5.0 2010-05-31

* from last release which I forgot to mention cadd <cvar> <value> to add <value> to <cvar>, also csub, cmul, cdiv
* as a convenience /loadhud can accept an arg so you don't have to set cg_hudfiles. Ex: /loadhud somehud.cfg
* libfreetype2 font support, fonts can be set in your hud config and need to have a .ttf extension. Try to avoid putting them in wolfcam-ql/fonts. Ex: copy arial.ttf into wolfcam-ql/myfonts/ and then in your hud config:

// font "fonts/smallfont" 12
// smallFont "fonts/smallfont" 24
// bigFont "fonts/smallfont" 48

font "myfonts/arial.ttf" 12
smallFont "myfonts/arial.ttf" 24
bigFont "myfonts/arial.ttf" 48
* max number of fonts raised to 66
* cg_grenadeColor, cg_grenadeColorAlpha, cg_grenadeTeamColor, cg_grenadeTeamColorAlpha, cg_grenadeEnemyColor, cg_grenadeEnemyColorAlpha
* command /clearfragmessage
* cg_centertime changed to cg_drawCenterPrintTime
* option to seperate frag messages from center print: cg_drawFragMessageSeperate 1, frag messages can then be controlled with cg_drawFragMessageX, cg_drawFragMessageY, cg_drawFragMessageAlign (0: align left, 1: align center, 2: align right), cg_drawFragMessageStyle (0: none, 3: shadow, 6: shadow even more), cg_drawFragMessageFont, cg_drawFragMessagePointSize, cg_drawFragMessageScale (this controls the size of the drawn text), cg_drawFragMessageTime (how long to stay on screen), cg_drawFragMessageColor (will not override white in player names), cg_drawFragMessageAlpha, cg_drawFragMessageFade (0: don't fade, 1: fade), cg_drawFragMessageFadeTime
* same as above for cg_drawCenterPrint*
* cg_freecam_crosshair
* command /listcvarchanges to show what is different from default
* cg_drawRewardsMax (the number at which it only shows 1 icon with the count written below), cg_drawRewardsX, cg_drawRewardsY, cg_drawRewardsAlign, cg_drawRewardsStyle, cg_drawRewardsFont, cg_drawRewardsPointSize, cg_drawRewardsScale, cg_drawRewardsImageScale, cg_drawRewardsTime, cg_drawRewardsColor, cg_drawRewardsAlpha, cg_drawRewardsFade, cg_drawRewardsFadeTime