View Coverage: CPL WT05
Organiser: Cyberathlete Professional League®
Location: Turkey, Spain, Brazil, Germany, US, UK, Sweden, China, Chile
Duration: 10 Feb 2005 to 1 Nov 2005

The Cyberathlete Professional League®, recognized worldwide as pioneers of the professional gaming industry, presents the CPL World Tour, the largest, first-ever, year-long competitive tour spotlighting the growing new sport of video game competitions.

The ambition of the CPL World Tour is to attract mainstream-population interest to the sport of professional gaming through a series of high-exposure events hosted in selected countries around the world. A World Tour Stop will take place each month of 2005 beginning in February and will conclude with a Championship Finals Event. The combined prize purse for this Tour is $1,000,000.

The CPL has carefully selected partners in each host country and each partner will organize a World Tour Stop offering an official Painkiller tournament, a BYOC (Bring Your Own Computer) LAN event, Exhibitions and other activities, including a cultural excursion for selected competitors. Some partner organizations will also host secondary tournaments for other games. Information on the event dates, tournaments, exhibitions, BYOC and cultural activities will be available on each partner’s independent website.