Well i had my first experience with female players, when i organized the Female Nations Cup in Clanbase. Which after the 1st season and the nice results, i felt like doing a 2nd edition... which in my opinion, for some ppl, was smth they didnt want to have, so they decided to do some kind of boicot in few weeks. I've had lots of patience, and i wont talk out loud about it, theres still people with some education and respect for what others do.
Anyway, together with Daishi, we created some months ago the League of Extraordinary Women, not only for the fun and so but to help the female teams to get into more competition, to get prepared for a better level... and with that, try to join "normal" competitions in the near future.
The most skilled, prepared and organized teams caused 0 problems. But some of the others, oh god god ... made us both go crazy lots of weekends, while trying to fix things. And also the admins working with us... some of them said they didnt know girls could be that way, and left the crew oO!

The tournament is about to finish, and the experience been at least 80% very positive. The other part been either "whine 2k4 from some teams" or just little problems we will solve in future editions (like a special site only for the tournament, the games, the scores, the screens, etc...) and some other details.

So i just felt today like talking a bit of HOW difficult can be doing things for the others (not only girls, of course). It's also sad that some people joins the crew to help out, and even without getting a shit on return, they get only bad words from some players or orgas.