* netfield fix (haven't double checked)
* /wcstatsall (or /wcstats <player number>) to show client side stats (k/d, accuracy, lag, etc.)
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quakelive stand-alone demo viewer 3.0 (34 comments)
Posted by brugal @ 00:15 CDT, 22 March 2010 - iMsg
* client side item timer: fixed bug for powerup re-pickups
cg_drawClientItemTimer 1 (the default) appends an asterisk when the
player is controlling the item, it also "fades" out after a few seconds
just shows "-". Old behavior of always showing a time and staying stuck
at zero can be enabled with cg_drawClientItemTimer 2
* demo menu restricted to one column
* quakelive style electro gibs
* wolfcam ping + demo lag correction when following other players
* quakelive impact sparks
* support for the ql rail colors
* fix for wolfcam_audioAnnouncer
* synced Clan Arena warmup countdown and fight sound
* con_transparency, con_fracSize
* ql hud support
* r_mapGreyScale, r_greyscaleValue load the map in grey, darken to
taste, and players + items will be colorized. good value for
r_greyscaleValue is 0.9
* ql hud spec list includes scores in parenthesis
* xy cvars for all the stuff not covered by hud configs: cg_clientItemTimerX,
cg_clientItemTimerY, cg_drawFPSX, cg_drawFPSY, cg_drawSnapshotX,
cg_drawSnapshotY, cg_drawAmmoWarningX, cg_drawAmmoWarningY,
cg_drawTeamOverlayX, cg_drawTeamOverlayY, cg_lagometerX, cg_lagometerY,
cg_drawAttackerX, cg_drawAttackerY, cg_drawSpeedX, cg_drawSpeedY,
cg_drawOriginX, cg_drawOriginY, cg_drawItemPickupsX, cg_drawItemPickupsY,
cg_drawFollowingX, cg_drawFollowingY, cg_weaponBarX, cg_weaponBarY,
cg_drawCenterPrintY, cg_drawVoteX, cg_drawVoteY, cg_drawWaitingForPlayersX,
cg_drawWaitingForPlayersY, cg_drawWarmupStringX, cg_drawWarmupStringY,

All of the above can be enabled/disabled with the cvar without the appended

Example: set cg_drawVote 0 // disable vote string

* lg sound fix
* cg_scoreBoardStyle 0: like quakelive, 1 (default): switches the model icon
for their best weapon icon, also prepends their accuracy before name
* cg_shotgunImpactSparks default is 0
* wolfcam hitsounds for team games
* wolfcam lg for demo taker drawn correctly
* server ping reported for others in lagometer
* cg_lagometerFlash 1, if value exceeds cg_lagometerFlashValue : default 80
(quakelive's max anti-lag)
* cg_drawItemPickups same options as quakelive
* cg_weaponBar quakelive/cpma style weapon bar, same values as quakelive,
except for one change cg_weaponBar 5 is like cg_weaponBar 4 (weaponSelect)
which doesn't fade off the screen.
* sound fixed, ambient sounds and music enabled
* s_musicVolume default is 0
* cg_ambientSounds defaults to 2 which disables ambient sounds except for
powerup respawn ambient sound
* cg_hitBeep multi tone hitsounds, same values as quakelive
* exec files: automatically execs wolfcamon.cfg when following player and
wolfcamoff.cfg when it's turned off (to allow different huds)
* exec files: will exec a per gametype config (duel.cfg, ffa.cfg, tdm.cfg,
ca.cfg, ctf.cfg, ffai.cfg, ctfi.cfg)
* ql hud area chat: cg_chatTime, cg_chatLines
* cg_drawSpawns, 2 enables wall hack effect. Drawn in red, with the
preferred initial spawns in yellow/gold
* freecam type /freecam in console, movement keys are hard coded:
wasd and mouse2 or space for moving up
cg_freecam_noclip, cg_freecam_sensitivity, cg_freecam_speed
also execs freecamon.cfg and freecamoff.cfg
* crosshair names for freecam and wolfcam
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quakelive stand-alone demo viewer 2.2 (5 comments)
Posted by brugal @ 07:22 CST, 16 February 2010 - iMsg
2.2 2010-02-16

* fixed bug where fov was locked to 90 in some demos
* ping calculation fix (-999 was being used for dropped packets), and more tweaking trying to match demo taker's screen

double checked by filming monitor and comparing demo playback and about 5% speed

a quick way to check is to watch some of the blatant aimbot demos that have been posted in the quakelive forums

* red team quad shader fix
* rail map item colorized
* scoreboard shows clients that have connected since last scores update
* team models and colors

wolfcam_teamModel "" // disable
wolfcam_teamModel "doom" // without skin, will use the model and pick the right red/blue skin
wolfcam_teamModel "crash/bright" // can use wolfcam_teamColors

wolfcam_teamColors "255 255 100 255 255 100 255 255 100" // rgb values for head, body, legs

* cg_drawClientItemTimer, client side item timer based on item pickups seen
* option to disable or limit global and team chat beeps

wolfcam_chatBeep // 1:enable, 0:disable
wolfcam_chatBeepMaxTime "4.5" // don't play beeps quicker than this many secs


* wolfcam don't play hitsounds when hitting teammates
* Clan Arena: announcer audio messages ("round begins", "fight", "red/blue wins round", "red/blue wins") and centerprint, buzzer and end of game
* Clan Arena: don't draw players in limbo
* Clan Arena: added red/blue players left to hud
* Clan Arena: use roundlimit in scores
* wolfcam_audioAnnouncer to enable/disable
* cg_drawScores, cg_drawPlayersLeft, cg_drawPowerups, cg_drawPickupItem, cg_drawFollowing // 1:enable, 0:disable
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quakelive stand-alone demo viewer 2.1 (21 comments)
Posted by brugal @ 16:53 CST, 31 January 2010 - iMsg
2.1 2010-01-31

* added wolfcam_deadBodyColor
* fix for inverted and translucent ads
* ping correction for demo playback (try to match demo taker's screen)
* only load ads for bsp_version > 46
* can press keys without exiting demo, can use commands like +score
* added missing images for menu screen
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quakelive stand-alone demo viewer update (26 comments)
Posted by brugal @ 23:53 CST, 20 January 2010 - iMsg
This fixes some crashes with spec demos and adds support for the quakelive default ad textures (as requested).

I forgot to mention that this mod includes support for watching other players in your demos.

type "/players" in console to get a list of players and then
"/follow [player number]"
Use "/follow -1" to return to the demo taker's pov.

If you want to be able to use the menus put this pk3 into the unzipped qldemoplayer directory
Edited by brugal at 01:07 CST, 22 January 2010 - 13328 Hits
quakelive demo viewer (11 comments)
Posted by brugal @ 03:21 CST, 6 December 2009 - iMsg
modified quake3 source code to support quakelive demo play back
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